Ship Simulator: Maritime Search And Rescue Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Ship Simulator: Maritime Search And Rescue 
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 Ship Simulator: Maritime Search And Rescue Cheats

Ship Simulator: Maritime Search And Rescue

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Easy "Drift anchor to the rescue!" achievement:
You will get this mission during the storm in the Baltic Sea storyline.
Repeatedly talk to the sailboat on the radio until you get on site. You
will be prompted when you should talk to them, but this can be done 
sooner to avoid failing the mission. Ask all the questions and when you
get to the one about the anchor, instruct them to weigh anchor. Ask if 
they have pulled in the anchor to learn they cannot do it. Have them to
slip anchor. After learning that their main sail is wrecked, have them 
prepare the storm sail and the tri sail. Do not tell them just to set 
only the storm sails or use the top sails or the mission will fail. The
storm sail will explode. Tell them to set the tri sail because they have
already prepared it. All sails will be wrecked except for the unusable 
top sail. A short time later you will get an idea to use the drift anchor.
Tell them to use it. 

Easy "Rescue Racer" achievement:
One of the early missions in the North Sea involves rescuing a yacht 
named "La Vita". Rush directly to the yacht without following the 
waypoint marker. As soon as the prompt appears, hand over the pump then
guide your cruiser close enough to throw a rope from the bow (not the 
side), and still remain in a position to leave without colliding with 
the yacht. When you switch to first person view, you will not need to 
run far. Quickly hook the yacht to the bow of your cruiser. Switch back
to the ship controls and leave at full speed for your harbor. 
Do not go to the buoy. 

Easy "Inspection King of the Baltic Sea" achievement:
Enter Free Cruise mode in the Baltic Sea then drive around for an hour
in open sea. Idling while in the harbor will not qualify. Set your 
throttle to coast at 3kn, then allow the game to idle for an hour.

Easy "Motormouth" achievement:
After starting at n the bow, turn around and go down a side until you 
find the stairs. Go up and enter the door to the bridge cabin. Go to 
the back of the cabin to find stairs going down to your right. Follow
them to an area with tables and chairs. The phone will be there.

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