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The Past, Present and Future of Computer Games

The personal computer has produced video games for the longest time. Modern day computer game graphics are awe-inspiring and very sleek. But they weren't always like that. The history of the personal computer game shows a great journey from simplicity to complexity.

Computer games were developed for the personal computer as early as the sixties. The games started out composed of just a few pixels and simple colors. As the years moved on, more colors were added and games slowly became more in-depth.

Video games all around lost popularity the eighties. But this was quickly recovered as the mouse was being incorporated into gameplay. This caused PC game to become more and more popular again.

As PC games started out having very simple goals like surviving an onslaught of aerial opponents in a sky filled with planes, the concepts became more complicated through time.

The game genres that have been developed over the years include the role-playing game, first-person shooter, real-time strategy game and many more.

Certain games on the PC have been through some controversy in the world. Violent games like Doom and Quake have been criticized as games that make children more aggressive towards other. Online role-playing games have been called too addictive and cause youth to play for hours on end.

These games have received so much bad press, and yet, they are still being created. The reason behind this can be attributed to the fact that those that are extremely affected by these games are rare cases. A majority of gamers have played these games for years without experiencing any emotional or psychological damage.

The progression of the quality of PC games is ongoing. Graphics improve, battles become more fierce and soundtracks become more inspiring as each year passes. What bis in store for the future of gaming is very exiting for any casual to hardcore gamer.


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