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 Age of Empires III FAQ

Age of Empires III FAQ

Age of Empires III FAQ/Walkthrough, version 0.65
by exeuntsl (Samuel Y. Lee)
released 11/19/2005

Anyone may distribute this document as long as this document is not altered and 
not sold.  All other rights reserved.

This document is a walkthrough for the Age of Empires III campaign mode, played
on the moderate difficulty level.

0.65 - Wrote walkthrough for Ottoman Fort, Temples of the Aztec, Spanish
       Treasure Fleet and The Fountain of Youth? levels.  Some rewriting.  
       Changed copyright.
0.47 - Some rewriting for clarity.

Table of Contents
Before You Play

-Act I
 -Into the Caves
 -The Ottoman Fort
 -Temples of the Aztec
 -A Pirate's Help
 -Spanish Treasure Fleet
 -The Fountain of Youth?

-Act II
 -Defend the Colony
 -Strange Alliances
 -The Rescue
 -The Seven Years' War
 -The Great Lakes
 -Warwick's Stronghold
 -Bringing Down the Mountain

-Act III
 -Race for the Rails
 -Hold the Fort
 -The Boneguard's Lair
 -The Lost Spanish Gold
 -Bolivar's Revolt
 -Journey through the Andes
 -Last City of the Inca
 -Last Stand of the Boneguard

Before You Play
Master the following:
1) Groups.  Select the units you wish you group.  Hold the Ctrl key and press a
number key.  Now the units are associated with the number key.  To select the 
grouped units once again, simply press the number key they are associated with.

Use groups to separate your unit types.

2) Attack-move.  Hold the A key and left click your destination.  Attack-moving
commands your units to attack any enemies they encounter while moving.

Always attack-move.

3) When choosing Cards, select artillery cards, the Fort Wagon card and the 
Factory card when they become available.  Some of my strategies depend on these
cards, and they are some of the best to have.

This is the bare minimum to know.

Act I


Primary Objectives:
-Defend the Fort Command Post.
-Use Settlers to gather the wood on the hill to light the signal fire.

Secondary Objectives:
-Collect all the Treasures on the map.  (300 XP)

Collect the Crossbowmen into a group and keep them behind the gate.  Research 
the Crossbowmen upgrade.  Double-left click one Barracks to select them all; 
construct as many Crossbowmen as your resources allow, and continue to do so 
for the rest of the level.  Building Pikemen is a waste of resources.  Keep the
Crossbowmen behind the walls.

Use Morgan Black, your hero unit, to soak up damage and use his Oberhau Attack
to damage big groups of enemies.  He cannot die; he revives as long as a unit 
of yours is next to his body.

Once his life is depleted, have him collect Treasures, denoted by white X's on
the minimap.  Hold the Shift key and right click the first Treasure, then the 
second, and so forth, and release the Shift key.  Morgan will collect the 
Treasures without your supervision.

When you are told Great Bombards are arriving, send five or more Settlers (who 
are working in the town north of the fort) to the northwest edge of the map, to
a hill with a wooden pyre.  When the appropriate game trigger occurs, they will
automatically collect the wood that spawns around the pyre and light the signal
fire before any enemy units can reach them.

Keep your Crossbowmen out of the Great Bombards' attack range.

Once the signal fire is lit, 20 or so Imperial Hussars come under your control.
Destroy the cannons to win.

Into the Caves

Primary Objectives:
-Defend the base from the Ottoman attack.
-Destroy all the Ottoman Weapons Caches.

Secondary Objectives:
-Build an Artillery Foundry and train at least 10 Hoop Throwers.  (500 XP)
-Find a shipwreck and gather any supplies near it.  (300 XP)
-Find all the Treasures.  (300 XP)

Your base is under attack.  Immediately send forth heroes Alain and Morgan to 
the thick of the fight and move your Great Bombard up and initiate its bombard
mode.  Use Morgan's Oberhau Attack on the largest groups of enemies and bombard
the weakened units with the cannon.

With the attack repelled, build Settlers.  Do not waste your gold or wood -- 
build two Galleons as soon as possible.

Load the Galleons with Morgan and three or more Settlers and travel a short 
distance east of your Dock to a small island with a lone Treasure Guardian and
many supplies on it.  Kill the Guardian with your Galleons and harvest all the 
supplies on the island with your Settlers. Your Galleons have paid for 
themselves.  Invest in another Galleon.

Your base will be attacked by waves of enemies, so be sure to build 
Crossbowmen.  With your Great Bombard, they should be no problem.

Once the small island has been stripped of its resources, reload your Settlers 
and Morgan into a Galleon and send the ships northeast.  Destroy the three 
Galleys guarding the Dock and Mosque, making sure to keep the Galleon with 
Morgan and the Settlers safe.  With the ships gone, there are no enemies to 
prevent you from unloading your Settlers and collecting all the resources 
strewn around the Mosque.  There is a cave entrance north of this small beach,
but ignore it for now as it leads to many enemies.

