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  Hints and Tips for: The Ouroboros King 
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 The Ouroboros King Cheats

The Ouroboros King

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Overpowered Combo Guide:
Written by Salmonboyo

Quick heads up, I haven’t ever done something like this before so 
bear with me.

As you probably know, the Blade Dancer is an incredibly overpowered 
unit that is relatively easy to obtain. And I found a way to make it 
even better.

When starting the game, there is a specific order of locations you need 
to visit for the best results.

* Training Grounds. Not required if you obtained an Assassin from the 
  starting recruitment.
* Armory. Upgrade the Assassin into a Blade Dancer. This alone is an 
  incredibly strong play.
* Ruins. This requires a bit of RNG. Typically the Royal Seal can be 
  bought for roughly $1,000. This allows all of your pieces to move like 
  a king. While it isn’t typically helpful as most of your pieces can 
  also move like a king, it is especially helpful for the Blade Dancer.

The Blade Dancer can jump over pieces like a Knight, moving on every 
square that borders a King’s movement. So you see why having the item 
that allows you to move like a King has wonderful synergy with it now.
After the Blade Dancer takes a piece, it can move again. Being able to
move in such a large radius while not being punished for taking pieces
is such an entertaining thing to do.

Try to get the combination of pieces and items and simply have a wonderful 
time. Also, thanks for reading this!

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