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Requiem: Bloodymare - Game Wallpapers - Games

Welcome to the Cheatbook PC Game Wallpapers section! On a computer that is provided with a desktop kind of user interface, wallpaper is the background pattern or picture against which desktop menus, icons, and other elements are displayed and moved around. A wallpaper image can be in a JPEG or a GIF file format. Wallpaper is commonly used in Microsoft Windows, Macintosh Mac OS, Linux, and in other operating systems as well. Each operating system provides several pre-installed wallpapers images for the user to choose from. A user can also choose to download and install third-party wallpapers and use one of these instead..

   Requiem: Bloodymare - Game Wallpapers (1280 x 1024)

View Game Wallpapers from Requiem: Bloodymare View Game Wallpapers from Requiem: Bloodymare View Game Wallpapers from Requiem: Bloodymare View Game Wallpapers from Requiem: Bloodymare

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Official Requiem: Bloodymare website

Requiem: Bloodymare is a massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that pits you, the player, into a dark, violent and bloodstained world devastated by generations of scientific misuse and magic. Fight for your own survival against the grotesque monsters that stalk the cursed land or band together with fellow survivors to fend off the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that awaken only at night to prey upon the weak. Use a wide selection of weapons and the mysterious powers of beast possession to viciously slay down your enemies with destructive force. Requiem is set in a grim, persistent world combined with violent, blood-spattering action to provide gamers a refreshingly new and innovative approach to online game design
Key Game Features:
  • Face your worst Nightmare
    Even the most experienced of players will cringe when darkness falls in the world of Requiem. The bloodthirsty Nightmare Monsters that appear at night will ravage even the strongest of parties if not well prepared for battle.
  • Weapon Enhancements
    With several different item enhancement systems, players can create new items or upgrade and customize existing ones to best suit their needs.
  • Beast Possession System
    Unleash the incredible power of the beast within by transforming your character into a ferocious creature. Level-up your Beast Possession to equip it with an even deadlier selection of various skills and abilities needed to survive.
  • Epic Player-vs-Player (PvP) battles
    Prepare to battle your foes on an enormous scale. Requiem features 8-vs-8, 16-vs-16, 32-vs-32, and a colossal 96-vs-96 battlefield, where only the victorious are rewarded with special items used for obtaining the rarest of weapons and armor!
  • DNA System
    Boost your character strengths and minimize their weaknesses by reorganizing their DNA as you see fit. Having full control over their evolution leads to a wide variety of character builds sharing the same class and race.
  • Group Zones
    Jump over obstacles, collect items and more needed to pass through locked areas as you venture in a group to discover what terror lies before you. These areas are designed especially for groups of players to experience an intense series of battles with high rewards.

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