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  Hints and Tips for: The Swordsmen X Survival 
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 The Swordsmen X Survival Cheats

The Swordsmen X Survival

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Main Quests Guide and Tips:
Written by Adri

This is a very much work in progress guide as I started the game fresh as well. 
You can find me on Discord under Adri#9854 or on EU (PVP) as “Shu”.

-=Part 1: Exploration and Combat
First of all, skip the tutorial. As of April 30, 2023, it has a bug that might 
stop you from progressing. If you started the tutorial, log out and log in again, 
it should put you back into the real world.

This game wants you to eat and drink frequently. Gather everything that seems 
edible because you will starve every 5-10 minutes in the early stages.

If you ever need to go AFK, press X to meditate. It seems to completely stop 
the hunger/thirst drain.

-=Mission #1=-
* Gather 5 Gravel
* Gather 5 Dry Thatch
* Gather 5 Twigs

Run around and press F near bushes, tall grass, and piles of stones.

-=Mission #2=-
* Craft 1 Stone Axe
* Craft 1 Stone Pickaxe
* Craft 1 Stone Knife

Press B. On the top-right, select the corresponding items and then click “Make”.

-=Mission #3=-
* Craft and equip 1 Wooden Sword (press F1)

Press B. Right-click your Stone Axe. Go to a tree, left-mouse button to cut it 
down. Then, open your inventory again and craft a Wooden Sword.

Once done, right-click it to equip it, then close your inventory window and 
press F1 to ready your weapon.

-=Mission #4=-
* Craft 1 Worn Hat and equip it
* Craft 1 Worn Robe and equip it
* Craft 1 Worn Sandals and equip it

Do the same as before, go around, gather hay and twigs for the above-mentioned 
gear. They unlock one after another, so you have to craft them in order.

This is the last mission where you are relatively safe.

As such, at this point, you might want to stock up on a few things before going 
to the main land. The small islands you start out on are safe zones – you can 
freely gather things there. However, once you go to the big island, there will be 
zombies and (in case you spawned at south-east), not many resources.

I suggest getting some of these:

* Empty Waterskin (if you can find two bunnies, run up to them by pressing ctrl 
  and kill them with a single sword hit)
* Logs (your sword will get damaged very quickly)
* Nettles (they drop Rough Ramie, which can be made into Bandages)
* Fill your waterskin, get some food in your bag, then proceed with the missions.

-=Mission #5=-
* Go to the ruins

Press M to open the map and go to the nearest ruin symbol. You’ll fight two 
different types of zombies here, Maniac Villager and a Maniac Outsider (right 
on the mark). They seem to have the same skills with the Maniac Outsider hurting 
a bit more.

Once you killed the Maniac Outsider on the mark, look around, there might be a 
wooden box. However, do not linger around, the Outsider respawns fairly quickly 
(and jumpscares you from behind).

Activate your sword by pressing F1 (or not, you can use your fists), walk up 
to a zombie and left-click to attack it. The yellow bar in the middle of the 
screen is your stamina – if it runs out, you stop attacking (and the zombies 
will definitely mess you up). You can parry with right-click, but the zombies’ 
jumping skill breaks your parry so it does not seem to worth it.

You can dash twice by pressing shift and you can lock onto targets by pressing 

If you get hurt, create a Bandage and use it on yourself (or go to a safe zone 
and meditate – this might need sufficient hunger/thirst, it seems inconsistent
 so far).

Make sure you don’t end up starving or dehydrated; you can eat wild vegetables 
if you start dying from thirst, but then immediately run to the nearest body of 
water to fill up your thirst meter completely. Ideally, you have a waterskin
by now, if not, go back and hunt some rabbits.

The zombies drop two beginner skills called Heart Buster (fists) and Sunburst 
(sword). They will have a little icon on the bottom-right part of your screen, 
defaulting to the hotkey Q. Use them and use them often, as each usage will 
improve the skill (it has to hit a valid enemy to gain experience). 
You can press K to see your current progress with your skills.

-=Mission #6=-
* Go to the “Southeast woodland boundary marker” and examine it

Follow the marker to the “southeast woodland boundary marker”. When you are 
near it, press F to examine it.

-=Mission #7=-
* Go to the Guayin temple (recommended level: 6) and sit on the designated 

Follow the marker to get to the temple. It is tightly packed with zombies so 
be careful not to be overrun. There will be a square you have to sit at.

