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  Hints and Tips for: Village and The Witch 
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 Village and The Witch Cheats

Village and The Witch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Farming Basic:
Written by Raytrace Interactive

The majority of your farm space is the crop field, large 5 black soil bed for 
growing vegetables, flowers. The field will be cluttered with boulders, weeds, 
and stumps. 

These obstacles will need to be cleared using your Pickaxe and Axe.

1.Prepare the soil: Use the Hoe to dig the soil into a 2x2 square.

2.Plant the seeds: Plant the seeds by double click Seed bag and select 'SOW' 
  action while standing on the tilled soil.

3.Use the Watering Can: Use the Watering Can at the well in front of Store 

4.Refill Watering Can: Drag empty Watering Can at the well and drop when you 
  see "Fill" option.

5.Water the seeds:Sprinkle the seeds with water. Crops should be watered once 
  per day. Watering crops a second time will NOT make the plants grow faster.
  Crops do not need to be watered on rainy days.

-=General Store=-
The general store is where you'll go to grab seeds, cooking ingredients, and 
various supplies that you'll use on your farm.

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