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  Hints and Tips for: Town of Salem 2 
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 Town of Salem 2 Cheats

Town of Salem 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Investigator Guide:
Written by Coteaux

-=Role Breakdown=-
Investigator is a Town Investigative (TI) role with major changes from 
the ToS1 version of the role. Invest results are out, hunting killers is 
in. Itís now the Investís responsibility to find Coven and Neutral 
killers within the town by checking individuals for blood each night, if 
they have killed that night then blood will be found on them. There are 
roles who can fool the investigator, the Enchanter makes someone look 
suspicious when they arenít and the illusionist will make someone look 
non-suspicious when they are.

-=What To Avoid Early=-
As your main goal is now hunting killing roles specifically, itís best 
to avoid claims that are easily confirmed by other people, such as 
Tavern Keeper or Town Power as even if they are fake, early on the 
likelihood of them killing is low. Do keep an eye out for Tracker claims 
as the Wildling can easily(and convincingly) claim it and theyíll have 
the Necronomicon second of all Coven members making their kill potential 

-=Strategy and Game Plan=-
While you can keep your info to yourself sometimes, it is best to share 
with town each morning as Town Investigative roles canít be targeted by 
the Ritualist or Doomsayer and arenít a high priority for Conjurers to 
attack during the day. Keep a close eye on votes and chat for people who 
arenít helping in leading or assisting town, as well as people with some 
weaker claims such as Sheriff/Seer/Psychic (especially in set role lists 
where TI is limited, this can be vital for hunting evils). Coordinate 
with other TI to make sure you can best cover as much ground as possible 
and so you can avoid checking the same targets as your fellow Townies.

As the game progresses, if Coven have started dying itís time to start 
checking and rechecking those who have weaker wills/roles. The biggest 
downside to Invest is that someone can be clean one night and bloody the 
next so donít be afraid to retread ground if you are feeling suspicious 
of anyone in particular. Finally, by the late game your only focus should 
be tying up loose ends of anyone unconfirmed and doing your best to deduce 
who is lying by looking at factors such as the role list and graveyard. 
I recommend tracking the potential Townies with your notes in any game 
mode with a set list.

Useful Tips to Help New Players:
1.Copy and paste this into your notes section every game:


This is a list of every role in the match (Theyíll become the words when 
put into game) If you subtract them each round as the roles die, youíll 
be able to more easily tell whoís lying!

So in game if you press Shift+2 youíll be able to put the name of someone in the chat.

* Shift+3 lets you choose roles into chat
* Shift+: Lets you choose actions into chat

What that list is is all the roles in HTML code which the game will read and 
put in place for you.

So [[#11]] is Mayor and when you type that in match itíll turn into the word Mayor

[[#16]] is Cleric and so on with every role exactly how itís presented in classic 
ending with [[#45]] which is Jester.

So if you copy and paste that whole list into your notes section in game youíll 
make a list of every role, and you delete them as the game progresses to see whatís 
left in play.

So when Mayor dies you delete it and then you know no one can lie about being mayor.

2.If youíre evil and claim Veteran youíre not doing yourself a favor. Veteran is a 
passive role. instead pick a Random Town investigation role like lookout or Corner 
that way you have info to back up your lies!

3.If youíre an enchanter use your first power early on your first kill, Turn someone 
into a jester or an executioner. Now the town will never know what roles are left in 

How to use Witch:
Written by TheNubFromSpace

Witch is a complicated role that I see a lot of new players confused with, so I'm
making this guide to help said new players.

-=Without Necronomicon=-
While Witch is 5th in the book order, you still need to know what to do without it.

-=The UI=-
The two buttons you have to press are the biggest culprit of confusion I've observed 
with new players using Witch. so explaining those is key.

* The button on the left side is who you are controlling for that night.
* You CANNOT control the same person twice in a row.
* You force the person you selected to the second button you have to press, the...

The button on the right is where the selected person from the left button will go. There 
are only a few ways where your selected Control target will not go where you forced them 
to go, and they are if they were Roleblocked, Pirated, if they would've hit someone in 
Jail, if their role cannot visit at all, or if you tried to Control them the previous 
night. An important thing I will mention is that it is not wise to have the Target be 
a fellow Coven member Night one.

-=Who to Prioritize=-
Your main goal as a bookless Witch is controlling the gameflow. Funnily enough majority 
of the Witch achievements are what you should be aiming for, such as...
 - Getting free double kills with Vigilantes
 - Forcing people into a Veteran, Crusader, or Jinx
 - Using Neutrals for more Coven Killing power
 - Knighting Coven for more voting power
Keep in mind you can still do all of these things with the book, but they will be less 
effective, especially the ones that would net you extra kills if you didn't have the book.

-=With the Necronomicon=-
When you have the book the icons chance, the first one for Controlling into the usual 
Necronomicon Icon, and the Targeting option is... the Cleric Self heal..? (BMG please fix)

You should aim for first and obviously making the Coven win the game. You should also 
aim to disrupt the town as much as possible. (Like witching that pesky Seer who just 
outted your Potion Master, or keep that Bodyguard from saving that Mayor you need out 
for majority) Keep in mind you have Roleblock and Taunt immunity.

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