-=Mission #8=-
* Learn your first mind technique (?)

You have to run around and open chests/defeat zombies to collect 10 “Scroll 
Fragments of Varja’s Style”. Once you have 10, right-click it for a passive 

There is a locked chest in a house north-east of the temple, you need to 
craft a wooden key to open it.

You can improve this technique by meditating on the designated cultivation 
spots around the temple (and the world). You also gain experience while you 
play, passively.

-=Mission #9=-
* Craft an elementary lodestone and place it somewhere
* Craft the item, then put it down. This structure denotes your “home”, but 
  you can always move it around later (by just picking it up, keep F pressed).

-=Mission #10=-
* Craft a straw mat and place it somewhere

You can instantly log out via sleeping in a proper bed and gain rest bonus 
based on the time spent offline.

-=Mission #11=-
* Craft a Workshop and place it somewhere

We are placing our first construction building, this will open up the 
possibility of smithing and carpentry.

-=Mission #12
* Craft an Elementary Lumber Mill and place it somewhere

You need to craft 20 Rough Wooden Plank at the Workshop (and gather 30 
Gravel) to build this.

-=Mission #13=-
* Craft 10 Rough Wooden Beam

You can craft these at the freshly built Elementary Lumber Mill. You need 
to put them into your bag for the quest to finish.

-=Mission #14=-
* Craft 1 Box of Miscellany and place it somewhere

Same place, make a box and put it down.

-=Mission #15=-
* Craft 1 Elementary Furnace and place it somewhere

You can do this at your Workshop.

-=Mission #16=-
* Craft 10 Copper Ingot

Put fuel (e.g. twigs) into the furnace, then craft 10 copper ingots. If you 
lack copper, you can find copper veins near cliffs or mountains.

-=Mission #17=-
* Craft 1 Elementary Anvil and place it somewhere

You can do this at the Workshop.

-=Mission #18=-
* Craft 1 Elementary Loom and place it somewhere

You can do this at the Workshop.

-=Mission #19=-
* Craft 50 Ramie Threads
* Craft 20 Rough Ramie Cloth

You can do this at the Elementary Loom. You will need a lot of Ramie for this – 
keep looting shrubberies and tall grass for them.

Farming Guide:
Written bx Adri

The player has to craft a hoe, dig some farming plots, then add seeds and fertilizer 
to them. There is nothing else to be done about your plants: you don’t have to water, 
weed, or prune them.

-=How to get a hoe=-
You can craft it at your anvil. The better the hoe, the faster you can dig up new 
plots (bronze hoe needs about 5 seconds, iron hoe can do it under 3 seconds), but 
the quality does not seem to influence anything else.

-=How to get seeds=-
Seeds are dropped from their respective plants. The better scythe you use when 
harvesting wild plants, the more crops (and seeds) they yield. You cannot use a 
scythe when harvesting your farm plots.

Plants you have grown have a chance to drop seeds, though it seems to be extremely 

-=How to get fertilizer=-
Chests and NPCs drop it, but so far I have not found any way to craft it.

-=The full process=
* Place the hoe, the seeds, and the fertilizer on your hotkey bar.
* Equip the hoe. Left-click to place a plot, right-click to remove it.
* Add seeds to the plot.
* Add fertilizer. (You can do this before or after adding seeds to the plot.)

-=How fertilizer works=-
* There is a fertilizer bar on each plot. Each freshly dug plot starts with  
  3000/10000 fertilizer level.
* This bar decreases ~80 per minute while the plant is growing. It does not decrease  
  any further once the plant has matured.
* If the fertilizer level reaches 0, the plant stops growing.
* Each fertilizer item used on a plot increases its level by 2500.
* The fertilizer’s tooltip says that fertilized plots yield more. So far I got the 
  exact same yield from fertilized and non-fertilized plots.
* If you put seeds into a plot with 0 fertilizer level, it will wilt away in less 
  than a minute.

The times are just based on my personal experience, they might vary. This list is 
not exhaustive, as I have not reached the max realm yet.

Name          |Growth time                  |Yield Amount|Product                 |
Angelica Seeds|30 minutes (~2400 fertilizer)|10          |Angelica Root (pharmacy)|
Cotton Seed   |45 minutes (~3600 fertilizer)|10          |Cotton Boll (sewing)    | 
Sorghum Seeds |45 minutes (~3600 fertilizer)|10          |Sorghum (culinary arts) |

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