15 Days Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 15 Days

15 Days
     .     ... . . . ,..    .    , .   , ~ .       . . ..                       
      ...   ..  .  . $MMMM .    .  ..,~IMD .     .. ,:$D8=                      
     .     ..,..  . DMMMNMO. .. .... MMMMMZ,     .  8NMMMN .                    
     .  ..,MM+M=.. .MMMMMMM:  .   ,  MMMMMM,      .ZMMMMMM+                     
      . $NMMMMMMD...$MMMMMM, .. .... MMMMMM:      .OMMMMMM$                     
      ..NMMMMMMZ . . OMMMM= .  .  ..8MMMMMM=     . .OMMMMNN                     
     . .IMMMMMM:. . ..MMMM .  .... ..MMMMMO.         MMMMM8.                    
     .. ~MMMMNM. . . =MMMM7.  .   . .MMMMM: .   .. . MMMM: .. .  .              
         IMNMM=   ., :MMMNMMMMD~. .  MMNMD    . . .,,MMNMM,..  . .              
      . MMMM88DNNMMM7$Z$DNZ$O$OMM,7Z$Z$O8$ZZ$NO$ZZ$O$$$NMN$$ZZN7$$77+D7ZZZ?..   
     . .MMMM8DNDZZNM8$ZZ$$$Z$OMMM.~$ZZ$$$ZZ$OM$$$Z8NZZ$8MN7Z$$MO8$Z$$$7Z$8:..   
     . :DO8MM88...?MNNMMMNMM8ZMD7.~DDMMMMNMMNOD7.O8NMDM?MMMD8N,..............   
          .... .......  .................... ..  .  ..  .. ..  ..............   
           ..................... .......................................  ...   
            ..     ..........    ........... ..  .  ..  .. ..  .. .....         

0. About this FAQ
1. Characters...........................................................[CHAR]
2. Controls.............................................................[CTRL]
3. Walkthrough..........................................................[WALK]

 3.1 London.............................................................[LOND]
  3.1.01 London, in the loft
  3.1.02 London, The London Eye
  3.1.03 London, the loft (after the deal) 
  3.1.04 London, McBride's atelier
  3.1.05 America, Jack Stern's office
  3.1.06 London, airport (with Jack)
  3.1.07 London, foreign office
  3.1.08 London, the London Modern Museum
  3.1.09 London, the pub
  3.1.10 London, the loft (after the London Museum inspection)
  3.1.11 London, at the Thames beneath the Museum
  3.1.12 London, at the London Modern (Jack Stern)
  3.1.13 London, the loft after the inspecting the Thames entrance
  3.1.14 London, atelier of McBride after planning the heist
  3.1.15 London, cellar of the London Modern Museum
  3.1.16 London, the loft after robbing the London Modern Museum
  3.1.17 London, Jack is back at the London Modern Museum
  3.1.18 London, the loft after Jack found the address

 3.2 PARIS..............................................................[PARS]
  3.2.01 Paris, at the Musée de Paris
  3.2.02 Paris, in front of the catacombs
  3.2.03 Paris, in front of the Musée de Paris in Jack's van
  3.2.04 Paris, in front of the "Club Électronique"
  3.2.05 Paris, inside the catacombs
  3.2.06 Paris, the catacombs in the storage room
  3.2.07 Paris, catacombs entrance (finding the Museum) 
  3.2.08 Paris, in front of the Museum, before the heist
  3.2.09 Paris, in the storage room preparing the explosives
  3.2.10 Paris, inside the Museum cellar
  3.2.11 London, the loft after the Paris heist
  3.2.12 Paris, in the Musée de Paris with Jack after the heist
  3.2.13 London, at Robert's ravaged atelier

 3.3 Surinawa, the Caribbean............................................[CRBN]
  3.3.01 Surinawa, the beach
  3.3.02 Surinawa, Eleni's mansion


0. About this FAQ

15 Days Walkthrough v 1.0

This is a walkthrough for the game "15 Days" by "House of Tales". 
This guide is for by me, Arminator, and it's my first FAQ.
This guide is licensed according to Creative Commons as follows:
You are free to share and remix this walkthrough, under the following 
Attribution: You must specify me (Arminator) as originator of the guide.
Noncommercial: You may *not* use this guide commercially
Share Alike: If you alter, transform or build upon this work, it has to 
be distributed under the same license. 
See for details.

