Zoo Vet 2 - Endangered Animals Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Zoo Vet 2 - Endangered Animals 
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 Zoo Vet 2 - Endangered Animals Cheats

Zoo Vet 2 - Endangered Animals

Submitted by: David K.
Written by vianovaus

-=Patient 1: Crocodile=-
Name: Yusmary
Symptoms: Lethargic, not moving

1. How is her appetite?
2. Has she been coming into the barn at night?
3. Has she been active?

Collect blood from tail.
Use gauge on chest to use stethoscope
IV fluids from tail
IV meds: antibiotics

Diagnosis: Pneumonia

-=Patient 2: Baby Elephant=-
Name: Harrison
Symptoms: Not eating, inactive

1. Has he been eating normally the past few days?
2. How was he yesterday?
3. When did his diarrhea start?

Use ultrasound on the abdomen
IV meds: Anti-inflammatory
IV meds: antibiotics
IV fluids from back leg

Diagnosis: Colic

-=Patient 4: Grizzly Bear=-
Name: Teddy
Symptoms: Cut on left hind leg

1. Do you know how it happened?
2. When did this happen?
3. Was there any bleeding?

Shave the hind legs
Listen to his chest
Gauze on the bleeding vessels
IV fluids front leg
Clean the wound with saline
Ligature around the blood vessels
Close the wound
IV meds: Anti-inflammatory

Diagnosis: Infected laceration

-=Patient 5: Giant panda=-
Name: Xi Hua
Symptoms: Hair loss

1. What is the problem you are seeing with the female giant panda?
2. Have there been any changes recently in how she is being kept?
3. Does the male giant panda appear to be having any problems?

Biopsy the hairless area around the eyes
Oral med: Anti-parasite medication

Diagnosis: Demodectic mange

-=Patient 6: Baby Chimp=-
Name: Janie Mae
Symptoms: Not walking, swollen joints

1. Has she started to crawl around on her own yet?
2. Is she eating on her own yet?
3. Is she the only animal in the group with this problem?

X-ray legs
Blood syringe on her hind leg
Vitamin D with medical syringe
Oral med: Vitamin D

Diagnosis: Rickets

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