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  Hints and Tips for: Viper Racing 
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 Viper Racing Cheats

Viper Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by Fernando Cruz

Cheat mode:
When you are in carrer mode, at the main menu type in one of the folowing cheats.

Code                    Effect
[ALT+CTRL+F1+P+O]     - Cars will race automatically.
[vipey]               - Makes your car go up to 100 mph.
[fast]                - Makes your car go up to 100 mph in 1 second.
[give me big upgrade] - Upgrades everything in you class.
[got some money]      - Gives you 10,000 dollars.

Type in the following codes during gameplay: 
[Reverse]+[Throttle]-For faster reverse gear (Speed goes to 999).

For you Career racers:
For you Career racers, it is imperative to concentrate on chassis setup and
upgrades as opposed to speed and acceleration. Your default speed will be 
pretty good, but a lot of winding roads lie ahead. 

When moving from a dead:
When moving from a dead standstil l, take it slow and steady until the tires
grab. Also, when starting a race, follow the above advice and remember to shift
into first gear before the race begins. 

Taking the RPMs:
Taking the RPMs well into redline is a good thing. Just when you think the old 
power plant is maxing out, you blitz past another guy. 

In Career mode:
In Career mode, save the game right after your last good result but before you 
spend money on upgrades that might not work out. This way, you have the option 
of reupgrading. 

One more Career mode:
One more Career mode tip: Remember that if you don't win a class, you get to keep
whatever money you've accumulated and start that class all over again. Particularly
in the relatively easy Amateur class, you may want to do well enough to pick up 
some bucks, but not so well that you win it. Stockpile the cash and buy bigger, 
better upgrades down the road. 

Making sudden moves:
Making sudden moves, particularly when braking, is usually fatal. When braking hard
into a tight corner following a long straight, slow down first, then turn. 

Drive a Lamborghini:
Submitted by: Dj Simo
Go into the game under options, hacks, then type in Morepowerthebetter.

Bypass CD-check and intro video:
At startup, Viper Racing checks for the game CD and plays a boring video intro. You
can bypass these by adding the following flags to the command line in the Windows 
shortcut: -nocanary -nointro

The game will then start directly to the main screen.

Quick load:
Start the game with the -nocanary -nointro command line parameters to skip the
CD check and introduction sequence. 

360 spin:
Find a flat area or straightway (for example, Bejemidi or Dayton). Go fast (about
100mph) and simultaneously engage reverse and left or right steering. Keep the 
throttle at 100% power. Hold these until the nose of the car is pointing towards
you then switch the direction you are steering. For example, if you were steering
left, go right and vice versa. Keep the direction switched until the nose comes 
around straight. Then, release the reverse and steering.

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