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Cabal Online - Game Wallpapers - Games

Welcome to the Cheatbook PC Game Wallpapers section! On a computer that is provided with a desktop kind of user interface, wallpaper is the background pattern or picture against which desktop menus, icons, and other elements are displayed and moved around. A wallpaper image can be in a JPEG or a GIF file format. Wallpaper is commonly used in Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Mac OS, Linux, and in other operating systems as well. Each operating system provides several pre-installed wallpapers images for the user to choose from. A user can also choose to download and install third-party wallpapers and use one of these instead..

   Cabal Online - Game Wallpapers (1024 x 768)

View Game Wallpapers from Cabal Online View Game Wallpapers from Cabal Online View Game Wallpapers from Cabal Online

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Official Cabal Online website

Based in the fantasy world of Nevareth, a land devastated by war and the natural forces, CABAL Online offers users the chance to enter a parallel world, full of adventure, opportunity and excitement. With over 200 quests, a range of dungeons, nation and clan wars and the usual array of foes; CABAL offers users a vast range of challenges for any aspiring adventurer. With game mechanics which bring back the fast-paced element of console gaming, to the ability of low spec computers to enter the world, never before has an online game been so accessible. But CABAL Online is not just any ordinary ‘hack and slash’ game. With timed dungeons and quests and puzzles which test the best of gamers, CABAL offers fun and challenge at the same time. Add to this that the game is now Free to play in Europe and you get a game which is available to any player willing to take on the challenges of Nevareth.

Story Based Cinematic Scenarios and Intricate Plot

CABAL's numerous intriguing quests and exhilarating missions weave together to form intricate plots that absorb players into the story where they become the heroes.

Fun & Easy

Intuitive and user friendly, CABAL removes entry barriers for first-time gamers and late-starters.

'MMORPG Blends Adventure Intrigue & Arcade Action'

Time limited dungeons, blazing action scenes, perplexing puzzles and traps keep players enthralled in the story and driven to achieve more.

'Fabulous Graphics are Highly Optimized'

The ESTsoft gaming graphics engine runs happily on old PCs and graphic cards, while still maintaining high frame rates with ornate characters and villains.

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