If you find errors or problems with this guide, you can contact me at
arminator ("at-sign") gmail ("dot") com


[CHAR] 1. Characters

Cathryn Hope
She is the head of the group. She is charismatic, adveturous and optimistic.
Because of her nerves of steel, and excellent climbing skills, she is the 
strongman (or strongwoman) of the gang. 
She is the one that carries out the thefts for the gang. 
Cathryn is very idealistic. She doesn't steal from the rich for personal gain,
but donates the loot to charitable organisations. 

Bernard Dwaele
Bernard is the thinker in the background. Tactics and planning are his 
speciality. Officially he works as an arts adjuster for a London insurance 
company. Earlier, he led a double life as an arts thief on his own. But since
he met Cathryn, he lets her do the burglaring, and concentrates on the 
planning instead. If the worst comes to the worst, Bernard knows what to do. 

Mike Mensforth
Mike is the man for everything technical. He is a real computerfreak, who can
break every code and hack into any network. With his self built gadgets he
makes the burglaries a lot easier for his friends. He also does all the 
research for Bernard, so he can plan the next heist. In his everyday life, 
Bernard tends to overestimate himself, which makes living with him not always

Special Agent Jack Stern
Jack is a brilliant, but unconventional US-agent, who doesn't give much about
rules and command chains. A wolf in sheeps clothing, who solely focuses on his
two fisted investigations. 
His boss hates him for that, but his success of his methods concedes a point 
to him and his boss. 
Jack gets sent to London to investigate a strange death. 


[CTRL] 2. Controls

You mainly control the game with your mouse. If you are hovering over a hot 
spot with which you can interact, the cursor will change. 
To help you find these hotspots, you can press the Space-bar on your keyboard
and the game will show you everything clickable and possible exits.

In the lower left corner is a small map. Klicking on it, will show you a map
of your current location (normally the whole city your're in, but later in 
the game it will also show you a more "detailed" environment. 

Moving the mouse slightly above the map, a small arrow will "grow" from the 
circle, giving you the main menu, where you can load, save, set options, etc.
Moving the mouse to the right of the circle, will roll out your inventory.

To use an item from the inventory, just hover over the item, and it will 
show some options, what you can do to the item (e.g. cell phones will show
your possible partners to call).
To use an inventory item *with* another item, just move on the first item,
klick on the "use" icon that pops up, and move the changed mouse cursor to
the item on which it should be used on.


[WALK] 3. Walkthrough:

Before we start: Remember that you can always press the space-bar in the game
and it will show you the important "hotspots", where you can interact with an
item or person, or pick something up.
So if you can't find an object described in this walkthrough, just press space.


3.1.01  London, in the loft
After the introductory movie, we find ourselves in the loft, controlling 

Examine the Newspaper. This way Cathryn learns about the origin of her birthday
gift, and the death of congressman James Henston.
Use the answering machine twice to listen to a message from Cathryns dad and 
her friend Tom. 

Go upstairs and left into Bernard's room. Talk to him, and on your way out, 
take the magnifying glass from his desk with you. 
Outside, go to the right, to Mike's room. His door is locked, and he is busy.
So go to Cathryn's room further to the left. 

In "your" room, get the compass from the desk, and wait until the guys call
Cathryn back downstairs. 

They tell you about their new "job", and Mike asks you to fetch a device from 
his room. So go upstairs, and in Mikes room find the "console like" device on
the right side of the game screen. 
Bring the device downstairs again. 

After they finished talking, use the phone, and after talking to Tom, join the
others outside. 

Use the van's door to drive to...

3.1.02 London, The London Eye
After arriving at the London Eye, Cathryn and the new client board the Eye and
you are in control of Mike. 
Your task is, to match the wheel's frequency with your device. 
You can change the frequency and amplitude of the sine and triangle wave.
First try to match the frequency of the sine wave, so the wave's highest and 
lowest points match the wavelength of the upper wave. 
Now adjust the frequency of the triangle wave so the "jittery" part matches as 
closely as possible to the "jittery" part in the middle. 
Now try to match the amplitude, so both waves match. 

If you can't figure it out yourself: There is a timer running out in the upper 
right. If the time ran out, you can use this button there to solve the puzzle 
for you.

You are asked to find a Winston Churchill portrait.

When you return to the ground, use the van again to return to...

