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  Hints and Tips for: South Park: The Fractured But Whole 
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 South Park: The Fractured But Whole Cheats

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fighting Morgan Freeman:
To fight Morgan Freeman, you must be playing as a white character. He 
does not fight black characters. You can change your skin color using 
PC Principial in Crunchy's Micro Brew in the north-west of South Park.
This can also be done after completing the story. Go to Freeman's Tacos
on the Main Street. Get behind the counter on the left side of the shop. 
Then, attack Morgan Freeman from behind to start the boss fight. He is a 
very tough boss with 9,999 health and can charm your allies to fight for 
him. He also summons a few minions during the fight. Since this boss fight
lasts a long time, it is recommended to equip the Plantmancer's class 
"Nature's Gift" ultimate power. It allows you to revive all your allies
and heal them. Always use this move as soon as the ultimate meter is full.
Some good characters to use for this fight are Callgirl (she can attack 
at any range), Mosquito (he can self-heal with each hit), and Fastpass 
(he can turn invisible so can stay alive for longer). It is recommended 
to only attempt this after completing the story since it is too hard 
before then. 
Defeat Morgan Freeman to get the "Farts Over Freckles" achievement.

Black Screen Fix:
Written by Ongezellige Zeepoogjes

Fix for common Black Screen issue.

-=Simple Fix
* Open Game.
* Press Alt + Enter to enter windowed mode.
* Go to options on the main menu and change it to full screen / 
  full screen windowed or keep as windowed - all work fine.

Hidden Entrance Accessed Only with a Password:
Early in the game, you’re directed to head to Coon and Friends’ base. 
However, the entrance is password protected. 
The password is 307 “Fuck. You. Mom.” 
You will encounter a surprise when you enter this password.
You can also find this password in Cartman’s room. 
Just locate his diary, and discover the password hidden within.

Tips for Beginners:
1.Choosing a Starting Class
At the beginning of Fractured But Whole, you choose 1 of 3 classes for the new kid.
Don’t stress over which class is best, because you can change class at any time. 
Eventually get multiple classes and can mix and match skills from each.
2.Punch Punch Punch
Punch every mailbox every time, the scrap will be very helpful for crafting and 
the mailboxes, parking meters and things like that reset frequently.
3.Don’t sell scrap!
Craft an artifact and sell that. Buy glue or duct tape or whatever you need and 
craft items, the total sale value is much higher when crafting an item then 
selling vs selling individual parts. The Coon’s store has all items you need to 
4.Game Structure
4 days 3 nights. As you transition to nighttime, you will be given a prompt to 
change out of your costume. If you say yes, you will be Nighttime missions. you 
will then be given a second opportunity to change out of your costume when you 
return to your house.

5.CANNOT miss collectibles!
Unlike The Stick of Truth, there are NO collectibles you can miss throughout 
the entire game. The only fairly useless item I found that can be missed is in
the Freedom Pals base, move the cardboard car for a Timmy themed artifact.
6.Unlocking skills timetable
Diabetic rage for moving big objects – end of day 1
Pinwheel – fartcore – early mission on day 2
pause time fart – mid mission day 2
Lava during night 2
Pipes during night 2
Haywire – early day 3 quest
7.Star on map icons
Simply means you have not visited the vendor and they have new items.
8.Attack pattern grid
Icons under the move show their attack pattern.
9.PC Pooping
Doing the toilet challenges with a keyboard is very difficult because the 
animations are very unclear.
10.Snappers and Farts
flame with snappers then fart for explosions for many puzzles.
11.Late game selfies
Some characters like mr mackey unlock selfie options later in the game.
12.No achievement for EVERY selfie.
You can get the “master” level selfie taker bonus without getting EVERY selfie.
One special late game artifact that scales bonus damage with how many followers 
you have on Coonstagram.

Infinite money:
This exploit should work with any vendor in the game, but just incase it does 
not, it works at Jimbo's Gun Store. This method also works better the further 
you are in the story -- since the more progress you make, the bigger your 
crafting material stacks will be. Complete the following steps to get 
unlimited money:

* Sell your entire stack (do not break it up) of crafting materials to the vendor 
  (food, scrap, tech, biohazard, and meds).
* Go to the Buyback menu, and buy back all the crafting materials you just sold.
* If you immediately buyback the crafting materials, the vendor will not charge 
  you for the sale.
* After buying back everything, you will still have the same amount in your wallet 
  as you did right after completing the sale.
* Sell everything again and buy it back again. Just keep selling and buying back 
  all your crafting materials to earn an unlimited amount of money.

Note: For this exploit to work, you must sell the entire stack of crafting 
materials and then buy them back without leaving the vendor screen. The larger 
your stacks, the more money you will earn. Thus, invest in more food, scrap, 
tech, biohazard, and meds to increase your total payout. Additionally, this 
glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It may eventually 
get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install 
new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. 
You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until 
you are ready for the game to install new patches.

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