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Risky Game Modifiers and Enhancers

The personal computer game is a game that can be easily modified. This is because it functions within the system of a computer. A PC game can be tampered with in almost any way if you know you ways around the programs of computers. There are programs that computer experts create to modify the gameplay experience or repair certain bugs in a game.

PC game patches are created either by gaming companies or by enthusiastic gamers. They can be downloaded from the Internet. It can be quite a risky thing to do because a virus can be downloaded onto your computer along with the patch if you are not careful. You need software that is effective in detecting viruses to avoid this.

A very popular type of patch is the one that installs cheats into a game. A cheat is a code in the system of a PC game that makes the game much easier. Popular cheats include unlimited ammunition cheats, unlimited life cheats and level jump cheats. These types of patches can also be purchased in some PC game shops on CDs.

Other patches can give a single player game multi-player capabilities. This patch is great for role-playing games that you all want to play at the same time.

There are also patches that translate a game into numerous different languages. For example, an English PC game could be dubbed or have the words retyped in French, German or whatever other language.

There are also patches for sports games that exist. The NBA Live games have been patched every now and again by countries that want their local players in the gameplay of this highly respected gaming franchise.

Patches can really make a fun PC game even more fun. If you find yourself finishing a game, yet still wanting more, get a patch. You can have many more hours of fun with them.

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