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  Hints and Tips for: Vambrace: Cold Soul 
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 Vambrace: Cold Soul Cheats

Vambrace: Cold Soul

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings & How to Get Them:
In the New Game+ chapter select screen, there are 3 statues that can be 
selected, each representing one of the 3 endings. Once selected, the 
text gives clues for how to achieve that particular ending.

The left statue for the light ending says… 
At the final confrontation, “I stood my ground.”

The middle statue for the dark ending says… 
At the final confrontation, “I felt a strange kinship.”

The right statue for the neutral ending says… 
At the final confrontation, “I was paralyzed by fear.”

While not the only determinant for the endings, the most substantial contributors 
to the endings are the dialogue options you choose when discussing your dreams.

In Chapter 3, Talindra speaks to you about your dreams.

you have a choice of 3 options.

1. A dream of peace : SPOILER – Talindra Peace Dialogue
2. A dream of rebirth
3. A dream of death

In Chapter 6, Mithra speaks to you about your dreams.
You also have 3 options here.
1. I was trapped with a hostile being : Mithra Hostile Being Dialogue
2. I was trapped with a familiar being : (kinship is mentioned when you choose this)
3. I was trapped with a frightful being

In Chapter 7, a mysterious woman asks what you want.
Again you have 3 options.

1. To bring justice to this realm : SPOILER – Justice Dialogue
2. To start a revolution
3. To make my own destiny

In each conversation, option #1 is light, option #2 is dark, option #3 is neutral.

Choosing all 3 light options can still result in a neutral ending depending on 
your gameplay choices. For example, the prisoner in Chapter 3, and the boss 
in Chapter 6.

Be good in these situtations if you want the light ending, be evil if you want the 
dark ending.

The Oksae and Adamant Heart choices likely do not impact how light or dark the ending is.

You can rescue everyone in Chapter 6 and still get the dark ending.

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