3.1.03 London, the loft (after the deal) 
You're controlling Cathryn again. Go into Mike's room and talk to him. He asks 
you to find his USB drive. Klick on the table to the left, and get the USB 
stick right in the middle (what a lazy bum Mike is).
Talk to him again, to give the stick to him. 
You're now using Mikes computer, to find out more about the Winston Churchill 
So start the "IceBear" Browser and search for "Winston Churchill". Follow the 
first link and klick the art database link at the end of the article to find 
an image of the portrait. The image is automatically transferred to the USB 
drive and you need to exit the PC in the lower left. 

Leave the loft and try to use the van. Cathryn decides to go on foot to...

3.1.04 London, McBride's atelier
Talk to McBride and use the USB stick with the projector. Talk to McBride again 
and return to the loft. 
After a short cut scene you are now in...

3.1.05 America, Jack Stern's office
You are now controlling Jack Stern, and are asked to investigate the death of 
Henston. Examine Jack's desk and pick up his police badge. 
Use the computer and open the ThunderBolt e-mail program. You will recieve a 
mail with a phone number. Open your inventory and use your cellphone to call 
Bellicoe. After the call, check your e-mail again, to get the password for a 
van waiting for your arrival in London. 
While on the PC, use the browser to do some research. Look for "James Henston" 
and also follow the link to the "Rhodes" foundation.
Use your cellphone again to call the airport. After the call, check your mail 
again to print out your ticket. Get the ticket from the printer and leave the 
office to...

3.1.06 London, airport (with Jack)
Go to the desk in the foreground and ask for the key. Use the elevator to the 
left to get to your van. Use the key from your inventory with the van to get

3.1.07 London, foreign office
Meet Bellicoe and talk to him. Then enter the office. Look around and take the 
calendar from the desk, and (if you didn't already) look at the painting 
behind the desk. It shows Cecil Rhodes. Now open up the inventory and examine 
the calendar a bit closer. You will find clues about "Nancy Jenkins", "Laureen 
Myers" and a company called "ArtTrans".
Go back to your van, and use the internet to find out more about these persons 
and the company, especcially phone numbers. 
Use your phone to call Nancy, then Laureen and then ArtTrans. You will learn, 
that the company returned the picture of Cecil Rhodes, and Jack will remember 
something about the "G8" summit, so search for "G8" on the van's internet. 
Go to the front of the van to drive off. 
You return to...

3.1.08 London, the London Modern Museum
You are now controlling Bernard. He and Cathryn enter the museum, to scout the 
security systems. Let Bernard go to the left to examine the fingerprint sensor 
next to the door. Get the brochure from the desk, which contains a map of the 
Use the brochure with the two cameras in this room, to map their location. Go 
to the back stairs into the cellar and also use the brochure on both cameras 
(the one in the front and the other one only visible as a red light in the 
darkness of the background). 
Return upstairs, and go to the right into the room where Cathryn is with the 
guard. They will leave the room, so you can map the final four cameras in each 
After this is done, you change to Mike. You need to help Mike hacking into a 
network. Klick on the Notebook and on the hacking tool on the desktop.
You need to find a route, that has a latency of 24 or less. 
To do this, follow this path:
You start at the bottom, and go up (Latency +1)
Go up right (Latency +2)
Go right (Latency +7)
Go down right (Latency +1)
Up right (Latency +2)
Up (Latency +1)
Left (Latency +2)
Up left (Latency +1)
Left (Latecny +2)
Up right (Latency +1)
Up (Latency +2)
Left (Latency +1) and finally
Up left.

Again, if you don't know how to solve it, wait until the timer in the upper 
right runs out, and you will get a solve button. 

The game returns you into the Museum in control of Cathryn, who should go to 
the room with the portrait and talk to the guard. 
Go outside and go to...

3.1.09 London, the pub
Talk a bit to the bartender and you will get a beer to accompany the museum 
guard. After talking to him a bit, he will go to the toilet. 
After he's gone, pick up *your* glass, and exchange it with the guards glass. 
Klick the in-game map in the lower left and choose the loft to return to...

3.1.10 London, the loft (after the London Museum inspection)
Use the magnifying glass on the museum's blueprints. On the plan there are two 
tubes leading from the river Thames up to a small room. On the right side of 
this room is a door, that separates a corridor to the museum from the flooded 
room. Center the door in the magnifying glass and klick it. 
You decide to examine this door, so head out the loft and down to the pier. 
You will arrive at a jetty in...

