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  Hints and Tips for: Palia 
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 Palia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Etro

These are more of practical tips for things happening inside Palia based 
on my own playtime and lessons learned by watching Palia content creators 
on YouTube. I won’t go into details about things since most of these i
nformation can be found by lurking through the Discord or wiki or dedicated 
third party websites. Heads up that this guide is more in the style of “oh, 
that’s a thing?” and “wow, didn’t know you can do that, nice,” rather than 
“so how do you do this thing?”

This guide might contain spoilers (I’m not sure whether what I write over 
here can be considered as spoiler or not), so proceed with caution. 
I won’t be putting spoiler tags.

-=Tips and Tricks
Usual shortened terms in Palia:

* FT: Flow Tree
* FG, FTG, grove: Flow Tree Grove
* Pal: Palium
* Magic deer, disco stag, proudstag, whatever they call it: Proudhorn Sernuk

You can login to the game near xx:05 or xx:10 AM/PM IRL to quickly get a 
‘double harvest’ in a single play session (getting plants before and after 
xx:15 AM/PM). Useful if you’re holding off watering/harvesting your plants 
while exploring the field.

Don’t like the 2-3 seconds of animation-lock after your food is ready to take? 
Jump on top of any elevation to cancel the animation. Good to do while cooking 
repeatedly with friends since less time spent while cooking, albeit only by 

Always try having 1 stack of food of your choosing, 100 bug nets, 100 slowdown 
arrows, 100 worms, 100 glow worms, 100 magical arrows (optional), and 10+ flare 
arrows at all times. Limiting yourself to just doing one specific activity while 
out in the field is a rather bad choice in my opinion.

* Only 1 stack of food means more spaces for other things you can gather in
  the field.
* ‘Better’ bug smoke bomb doesn’t increase the chance of catching bugs, the bug 
  belt is the important one for that. Exception for Supreme Smoke Bomb which has
  100% catch rate for every bugs.
* Slowdown arrow is much better than Iron arrow, but that’s my personal advice. 
  Especially good at slowing magical creatures like magic chapaa and magic muujin.
* Worm/Glow worm for occasional bubbles in many fishing surfaces.
* Magical arrow to nullify the magic animal effect, but is optional if you’re 
  confident with your aim.
* Flare arrow to help mark things you want to share with others.

Having several arrows prepared on Requests panel means free storage, very 
practical especially if you’re out hunting with a friend (you can fulfill your 
friend’s arrows requests and vice versa).

My personal best food to carry around is Stuffed Cabbages. It’s very filling, 
the ingredients came mostly from your farm, and no sudden-timed cooking step at 
all while preparing it. My second best food to carry around is Chili Oil 
Dumplings since it restores 525 focus, slightly bit more than half of maximum 
focus bar. Pick your choice, I won’t tell others.

Many NPCs will gather pretty close around Kilima Square on 16:30+, good for 
increasing friend/romance meter in quick successions.

Flow Grove always spawns on 00:00 at Bahari Bay, so search for its appearance on 
that time or ask away in the chat.

It’s always better to help catch an animal/bug when you see another player doing 
it near you when you got the time as it means less resources spent from your side. 
You can slowly complete your weekly missions that way. The other player might be 
grateful too, so it’s a win-win situation.

Finish Flame Shrine Bundle and Gale Shrine Bundle ASAP. Waves Shrine Bundle can 
kind of wait a bit.

Learn animation cancelling to speed up your gathering activity. (ps. since Palia 
came to Steam, certain animation cancelling got changed, especially when run-
jumping while gathering loots. I don’t know whether this will be addressed in the 
future or not.)

Do you want to be more ‘cost-effective’ on gifting at the cost of less immersiveness
 of the game? Some NPCs accept Morel Mushroom bought from Zeki General Store as 
acceptable gift.

My personal best, most hands-off, passive money-making tool in Palia is a big 
number of Glow Worm Farms combined with mushroom bought from Zeki (the price become 
more than double worth of the store base price) praying for S6 to someday add 
numerical gauge on buying things to avoid breaking my mouse/switch button by 
spamming it repeatedly.

Get a yellow/shining fishing bobber ASAP, it helps track your bobber location 
when fishing at night if you’re having a hard time looking at your bobber.

Rebind your Bow and Bug Belt into something you can easily reach, since these two 
tools are usually needed quickly (e.g. you see someone hunting and the animal is 
coming straight at you, you’re going somewhere and suddenly hear that “a bug is 
near you and now trying to flee” sfx). I put mine in Q and E button respectively.

