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  Hints and Tips for: Visage 
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 Visage Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Matryoshka Doll Locations:
Written by Rumi

A guide to finding all of the dolls throughout the game.

There's 10 Matryoshka Dolls in the early access version of Visage. Of these 7 are 
lootable at any time inside the house and 3 are missable during unique sequences. 
To simplify it, there is 1 doll in each unique section "outside" the normal house.

For the most convenient experience I recommend grabbing the 7 dolls inside the house 
at the very beginning of the game or after the end of it so you can avoid the worst 
of the dangers. I put the mildly spoiler location ones at the end of the guide.

-=In the House=-
01.Progress Room - Inside the desk.
02.Son's Room - Between the wardrobe and some boxes. It's hard to spot.
03.Parent's Bedroom - In the bottom right drawer of the dresser.
04.Dining Room - In the middle upper cabinet.
05.Secret Room - In the Garage Attic. Reach it by moving the large toolbox and 
   crawling through.
06.Basement Hallway - Where there is a lot of insulation on the walls, it's between 
   some steps on the short staircase.
07.Basement Storage - It's in the freezer in the room where you first hear Lucy.

-=Missable Dolls Outside the House
08.Treehouse - It's under the radio in the corner.
09.Cage Room - After the chase sequence out of the Cage Room you'll find it next 
   to the miniature wardrobe in the room with the dolls in the wall.
10.Wardrobe Room - After reaching the giant room of wardrobes you'll find one 
   inside a wardrobe near the center of the room. To make it appear open the 
   wardrobe and take a picture to see a bunch of masks show up.

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