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  Hints and Tips for: Vicious Circle 
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 Vicious Circle Cheats

Vicious Circle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by watewer

These are some of the more obscure things you can do in-game that may not be 
apparent from the start.

If i find more tricks in-game i will update the list. If you want something added 
you can comment down bellow and i will update the list.

* You can bunny-hop with a dipper, if you jump after grappling when you hit the 
  ground you will keep your speed.
* You can range attack with a dipper by releasing mouse-2 right after hitting 
  the enemy.
* You can melee attack Peggy for an extra speed boost for next 30 seconds.
* Crash’n’Burn can fly by pressing mouse-2 while aiming upwards.
* Blitz can teleport sideways by pressing A or D while pressing mouse-2.
* Big chicken dinner healing item can outheal the Peggy’s egg damage.
* You can trow decoy into Peggy’s spawn so its hard to kill.
* Events are most efficient way to farm nuggets if you are left alone.
* Challenges help
* Burn is the escape form of Crash’n’Burn, challenges that require to do something 
  to Burn requires you to do it to the escape form.
* You can bind emote such a dance so you can spam it to get 1337 emotes faster.
* In the big cave map, as a dipper you can grapple on the exit side of the 
  mancannon to gain extra distance traveled while grappling.

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