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  Hints and Tips for: Ori And The Blind Forest 
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 Ori And The Blind Forest Cheats

Ori And The Blind Forest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternate Ori's color:
While playing the game, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Up three times, [Jump] 
to randomly change Ori's color. There are many different colors Ori can change 

Alternate saved game icon :
Get a 100% completion by discovering all maps, life cells, energy cells, ability 
cells, light spirit cells, and map pieces.

General Tips:
* Remember to set checkpoints to avoid losing a bunch of progress.
* Focus more on defensive and utility abilities in the game. You will have 
  to kill some enemies, but offense isn't quite as important as other games 
  of the genre.
* Keep an eye out for collectibles/upgrades. Experiment with abilities and 
  try to reach areas that seem impossible to get to.
* Be extra careful around spikes. It only takes a few hits to kill Ori, so 
  platforming can often be the most dangerous enemy of all.
* Look for items to destroy to receive spirit energy. Some doors are locked 
  unless you have enough, so you want to have the max amount as much as possible.
* Take on one enemy at a time if possible. Single enemies aren't particularly 
  difficult, but fighting more than one at a time can be tricky.

How to Easily Get The Supersonic and Immortal Achievements:
Written by Nat the Chicken

Just a quick tip on the way I figured out to guarantee both these achievements 
in one playthrough, without having to reset to the beginning when you fail.

Here’s how you can guarantee Immortal and Supersonic in a single playthrough. 
This strategy serves to get around the autosave that occurs each time you die 
and respawn, by taking advantage of the amount of control the game gives you 
over your save files in the main menu. It’s effectively a “segmented” approach, 
where you can decide on where segments begin and end and retry each one as many 
times as you like, and only the last try will be counted.

Please note, it’s recommended to play through the game casually before this, so 
you know the map layout, where to go to progress, and any easy item locations 
you may want to grab along the way.

Also, this does NOT apply to Definitive Edition’s One Life mode or the associated
Unhinged achievement.

To get started:
* Make sure you have at least two save slots open, preferably next to each other.
* Start a new game and skip the prologue.
* Pause and exit to the main menu.
* Copy the save you just made into a new slot.
* Reload either slot and start progressing. Try not to die, and don’t dally!

Any time you want to “lock in” your progress (or simply avoid watching a long 
cutscene again), follow these steps:
* Save the game.
* Check your death count in the pause menu to make sure it’s 0. (If it’s not, 
  instead follow the steps below to “reset.”)
* Quit out to the main menu.
* Copy the current save (the one with a higher time shown), and overwrite the 
  other one with it.
* Reload either slot and continue.

Remember, if you don’t do this and then die, you’ll have to go back to the last 
time you did it.

When you inevitably die, or when you decide you want to “reset” to the last 
time you “locked in,” follow these steps:
* Quit out to the main menu.
* Compare the times shown on the two slots you’re using.
* If they’re exactly the same, the game didn’t save any new progress or deaths, 
  so reload either slot and continue.
* If they’re NOT the same, copy the one with the lower time and overwrite the
  other one, then reload.

This should set your deaths back to 0, and it should also reset your timer to 
 where it was when you last locked in.

You’ll find that most of the game takes much less time when you don’t count any 
failed attempts, making it much easier to finish it within the 3-hour limit, but 
you can also feel free to reset any time you think you’re taking too long, took 
a bad route through a non-linear section, or went for a powerup or side path and 
then decided it wasn’t worth it. If you forget which way to go, lock in before 
trying a path, and then reset if it was the wrong one. Just keep an eye on the 
timer to gauge how long you have left.

For reference, in my playthrough, I entered the Ginso Tree after the half-hour 
mark, and still made it to Misty Woods before the one hour mark. I collected 
about half the Life Cells and a good number of Ability Cells and Spirit Light, 
managing to max out the attack branch of the ability tree so I didn’t feel 
underpowered in Mount Horu. My final time was just over two hours. If you’re 
on this pace, you have plenty of time.

Another option is to combine this playthrough with the Elite achievement and 
avoid using any ability points; this saves you time because you don’t have to 
go for Ability Cells or Spirit Light at all (if you get one, you can reset), 
but I think it makes things much more frustrating in late game, partly by 
forcing you to reset more often. I personally opted to do a separate playthrough 
for that achievement, in which I was allowed to die and take as long as I wanted.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the 
game hub that corresponds to [Ori And The Blind Forest]. Select the "View
Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's 

Achievement       How to unlock
A New Path      - Break open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame.
Blast Master    - Kill 100 enemies with Charge Flame.
Choices Choices - Use your first ability point.
Close Call      - Escape a dangerous situation.
Combat Master   - Earn all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree.
Crushing Blow   - Crush a Ram with a Stomper.
Deadly Dash     - Kill 5 enemies with Charge Jump.
Marking the way - Restore your first Map Stone.
Master Guardian - Collect all Health Cells.
Power Player    - Collect 200 Energy Shards.
Powerhouse      - Collect all Energy Cells.
Rekindle        - Fan the flames.
Rotten Inside   - Enter the Ginso Tree.
Solid Ground    - Restore the winds of Nibel.
Soul Master     - Earn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree.
Stomp Master    - Kill 50 enemies with Stomp.
Supersonic      - Finish the game in under 3 hours.
Utility Master  - Earn all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree.

Character color change:
Press left right down up up up A (on xbone) jump button. To change your 
characters color.

Easy "Elite" achievement:
Successfully complete the game without spending any points in the ability tree. 
It is possible to get all collectibles and secrets without the use of an ability.

Easy "Immortal" achievement:
There is a short window after the death animation begins and when Ori respawns 
at the last saved game point. You can quickly quit to the menu. If done correctly,
when you resume the game it will not count your death. As long as your respawn 
count remains zero in the top right corner of the pause screen, you will still 
qualify for the "Immortal" achievement. Try to use multiple save slots to avoid
losing your progress.

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