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 Abandoned 2

Abandoned 2

-Start by reading the intro information -After the last paranormal investigation
you told yourself you wouldnt go on another one. That was over 2 years ago.
-Deciding to take on Black Ridge Manor alone might not be the greatest idea but
facing your fears is said to be the best way to conquer them.
-After gathering the courage to enter the Manor grounds you turn around to find
that some sort of energy will not let you leave This seems all too familiar, you
must find a way to rid this negative energy from the Manor.
-You start at the gate that has an energy field around it. Click down to turn
-You are now facing the Manor, notice some loose dirt on the left of the
walkway. Move forward closer to the front door. Notice a small wooden peg above
the door to the right, take this for later. Now pick up the shovel to the right
of the door and head back to the loose dirt. You will find a key for the front
-Once you unlock the door and enter the Manor turn left. Take a look at the
windows, most of them are broken, click on the ones that are not and you will
break one to reveal another small peg.
-Head right and then go up. Next to the door is some loose wallpaper, slide it
aside and collect another wooden peg. Head up through the doorway, take the
chisel and notice some dirt on the wall covering something.
-Move down and then back down to exit the room and then turn right and then
right again. Notice the small holes on the side of the table, insert the 3 pegs
into the holes. The box will lift to reveal bolt cutters, take them and then
turn left to leave this room.
-Move up one room, take the sponge on the machine and then head up again.
-The door is locked leading forward, turn right. There is a hole in the floor,
move forward which will make you fall down into the basement.
-Once in the basement, you will find an old ladder chained to the wall. Use the
bolt cutters on the chains and take the ladder. Move forward and you will end up
at the front of the Manor.
-Head forward back into the Manor, head forward again and then once more. You
will be in the room with the dirt on the wall. Use the sponge to remove the dirt
and you will reveal (Alice 646) Remember this for later.
-Move down, down, right, up, up, right. You will be back in the room that you
just fell through. Use the ladder on the hole in the floor and then move
-In this room there are 5 green tiles that can be removed with the chisel. Equip
the chisel and remove the tiles to reveal a Green fish pointing right, a blue
fish pointing down, a red fish pointing left, a yellow fish pointing up and 1
tile will have a key. The fish are a clue combined with the order of the colors
on the ceiling Green, Blue, Red then Yellow and the right, down, left, up of the
fish for the area we are about to enter so remember this for later.
-Move down, left, down, down, down and you will come to a locked door. Use the
key to unlock this door. Move down through the door and take a look at the desk,
click on the drawer that has a lock, use the clues from earlier to unlock the
drawer. Right, down, left, up from earlier and then click the slide on the side.
This one is a bit tricky.
-Take the book from the drawer and open it up to the last page. You will find a
key. Take this and then head up, up, up, left and you will be in a room with a
control panel and a list of numbers on the left. Click on the list of numbers
and look for the one that is out of place. 4213 will stand out as being odd. Use
the key in the keyhole on the control panel. Then from the top, click the 4th
switch from the left and then move down and click the 2nd switch, down one more
and click the 1st switch and then on the final row click the 3rd switch. Turn
right and the door will now be open.
-Head through the door, collect the matches on the floor. Also take the key that
is stuck in the door.
-Turn right and click on the piano to take a closer look. Notice the keys have
markings DEFGABC
in the book there are some writings, one page says CAGED, play these notes and
you will receive a piece of a broken amulet.
-Move left, left and use the chisel on the panel on the wall. Take the piece of
broken amulet.
-Head right then up. Click on the lock box and remember the clue from earlier,
Alice 646, use the 646 as the combination for the box. You will receive another
piece of the amulet.
-Now head, down, down, down, down, left, left, left and you will come to a
locked door. Use the key to unlock the door.
-Head left through the doorway and use the matches to light the candles. Another
piece of amulet will appear. Now set all 4 pieces of the amulet on the silver
disk. The amulet will then be restored, take the amulet.
-Turn right, right, down, down, down and you will be at the front gate. Use the
amulet on the gate, the energy will cease, now click on the gate to leave this

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