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  Hints and Tips for: Path of Achra 
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 Path of Achra Cheats

Path of Achra

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Builds:
I’d mostly recommend not putting much emphasis on armor, dodge, or block. 
They’re not weak, exactly, just… not consistent, for a number of reasons. 
Genuinely cracked amounts of them are still pretty darn helpful, but in 
general if you want defense, you just want vigor. Vigor, vigor, vigor. HP 
is the defensive king for most builds and it’s not close.

There is no fail state for HP, there is no contested roll, there’s no 90% 
penetration, there’s just “Do you have the numbers yes/no”, and there’s a 
tremendous amount of value in that. Lean on your powers for damage, vigor 
level ups for defense.

Other than that, make sure to get a goodly bit of willpower (somewhere over 
10, higher is fine, the ideal is to stop about when you’re healing over half 
your HP in a normal turn if you’re not just using will as your primary stat.

You don’t have to run str/dex on a melee build, willpower is often going to 
be better than either for you just due to the healing multiplier) to boost 
whatever your healing method is on up (unless you’re going full aggro and 
relying entirely on vigor level ups for healing, which is viable but spicy), 
and then, just. Go wild on damage and speed.

Most (not all, but most) melee builds live and die on the back of killing 
everything they touch the moment they touch them. You don’t want to spend 
two turns in melee range with anything if you can avoid it — that’s true for 
almost any build, melee or not, but it’s especially true for melee. The best 
way to avoid damage is to kill everything before it can hurt you.

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