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 Age of Mythology Gold

Age of Mythology Gold

                      A       GGG   EEEEE       OOO   FFFFF
                     A A     G      E          O   O  F
                    AAAAA    G  GG  EEE        O   O  FFF
                   A     A   G   G  E          O   O  F
                  A       A   GGG   EEEEE       OOO   F

        M   M  Y   Y  TTTTT  H   H   OOO   L       OOO    GGG   Y   Y
        MM MM   Y Y     T    H   H  O   O  L      O   O  G       Y Y
        M M M    Y      T    HHHHH  O   O  L      O   O  G  GG    Y
        M   M    Y      T    H   H  O   O  L      O   O  G   G    Y
        M   M    Y      T    H   H   OOO   LLLLL   OOO    GGG     Y


                  >>>   Author: Nemanja Isailovic       <<<
                  >>>   E-mail:   <<<
                  >>>   Last Updated: January 18, 2009  <<<
                  >>>   Current Version: 1.00           <<<


[[0]] Table of Contents

   [[1]] Introduction
   [[2]] General Info
      [[2.1]] Food Gathering Statistics
      [[2.2]] Format for Each Mission Walkthrough
      [[2.3]] Acronyms
   [[3]] Fall of the Trident Walkthrough
      [[3.1]] Omens
      [[3.2]] Consequences
      [[3.3]] Scratching the Surface
      [[3.4]] A Fine Plan
      [[3.5]] Just Enough Rope
      [[3.6]] I Hope This Works
      [[3.7]] More Bandits
      [[3.8]] Bad News
      [[3.9]] Revelation
      [[3.10]] Strangers
      [[3.11]] The Lost Relic
      [[3.12]] Light Sleeper
      [[3.13]] Tug of War
      [[3.14]] "Isis, Hear My Plea"
      [[3.15]] Let's Go
      [[3.16]] Good Advice
      [[3.17]] The Jackal's Stronghold
      [[3.18]] A Long Way From Home
      [[3.19]] Watch That First Step
      [[3.20]] Where They Belong
      [[3.21]] Old Friends
      [[3.22]] North
      [[3.23]] The Dwarven Forge
      [[3.24]] Not From Around Here
      [[3.25]] Welcoming Committee
      [[3.26]] Union
      [[3.27]] The Well of Urd
      [[3.28]] Beneath the Surface
      [[3.29]] Unlikely Heroes
      [[3.30]] All Is Not Lost
      [[3.31]] Welcome Back
      [[3.32]] A Place in My Dreams
   [[4]] The New Atlantis Walkthrough
      [[4.1]] A Lost People
      [[4.2]] Atlantis Reborn
      [[4.3]] Greetings from Greece
      [[4.4]] Odin's Tower
      [[4.5]] The Ancient Relics
      [[4.6]] Mount Olympus
      [[4.7]] Betrayal at Sikyos
      [[4.8]] Cerberus
      [[4.9]] Rampage
      [[4.10]] Making Amends
      [[4.11]] Atlantis Betrayed
      [[4.12]] War of the Titans
   [[5]] Version History
   [[6]] Acknowledgments
   [[7]] Legal Stuff

[[1]] Introduction

This FAQ is a walkthrough for the Age of Mythology campaign (Fall of the 
Trident) and the Titans expansion campaign (The New Atlantis) on Hard 
difficulty.  I have played through both multiple times because I love the 
plotlines, and I find the Hard difficulty to be a good balance of challenge 
and fun.  I have also played through both on Titan difficulty, and I 
recommend doing this once, but many of the missions are downright tedious 
with the amount of attrition required on Titan, so if you want to enjoy the 
plot, I recommend playing through on Hard.

[[2]] General Info

[[2.1]] Food Gathering Statistics

The different cultures gather resources at different rates, and there are 
many gathering upgrades available.  For the most part, you don't need to 
delve into exact gathering rates (unless you're trying to master 
multiplayer), but food gathering merits a little investigation since there 
are five different forms (each with its own upgrades).

Here is a list of food gathering rates for Greek villagers in order from 
fastest to slowest.  These numbers are only approximate and are based on my 
tests.  The number in parentheses is the total upgrade count for that type of 
gathering (hunting has one upgrade, fishing has two, farming has three).