3.1.11 London, at the Thames beneath the Museum
Cathryn will dive into the Thames. Swim to the right opening and examine the 
grating. Use the grate to tie a rope to it and to pull the grating away with 
the boat. 
Enter the tunnel to the museum, and go to the door. The door has a lock on the 
right side. Examine it. The writing is too small, so use the magnifying glass 
with it. 
Meanwhile Jack Stern will appear and after a cutscene you're in control of him 
and head to...

3.1.12 London, at the London Modern (Jack Stern)
In the museum talk to the guard about ArtTrans. Leave the Museum to visit the 
pub. Talk to the bartender and look at the newspaper on the bar. Talk to the 
bartender again to learn about London's CCTV system. 
Jack wants to call his boss to ask him about it. 
After another cut scene you are in...

3.1.13 London, the loft after the inspecting the Thames entrance
You are in control of Mike, who tries to create a duplicate fingerprint. Go up 
to Mike's room and klick the table to the right of the computer. 
Take the silvernitrate and use it on the glass. Turn on the UV lamp and get the 
fingerprint. Go back to the sink in Mike's room and take the rubber gloves. Use 
the fingerprint on the gloves to create a fake fingerprint. 
Go downstairs and talk to Cathryn. 
Before discussing the plan, go upstairs into Cathryn's room and get the 
flashlight from the desk. Go back downstairs and use the projection screen to 
start a cut scene. 
After that, go outside to the...

3.1.14 London, atelier of McBride after planning the heist
Talk to Robert and get the copy of the portrait. Return to the loft and at the 
pier, talk to Bernard. 
OK, time to do this. You are automatically brought to...

3.1.15 London, cellar of the London Modern Museum
Cathryn uses her cellphone to call the museum guard. Use the bumpkey from your 
inventory to open the door. The control switches to Bernard. Use the fake 
fingerprint on the fingerprint reader. In the control room there is a cupboard 
with surveillance equipment. Pull the cable from the cupboard to disable the 
cameras. Cathryn now needs to go to the room with the portrait and exchange 
the pictures. On the way out, the alarm goes off. 
Jack Stern is in front of the Museum, talks to the guard, gets mistaken for 
the thief and arrested. After this cutscene you are back in...

3.1.16 London, the loft after robbing the London Modern Museum
Use the Map to get Cathryn to the London Eye. You will get a new job to get a 
portrait of Washington from the Museum in Paris. 
Get back to the loft and use Mikes computer to research "Washington" (this will 
copy the image to the USB drive again), and also look for "Museum Paris". 
Go to Robert's atelier again with the lower left map. Talkt to him again and 
connect the USB drive to the projector again. 
Return to the loft, talk to Mike go back down and use the telephone to call 
Tom. After a cut scene the game returns to...

3.1.17 London, Jack is back at the London Modern Museum
Use Jack's cellphone to call your boss. He promises to send some CCTV screens 
to your email address. Check your mail to find them. It's a photo with a 
license plate. Call your boss again, to ask for permission to use the license 
plate identification program. Check your mail again for the granted permission 
and launch the application. 
Look for letters and numbers that can be easily modified to look like another 
letter. For example, masking the two upper bars of the letter E with yellow 
tape would make the E look like the letter L.
If you can't figure it out, wait until the timer allows you to solve it for you 
or use the license plate EPO8 PXW.
This will allow Jack to go to the address of...

3.1.18 London, the loft after Jack found the address
Using the police badge in your inventory will produce a bumpkey. Open the loft 
frontdoor with the bumpkey to enter the loft. 
Go upstairs and examine all rooms. In Mikes room, Jack will find a business 
card sticking on the computer monitor. Examine the left table (where you let 
Cathryn find the USB drive earlier) to find some traveling documents.
Return to the van and use the computer's internet to find out more about the 
"Megabase" company.
Call the company to find out Mike's cellphone number. Try to call Mike, but 
he's not available at this moment. So call your boss instead, to find out the 
position of Mike's cellphone. Use your email to find out, that Mike is 


3.2.01 Paris, at the Musée de Paris
Examine the stand with museum brochures. However this time, you don't map the 
surveillance cameras. You clock them with a stopwatch in your inventory. 
So use the stopwatch on the three cameras in the first room. Go right into the 
cellar of the museum to find another two cameras. Back upstairs, go into the 
background and to the right into the room with the Washington portrait and the 
last surveillance camera. Examine the portrait and go back. Go further back 
into the museum, and the game switches to Bernard, front of the museum.

