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  Hints and Tips for: Zoop 
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 Zoop Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Make sure you keep the rows as orderly as possible, look to change the
first sprite to match the sprites behind it so you can eliminate multiple
sprites and score big.

Try shooting in a clockwise sequence, this will keep any one quadrant
from growing too large.
Use power-ups wisely: eliminate the sprites that will be the hardest 
to destroy, not just the most sprites.

Be careful not to eliminate an uncollected power-up with a power-up.

Don't panic; random firing will result in a more random shape order 
and make a screen harder to clear.

Filling rows of one color in a vertical order column give you a bonus
of 5,000; horizontally 10,000. Since these pieces generate in a random
order, some reshaping must occur. Always remember you can change the 
color of the piece closest to the center, turning a line that is not 
all one color to one that is.

Remember, using a Line Bomb on a full row of one color doesn't give
you the 5,000 or 10,000 point bonus, nor does a Color Bomb.

When using a special Icon like the Proximity Bomb, try not to clear 
other special Icons so you can use those to your advantage as well.

"5 Springs" clear all the pieces off the board. When you're about to
clear the 5th spring, remember to wait and let as many pieces fill up
the board as possible so as to gain as many points as possible. The 
"5 Springs" are also another way to reach the next level of play when 
the Zoop counter is low enough.

For those of a faster pace there are 5 different difficulty settings.
Zooping as fast as possible is O.K. But gain as many points as possible
in the first few rounds, because you'll be Zooping like mad once you 
reach the upper domain.

Line Bombs are best used on those long multi-colored piece lines. Line
Bombs and other special Icons are also good for grabbing those Springs
in the hard to reach places.

When waiting for a full line of one color, be sure to wait until the 
last piece is on the screen. If not, you will only receive the points
for the first four pieces.

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