Hold your walk button (default is Ctrl) to show your pinged area on the field. 
It will appear as a light beacon falling from the sky.

Treasure Locations:
-= Kilima Valley =-
* Ancient: Phoenix Shrine, at the base of the statue (requires glider).
* Cliff overlooking the Southwest docks.
* Pirate: Southwest docks, hanging from a hook.
* Pirate: Underneath the east dock on Fisherman’s Lagoon.
* Pirate: West side bridge, to the left of Jel’s store, under the “Ang Glod” signs.
* Ancient: On top of large ruins west of Chapaa Crossing.
* Kenli’s back garden in the gazebo.
* East of Rememberance Beach, on the path of some debris in the water leading to a rock.
* Kilima farm stables, inside small outside pen with Ormuus.
* Pirate: Most Southeast-corner bridge, East of Fisherman’s Lagoon.
* Gillyfin Cove at the end of the large broken ruins (requires glider).
* Pirate: On the rocks behind a waterfall, behind the gazeebo at Pheonix Falls.
* Dragon Shrine after finding all four small shrines.

-= Kilima Valley: Water Shrine =-
* In water shrine, past riddle, on cliff face below statue.
* First room, behind North waterfall.
* Temple ruins, up the first staircase on the left.
* Across the canyon, in the puzzle ruins, on a ledge behind a wall from the geyser.
-= Bahari Bay =-
* Ancient: On top of a short ruined piller just north of Hideaway Bluffs.
* Ancient: Lighthouse lagoon, on top of one of the circular buildings.
* Ancient: Flooded ruins south of The Outskirts.
* Ancient: On the north ruins bridge connected to the aquaduct near Lighthouse Lagoon.
* Ancient: On top of sloped ruins in Proudhorn Pass.
* Ancient: Flooded Fortress, at the end of the crumbling bridge.
* Ancient: Windy Ruins, on top of a pillar.
* Ancient: In the mine cart under a tree near Hodari’s house.
* Ancient: Flooded Fortress at the Phoenix Statue after visiting all four small statues.
* Ancient: Northeast side of Ancient Aquaduct on a hill.
* Ancient: Behind Central Stables barn.
* Pirate: Mountain tunnel in Proudhorn Pass.
* Pirate: On top of a ruins pillar south of The Outskirts.
* Pirate: The end of a short jumping puzzle in a Coral Shores cave.
* Pirate: In the underground tunnels, behind some vines in the lower floor.
* Pirate: On top of a pillar, must glide east from the statue garden.
* Pirate: Flooded Fortress, at the top of the southern waterfall.
* Pirate: Far east docks behind the lighthouse.
* Pirate: Island in Beachcomber Cove, reached by gliding from the lighthouse.
* Pirate: At the water tower north of the Statue Garden, complete the “Twin” puzzle 
  by going under the lighthouse stairs.
* Pirate: In front of the monk statue after finding all of the pirate journals.
* Pirate: In a sunken ship near Tamala’s house.
* On top of a wooden platform in Coral Shores.
* On a wooden platform inside the lighthouse ruins.
* South Bahari Bay in a tunnel leading into a large hideout.
* On top of a narrow cliff, under a large tree.
* On top of an ancient ruin bridge in Beachcomber Cove.
* On top of a ruins pillar in The Outskirts.
* Underneath the lighthouse in at alcove hidden behind vines.
* Hill north of Windy Ruins, at 7th Journal Log (likely have to read all journals).
* North Bahari Bay, at the top of cliff at the end of the path between Thorny Thicket 
  and Statue Garden.
* Directly behind the Bahari Stables in a pile of hay.
* Under the aquaduct on the west side of the bridge.
* On top of a pillar in Pulsewater Plains.

-= Bahari Bay: Temple of Flames =-
* Ancient: In the main Temple of Flames room, to the left of the stairway when facing 
  the flow generator.
* Ancient: In the main Temple of Flames room on the far left side, up against a wall.
* Ancient: In the maze room, located in the center of the maze.
* Ancient: In the maze room, at the end of a jumping puzzle after completing the maze. 
  Climb the surface to the left of the end of the maze to begin.
* Ancient: In the second maze room, hug the left wall until you reach a short climbable surface.
* Ancient: In the second maze room, right side, behind a climbable half-wall.
* Ancient: In the lava room, turn immediately to your right upon entering.

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