Your economy is now supercharged.  Build two forces: One, comprised of many 
(20-30 should be adequate) Crossbowmen, with your Galleons on the beach where 
the Mosque was, and another at your base, comprised of a few Mortars, the Great
Bombard and 25-30 Crossbowmen.

Achieve the Secondary Objectives for experience, if you wish.

Attack the enemy's base with your original force.  Bombard the buildings and 
keep your units close to your artillery and let the enemy soldiers come to you.
Destroying any Stockades will give you Swedish Pikemen.  Once the enemy's base
is destroyed, head to the main cave entrance.  Split off a smaller force and 
your Mortars and destroy the first Weapons Cache north of your base (if you 
have not done so).

Once you have enough Crossbowmen at the beach (this is your second force), send
them into the cave entrance north and kill the Janissaries there.

Clear the cave of the Weapons Caches in a pincer movement, your two forces 
working through the cave from both ends.


Primary Objectives:
-Build a Town Center.
-Build a Barracks and a Dock.
-Find and collect three Navigation Charts.

Secondary Objectives:
-Build a second Town Center.  (200 XP)

Build a Town Center.  Advance to the Fortress Age as soon as possible.  Do not 
build or research anything that requires food or gold, with the exception of 
Settlers; after your Settlers have collected all the packaged resources, have 
some hunt and have some mine.  Build a Market.

Your current goal is to build a fleet of Galleons.

A few natives will attack your base from the northwest, so keep your soldiers 

Choose The Admiral of the Ocean Sea governor when researching the next Age.  
Build a Barracks and a Dock.  Do lots of mining and woodcutting, and research 
the appropriate upgrades.

While the Age advancement is researching, send your soldiers and a few Settlers
to the southwest peninsula of the island and wipe out the pirates guarding the
resource stash and Silver Mine there.  Collect the resources with your 
Settlers.  Build two Outposts overlooking the sea there.  Build another Outpost
at the southernmost edge of the island, too.  Research the Frontier Outpost 
upgrade.  Now you control the sea lanes.

Devote your resources to Galleons and ship upgrades.

Build some soldiers to defend your base.  Load up one of your ships with 
soldiers and Settlers and head to the island southeast of yours.  Kill the 
enemies and collect the Treasures for one Navigation Chart, a Town Center Wagon
and some food.  Build a Town Center there and collect wood and gold from the 

Transport your units to the island on the southeastern edge of the map.  
Support your land expedition with bombardment from your ships.  Collect the 
Treasures on this island.

Now, focus your fire on the enemy settlement northwest of this island.  Destroy
the lone house and the walls will drop.  Kill the enemies, land your force, and
collect the second Navigation Chart.

Begin building the final assault force.  Construct many Crossbowmen, Pikemen, 
and several Mortars.  To speed up the process, use your Galleons to build them.

Land (or build) your force on the southeast side of the main enemy island.  
Advance to their base.  Maybe twenty units will oppose you.  Destroy them and 
destroy as much of the enemy's base as you can with your Mortars.  With the 
enemy's resistance crushed, send some soldiers and Morgan to the Navigation 
Chart at the center of the base, kill the Treasure Guardian, and claim the 
chart, the final piece of information you need to explore the new world.

The Ottoman Fort

Primary Objectives:
-Build a Town Center.
-Go to the Home City and send a Shipment.
-Find and ally with at least two local Natives.
-Find and destroy the Ottoman Command Post and Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Ottoman Fishing Dock.  (500 XP)

Build a Town Center.  Have Morgan build a Trading Post at the site nearby.  
Your immediate goal is to advance to the Colonial Age, which requires 800 food.
Do not build any Settlers; have the Settlers you already have hunt animals.

Soon you will be able to send Shipments from your Home City to your Town 
Center.  Once you are notified of the ability to do so, click on the large flag
icon in the lower left region of the screen and send for 300 food.

On the elevated region immediately east of your base is a Treasure worth 40 
food.  Take it with Morgan.

Choose the food-giving governor when you purchase the Age advancement.  Now act
with the goal of quickly advancing to the Fortress Age.  Do the following:

1. Order most of your Settlers to cut wood.  A few can mine gold.

2. Build a Dock.  Build fishing boats to harvest food from fish and gold from 
the whale until you have seven or eight boats.  (Only build one boat at a time
to keep the wood free for other purposes.)

2. Build a Trading Post at the site northwest of your base.  Each Trading Post 
spawns a few native soldiers when completed; augment their numbers by building 
a few native soldiers at the Trading Posts.

3. Build an Outpost by the first Trading Post and keep your soldiers near it.

4. When Cards become available, use them immediately and put the food or 
Settlers to use.

5. Do not build Barracks or a Stable.  You do not need them as you have the 
Trading Posts.

6. Destroy the ships guarding the Dock with your flagship.  If you use the 
ship's bombard attack and take care to fight only one enemy ship at a time, you
should be successful; if you want to be safe, choose the Fortress Age governor 
who gives you an additional ship and then attack with the two ships (building 
one at the Dock is a waste of resources).

You will be attacked by calvary, Aztec soldiers and Janissaries -- not many of 
them, mind you, so don't go overboard with defense yet.

