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  Hints and Tips for: Zoo Rampage 
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 Zoo Rampage Cheats

Zoo Rampage

Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds 
to [Zoo Rampage]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option 
for your username's achievements.

Achievement                              How to unlock
A Really HOT Dog                       - Destroy 10 hot dog stands.
Catch Me If You Can!                   - Run over 250 zookeeper.
Christmas Is Cancelled                 - Finish the "Arctic" level.
Circle Of Life                         - Finish the "Africa" level.
Fair Play!                             - Start the "Soccer Match" level.
Feeding Time                           - Start the "Free Fish" level.
First Blood                            - Run over 10 visitors.
Frost Bite                             - Play as a snow tiger.
Goal, Goal, Goooaaalll !               - Shoot 25 goals.
If The Oceans Die, We Die              - Finish the "Free Fish" level.
I'm Full                               - Eat 500 fish.
I'm Gonna Be King Of Pride Rock        - Start the "Africa" level.
Just Smile And Wave Boys               - Play as a penguin.
Meow                                   - Play as a tiger.
Michael Bay                            - Destroy 5 gas tanks.
Move!                                  - Run over 5000 visitor.
My Neck Hurts                          - Play as a giraffe.
New Locals                             - Finish the "Outbreak" level.
No Way Out                             - Start the "No Escape" level.
One Horn To Rule Them All              - Play as a rhino.
Out Of My Way!                         - Run over 500 visitors.
Poor Humans                            - Run over 2500 visitors.
Poor Knut                              - Play as a polar bear.
Rampage All Over The World             - Finish all levels.
Rampage Over 9000                      - Get over 9000 points.
Rudolf                                 - Play as a reindeer.
Run For Your Life!                     - Scare 50 visitor.
Shit Happens!                          - Destroy 15 toilets.
Snap!                                  - Play as a crocodile.
Ssssssssnaaaake                        - Play as a phyton.
Stripes, Stripes Everywhere            - Play as a zebra.
Superstar                              - Shoot 50 goals.
Thanks For The Fish                    - Eat 250 fish.
That's A Big One                       - Play as an elephant.
They Act Like Us!                      - Play as a gorilla.
Things Will Look Better In The Morning - Finish the "Jungle" level.
Timber!                                - Destroy 15 trees.
Up                                     - Destroy 10 balloon stands.
Urban Jungle                           - Start the "Outbreak" level.
Welcome To The Jungle                  - Start the "Jungle" level.
What A Match                           - Finish the "Soccer Match" level.
What A Mess                            - Finish any destruction level.
Where Is The Exit?                     - Finish the "No Escape" level.
Winter Is Coming                       - Start the "Arctic" level.
You Never Catch Me!                    - Run over 2500 zookeeper.

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