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  Hints and Tips for: Sludge Life 
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 Sludge Life Cheats

Sludge Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips on Crypt Creeper:
Written by Rushin

Try to kill as many enemies as you can early into the run to
max out the XP because XP is what matters.

Coins are barely useful, anything the shop sells you for coins gets 
depleted in a turn or two. So collect XP early, then towards the last 
few levels stop taking risks and just try to get to the exit. The boss 
requires 8 damage but you will most likely lose some sword/shield value 
while approaching it so you need a hold slot; max HP upgrades also help 
but an extra slot is lot more valuable imo.

Always try to store swords in the extra slot rather then shields. Suppose 
you put a +5 shield in a slot, then your sword depletes (partially with 
the shield too), and you face a 6 enemy. You will now take damage
regardless and the slot didn’t help at all. Be very conservative on the 
last few levels, try to keep maximum resources for the beginning of the 
next level (unlike early levels where you can arrive to the next level 
naked and survive anyway).

A few attempts into it you should be able to start “calculating” the paths 
easily which helps not only with survival but also at taking calculated 
risks. So “just play some more” is also a valid tip here.

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