After achieving the Colonial Age, focus on getting enough food and gold to 
advance to the Fortress Age (choose either governor).  Expand your army with 
Natives and their upgrades (I prefer to upgrade and mostly build Carib units).

Save a Card for the Fortress Age and send for a Falconet as soon as possible.  
Build an Artillery Foundry and build two Mortars.

Once you have your artillery, advance southeast, destroy the enemy Outpost and 
Trading Post then head northeast.  There are two Fortress Outposts.  Level them
with the Mortars.  As always, guard your artillery.

Level the Command Post and Town Center to win.

Temples of the Aztec

Primary Objectives:
-Build a Trading Post at the Aztec village.
-Build a Town Center.
-At least one Aztec Temple must remain standing.
-Find and Destroy the Spanish Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Save more than one Temple.
-Rescue more Aztec prisoners.  (300 XP)

Kill the soldiers to the southeast of your starting location; you gain control 
of some native units.  Go northeast to the Trading Post site and build a Post.

While Morgan is constructing the Post, immediately send the rest of your 
soldiers northwest, past a Treasure guarded by two jaguars and kill the 
soldiers there to free more native soldiers.  Then head north and kill a few 
more soldiers and free more natives.  Try to preserve your Hussars.

When Morgan finishes the Post, a ship will arrive and unload a Town Center 
Wagon.  Build a Town Center.

Enemies from the north will attack your base.  Kill them with your soldiers.

Resist the urge to advance an age (you certainly have enough resources) and 
begin improving your economy (ignore gold and get as much food and wood as 
possible; don't build too may Settlers), but focus on building a strong 
standing army.  Crank out native soldiers at your post, build a Barracks to 
build Crossbowmen, and build a Stable and build a few calvary units.  Any cards
dealing with Natives is useful.

Build two sizable forces: one to keep by the isolated northwestern temple, and 
a larger one to keep between the temples in the east.  Keep your calvary near 
the middle of the map and use them to kill the occasional cannons that appear.  
Build Outposts by the temples.

The largest source of enemies will be the base north of the eastern temples.  
There is one path leading out of the base that splits into two.  Make it a 
priority to block both paths with Outposts and soldiers.  Do not get too near 
as there is a yet untouchable Outpost guarding the gate to the base.

There are more Aztec prisoners to the east.  Save them during the lulls between

When 15 minutes pass, a large Aztec army will arrive.  Now that you are not 
pressed to defend the Temples, advance to the Fortress Age and build Mortars.  
Bombard the gate blocking the way to the base.  Be sure to guard the Mortars as
a large calvary force rides out to defend the base.

Work your way through the base as usual to win.

A Pirate's Help

Primary Objectives:
-Gain 8.000 Experience before Lizzie sails to Florida.  (500 XP)
-Bring Morgan to Lizzie before she sets sail.

Secondary Objectives:
-Stop the raiding Native Americans from attacking the settlers of Havana.  
(350 XP)
-Build the first Stable in Havana.  (500 XP)
-Reopen trade with the rest of Cuba by building a second Trading Post. (850 XP)
-Take Lizzie's Native American friend to his family on the nearby Island.  
(1000 XP)
-Find and gather the stolen gold.  (900 XP)
-Return the lost herd to Havana's Livestock Pen.  (350 XP)
-Retrieve stolen artifact. (1500 XP)

The moment the map starts, rush your soldiers west and kill the natives 
attacking the Settlers.  (Use Morgan's Oberhau attack to speed up the process.
His Oberhau attack will be critical to wiping out the big groups of enemy with 
little loss to your forces.)  Once they are slain, you gain control of Havana.

To boost your economy in the fastest manner possible, do the following:

1.  Build Settlers at the Town Center.

2.  Research the Hunting Dogs, Placer Mines and Gangsaw upgrade at the Market.

3.  Have half the Settlers working on the Mills hunt the numerous turkeys and 
cut wood.  (Hunting is faster.)

4.  Build three sheep at the Livestock Pen.  Research the upgrade there.

5.  Never let your Settlers idle.

6.  Bankrupt yourself building Hussars and Crossbowmen.

Ignore the Mills.  Do not upgrade them.  When your sheep fatten up, have around
five Settlers harvest their meat.  Do not forget to build more sheep, but 
remember that only 10 sheep can fatten up at the Pen at the same time.

Build a Stables and many Hussars.  Build Crossbowmen.  Constantly do this.

When you have a decent sized army (20+ units), head south along the road and 
kill the natives guarding the Trading Post site.  Bring some Settlers along.  
Build a Trading Post, then head west into a village.  Kill the Natives there 
and leave your Settlers there to collect the gold bags.

By now Lizzie should have asked you to send escort her Native American friend 
to his family.  With the soldiers at Havana, escort the native boy to your main
army.  If you do not have Hussars, building them will be helpful for a later 

There are many natives on the beach where the canoe is waiting.  Make good use 
of Morgan's Oberhau attack.

