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  Hints and Tips for: Vigil: The Longest Night 
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 Vigil: The Longest Night Cheats

Vigil: The Longest Night

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Serve the Church / Answers to Exam:
Written by SenoMouri

Just the answers for the Serve the Church.

After some testing and double checking, I can confirm that the below 
are the answers to every question in the church's exam.

The light of your heart
Hexagonal Candle
Body, Silence, Heart, Peace, Acceptance, and Perseverance
Devotional Pray

Most of these can be found in the church itself. 
The answer for the "Satis" question is in the library passed the cemetery.

List of All the Decoration Items:
Written by Demajen

All the decoration items to put in your house.

-=The List=-
Glass Heart - Keep shaking the bed in the Asylum.
Trapezohedron - Top of the Giantwood.
Weird Puppet - From Noax after completing the Draft in a Bottle Quest.
The Stars of R'lyeh - Left of Wasted Town lantern (Act 3).
Gorgeous Table - up from Sewer on the Estuary 2 lantern.
Gorgeous Chair - Abandoned House.
Elegant Bed - Just above Sewer on Estuary 1 lantern.
Elegant Bed Drapes - Right from Maye Sewer lantern.
Elegant Cabinet - Wasted Warehouse.
Gorgeous Chandalier - Flooded Area (middile row, middle door).
Gorgeous Candlestick - Top floor of Tavern.
Elegant Statue - Sunken Mary Rose.
Kintsugi Vase - Flooded Area (first ship you go in).
Fortune Geode - Hidden chest up a spikey elevator in the Mines, right of Mining Tunnel 1 lantern.
Grandfather Clock - Wasted Town (far-right house on upper level).
Painting of Zeelandia - Library.
Ancient Stone Plate - Lower section of the Mines.
Shimmer Shrine - Catacombs, down and right from Cemetery entrance.
Stele of the Ancient Battlefield - Up and left from the Ancient Battlefield lantern.
Shimmer Code - Forbidden Library in Church.
Vigilant Ritual's Hanging Shaft - Next to the Nameless Tomb lantern.
Giant Moth Specimen - Behind waterfall up and right from Lower Mine Entrance lantern.
Poisonous Moth Specimen - Hunter's House up and right from Peak of Weep lantern.
Bearskin Rug - Up and right from Lower Mine Entrance lantern.
Bat Specimen - Hunter's House in Limestone Way.
Giant Bat Specimen - Chest on tree stump in Limestone Way.
Freshwater Deep One's Specimen - Hunter's House in Bufonitte Lake.
Saltwater Deep One's Specimen - Broken ship in Flooded Area (middle yellow pit).
Mandrake - Hidden tunnel below Peak of Weep lantern.
Skull Spider Specimen - In ceiling in Underground Cave.
Earth Spider's Shell - In ceiling in Mountain Cave.
Giant Lice Specimen - Top left of the Secret Cave. Slide through wall from elevator.
Human-Fly Hybrid Specimen - Secret Cave.
Giant Mouse Baby - Right of the Gnawing Beast boss in Sewer on the Estuary.
Classic Incense Burner - In a locked room in the Sewer on the Estuary.

-=Cut -Unfinished Content?=-
Holy Six Cross - In a secret, unfinished(?) dark chamber in the Giantwood. 
It doesn't currently count as a housing item and thus can't be placed in your room.

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