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 AD 2044

AD 2044

from L K Avalon
By Trevanti (Alexander Tait)


Cryogenic chamber room

You wake up in your bedroom. Somehow you´ve gotten out of the cryogenic tank. 
Look around. There are quite a number of useful items to be found. At the moment,
all you have is your "electronic goaler" (gaoler/jailer), some sort of security 
device. You´ll have to get rid of that as soon as possible.

First, examine the door. It´s locked. Notice the smoke detector/fire alarm? 
A possible way out?

Examine the video to the left of the door several times for amusing misanthropic

Head over to the cryogenic chamber. On the right is a pedestal. Push the button
on top to open the chamber. A comfy bed. Behind the bed, find the cigarettes. 
Examine the cigarettes closely. Take one for later use.

On the other side of the cryogenic chamber you notice an attachment on the wall
next to a sealed glass chamber with stairs leading upward. Push the button on 
the "tummy fill up ultrasonic detector". No food detected. Better do something 
about that!

Go to the table at the right of the door. Open the apple at left (it´s fake). 
Inside one is a "breakfast pellet".
Eat it. Behind the bowl of apples, you find some matches.

Look at the other foodstuffs. Need some cutlery? Look under the table to find
a spoon. Head back to the table to eat the soup. The drink there is not to your
liking-no beer!

Head back to the "tummy fill up ultrasonic detector". Push the button. 
Now that you´ve eaten, it allows you access to the stairs. Head up to the 
bathroom/toilet suite.

Toilet suite

The small chamber up the stairs contains a sink, toilet, and pair of boots. 
Examine them all closely. Behind the boots you find a chip with an "A" written
on it. Under the toilet is a newspaper dated 1984. Above the sink you find a 
mirror. Take all three items. Head back down to the chamber.

Cryogenic chamber room

Now, you are ready to leave. Get the cigarette. Go to the examine view. Light it
with the matches. Use the lit cigarette on the smoke alarm. When the alarm sounds,
the doors open and the "vixen" walks in.

You need to work quickly. When she walks in, move the cursor over her mouth until
it becomes a mouth shape. Click on her to kiss her and send her head over heels, 
literally! Down she goes, with legs spread- eagled "where you belong"!?! Hurry out
the door to the corridor.

This corridor is shaped like a "T", with the long end pointing to the right. To 
the left, note the lasers preventing entrance to the rest of the corridor where a
first aid kit sits on one wall.

Using the mirror on the lasers short circuits it, allowing you access.

To your right, there is a door with a button to the right for access, leading to
the Waste disposal room.

To the left, when you have disarmed the lasers, there is a door to the left and 
right. The left is marked with a box/arrow symbol. The right is a police area. 
Neither can be accessed at this time successfully. Go on, try!

Open the first aid kit and retrieve the gas mask inside.

Waste disposal room:
A noxious scent fills this room. Head in. On the right is a box marked "Litter". 
Open it to reveal a spool of green thread. Take it for later use. Beyond that is 
a barred gate which won´t open.

Moving forward, there is a series of garbage containers. Read the graffiti above
the containers.

Open the container. Be sure to wear your gas mask! Proceed down the revealed 
chute to the incinerator.

The chute deposits you in an antechamber off the incinerator room, rapidly filling
with smoke. On your left is a fire door. On the right is the incinerator, the source
of the smoke. It is too hot to open!

To the left of the incinerator and opposite where you entered is a mine car 
("just so-so a truck"). In the mine car is a poker. Take it.

Move around the other side of the mine car. Give it a push. Note it rolls a short 
distance before rolling back. Where the car was sitting, however, there is a 
discolored rock. If only you could shift the mine car long enough to look at the

At the front of the mine car, there is a brake switch. Switch it on. Then push 
the mine car again. It stops when it gets to the end of the track.
Now, to the rock! Underneath is a frightened mouse. Pick him up.
Exit through the door to the workshop.

On entering, note the stairs to your right and the tool bench directly in front
of you. The door you entered through is now sealed and cannot be opened.

The bench consists of a drill, vice, and protective mask. The drill is the only 
useable tool. Use the chip in the drill to create a hole in it. Use the thread 
on the chip. Under the bench top is a drawer. Open it to reveal a hammer. Add 
this to the inventory. Turn around. Examine the bucket. Inside is a metal pin.
Take this too. Head up the stairs to the landing.

At the top of the stairs is a barred gate. You saw this gate in the waste disposal 
room. It cannot be opened from this side. To the left of the gate is a cupboard used
for storage of clothes and tools. Examine this carefully: the top part is empty. The
lower cupboard contains a protective glove.

Under the bottom cupboard (easily missed) you will find a key. This is the key to 
the barred gate. Open the gate, head back into the waste disposal room and back 
down to the incinerator room.

Go to the incinerator. Use the glove on the left door. Get rid of the electronic 
gaoler in the flames. (I don´t know if this is necessary to complete the game).

Head out through the fire door into the workshop, and go upstairs. Go through the
waste disposal room back to the corridor.