Before loading up your troops and the native boy into the canoe, go south and 
take control of the cows grazing there.  Send the cows to the Livestock Pen 
(you do not need to escort them) for some experience.

Load your best troops, Morgan and the boy into the canoe.  Unload them on the 
eastern island.  A few natives will be waiting; kill them.  Go to the village 
to gain 1000 experience, a new objective to recover an artifact, and many 
Seminole Sharktooth warriors.

The artifact is on the southeastern end of the island and is guarded by pirates
and two cannons.  A full canoe of shipped in soldiers (your original landing 
force) and the Sharktooth warriors you are given should be more than adequate 
for a skilled player.  If you are not sure, ship in more soldiers.

Have your Hussars go after the cannons while your infantry units handle the 
pirates.  Retrieving the artifact should give your enough experience to fulfill
the 8000 experience point requirement.

If you have ample time left before Lizzie sets sail, build tons of buildings 
and units to gain even more experience.  Rove around the map looking for more 
natives to kill.  Fulfill any leftover Secondary Objectives, if you have any.

To win, take Morgan to Lizzie.

Spanish Treasure Fleet

Primary Objectives:
-Place a Town Center to establish your base.
-Capture six total Treasure ships.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy any Spanish Forts.  (300 XP each)
-Kill Delgado.  (1000 XP)

The level starts with a naval battle.  Focus fire on one enemy ship at a time, 
using your ships' Broadside Attack.  When one of your ships is close to dying 
or taking concentrated fire, move it out of the battle and then let to return 
to the fray once the enemy ships have targeted a new ship.

Once that is done, unload your ships at the beach nearby.  Build a Town Center.
Destroy the nearby enemy Outpost with your Mortar to gain control of a Treasure
ship.  Destroy the nearby Stockade to gain control of some Incan Huamincas.

When your Town Center is complete, do not build Settlers.  Instead, have your 
Settlers collect the starting resources then hunt a nearby animal for food.  
Advance to the Fortress Age.

Build a Barracks and soldiers.

Send some soldiers and a Mortar to the elevated ridge north of your first 
Treasure ship.  Bombard and destroy the Outpost guarding another Treasure ship.
To the northeast is another Stockade; destroy it to free some Incan Bola 
Throwers who reveal the location of all the other Treasure ships.

Get artillery units with your cards.

Since gold will be abundant, build Bucaneers at your flagship.

Another Treasure ship to the west is now exposed.  Unfortunately, it is guarded
by a Fort.  To take this ship, add more soldiers and some Falconets to your 
force.  Bombard the Fort with Mortars; a massive army may arrive.  Kill them 
and take the Treasure ship.

Meanwhile, you should be paying attention to your town, building up a steady 
stream of food and wood (especially wood).

Now, gather most of your soldiers and artillery units east of the enemy town. 
Bombard some buildings and wait for the enemies to rush out and defend their 
base.  As you destroy more of the town, Delgado will come out.  Kill him.

Destroy the Outposts guarding the Treasure ships to win.

But before you do that, you may want to research Mercantilism and destroy the 
fort south of the enemy base for experience.

The Fountain of Youth?

Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Fountain of Youth.
-Kill the guards near the Fixed Gun.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Circle's base to the east of the Fixed Gun.  (600 XP)
-Build a Trading Post at the Native village.  (300 XP)

Ram the Fountain of Youth with the three Fire Ships.  Then rush your units to 
the Fixed Gun and kill the enemies around it; the cannon will fall under your 

Lizze's flagship, Paris Burning, will arrive and unload a Covered Wagon and 
some units.  Build a base.

Keep your units by the Fixed Cannon.  It will be the target of all the enemy's 

Your short-term objective is to destroy the enemy base to the east of the Fixed
Gun.  To that end, use the Fixed Gun to destroy the base's defenses and 
military buildings.  Ship in some artillery units and use them to destroy the 
base with the help of some military units.  Remember to always keep a 
significant force by the Fixed Gun, however.  When you are destroying the base 
with your artillery, guard them with many soldiers.

When you have the resources to do so, build two Outposts at the shore directly 
south of the Fixed Gun, where the spur of land the Fixed Gun is on and the 
shoreline meet.  The computer tends to send ships there to bombard the Fixed 
Gun as the cannon cannot shoot at enemies that close.  Build two Outposts at 
the spur of land guarding the bay your harbor to ward off any naval units.

Focus on your navy.  Get Galleons, Caravels, and their upgrades.  Kill any 
ships and continually bombard the Fountain of Youth.  The Fixed Gun can kill 
Caravels in one hit, so do not pass up any opportunities to kill them.

By now you should have a sustainable pattern: enough troops to defend the Fixed
Gun from the frequent land incursions from the north, ships to defend the Fixed 
Gun from any enemy ships, and enough resources flowing in to produce 
replacements for any ships and units you lose.

Continually bombard the Fountain.  During lulls, send your Caravels to the 
Fountain and use their Broadside Attack on it before retreating.

If you get bored, load up an expedition of one hero and maybe 30 soldiers and 
some calvary and transport them to the western edge of the map.  Build a 
Trading Post.  Beware of the inevitable attack.