Talk to the museum guard in the window on the upper left side of the museum. 
You will find out some interesting information about the museum's security 
system. The game switches back to Cathryn.

Cathryn goes further into the museum and talks to the guard and finds out some 
information about the catacombs. Leave the museum and go into the van. Use the 
laptop to search for "catacombs". This will lead you to...

3.2.02 Paris, in front of the catacombs
Go to the small ticket booth and enter the catacombs. You will come to a room 
with a gate in the background. Looking inside, Cathryn finds it to dark to see, 
so turn on the flashlight in your inventory, and you will discover a grafitti 
on the tunnel wall. The grafitti hints you towards a club in Paris, however the 
game first switches to Jack who just arrived in...

3.2.03 Paris, in front of the Musée de Paris in Jack's van
Call your boss to get an updated location of Mike's cellphone. 
The game changes back to the group who just arrived in...

3.2.04 Paris, in front of the "Club Électronique"
Try to talk to the bouncer in front of the club. Try again to bribe him. After 
two unsuccessful attempts, go to talk to Cathryn. With a trick, you go back to 
the bouncer, who suddenly has important business to do, and you can enter the 
club. Inside talk with Francois. After a long conversation about Francois 
difficult youth in Surinawa, he shows you the map to the catacombs. Use Mike's 
cellphone (running ScummVM by the way, if you examine it) to snap a photo of 
the catacomb map. 
Leave the club to go back to the catacombs. Before you try being Indiana Jones, 
the game lets Jack arrive at the club, too. Ask the bounce about Mike, and the 
game cuts back to the group with Cathryn back in...

3.2.05 Paris, inside the catacombs
Let Cathryn use the map of the catacombs with the brochure map, and you can now 
enter the catacombs behind the gate. 
As soon as you see Cathryn in a "sort of top down" view, you can click on the 
map icon in the lower left, and you will get a "detailed" map view of the 

You also get a compass in the lower right. If you click and drag the 
rim of the compass, you can always turn the "North" of the compass to the 
needle if you have difficulties in which direction you should go now.

Beware, that the camera angle will always shift, and "north" is not always up 
on the game screen!
Keeping these two things in mind (shifting camera angle and turnable compass), 
try to find the storage room with these instructions:

Go north twice. 
You will arrive at a room with a wagon wheel.
Go east
Go north.
Go east
Go north. 
Go west. 
You will arrive at ...

3.2.06 Paris, the catacombs in the storage room
In this room turn on the flashlight and find the switch on the right side of 
the screen. You have found an old ammunition depot, that Francois warned you 
Klick on the map in the lower left, and klick on the open door symbol on the 
bottom of the map to return again to the 

3.2.07 Paris, catacombs entrance (finding the Museum) 
Keeping the hints from before in mind (turning the compass, and that the 
camera angle shifts on every screen), follow the following directions:

Go north twice
Again you are at the room with the wagon wheel.
Go west this time. 
Go north three times, until you can't go north any further. 
Go west again. 
Go north
Go west, and you should arrive at a wall to the museum. 

After you discovered both rooms, Cathryn will go back outside, and you need to 
use the van. 

A few days later, you will find yourself back in...

3.2.08 Paris, in front of the Museum, before the heist
Bernard informs you, that someone probably was in the loft while they were 
away. But nevertheless, Cathryn ends up at the Museum wall in the catacombs. 
Turn on the flashlight and find suitable places to put an explosive. 
Press the space bar to find the "hotspots" on the wall. Klick on them, and 
Cathryn will either tell you the spot is unsuitable, or that it's a good spot.
After you found three spots, the game will change to Bernard, who is in...

3.2.09 Paris, in the storage room preparing the explosives
Find a few pipes in the storage room and a crowbar on the workbench. Open the 
crate with grenades on the left. Bernard will automatically take some. 
Put the grenade into the bench vise, and use the wrench from your inventory on 
the grenade in the vise. Use the opened grenade with the pipes in your 
Meanwhile Cathryn can drill the holes on the places you found earlier. To do 
this, use the drill from your inventory. After a cutscene Cathryn is now in...

