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  Hints and Tips for: U.B. Funkeys 
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 U.B. Funkeys Cheats

U.B. Funkeys

Cheat Codes:
Update by: kewlkid
Update by: iron man
Submitted by: RM

On the  main menu, click Options. Fill out one of these codes in order 
to get the effect on the next log-in. It may used only once per account.

Code                     Result
iluvfunkeys345         - Adds 50 coins to your game.
sproutarboretum852     - +75 coins, 5 new wall arts.
wasabipagoda992        - +100 coins, box of Exploding Whizbangs.
funkeystownmuseum28    - +75 coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp.
6786allworkandnoplay   - +50 coins, Insane Flaming Hoop.
radicarules4565        - you get 500 coins and a very rare diamond treasure chest.
tikihut327             - you get 25 coins and a war totem.
ROCKETWITHSPROCKET6588 - 25 Coins and a Robot.
BOGGLETHEMIND2256      - 50 Coins and a Foul Smelling Chair.
RADICARULES4565        - 500 Coins and a Diamond Treasure Chest.
KELPYBASIN4564         - 75 Coins and a Chocolate Seaweed.
BOGGLEDEN129           - 75 Coins and a Ghost Flame Toilet.
DASCRATCHCLUB983       - 75 Coins and a Platinum Record.
FALLOUTCOMPOUND358     - 75 Coins and a Solid Gold Panel.
PONDERINGPARK453       - 75 Coins and a Sonic Shield Generator.

Submitted by: awells

When you are in funkey town go to the sewer area and throw coins in until you
see a big crocodile come out. after, u get the big crocodile hope i helped see

Submitted by: Janine Halsey
Look for the Hoodwinks, little sparkles you need to catch they protect your coins.

Avoid Clones:
To avoid annoying clone/druid things that steal your money as soon as you hear 
the noise that signals that 1 is coming quick log off. They will not be able to
get you...unless you take too long of a time to log off! Happy Cheating!

5 new wall hangings and 75 coins:
At the options area enter SPROUTARBORETUM852 this code comes only with the 
special pink UB Funkey base unit.

Museum mask mayhem:
Level 1: Go super slow to get more points try to let it fall a lot dont be a maniac. 
Level 2: Go a little faster be kanda fast in the beginning then get slower. 
level 3: go even faster but not to fast just enough speed to get you through at a 
         normal paste. 
Level 4: Super fast, from top to bottom, and dont lose focus! 
Level 5: Its what you've all been waiting for! go like a maniac! but still top to
Secret:  Every level has a crystal it starts at 1000 for points and increases be 500!

Submitted by: Matt

Getting a high score on any game will let you access it from your crib,

Submitted  by: Mickey

In Magma Gorge find white things sticking out of the ground. The white things are 
fossils. Collect all the fossils to get a complete dinosaur structure. You can put
this in your crib.

Submitted by: kirby

If u go to kelpy basin then go up to the top, youll see theis weird plant/clam thing, 
click on it and then u get a sea tresure, hope this helps!

Submitted by: colton

In laputtastation there are parts to a laser find them all then you can put it in
your crib.

Submitted by: ERIC

This is a code for 25 coins tikihut327.

Submitted by: nman

Get 5000coconuts and 5000 coins by entering speed racers 102.

Invisibal wall:
Play Super Vroom Ball at Room De Vroom and go to the left or right side of the sci ball 
lane then put FULL power to the opposite side of the lane then watch it roll down on a 
mid air lane.

Submitted by: Chris

Type 6786allworkandnoplay will give you 50 coins, & a Very Rare Insane Flaming Hoop 
wasabipagoda992 will give you 100 coins, & box of Exploding Whizbangs 
funkeystownmuseum28 will give you 75 coins, and a Chocolate Lava Lamp 
In code menu of options screen when you begin the game

Submitted by: Penelope

Type this code in the options bar on the sign-in screen. You'll get 500 coins and the 
very rare diamond treasure chest. radicarules4565

Invisible arrows:
This glitch you must have flurry. Go to flurry's place and play Half-pipe heltic. then
on a really big jump press the arrow keys repeatly and dont stop, then notice the arrows
start to dissapear.

Submitted by: Noah

you get five black hot rod coaches and 900 coins

Submitted by: Emily

If you go to the kelpy basin and you click on the whiteish pinkish blue plant looking 
thing at the back you can get money.The caption should say 'is anything in there?' with 
three large holes.whack the plants as they come out and get 1 coin everytime! i hope i 

Submitted by: iziz123

In funkiki island there are orbs 4 of them to get the orbs play nibble's,webley's,sol's 
and flurry's games they get you through to the pineapple kings home where his tribe hides 
thank you for reading my tip!!!!