The door to the Thought Police has an old inscription above a slot on it. There 
is an entry button to the right of it.
Put the mouse into the slot. The "vixen" inside panics, opens the door and promptly
falls over after which she heads into the toilet at left. Enter the interrogation room.

On entering the room, note the prison cell to the right. It is secured in a protective
beam and is secured with two magnetic locks.

Go to the desk, directly across from the entrance. Examine the lit desk lamp and a
top-secret file. Take note of the names in the file.
There are two drawers under the desk. The right one is locked and cannot be opened.
The left one, when opened, reveals a key. Take the key.
Go over to the cell. Use the key to shut off the beam by putting it to the magnetic
lock. Look inside the cell. There is a note out of reach. Use the poker to get the
note. It reads, "She pressed 3871", the code to the safe under the monitors at left.

Go to the desk at the left of the room. It has three monitors over it. In the drawer
is a touch pad.

Use the code to open the safe. There are two switches inside. Ensure they are both
pulled up. You will hear two metallic clunks. This will switch off the electronic 
bars that block the door opposite the interrogation room.
Exit the interrogation room and proceed forward to the elevator lobby.

Elevator lobby:
On entering, you see a brownish door with a green transparent window. To the right 
is a brown door (inaccessible). At left is the control panel.

Go to the control panel. There is a slot. Use the thread on the chip. Then use the 
chip on the slot. The string makes it recoverable.

Trial and error reveals the buttons are "O", "D", "A", and "N", reading left to right.
Recall the names on the top-secret file. Only one used those four: "DONA". Press the 
letters in accordingly: 2-1-4-3. A voice states you have access to the elevator.

Proceed to the elevator (the brownish green door). Head in. At left is the control 
box which has four level buttons. However, the fourth button is just a fake. Push 
the first button to go up to the top floor.

(Sometime, you need to turn around in the elevator and inspect the niche above. 
If you look closely, you find a screwdriver.)

When the elevator comes to a halt, push the button to the left of the control panel
to open the doors. Go out to the first floor.

Teleportation chamber room

Exit into the tiled room. Walk forward and to the left. There is a teleportation 
chamber down there. Use the buttons on the control box to open it and go in. Look
behind the chair to find a rope.

At left there is another control box with a slider on it. A voice tells you to 
dismantle it. Use the screwdriver to open the control box. Remove the chip inside.

Go back to the elevator entrance. This time head right. There is a funny green 
object at left, an air lock at right, and a "wicket gate" in between.

Knock on the wicket gate. It opens to reveal a vixen requesting your pass. Kissing 
her does not let you pass this time. Go back to the elevator and go to level three.


As you exit, you may note the "Department of Archeology" sign overhead. There are
a number of doors lining this corridor but only a few are accessible.

Any attempt to proceed down the corridor brings on the "Iron Maiden" who knocks 
you flat. The Iron Maiden is very unstable and connecting the rope between the 
columns will trip her and put her out of

The left room has a seat that you can break but you cannot enter.
Go straight down to the Archeological Institute.

Archeological institute:
At first you cannot enter this room. But the chair can be used to climb up. However,
you will need to put the newspaper down first-I don´t know why. Above the door is 
the key to the door. Now you can enter the room.

This room is full of historical treasures. Examine them for laughs and the following:
the temple hides a chisel. Further around is a mechanical stamping device. On the 
wall a painting hides a safe that has a fluorescent detector.

Go to the desk. The first drawer is locked. Use the chisel on it and collect the 
membership card. The second drawer holds a pass. Take the pass. Use the stamping 
machine on the pass. Then use the stamps on the desk for a second stamp.
The third drawer has a paper clip.
Head back to the elevator and go to Level 1.

Teleportation chamber room

Go back to the vixen. Show your membership card and pass to get through the airlock.
(She doesn´t seem to notice you are male! Although, if you look at your image in the
mirror, it is rather feminine.) Go into the storeroom.

At left are the vacuum containers. Use the poker to open them. One holds a blue 
glove. The other is empty. 
Opposite the containers are the radiation suits. Examine them. The left has a pocket.
Use the glove to get the remote control out.

Move over to the left where a metal door is. At left and right are control box type
things. Use the remote control on the left box. Both open.

Inside is a row of switch connectors. The last two are removable and need to be 
placed in the box at right.

Now, doing all this doesn´t open the door. You are required to press the buttons 
in the right box in a certain order. Notice they are all different shapes-each has
a different number of sides. Push them in ascending order of number of sides. The 
door opens to the Cage lift room.

Cage lift room:
There is a cage lift and a power box visible from the door. Examine the power box 
to find it is locked. Look closely at the ground below the power box. Find the socket
wrench and a small rock. Use the wrench to open the power box. Make sure you wear 
the glove to avoid "shock" when you switch on the power.

There is another control panel to the left of the main power box. Playing with this
shows you it is the lift control.