3.2.10 Paris, inside the Museum cellar
Go into the room with the Washington portrait. Mike now has to reconfigure the 
laser barriers with his laptop. So launch the laser barrier configuration tool 
on his laptop and try to find the correct setting, so the beams will flash in 
a straight line, instead of diagonally. 
Also the program won't allow "unsafe" combinations. This means, on each side, 
there has to be at least one letter from A to D at least once!

Patching C to C, D to D and A to B and vice versa should do the trick. You'll
have to use at least one combination twice. It's up to you, but remember that 
on each side, *all* letters from A to D have to be present *at least* once.

If you can't figure it out on yourself, wait until the timer in the upper right 
runs out again, and let this button solve it for you. 
If you got it right, the game turns to Bernard, who should walk under the 
window, where you talked with the guard earlier and light the firecracker with 
the lighter from your inventory. 
Cathryn then has to exchange the paintings and flee from the catacombs.
The team then returns to...

3.2.11 London, the loft after the Paris heist
The three discover that the loft was indeed searched, and that Bernard has gone 
missing. Go downstairs and call him from the telephone. Talk to Mike, and after 
a phonecall from Cathryns father, you leave the loft and use the van to get  to 
the London Eye. The game returns you to...

3.2.12 Paris, in the Musée de Paris with Jack after the heist
After having read the newspaper, you drive to the museum. Enter it, and talk to
the guard. Get back in the van and call your boss. Your boss is not pleased by 
your performance at all, but allows you 24 hours to find a connection to the 
case. Call Bellicoe, and head to London yourself. 
After a cutscene where the exchange goes wrong, you finally find yourself in...

3.2.13 London, at Robert's ravaged atelier
Search Jack to get his car key and use it on Jacks van to get to the airport. 
The team will head to the caribbean, where Dictator Eleni reigns over the 
republic of Surinawa. 
Cathryn arrives at...

[CRBN] 3.3 Surinawa, the Caribbean

3.3.01 Surinawa, the beach
Cathryn should go to the soldier, and learns, that just being on this island is 
asking for trouble. So go to the right into the village, and on the crossing go 
left to the gates of a mansion. Since you can't go any further here either, go 
back to the crossing. Call Mike and give him a status update. 
Meanwhile time passed, and it is evening. Go back to the beach, and talk to the 
fisherman in the foreground on the right. On the way back into the viallge, you 
are being reminded on the curfew laws on this island, and that you will need a 
place to sleep. Get back to the beach and talk to the fisherman again. 
Before following him to his home, call Mike on the cellphone again. 

The next morning, go back to the beach, and the soldier will leave his post for 
a patrol round. While the soldier is away, go to the wrecked car, where the 
fisherman was, and get a mine. 
Next to the guardpost, are some stairs to a guard tower. While the soldier is 
away, go to the tower, and place the mine into the puddle of petrol on the left 
side of the left gas pump. 

Go back into the village, and you will meet the gentleman from the evening 
before. He will invite you to...

3.3.02 Surinawa, Eleni's mansion
In the mansion, Eleni offers you to answer your questions. Go around the room, 
and you will eventually find a view with a sofa and a small table in the 
foreground, a spiral stair to the right and a small map in the left background. 
Notice the small device on the table for later. 
Ask Eleni about the spiral stairs, and the map in the background. Then walk 
around the room until you find a curtain to another room. When you try to pull 
it back, Eleni tells you to eat first. 
After some eating and a lot of talking, Eleni shows you what is behind this 
curtain. After Eleni leaves you, try to open the steel door on the right. Since 
it is locked, go back to the viewpoint with the small device on the table and 
take it. It can open the steel door, so go back to the art room and open the 

Examine the first door, and you will find Robert and Jack being locked up in 
there. Look at the control board to the right, and open it. 
After some explaining during a cutscene go to the map from earlier, and call 
Mike on the cellphone, to guide them through the mine belt. 
After the team arrives at the beach, deposit the handy at the fuel pump with 
the mine and return to the Villa. 

Now sit back and enjoy the show.

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CheatBook-DataBase 2023 is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, XBox, Playstation 1 and 2, Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, DVD, Wii U, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, Game Boy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location. If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 26.800 Games, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.  - Release date january 8, 2023. Download CheatBook-DataBase 2023

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