Methodology    Upgrade Level        Number of Seconds for 15 Food

Hunting        Hunting Dogs (1)     14
Fishing        Salt Amphora (2)     15
Hunting        None                 19
Fishing        Purse Seine (1)      19.5
Farm           Flood Control (3)    21
Herding        None                 22.5
Berries        None                 22.5
Farm           Irrigation (2)       23
Farm           Plow (1)             24
Fishing        None                 25.5
Farm           None                 26

Hunting is hands down the best, particularly since the sole hunting upgrade 
is available in the Archaic Age.  Fishing is better than farming in the long 
run, so use whatever fishing is available.  In summary:

1. Hunt first
2. Set up fishing next (as lumber allows), since you can build Fishing Ships 
in parallel with Villagers
3. Then get berries (in order to allow your Herd animals to fatten)
4. Herd next
5. Build farms as necessary to supplement fishing

[[2.2]] Format for Each Mission Walkthrough

Each mission walkthrough will contain the following sections:

STARTING AGE: The age that you start in (Archaic, Classical, Heroic or 

AGE LIMIT: The maximum age that you can reach in this mission.

GOD CHOICES: Minor gods to choose when advancing age and the reasoning for 

MAP LAYOUT: This will describe existing bases (yours, allies' and enemies'), 
free Settlements, resources, relics and anything else of interest.

WALLS: The AI tends not to destroy your Walls unless you wall in completely, 
so I use Walls extensively to funnel all attacks to a single chokepoint.  
Proper walling at the start of the mission can make the rest of the mission 
much easier, so I dedicate this section to describing precisely where you 
should build walls immediately.

WALKTHROUGH: This is the general walkthrough for the mission.

[[2.3]] Acronyms

N - North (up on the map)
S - South (down on the map)
W - West (left on the map)
E - East (right on the map)

TC - Town Center
MU - Myth Unit

[[3]] Fall of the Trident Walkthrough

[[3.1]] Omens


AGE LIMIT: Classical


MAP LAYOUT: Sole TC is at SW middle of map.  Berries to N of TC (should be 
sufficient for entire mission), lumber to SW of TC and gold to SE of TC.  
Pirates land primarily at N end of harbor, with smaller landings at NW end.


WALKTHROUGH: The enemy lands with Axemen (anti-infantry infantry) and 
Slingers (anti-archer archers), then later with some Anubites and Scorpion 
Men.  You can build Hoplites (infantry), Toxotes (archers) and Centaur (after 
you build a Temple), so they counter you in every way.  This is a battle of 

I ignore Hoplites and simply mass Toxotes.  Use Arkantos on each Kraken.  Put 
6-8 Toxotes at the NW end of the harbor, then mass all other units at the N 
end (where the majority of attacks will come).  For economy, get 10 villagers 
on berries, 12 on wood (since both Toxotes and Centaur are wood heavy) and 10 
on gold.  Build a Temple and get 8 villagers worshipping.

Build Toxotes from both Archery Ranges early, often and constantly.  Once 
your economy is up, get the Armory upgrades.  Eventually build two more 
Houses and keep massing Toxotes and Centaur.  The final landing will 
overwhelm your forces, but the Atlantean army will arrive, so use them to 
defeat all the pirates.

Cheap Alternative: No more attacks will come until the initial Kraken is 
killed, and that Kraken will not attack anything.  So you can build up 
without a time limit if you want.

[[3.2]] Consequences


AGE LIMIT: Classical

GOD CHOICES: Ares for Cyclops.  Food is more readily available than wood 
(Cyclops are food-based, Centaur are wood-based), and I like Toxotes backing 
up melee MU's.

MAP LAYOUT: Berries, Chickens (Hunting) and two Large Gold Mines by TC.  
Scattered lumber and more hunting to W and NW.  Fishing to SW.  Enemy base to 
NE, but passes are to N and to SE.

WALLS: Build a small wall far to the SE to block off that pass.  The pass to 
the N is large, so wall off the N half of it to focus enemy attacks.

