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  Hints and Tips for: Zold: Out 
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 Zold: Out Cheats

Zold: Out

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips and Tricks:
Written by Horrow

Welcome! I’m a low spender player and saw that there are literally no guide 
or any kind of tips for this game, so I want to share some early tips with 
you to help you avoid bad decisions or just share some information you might 
find useful. Keep in mind I’m not some hot shot in this game, I’m relatively 
new, but I think I have some useful knowledge you might appreciate.

I’m not planning to outline the re-roll process please look that up on Youtube, 
however, I do wanna let you know that I experienced and heard from multiple 
players that the first 10 pull you do on the regular banner called “Character 
Gashapon” will guarantee give you an SSR. (Hopefully this will stay like this 
indefinitely.) So this can be a good target for re-rolls.

I don’t recommend to use more that 10 pulls on the regular banner. 
Save your tickets for rate up banners!

3 SSRs can be acquired pretty easily this way:
* Eleonora (archer) from first Somniulite buy, be careful tho, buying any 
  packs won’t give you this character! Only way is to buy Somniulite from 
  the shop.
* Karen (tank) you will get her at the end of 1 week login reward.
* Natalie (support) from the last picture of “The Travel Column For The Paper” 
  event which can be accessed from the tent icon in top right corner.

I advise you to get another SSR from you’re re-rolls.

So you’ve done you’re re-roll and you’re ready to start the adventure.

First, I’d recommend you to look through all the characters that you’ve got 
from the pulls.

If you want a bigger roaster, you can do 1 or 2 ten pulls, but you should do 
it on an Event banner that has a lot of days left, like 2 weeks or more and 
which has a rate up character that you’d like to get eventually.

Now if you’re done, check out your characters and read though their skills. 
I’m sure you’ll find something in common between some of them.

For example the SSR unit that I got from re-rolling is Gloria. She is a fire mage.

Everyone also gets Ella for free and she is a fire archer.

So what I did is, I searched for other characters that benefit from fire debuff.

My starting team was this:
* Gloria.
* Ella.
* Aaliyah (Got her from banner, good for any team, boosts Ultimate charge.).
* Helide (Main dude, he can apply burn and takes less damage from burning 
  enemies. One more potential benefit is that because he is the main character,
  I suspect he will give bonus rewards when doing event in the future as well).

Another team example I would gladly start with is:
* Eleonora (SSR archer physical DPS).
* Lisa (R archer, Electrocuted debuff applicator and DPS).
* Nicola (SR warrior, Electrocuted debuff applicator).
* Any (If you are unsure, Oscar could be good in the beginning due to his 
  STR/INT buff from Ult).

Why them: Eleonora likes to do multiple physical dmg in one turn and if target 
has electrocute, she will proc that, this way you can deal even more dmg.

Don’t be afraid to use R or SR units if that’s what you have, look up a tier 
list, some of them are quite good. The main goal is to find 4 and ONLY 4 
character you want to stick to and only level those 4 up until you reach max 
level or close to max level with them. This way, there won’t be any content 
you can’t tackle.

Level up your dmg dealers first, then your tank and support last.

Most characters get speed every 10 or so levels,which is quite important.

-=Friend & Guild and Campaign/Event Progress=-
I find it really important to join a guild and to fill your friends roaster 
with people who actually share useful, high level characters which have 
proper deck set.

You probably won’t need much help from them in campaign, maybe in some boss 
levels, but you will need their help in Events if you’re just starting out!

Currently, there is an event called “Treasure of the…” too long. As you can 
see on the picture below the level requirements seem kinda high.

That is why you will need good support heroes from you friends and guild mates 
in the beginning.

Once you 3 star an stage you can always just sweep it with a ticket.

There is a limit for how many times you can use the same borrowed hero. I 
didn’t test exactly how many times, but I think it’s around 5 times per day.

If you just progress with the campaign you will reach lvl ~50 really fast, 
then just borrow heroes from friends and guildies and try to tackle the ongoing 
event. You really don’t want to miss out on the rewards, like free max characters 
or rare upgrade materials.

Don’t forget to set your own characters in the Community -> Support Character 
menu to help out others!

Also, keep in mind that unless you save your deck in the loadout menu it will 
not update the one for the hero you share! So make sure you save it whenever 
you put in better cards!

-=Weekly Events
Weekly events are changing daily funnily enough.

At the start you can ignore all of those that would only give you weapon forge 

Focus on the Combat training stages.

Both the Primary and Intermediate stages are important you will need a lot of 
those Tomes to upgrade your characters skills and you only get 8 free keys per 

The most important one is the stage where you can farm gold. Now at first you 
are swimming in it, however later, you will realize, how scarce this resource 
is and how much you need it. Basically almost everything needs gold and the 
higher you upgrade a skill or character or create weapon, the more expensive 
it will get, so it’s never too early to start farming the highest stage you 
can 3 star in that event.

Beside the above, I guess you can also farm the EXP potion stages as well, but 
I only recommend stage 4 or 5, because they give the higher potions. You will 
get smaller ones from dispatches. So many in fact, that you will not be able 
to do anything with them due to lack of gold…

-=Level Fast and Level Up Forge=-
You can progress fast in levels if you just do the campaign. don’t be afraid 
to use some of the Stamina potions. I’d recommend to always keep some, in case 
you need them for an event, but don’t hoard them for no reason!

Make sure you do the 5 daily Shop Duel battles in Arena!!

Now, you might come across OP enemies, that one shot you. More that you’d like 
probably especially at the beginning…

However, it’s really important to do them, because they give you loads of exp, 
not to mention the free items that you can get from Battle Pass, don’t forget 
to claim them!! It will not notify you that you have unclaimed rewards! 
You have to click on it and check.

As for the Weapon forge you will get forge exp when you forge a new item that 
you haven’t done before (or when you acquire better quality of it. – I believe).

You can check whether you already forge an item or not by looking at the “Quality 
achieved” row.


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