Go over to the lift. Note the rusty latch. Use the hammer to open it. Then open 
the cage. Go in. Turn to the power control. It´s too far to reach. Throw the stone
to switch on the lift. Up you go.

At the top, there is a manhole with a slot in it. Use the metal rod you found in
the workshop in the slot. Use the rod to unlock the manhole. Then proceed upward
into the hole.

Painting Room:
A very dark room-so dark you can see nothing at first. Light a match to illuminate
the room. Another control panel. Push the green button to light up the room. 
Go into the room.

There is a device in the middle of this garishly painted room. On top of it sits a
video camera. Go to the rear of the device. Open the panel there. Inside you find 
some phosphorus next to some radioactive waste. Use you glove to knock over he waste
and take the phosphorus.

Further to the right is a rock. Crush it with the hammer to get a cockroach.
Go back over to the left of the machine. Examine the wall to find that there is a 
weakness in the painting wall. No way to get through at this time.
Go back to the second floor.


Use the cockroach on the slot like you did the mouse earlier. Again the vixen panics
and heads to the toilet. Go over the desk. You now find the cupboard at left, 
previously locked, is now unlocked. Open it and take the knife inside.
Now go back to the first floor.

Archeological institute
Go back the Archeology Directorate. Go over to the safe behind the painting. Use the
phosphorus on the detector. It unlocks. Open the safe and take the lighter.
Return to the room with the painting on the third level.

Painting room
Go back over to the weakness in the painting wall. Use the knife to cut a hole to 
the outside. Go through.

Wall and gate

Go out past some ferns to a gate. There is a villa beyond it. However, the gate 
is electrified and there is no power box to disable it.
At left as you exited into the outside, on top of the wall (difficult to see) is 
a spike. Throw the rope up to the spike. Now climb over into the villa grounds.

Villa grounds

At the right is a gazebo. Push the sundial close to it and climb up. Get another 
rope. Head over to the left to a bench. Then go toward the moat around the villa. 
Travel under the bridge through the water. On the other side, back up to a fern. 
Near the fern are some twigs.

Head over to the bridge leading to the villa. Examine the left pot plant to find 
a key. Use the key to get into the villa. Head into the foyer area.

The foyer has an assortment of rooms and a large fountain in the middle of it. 
Examine the fountain to find it full of radioactive water. Examine the side of 
the fountain-there´s a nut that can be loosened to drain the water. When drained,
take the shotgun cartridge out.

The two left-hand doors are inaccessible.
On the next wall are two shields. Move the left one to find a flashlight. 
Unfortunately, examination reveals no batteries.

The right shield, when moved, hides two fuses, one of which can be removed. 
The fuse is blown. Take the door at right to proceed into the living room.

Living room.
Central to this room is a large open fire. Put the paper in the fireplace. A voice
suggests you start with something else. Put the twigs in, then the fireplace. Light
a cigarette. Use it to light the fire.

Get the wet cartridge out. Put it on the mantelpiece briefly. Back away and return
to find it dry. To the left is a sofa. Behind the sofa, find the wire. Use the wire
on the fuse to repair it. Put the fuse back where you found it to restore power.
Go out the right door into the study.

Go over to the books. Remove a book. Examine the book to loosen a page that has 
"Orbium Solestium" on it. It also has writing in invisible ink. The space has a dial
on the wall. Return to the living room.

Living room:
Move to the fire. When you near it, the warmth reveals the text on the page: "5 right,
7 left, 3 right". Return to the study.

At the right of the room is a footstool. It has a piece of moldy bread in it-purpose
unknown. Stand on the footstool to retrieve the shotgun. Load the shotgun with the 

There´s a button behind and under the bar (which you´ll need your flashlight to expose)
which switches off the security gate (although the game states you "enabled it"). Now 
you can proceed to the gate and recover your other rope.

Go over to the dial in the bookshelf again. Turn the dial to the "12 o´clock" position.
Then follow the directions on the paper: 5 right, 7 left, 3 right.
A secret door is opened behind the books. It contains a lift. Go down to the basement 
to a door marked "Genetics".

Door to Genetics Laboratory:
Upon opening the door, there is a vixen robot waiting for you. Blow her away with your
shotgun-it´s a shattering experience!

There are two levers, one on either side of the door, that must be depressed to open 
the door to the lab. However, your arm span is not enough. Us the two ropes-one on 
either side-on the levers to open the door. 

Proceed into the lab.

Genetics laboratory

There´s no one in this room; just some heavy equipment designed to create people-a way
of stopping procreation that produces men.

There are 4 gauges: one marked "X chromosome", one marked "Y" chromosome, one marked
"garbage", and one that has sexless genetic material.
Set the gauge on the X and Y-chromosomes to 50%, the garbage control to 100%, and the 
other to 0%. Sit back and watch the end movie and the return of MANkind!

This walkthrough was written December 17, 1999. Credit must be given to the "Gambler Packa",
who wrote a Polish walkthrough, which helped me past the spots where I was stuck. Thanks 
to Mary de Fries and Derek for translation!

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