Submitted by: andrew

If u think u cant get on chairs,beds,and tables,cars,pretty much anything well u r wrong! 
if u got the latest download u can do it first drag a bed where u can move your u.b funkey 
then move your u.bfunkey then put the bed right on where u wanted to move ur u b funkey 
then he will stop before he gets there then u r going to have to be fast then open up your 
item menu then click on your bed fast and click it again fast then your u b funkey should 
be on the bed if it did not work then do it again if u did get it right try cars and tables 
but u CANNOT get on wall hangings 2 bad.

Note: Heres a shard hint: unlock super vroom ball in your room and get ascore of at least
710 and u might get 1 shard if not then try 810 and if u get xactly 1000 points or more 
then u will get a trophy and a pinball machine i hope i helped u out a lot!

New Wall Art and Coins:
This code comes with the special pink UB Funkey base unit but will work on ALL the different
versions of the game. Go to the 'Options' area and enter the code 'SPROUTARBORETUM852' 
(without the quotes) to unlock 5 new wall hangings and 75 coins.

If you see a little sparkle on the ground at ANY island, click it! It will give you a 
critter that wil keep master lox's henchmen from stealing your coins!

Submitted by: Skylar

If you walk around different towns and see somone with a gold sheild spinning above their 
head click on them, press accept,do what it says to do, and go back to them and get a prize! 
Hope that helped!*_*

Submitted by: Matthew

If u have Bones go to Magma Gorge. There if u find something sticking out of the ground 
click it. Find a bunch of them and you find a hole fosilised funkeysuar:)

Submitted by: Daniel

When you get sol, flurry, nibble, or webley you are allowed at fnkiki island. If you get 
the trophy of sol, flurry, nibble, and wbeley you need to get the four orbs. There are four 
orbs. To get these orbs you need to beat your score on sol's, flurry's, nibble's, and wbley's 
game. Once you have done that you need to follow the path to a gate. Then click on the holes 
and then the gate will open and then you get to go to the home of the pinapple king's home. 
But when you go into the presence of the pinapple king he will send you back to get him a 
gift. Go to a coconut tree. Click it until a golden pinapple falls out. Then go back to the 
pinapple king and then you are allowed into the tribe kalia puka pow.

Submitted by: victor

If you have twinx you can go to twinx heaven in kelpy basin and go to the game of twinx dream 
and if you get to the last level you will get a crystal gem and it will be in your throphy room.

Hiden Realm:
If you dont have the right amount of funkeys to get past the wall then just use the default
funkey. (Make sure no funkeys are on it).

Easy Game High Score:
Submitted by: Joyra

To do an easy winning score and get a trophy, a gem shard and any other thing in special 
you need to follow this:

1.Close U.B. Funkeys (if you have it opened).
2.Go where you installed the U.B. Funkeys program.
3.Go to Radicagame and then to Game.

Now to win easilly in a game you need to change it, (change a game).
Example: You are very bad in... RecordRampage but you want the shard on it, only change 
it to... an easy game... MuseumMaskMayhem. How to do it? Only change the names, 

1.Do right click on the game MuseumMaskMayhem and click rename
2.Then copy it and rename the game you want to change
  (in this case is recordrampage)
3.Put the copy on the name of recordrampage and erase the old name 
  (but before that put a 1 or any other button because if you dont do that it will
   say that name alredy exists).
4.Then rename the other game that has the original name (MuseumMaskMayhem)and put the old
5.Erase the 1 or the other button on the other name.

And now play RecordRampage or the game you want to beat and youll see that is the other 
game (MuseumMaskMayhem)now try to do a big score more than 70000 and in any game you can
get a big score with that.

How to finish:
If u play funkeys and cant get past a game go to RadicaGame (to find it click search my 
computer type the file in anyway go to games and swap the titles this will only change 
the score fora gem/shard.

You have to have webley,but just go to funkiki island you have to play fly catcher until
you get more than 6000 points. After that the webleys will reward you with a web shooter.
Use the web shooter to get the purple orb.once you crossed the broken bridge put the purple
orb in hole and walk through it.

Money in the Speed Racer Circuit:
In the speed racer circuit, there is a some used oil. The oil has loads of coins in it. Be
careful when collecting these coins, as the oil makes you dirty.

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