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  Hints and Tips for: Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance 
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 Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance Cheats

Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Edit Save File:
Written by Falcon_BR

* Open the game and save it on the campaign map, naming it ‘test’ or ‘cheat’ 
  to avoid confusion with your original save.

* While the game is still open (or closed), navigate to:
  \Documents\my games\Terminator Dark Fate\profiles\your steam number\saves

* Your save games will have names like: 2cd041349530ca822c40de73e1fd1049.sav

* Sort them by date and check if the file size is approximately 40-60 KB. 
  Mission saves are larger (around 70-100 MB) and more challenging to edit.

* Open the save file using Notepad++ or Notepad, ensuring there’s no automatic 
  line breaker to avoid save corruption.

* Press Ctrl+F and enter your supplies or goodwill value 
  (e.g., 189157 for supplies, 6857 for goodwill).

* Edit the values, but avoid excessive changes. 
  A safe range could be up to 900,000 supplies and 90,000 goodwill, which is 
  sufficient to complete the game.

* Save the file!

* Load the game and confirm if the new values are reflected.

Tips for Cartel Mission:
Written by Warnoise

There is way to make the mission way easier:

* During the cartel infiltration phase, win arena fights and buy best weapons 
  for mason and church squads.
* When you become a cartel go to the southeast area of the map and liberate 
  the prisoners.
* Use the prisoners to capture all abandoned vehicles in the map and put them 
  somewhere safe (best would be near luiz position).
* Use your guerilla squad and plant C4 near enemy positions.
* Infect the legion in the center, they will lcear a god chunk of the enemy.
* When the part where the cartel becomes hostile starts, press pause and detonate 
  the C4, it will reduce the attacking force considerably leaving you breathing 
  room when going for the helicopter.
* Important note: You will get the guerilla squad when you liberated the prisoners.

Tips about Manpower:
* Manpower costs 10 good will each.
* Any squad price decrease more them 10 goodwill points for each missing member.
* After each mission see how much MP you need to reinforce all your squads, buy 
  all you need, sell all squads you are not going to use for profit!
* Never go back to Abiquiu for more manpower, you can receive like 500 men and it 
  would not pay back the supplies you spent to get there.
* Always keep your manpower at zero, it will cost you 100 supply daily for each 
  manpower point you have, so, just one day travel will cost the same of buying 
  more manpower!

Third Mission Tip:
* A piece of advice for those who are starting out, in mission 3 which is the one 
  with the first map open.
* When you start the first thing you do is go to the sound of gunshots, there 
  before meeting the first NPC repair the vehicle that is damaged before the 
  machines start arriving, then also take the truck.
* If you leave them there, the machines will destroy them.

How to Modify the Game Files:
Written by Revan

Step by step guide on how to modify the game

1. Go to where the game is located, it should be here:
   x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terminator Dark Fate – Defiance
2. In this folder is a folder called "basis.pak." 
   Right click on it and click rename. Change the folder to "" 
   This will change the folder to a compressed zip folder.
3. Use a program to unzip the folder. I use Nanazip. 
   Also, you’ll need the password to the files which is oKoo$]bnGTKJLMNBA9A
4. Once it is unzipped, go to the scripts folder and see a file called difficulty modes.
5. Use notepad++ or another program like it to modify the file. 
   You’ll see the code for story mode looks like what is posted below.


6. Change the 4th and 5th rows to whatever you’d like. If you want an easy time, 
   change it to 0.05. This translates to 5% damage. 
   0.2 is 20% damage and 1 is 100% damage.

7. For an even easier time or the lolz, go to the species folder in scripts. 
   You’ll see a folder called shop presents.

8. Search for: "res_sup_base_0", " are not needed. You can put any units, helis, 
   and vehicles in the shop here. 
   This shop is the movement support base after the 4th mission.

9. To change the prices and supplies of units, go to the following files in the 
   species folder: Tanks, Cars, Squads, and Helicopters. Note: You will also find 
   the names of units in these folders to put in the shop/s like Lgn_HK_aerial is 
   the name for the HK aerial.

10. Crtl + F will bring up the control function for Notepad++. 
    Search for 1000000 which will bring you near the code to change for unit cost 
    and supply consumption.

    This is an example of code for vehicles:

    This is an example of code for infantry:

11. The top row of the code is the cost of the unit in goodwill points. Change this 
    to make the units cheaper or more expensive. Note that even if you change it to 
    0, units will still cost goodwill points but they will be significantly cheaper. 
    An example is an Abrams at 0 will cost about 942 goodwill points.

12. Supply consumption is the second to last row of code. 
    Change this to 0 and your units will take up no supply when moving between towns, etc.

Iron Man Game Mode Guide:
Written by stanislav_sh

How to turn on “Iron man” mode in game via config file.

* Go to config file:
  .\My Games\Terminator Dark Fate\profiles\8284d3baafe14939e0645b3dc9c7d515\gameoptions.xml
* Open "gameoptions.xml" via any text editor 
  (for example notepad ++ or default notepad in windows)
* Find this line in file: false
* Edit this line by changing "false" to "true": true
* Launch the game. 
* Ensure that "save game" and "load game" buttons are inactive.

Now you cannot save and load game. You will be able only "continue" the game.

Caution: Use on your own risk. Game in current time is not free from some bugs (especially 
critical bugs) which can interrupt you game walkthrough in middle and call softlock.
Only for those who like the pain.

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