After some time, the Fountain should fall.

For skilled players: If you want a challenge, instead of letting the gun do all
the work for you, take it upon yourself to directly challenge the fort.  A 
small strip of land connects your base to their main base on the other side of 
the map; simply travel counterclockwise along the edge of the map to get there.
Once you destroy their Town Center, Culverin, Flaconets, advanced calvary and 
Doppelsoldners will spawn, so be prepared.

Act II

Defend the Colony
[Yet to be completed]

Strange Alliances
[Yet to be completed]

The Rescue
[Yet to be completed]

The Seven Years' War
[Yet to be completed]

The Great Lakes
[Yet to be completed]

[Yet to be completed]

Warwick's Stronghold

Some quick action will benefit you.  Immediately group your horse riders with
your heroes and ride to intercept the first supply wagon.  Group your other
units and attack-move to the supply wagon as well.  Have your explorers use 
their sniping abilities; have John Black shoot the lone Landschect soldier and
have Kanyenke shoot one of the calvary.  Send the wagon to your Town Center.  
Train soldiers at your barracks.  If you can manage it, send the lone Falconet
west to destroy the Outpost.

The second supply wagon will come from the lane left of your base soon after.
Send troops there and once again have your heroes use their sniping abilities.
Hopefully, the outpost is already wrecked, or nearly so.  Once you capture the
wagon, send it to your base.

A third wagon, tempting and full of coin, will appear at the top of the map.  
Ignore it.  Have settlers collect the resources that are now piled around your
Town Center.  Build more troops (I prefer skirmishers) and send for a Fort 
Wagon and two Mortars with your cards.

Build a Fort guarding your upper entrance.  Have Mortars take out the Outpost 
at the east lane.  Guard the west lane with ten or so Skirmishers.  Guard the 
east lane with ten or so Musketeers.  Collect resources.

When you are ready, collect thirty Skirmishers and Musketeers and drive north
up the central lane, clearing out buildings with Mortars.  Use the Falconet to
destroy any artillery.  Destroying the base to win.

Bringing Down the Mountain

Have all your miners work the northernmost bridge.  Send your hero, two 
Culverin artillery and soldiers to the middle bridge, and place them 
overlooking the passage.  The first cannon will go through here.  Bombard it.

In the meantime, create Musketeers and Skirmishers and send them to the
Culverin.  Use a card to get more Culverin.  More miners should appear; have
all of them work on the top bridge, too.  Your northern base may be raided by
Cossacks and other units.  Just have your Settlers garrison in the Town Center
and they should be able to ward off the attackers.  You may lose the market but
that is a small loss (100 wood and the build time).  Get a Fort Wagon with a 

Have the two new Culverin you sent for occupy the ridge immediately under the 
middle rock bridge.  The next wave comprises of two cannons.  By now your
miners should have destroyed the upper bridge.  Have them work on the middle
bridge.  Your Culverin will demolish the enemy's cannons.

Miners are hardy units with powerful explosive attacks (they lob bundled sticks
of dynamite).  Keep one around to wipe out units and have the rest work on the
bridges.  You can have two Culverin guard the northern most passage (this one 
does not have a rock bridge going over it) if you are obsessive about 
preventing all of the cannons from getting through.  Otherwise, have them 
reinforce the other cannons.  By now your Fort Wagon should be here; build the 
Fort on the ridge between the middle and the lowest bridges.

Build soldiers, destroy as many cannons as you can, and keep your miners 
working.  The Fort will be helpful.  

You win when the final bridge is destroyed.


Race for the Rails

Primary Objectives:
-Build Trading Posts on all sites along the Trade Route.

Secondary Objectives:
-Ally with any Native Americans in the area. (200 XP each)

Immediately have your Railroad Workers construct a Trading Post at the open
site south of your base.  Make and send Skirmishers to the new Trading Post.
Explore the map with your explorers.  One Native American village is to
the southwest-west of your base.  Another Native American village is at the
southwest edge of the map.  Defend your newly acquired Trading Post with your
Railroad Workers (who, like the miners of the previous map, can lob dynamite)
and Skirmishers while you advance to the Fortress Age.  To advance quickly, set
your Trading Posts to collect either Food or Gold.  It may be helpful to build
an Outpost near your base to kill any marauding units.

Get Falconets as soon as possible and use them to push south along the road to
the third Trading Post site.  Build a Trading Post and an Outpost or two
nearby.  Advance to the northwest of the map and demolish the rival company's 
base for the experience points.  Set your Trading Posts to collect experience 
and advance to the Industrial Age.  Research Iron Horse at the Trading Post.  
Research Mercantilism at the Church.  Let the game sit for a while to collect 

Destroy the rival company's final Trading Post and build your own to win.

