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  Hints and Tips for: Quasimorph: End of Dream 
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 Quasimorph: End of Dream Cheats

Quasimorph: End of Dream

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Repairing Weapons:
You can disassemble any weapon in your inventory and it will yield 
components that can be used to repair the weapon. Select “weapon 
parts” with the by right click – repair – select the weapon you 
want to repair. But this way the gun is repaired with a fine.

There are gunsmith kits in the game that fix weapons without a fine.

Note: Be aware that every time you use components to repair it will 
knock the total durability down. Repair kits will do a full repair 
without hitting durability.

However, if you extract with any gun or armor it gets a full repair 
and back to max durability.

Starting First Mission:
I had the same issue when I first booted up the game. It isn’t yet 
super obvious and you’ll find once you start playing that the controls 
and the way to play aren’t super obvious either. You’ll learn as you 
go – kinda adds to the experience (for me, anyway).

* Boot the game.
* Choose new game.
* Wait for your ship to orbit Venus.
* Top right of screen you’ll see a mission.
* Click it!

You’ll see one person’s name now next to a bunch of pluses. Click the 
first plus, and now you’ve just chosen to clone that person for the 
mission. Click the next plus, choose a class. Click the next plus, 
choose your layout, whatever you want to take – backpack, as much ammo 
and food as you want, be sure to include a splint and bandage.

Then after that, click the next box, which looks like an arrows 
pointing to the right, that confirms your choices. Then at the bottom, 
you’ll get a prompt that says, “Start mission.” Either press “Y” or 
click that box, and the mission will start.

XP Farming Tips:
Nayshall at night for regular combats.

Best option is, if you maxed any master, beating them (completing challenges) 
so you can earn 6K-12K exp points per combat.

Note: I’m lvl 81 and maxed 12 masters, so in my case fighting masters is 
the fastest way.

You can get a Large EXP food buff in France to level yourself up quicker or 
a Large Style EXP food buff in Japan to level up masters quicker. 
Haven’t beaten the game yet so I dunno if there’s better food.

Right now I spend lots of time traveling to France or Japan and back to 
Nayshall though.

Tips for Noobs:
* Bag space is king, aka getting a better backpack and a rookie vest should 
  be your goal (extract gear etc).
* You can extract early to save gear or heal.
* Spacebar to skip turn, for like waiting on grenades etc.
* Enemy with “z” are no aware of you and you can “sneak” closer 
  (there is no sneak mode currently, aka just move).
* Some enemies even if no “z” above do not see you up to a range so quite 
  often you still can spot them + move closer without getting aggro.
* S to switch weapon (if you have 2nd slot unlocked).
* Most items stack, like ammo, grenades, medic stuff, exception are weapons/
* Injuries like missing limbs will be healed after extraction.
* Grenades will destroy loot in boxes + on ground, enemies equipment will not 
  be destroyed if they die through grenade.
* Grenades will mess you up quite a lot if you stand to close.
* What is in a box/shelf can not be seen before, the visuals are default for 
  “has item” or “no item”, aka loot can be great or not.
* If you shoot boxes the loot inside will be destroyed (same due to grenades).
* Maps with no level map will not get a map if you use data miner 
  (map reveal item).
* Map reveal(data miner) will show things on the ground if near(not on mini 
  map, but if you pan around and get to next to a room it is a bit of a door 
  hack, without entering the room you can see what it inside).
* Battery ammo can load auto doc healing stations.
* Enemys can bleed out or burn to death if you hit them with stuff and leave.
* Enemys have friendly fire, aka grenades from them can be thrown wrong and 
  hurt them or they can shoot a guy in front.
* Incinderary ammo is nice, but it can creates fire pool, that can spread and 
  hurt yourself easily (+you have to wait for fire to end if you want to go 
  in a room you just used it).
* Weapon ranges are more like optimal ranges, things can hit on longer/shorter 
  distances (esp true for spread fire, like shotguns or auto-fire modes).
* You can pick up a blueprint chip, then request extraction, drop the chip 
  before and go out to get a different chip (in case you get sth bad, but 
  want to keep the gear/progression. yes a bit cheesy, but you can farm this 
  way and get at least some usefull chips).
* You can request extraction and still go down/up a floor.
* All your equipment gets repaired to full when you extract, even stuff that 
  is completly broken(red and not useable in mission gets restored to full 
* Scout/range class gets a 2nd weapon slot later 
  (I would assume same for melee class).
* Class perks are auto triggered by the game in combat.
* Class perks get experience automatically.
* Enemies can have items like vests/backpacks equiped (rarer for backpacks, 
  but sth like rookie vests are easy to get this way).
* Cover works, some cover can be destroyed, you can cheese a bit by moving 
  at the opposite of a cover position (like a box) to shoot “around” it and 
  hit enemies normally (this way negating the cover from the enemy).
* Slot from vests can take other items then grenades (ammo, medicine, food).
* Medical glue is simply a better version of the bandages you start with.
* Stuff which uses the 7.97 Bullets is usally good and packs a punch, esp 
  assault rifles
* Ranged>melee (i only tried 2 melee run’s and died horribly each time, it 
  might be personal preference, but even with good armor you can easilly get 
  injuries when hit a few times and to get in close you will get hit a bit. 
  and you sometimes accidentally throw the melee weapon…)
* If you pick up a weapon chip/blueprint you can take the weapon after it 
  in your inventory from the cargo and empty the magzine to get the ammo type
* If you pick up the mission objective item(like PDA first mission) request 
  extract and drop it you still get the mission finished and progress without 
  having the item on you (works later too)
* I have so far found blueprint chips for nearly all things (medicine, ammo, 
  weapons, armor, cigarettes, grenades) only exception so far seems food things, 
  very low tier clothing and late game quasimorphis artifacts/items.
* Later on it is worth to stick to a wall/side for cover if you enter a new 
  area/room to not get one shot while revealing enemies.
* On longer runs and later on when more enemies spawn it is an advantage to 
  have 2 weapons fully loaded in case one runs out of ammo in a fight or you 
  lose durability (even if just in your backpack).
* Crafting is not needed, i never used it and still did all the things.
* Big things can be killed by grenades, lots of grenades 
  (you will know when you get there).

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