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  Hints and Tips for: Virtual On 
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 Virtual On Cheats

Virtual On

Secret moves:
* Temjin
Tokyo Sword Rifle: Jump and press Up + Left Fire + Right Fire.
Long Bomb: Dash backwards and press Left Fire.

* Dorkas
Mega Spin Hammer: Press Right Turn + Left Fire + Right Fire.

* Fei-Yen
Super Heart: Be in hyper mode and press Left Fire + Right Fire 
while standing still.

* Belgdor
Blue Missile: Press Guard + Left Fire + Right Fire.

* Viper II
SLC Dive: Jump and press Up + Left Fire + Right Fire.

* Bal-Bas-Bow
Super Bit: Jump and press Left Fire + Right Fire. 
Ring Bit: Dash backwards and press Left Fire + Right Fire.

* Arpharmd
Mini Bomb: Dash left or right and press Left Fire. 
Rushing Attack: Press Guard + Left Fire + Right Fire.

* VR Radien
Bouncy Bomb: Dash backwards and press Left Fire.
Time Bomb(?): Dash backwards and hit the corner of a building. 
4 Way Standing: Press Guard + Left Fire + Right Fire. 

Avoid Belgdor's homing missiles: 
Jump up into the air and press Guard. You will immediately 
jump out of the sky and the homing missiles will not hit you. 
This is also good against any mech (Virturoid) in the game, 
and especially against homing attacks such as Viper II's Homing 
Blast, Bal-Bas-Bow's homing explosives, and the Vr Raiden's 
Double Twin Lasers and Quadruple Standing Laser.

Bal-Bas-Bow Hand Bit Floating Mine Launcher:
To fire, hold Guard and press Center Fire. The Bal-Bas-Bow should 
fire his hand bits, but they will fire floating mines. 
Note: The Bal-Bas-Bow will sometimes not respond -- make sure 
your weapon is charged and is in the blue.

Tag game:
This can only be done in two player mode. Set the round time to 95
seconds and fight but do not try to kill each other. Whoever has 
the most health left is the winner and the other player will die.

This can only be done in two player mode. Have each player jump 
into the air. If a player is knocked down, the other will be the 
winner. The best level for this to be done is the "Airport." 
Team up certain VR types like fast, heavy, high jump or close combat.

Godzilla vs. King Kong:
This can only be done in two player mode. Have each player jump 
on top of a building of some type and start fighting. If one player 
is knocked off, the other player is the winner. The best levels for 
this to be done are "Airport", "Waterfront", "Death Trap", and 
"Space Dock". You cannot do this in "Green Hills" because there is 
not any place to fight. For existing matches, fight in "Ruins" and 
battle on top of the little heads.

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