Hold the Fort

Primary Objectives:
-Survive until Cooper's men arrive.
-Destroy all the Mexican Army's Town Centers

Secondary Objectives:
-Upgrade both Trade Routes to Trains. (300 XP)

Your first objective is to defend the fort.  Pull your Musketeers into the
fort. Set the cannons in your fort to Bombard Mode (when you select artillery,
two icons appear near the lower right corner of your screen; the left-clicking
the left icon sets Bombard Mode).  There are two Trading Posts sitting on two 
Trade Routes running through your fort.  Set the Posts to collect whatever 
resources you need.  Research Iron Horse in both Trade Posts.  With your cards,
send for artillery.  Have Amelia Black, one of your hero units, exit the fort 
and build Trade Posts at open sites, denoted by large white circles.  Each 
Trading Post site has an Outpost (thankfully, yours) guarding it.  Have one 
research Frontier Outpost and Fortified Outpost.  Build artillery and 
distribute them at corners, with a bias toward the longer sides of your fort. 
Build a few skirmishers.

Defending your base from the waves of enemy troops is simple.  When your fort 
is attacked, have the artillery closest to the enemy bombard the largest clumps
of soldiers, and have your skirmishers pick off individual soldiers (having 
your artillery bombard lone soldiers is wasteful of opportunity).

Be sure to keep Amelia walking around the map building Trade Posts.  Do not
forget to set your Trade Posts to collect the resources you need.

After the timer runs down, Major Cooper's reinforcements will arrive.  You will
receive around twenty units of calvary, fifty Skirmishers, and eight Howitzers.
Your new objective will be destroy the enemy Town Centers.  As usual, have your
artillery bombard the buildings from afar while you keep your soldiers nearby 
to defend the artillery.

Methodically work your way through the towns.

The Boneguard's Lair

Primary Objectives:
-Find Beaumont
-Drive Beaumont and his men out of the caves.

Send Amelia into the cave first and have her use her sniping ability to kill a
Boneguard.  Then engage the rest of the Boneguard with all your units.  Now
you gain control of Kanyenke.  He will be in an Indian village.  Explore the 
area with him to find two more Indian villages and another entrance to the 

Back to Amelia.  A bit further into the cave there is a stockade.  Destroy it
to gain a few Skirmishers.  Scout with Amelia once more, and once more kill
another Boneguard with her ability.  There will be more enemies this time, so 
keep Amelia and Major Cooper in front to soak up the attacks.  They cannot die
and they regain health quickly, unlike your regular units.  Use Amelia's 
ability as soon as it recharges.  Make it a habit to scout with Amelia and 
pick off any enemies with her ability.  Capture the food wagon and send it to
the small Indian village Kanyenke started in.  Five Cree Trackers join you.  
Have Kanyenke and the Cree Trackers join your main party, taking care not to 
travel through the second cave entrance, but the original entrance.

I will not mention any more enemies unless there is a significant number of

Continue a bit north to a weapons cache.  Destroy it.  A secondary objective to
destroy the caches will appear.  Head southeast.  There is another food wagon
and stockade with imprisoned dogs.  Liberate them and continue south, and send
the wagon to the village with the horses to get Nootka Clubmen.  Your party
should be near the second entrance Kanyenke discovered.  Head return up the 
branch you came from and head northeast into an unexplored branch.  Free some 
clubmen from a stockade and take the treasure.  Continue along this loop.  Have
your clubmen engage any calvary.  There will be another treasure, another wagon
and another weapons cache.

Head back to the second cave entrance, then head up the northeast branch.  Have
clubmen engage any calvary.  Capture the food wagon.

Send the wagon to the eastern village to obtain two Medicine Men.  Isolate your
injured units and heal them with one of your new Medicine Men.  It is important
to keep the number of units within the healing spell's radius down to a minimum
because the duration, and thus the amount of healing, of the spell depends only
on how many units are within the spell's area of effect.  The more units there
are, even if they are in perfect health, the shorter the spell lasts.  

Continue northeast and clear out the enemies.  There are treasures.  Go 
southeast and free another food wagon and some Skirmishers.  Destroy the weapon
cache.  Exit the caves and destroy the next cache.  Send this wagon and all 
other wagons to the village that supplies Cree Trackers.

Enter the new cave.  There is a wagon and a stockade holding three Musketeers.
Deeper in the cave, you will encounter the final group of enemies.  With your
army of Skirmishers, Cree Trackers and Musketeers, the battle should be easy.
Kill the wolves guarding the treasures and collect them to win the map.

The Lost Spanish Gold

Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the three Outposts guarding the ruined treasure ships.
-Destroy Beaumont's Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Build Trading Posts at the Native Villages. (500 XP)
-Bring Kanyenke to the revealed forest along the southeast edge of the map.  
(300 XP)

Build a Trading Post at the Native American village southeast of your base.  
Build settlers and have them mine wood and hunt for food.  Have one collect 
gold from the gold bag north of your town center.  Use your first card to get a

Once your Trading Post is complete, send Kanyenke southeast to where the Indian
s have directed you to obtain the fixed cannon.  Have it hammer the Outposts, 
the Trading Post, and the Fort, in that order.

