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  Hints and Tips for: Sunday Gold 
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 Sunday Gold Cheats

Sunday Gold

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Tips to Lockpicking:
Written by DrSinn

Here is the deal:

* Having the tumbler land within the gold zone is meaningless.
* Each ring level is totally independent-no need to align the rings 
  with each other. Any place you are able to open a ring is just fine.
* You have to have the tumbler over the mark, and the mark is usually 
  invisible (sometimes on inner dials it can be seen).
* The mark will only be exactly in the middle when the gold zone is 
  at the maximum width.
* You can hear a click when it is over the mark, but thats mostly 
* Your pick will generally be right in the way of what youre trying to 
  do, but having it lead a bit is often helpful. If you fail, the rings
  will pick up moving where they left off, so scramble right back to 
  where they were and it is a tiny bit easier on the retry. Take your 
  time. Let the rings go around and around. Until you are able to move
  the pick to a spot where you can have the tumbler arrive during maximum 
  width. Occasionally, if im up for a cup of coffee for a few minutes, a 
  pick zone will even stop moving and then maximum width is automatic.

Dont bother wasting your skill points in making this easier, simply save 
before every lockpick and after every successful win. You can always just
reload and keep those precious points for things you care about.

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