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  Hints and Tips for: The Norwood Suite 
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 The Norwood Suite Cheats

The Norwood Suite

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Written by Graychild

-=The First Tableau=-
The very first tableau is found in the room you rent with the voucher. simply 
go into the bathroom and use the glowing button to flush the toilet. the door 
will open, and simply follow the hall until it leads you back to the hotel proper.

-=The Second Tableau=-
To get to this one, you'll need to do some legwork. first, go to the top floor 
of the library, and you'll find a book about the board game Zo on a table. take 
that book to the chef playing the game down on the librarys main floor. he'll 
in turn give you his closet key. wherein you'll find a pair of fresh zubaz, a 
lefter that raises his turtle tank, and a button that opens the way to the 
tableau to your right. just follow the hall again.

-=The Third Tableau=-
the entrance is in room 308. go into the bedroom, then turn around. where a light 
switch would generally be, there is a lever. pull it up and you'll see a secret 
passage open. same as before. simply follow the passage all the way through and boom.

-=The Fourth Tableau=-
The fourth Tableau starts in room 216, with the sick man inside. just above the 
writing desk (which also contains some blank music sheets for joan) the harp on 
the album is a button which opens the closet to the hall.

-=The Fifth Tableau=-
The path to the fifth tableau is in room 206. just above the writing desk, the eye 
on this painting is a button to open the path.
Same as usual. follow it to the end.

-=The Sixth Tableau=-
The Sixth Tableau is in room 209, same as the jacket for the costume. press this 
dogs nose, and follow the hall back to the hotel. same as usj.

-=The Seventh Tableau
As you're helping folks out, you'll get invited to room 211. once you get the key,
a secret passage should open up on the left wall. follow it all the way down to a 
blue door in the basement. 
Use this key and keep going. you'll see the tableau and get the achievement.

-=The Eighth Tableau=-
You'll get this one as you do the melodist and transgressor achievement.

-=The Ninth and Final Tableau=-
this one you'll find as you're making your way down from completing your costume.
Checked In and Router Technician
As you're coming to the hotel, you'll find a room voucher in this box.

Take the voucher to the front desk and hand it to these two.
They'll tell you you need to redeem it online. the computer is on the left side 
of the main door facing it. 
You'll need to unplug the red plug, and plug in the green plug, then turn both 
on until you get this.
Bloody typical, no wi-fi. you'll have to reset the router. the router is up on 
the second floor of the library, above where the cook is playing a board game. 
simply click the switch to turn it on.
Then come back, and hit the screen.
Go back to the main desk. they'll give you some blue moose, then after some 
wheedling, you'll get a room key for 204. that'll get you checked in.
Head there now. the monitors inside give you clues to find the piano keys, 
and the first tableau entrance is in there too.

-=Disciple of the Deli=-
This one is simple enough. go to the kitchen. in the oven, there is a turkey, and 
in the fridges, you'll need to grab some mozarella, a bun top, a cabbage head, and 
a tomato.
Go the the chipper chopper, select your turkey, and place it on the table as shown.
Hit the button.
Viola. sliced turkey.
Repeat with the mozarella, the tomato, and cabbage. then go to the bun bottom on 
the other table here.
Take the turkey from your bag, and place atop.
Then do the rest and presto. the sandwich. ready to be taken to the modulo employees 
in the hallway.

-=Melodist and the Transgressor=-
As i mentioned earlier, your room shows you clues to where there are several piano 
Grab these keys and take them to the piano in the red barn type room.
Pressing the keys will light upnotes on the sheet music. just light them up from 
left to right and a door on your left will slide open, giving you the melodist 
achievement. follow this passageway to its end, grabbing the Eighth tableau along 
the way, and you'll find yourself in the norwood suite, and gain the transgressor 

-=Sartorial Statement=-
This is the big endeavor. you're making a Norwood costume to wear to the party. 
you'll probably pick up a few of them just wandering about.
The Monocle is in locker 29 in the spa. to do this, you must get blank sheet music 
from room 216.
Take it to Joan in the bar. 
She'll give you her luggage tag. which you will take to these guys. 
After a short while, go into the luggage room and sift through the wreckage for a spa voucher.
Take it back to the front desk to get the key to locker 29. and there's the monocle.
The coat is in room 209. right on the rack there.

For the hat, take the swim trunks in the luggage room.
To the man in the boardroom. 
He gives you a key to locker 18. go open it and push the big button.
This opens a path down. go through and hang a right, and the hat is sitting on the 
To get a norwood mask, you'll need to get into the norwood suite and take a record needle 
from the writing desk drawer. 
Then take it to the lady in the barn by the piano. 
She will give you a key to her car in return. inside the trunk is the mask.
To get some fake whiskers, take the blue moose you got checking in to courtney in the 
parking lot. 
They'll give you the key to locker 52, and its right there in the locker.
Now for some bling. When you grabbed the hat, in that little rats nest there, you'll 
have found a lever that turns off the security to the Norwood Etrudes.
They're on the second story of the barn.
Take them to the musicians in the foyer.
They'll invite you to come party in room 211. go there and turn all the levels down to zero. 
a panel will open up, and there'll be a necklace and a key.
Now for kicks. after you give the sandwich to the people who want it, the door to room 206 
will open up. the shoes are right on the floor there.
Now that you have the lot, make your way back to the norwood suite and put it all on the 
mannequin. put the costume on, then head through the upper passage back to the hotel and 
head downstairs for the end of the road.
Dancefloor Interloper and "We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay"
So the way this shakes out. once you have your kind of macabre costume and have picked up 
the CD from the concierge.
You'll be allowed into the party downstairs now. once oyu get on the dance floor, there 
will be four speaker towers. yank the plug on the lot, and let events unfold. when you 
get a chance to, give the CD to the dj and follow him. you'll figure out how to start 
the stereo, and the game will run its course.

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