Develop your economy, paying attention to wood and food.  Aim for a quick Age 
advancement.  Build an Outpost by the wrecked treasure ship closest to your 
base and mine it.  Build Sharktooths.  Cards such as Native American Warriors 
and Native American Treaties are extremely helpful for this map.

Crush the Outpost far southeast of your base with your Falconet and soldiers.
The fixed cannon cannot shoot that far.

With the way clear, send a villager or Amelia to build a Trading Post at the 
village near the southeast edge of the map.  Build an Outpost by your fixed 
cannon and have a handful of troops defend it.

Defend yourself for now from the occasional waves of enemies while you advance
to the next age.  You will need Mortars to tackle the enemy fort; Falconets 
have a range of 26, and so do Forts.  Focus on growing your economy.

Once you have your Mortars, attack any of Beaumont's Forts and clear out any 
remaining Outposts.  Attack his base with your artillery, and remember that 
guarding artillery is perhaps the most important function of your soldiers.  
Keep a lot of units in front of your artillery when you begin bombarding the 
Center.  The Town Center spawns a lot of troops, including calvary.  Destroy it
to win.

Bolivar's Revolt

Primary Objectives:
-Help General Bolivar free the town to the north.
-Help General Bolivar free two more towns.
-Destroy the Spanish fort's Command Post.

Secondary Objectives:
-Free all four villages from the Spanish.  (1000 XP)

Follow the road north and let Bolivar's cannon destroy the Outpost.  The town 
will soon come under your control.  Quickly, with your first card send for the
most powerful ship you can, move the fishing boats near your Dock to the safety
of the south and have your settlers collect the gold and wood around your Town
Center and build a Frigate with the resources.  Soon, a Frigate and two 
Privateers will attack your base.  Do not engage the ships at first; your Town 
Center will bombard them for you.  When the ship you sent for arrives, group it
with the ship you start with (it is in the south) and take out the Privateers 
before hitting the Frigate.  The Frigate at the Dock should be complete by now 
and will aid you in repelling the enemy.  

Once the enemy ships are vanquished, build fishing vessels and attend to your 
economy.  Use a card to get a Falconet.  Your goal, economically, should be to 
advance to the Industrial Age so you can use better cards to summon artillery.

Once Bolivar begins assaulting, let him do the work.  Be wary of the two enemy 
Falconets; keep your Falconet out of their range until you are sure they are 
occupied.  A mass of enemies will also begin streaming from another town and 
will try to bypass your soldiers and make for your town, so be sure to make 
sure few soldiers get pass your assaulting force.  Do not be too aggressive in 
taking down the Outposts; if you do manage to destroy both Outposts during the 
battle, control of the village will shift to you -- bad, considering there's a 
battle raging in it.  You stand to lose a very valuable Mortar.

Once you take the new town, you will gain control of a few buildings and units,
the most being the Mortar and the Artillery Foundry.  Protect the Mortar as 
calvary will soon attack it.  Send your Falconet and some infantry back to your
base as soon as possible.  A lone enemy Falconet will begin bombarding it.  
Take it out with your Falconet and your troops.

Now that you have a Mortar, there is no reason to delay attacking the next 
town.  As usual, bombard the defensive structures of the town, letting your 
enemies come to you.  The town should fall easily.

Quickly group up the settlers working on the Mills and pull them back.  There
are two Fortified Outposts overlooking the town.  Destroy them with your 
Mortar.  Construct a Culverin; you will be going against more Falconets soon.

Advance to the Industrial Age if you have not already.  Summon more Mortars 
with a card.

Demolish the enemy base's east gate and any defenses with Mortars.  Destroy the
Fortified Outposts to the east of the gate to free a Stable.  You gain eight 
calvary units.  Set your Mortars right where the east gate was and hammer away
at the base.  Be sure to defend your artillery with plenty of rifle soldiers. 
Level the Command Post to win.

Journey through the Andes

Primary Objectives:
-Reach Pacamayo Valley.

Secondary Objectives:
-Don't allow a single scout to reach the Boneguard Army.  (1500 XP)

Head north.  The bitter cold of the Andes will begin sapping your units of 
life.  Enter the first cave to restore your units.  Keep Amelia near the exit 
of the cave and have her use her sniping ability to kill any passing scouts; 
the rest of the level will be an exercise in running from cave to cave and 
killing the scouts that pass by.  Head south, killing any scouts you encounter.

Feel free to ignore the animals, unless they are guarding treasure you want.  
Taking the time to kill them is not worth it.  Any health you lose will be 
recovered at the next cave.

Ignore the east route for now and enter the next cave, but keep Kanyenke or 
Amelia on the road to kill any scouts.  Once your units are healed, send them 
to block the east road and send Amelia or Kanyenke back to be healed.  Resume 
your trek through the east shortcut.

Soon you can choose between two caves.  Head to northern cave.  Wait outside 
for a bit for several horse riders.  Kill them then head into the cave to 

If you want to, sent some units south to the path your bypassed to obtain some
treasure (guarded by wolves).

Head north to the next cave.  Remember to keep at least one hero near the 
entrance or on the path to kill any scouts.

