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  Hints and Tips for: Queen's Glory 
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 Queen's Glory Cheats

Queen's Glory

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock All Memories:
Written by GodWindGirl

This is the guide for Queen's glory about unlocking all scenes in memory. 
If you looking for it, probably, you don't know how to waste money and time 
(Me too, actually). I can't return your money for this game, but I can save
your time.

-=About Memories=-
I think, you understand, for unlocking all memories, you must to complete the 
game, reach all variants of endings, include losing endings. And sometimes, 
you can pass something of it. But I'll help you to find it all.

-=First Page=-
* Storyline memory, unconditional.
* Storyline memory, unconditional.
* Storyline memory, unconditional.
* You shoudn't try broke your game and surrender to the Cesterns.
* Reject the wine by the regent, but you follow him to get scene
* Go to Franau by yourself.
* Or send your maid (You need it to get her ending).
* Fail the military (40)/agriculture (20) check, losing ending.
* Send your maid to information broker.
* Visit the Edward in a night.
* Visit the gate guard in a night.
* Visit the Earl Hall in a night.

-=Second Page=-
* Visit the Anthony in a night.
* Fail the politics check (20), losing ending.
* Storyline memory, unconditional.
* Pay to Leon by your love.
* Drink a wine 3 times.
* Accept the Hall's financial help (Losing maid's ending).
* Fail the economy check (50 for port), losing ending.
* Accept the alliance.
* Send your maid for military help (20).
* Surrender to Centerns, losing ending.
* Choose the Leon in a final decision (You must to pay him with a body earlier).
* Fail the economy check (20), losing ending.

-=Third Page=-
* Fail the rebel (try to send envoy with low popularity), losing ending.
* Lose the war, losing ending.
* Choose a Sigrid in a final decision 
  (You must send her to Franau earlier and reject Holl's financial support).
* Storyline memory, win a war.
* 1st good ending, you fail both lovelines.
* Epilogue, complete the game with any good ending.
* 2nd good ending, you choosed the Leon.
* 2nd good ending, you choosed the Sigrid.

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