The Bloodline Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Bloodline 
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 The Bloodline Cheats

The Bloodline

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
* How to Enable Console
* Press the Tidle (~) Key while playing the game or navigating the 
  menus to do this.
Current commands available:

ke * SpawnBear
ke * SpawnHillTroll
ke * SpawnHobgoblin
ke * SpawnVampire
ke * SpawnNeckslasher
ke * SpawnCrypttarge
ke * SpawnShambler
ke * SpawnBonebag
ke * SpawnSmallBear
ke * SpawnLobGob
ke * SpawnStitchSnitch
ke * SpawnGoblinLooter
ke * SpawnGoblinBonker
ke * SpawnGreatOgre
ke * SpawnJetpackGob
ke * SpawnSentinelShroom
ke * SpawnNecroling
ke * SpawnGoblin

ke * GetPortalCoin

ke * BeginCalendarEventDeathfog
ke * BeginCalendarEventGhostShip
ke * BeginCalendarEventWarpspike
ke * BeginCalendarEventBaddieBarrel
ke * BeginCalendarEventEnhanceEXPOrbs
ke * BeginCalendarEventEnhanceFishingSpots
ke * BeginCalendarEventMoonstoneMeteorite
ke * BeginCalendarEventMeteorShower
ke * BeginCalendarEventEnhanceMushrooms
ke * BeginCalendarEventEnhanceHerbs
ke * BeginCalendarEventUndeadAttack
ke * BeginCalendarEventBanditAttack
ke * BeginCalendarEventGoblinAttack
ke * BeginCalendarEventHostageSituation
ke * BeginCalendarEventLostSpirits
ke * BeginCalendarEventSanguineMoon
ke * BeginCalendarEventRabbitHorde
ke * BeginCalendarEventGoldenAurora
ke * BeginCalendarEventDamagedAirship
ke * BeginCalendarEventWarpStrider

ke * LevelUp
ke * AddSkillPoint

ke * SetWeather Clear Skies
ke * SetWeather Cloudy
ke * SetWeather Overcast
ke * SetWeather Partly Cloudy
ke * SetWeather Light Rain
ke * SetWeather Rain
ke * SetWeather Thunderstorm
ke * SetWeather Foggy
ke * SetWeather Light Snow
ke * SetWeather Snow
ke * SetWeather Blizzard
ke * SetTimeOfDay Morning
ke * SetTimeOfDay Afternoon
ke * SetTimeOfDay Evening
ke * SetTimeOfDay Night

ke * Stuck
ke * LoadLevel (LevelName)

-=Notes for LoadLevel=-
Exclude “the” from the name of the level and include spaces (excluding the below):
* khenmoore flatlands is typed as khenmooreflatlands

The following cannot be loaded as far as I know: (Tomb of the Betrayer, Three 
Sisters Forest, The Mines of Monlodir, Brittlebean Hold, Elderglen, The Necropolis 
of Dornhurst)

How to Gather Resources:
Look for Trees that have some golden light around them. At level 1 you only can 
chop Pine Trees.

Basicly everything that has a golden light, are resources that can be collected 
when having the right level for it.

You just move towards it until the popup comes up where you have to press E to 
collect it, or start mining/Chopping wood.

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