Continue along the path using this routine: while killing any scouts you see, 
run from cave to cave.  The path is a long loop.  There is one treasure along 
the way that boosts your soldier's hit points.

Be sure to recuperate before starting your trek south along the loop.  The 
whole of the path has no caves.  Kill any enemies you see quickly.

When you finally reach a cave, your soldiers will have little health left.  Do
not rest for long as three scouts run out of the path immediately north of the
cave.  So be ready for them.

Take that path, ignoring the longer southern route (where you can rescue a 
Medicine Man).  Ignore the looping cave you encounter -- it's an enticement to
get off the path (which you do not need to do as your units have ample health)
and let a scout through.  Ignore it and ignore the treasure within it, a measly
200 EXP.

Go north, also ignoring the next cave.  A little more north there is another 
cave.  Quickly heal, and head out to intercept two riders who come out in quick

Continue north.  There is a treasure worth 200 EXP.  Get it.  Continue along 
the path, now bending south once again.

Welcome to Pacamayo Valley.

Last City of the Inca

Primary Objectives:
-Gather eight total artillery units into the flagged area before the three 
Incan Temples are destroyed.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Russian Town Center.  (700 XP)

Keep two goals in mind as you begin this map: advance to the Industrial Age as 
quickly as possible, and destroy the Russian (orange) town.  Work toward these 
two goals simultaneously.

To achieve the first goal, queue up lots of Settlers, build two or three Sheep 
Pens, send any captured Llamas to the pens, have a few Settlers hunt birds, 
etc.  With your first cards, send for Native American-related abilities such as
Native American Lore and Native American Treaties.  Get as much food as you 
can.  Do not to spend gold.

To achieve the second goal, rush Amelia across the map to where your first 
artillery piece comes shipped in and have her build a Trading Post there, and 
build anti-calvary Native American infantry there.

Build perhaps fifteen infantry units and use your artillery to destroy the 
Outpost and gate immediately north of your Trading Post.  Work your way through
the town, augmenting your attacking force with units from the Post and the 
artillery that spawns nearby.

Defend the southwest side of your base, which will be regularly attacked by 
waves of calvary and crossbowmen.  Protect the Incan Temple right next to the 
gate, but beware of the enemy Fortress nearby.

Once you get 2000 food and 1200 gold, advance to the Industrial Age.  Use your 
cards to get Mortars and a Factory.  Set your Factory to produce Heavy Cannons.

Once you have cleaned out the Russian town, unify your forces.  Send eight 
artillery units to the flagged area in your base to fulfill the Primary 

Now begin your assault on the Boneguard fortress at the southwestern corner of 
the map.  Let your Mortars clear out any defensive structures and walls while 
your Heavy Cannons and Falconets and your infantry hang back to protect them 
from enemies.  Creep toward your goal, the Boneguard Fort at the middle of 
their base.  Once you destroy it the map end.

Last Stand of the Boneguard

Primary Objectives:
-Bring Amelia to Havana's Town Center.
-Survive until the US Navy arrives.
-Destroy the Ossuary Shore Guns and Temple.

Secondary Objectives:
-Ally with the Carib Native Americans.  (2000 XP)
-Destroy the Circle's Navy.  (2000 XP)
-Advance to the Imperial Age.  (4000 XP)

You begin with three ships.  Only the Fluyt is loaded with units.  Unload the 
ship at the beach you are indicated to land at.

Head west, up a ramp.  Continue west, take the treasure, and shoot the treasure
guardians from the safety of your height if you wish.  Go northeast along the 
elevated ridge and kill the Boneguards there.  Attack the Boneguard units below
the ridge, too.  Return to the beach, go east, then go north into Havana.  Send
Amelia to Havana's Town Center, and the town will ally you and you will receive
a Covered Wagon.

Build a Town Center with the wagon.

Have your Settlers gather wood.  Build Settlers at your Center.  Rescue the 
Settlers scattered around the map.  Rapidly build Manor Houses, which spawn an
additional Settler when completed.  Send for Falconets with your cards.  Get 
your economy pumping, and try to advance to the next age as soon as possible.  
Do not use up gold and focus on food production.

While this is going on, large Boneguard forces will assault Havana.  Use your 
Falconets to fend them off; Havana cannot handle the Boneguard attackers by 

Advance to the Industrial Age as soon as possible, choosing the governor who 
gives you the Fort Wagon.

With your Fort Wagon, build a Fortress almost exactly south of the Havana Town 
Center and roughly equidistant from your base and the Boneguard base.  Group 
your artillery and Falconets around this Fortress.

By now the American navy should have arrived.  Use the Monitor's bombard 
ability to take out the northernmost Shore Gun.  Kill the Boneguard units on 
the west island with the Native Village and build a Trade Post there.

Build a Dock and construct Monitors and Frigates.

The Monitor's bombard ability has an extremely long range.  Use it to destroy 
the Shore Guns.  While the ability is recharging, have the Monitors bombard the

Once the Shore Guns are gone, bombard the Ossuary with the Monitor's bombard 
ability for the final win.

End of document.

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