WALKTHROUGH: The first goal is to get to Classical and build two Cyclops 
before the first attack.  (If you fail to do this, then either micromanage to 
win against it or retreat to your TC and ring the town bell.)  Food is needed 
for Villagers, Cyclops and the upgrade to Classical.  Wood is needed for 
Fishing Boats and Farms.  Ignore gold for now.  Build a Granary by the 
Chickens and a Storehouse to the W by a forest.  Build a Dock and three 
Fishing Ships early too.  Send any herd animals to the Chicken area for 
harvesting.  More hunting is available to the W when the berries are done.  
Once you have at least a dozen villagers, build a Temple and upgrade to 

Minor side note: Send your transport to the N end of the island to get some 
free resources from a shipwreck, then delete it.

You only need 2-4 Cyclops (along with Arkantos) to repulse the land attacks.  
Once you're secure on land, build up your navy to six Triremes to defend your 
Fishing Ships.  Replace these as necessary.

Now that you're safe, upgrade your Toxotes to full and build up your attack 
force.  I use 10 Cyclops and 15-20 Toxotes (kill off villagers and Triremes 
to make room if necessary).  You have no siege, so if you see that your first 
attack is going to fail, pull back the Toxotes and Arkantos and just rebuild 
the Cyclops.  (Remember that, in general, food and favor are unlimited, while 
lumber and gold are technically limited, unless you build caravans for gold, 
so you won't have trouble replacing the Cyclops).

Once you've destroyed their TC, Kamos will flee to the E then to the S.  
Follow him and attack him.  Note that Kamos is a Hero Minotaur (not an MU), 
so Arkantos doesn't slaughter him one on one.

[[3.3]] Scratching the Surface



GOD CHOICES: Ares for Cyclops.  Strong melee MU's will hold the chokepoint on 
land.  Dionysus for Scylla.  The ultimate goal is to destroy two Docks, and 
naval MU's are the easiest way to do it.

MAP LAYOUT: Starting Settlement is at SW middle of map.  Another free 
Settlement to SE of that, defended by 4 Toxotes.  Hunting by TC and to E, 
Fishing to SW.  Large Gold Mine by TC, another past forest to the N, and a 
Small Gold Mine far to E.  Both enemy Docks are reachable by water.  Three 
Relics are located far N of your TC, but you really don't need them.

WALLS: Immediately send a villager far to the E to the SE middle of the map.  
Build a wall just NE of the Small Gold Mine, then set the villager to build a 
Storehouse and gather gold.  This not only blocks off this pass, but it also 
secures this extra source of gold.  Also send a villager to the Gazelles NE 
of your TC and wall off to the N (forest to rocky area) and E (rocky area to 
rocky area).  All attacks will now come from NW of your TC.

WALKTHROUGH: Head SE to the Settlement, defeating enemy forces on the way.  
Lead with Arkantos and Ajax since they'll regenerate damage done to them.  
Once you get the eight villagers at the Settlement, set seven to building a 
TC and send the last one far to the E to secure the Small Gold Mine as 
described in the Walls section above.

Start hunting the Chickens by your TC and build a granary to the E to hunt 
the Gazelles.  Don't build it too close to the Walls you build there, since 
you'll build farms here, and you don't want their Toxotes shooting your 
farmers from the other side of your Walls.  Get up a Dock early too, and chop 
lumber to the E of your TC.  You can use the Lure God Power if you want, but 
it doesn't do much, and it'll attract at least one Bear.

Shortly after you build a Settlement, your Transport Ship will be sunk and 
the target Docks are revealed.  Shortly after that, a ship will come by and 
attack your House near the shore, so destroy it quickly with your forces, 
then take them SE to clear out the Toxotes by the extra Settlement.  With 
this done, bring them back to NW of your TC for defense.

Your starting forces can handle the first attack, but you want to get up to 
the Classical Age and start churning out Cyclops fast.  Remember that Cyclops 
are food-based, so get up plenty of Farms when Hunting runs out.  Be stingy 
with gold: the goal is to finish with just the Large Gold Mine by your TC and 
the Small one to the E.  They don't attack with Heroes, so your land defense 
can consist entirely of Arkantos, Ajax, Cyclops and Hydras (also food-based).

When you get to the Heroic Age and you feel safe with your land defense, 
build six Scylla (at 200 gold apiece).  Once you have four, send them to the 
S corner, dealing with enemy ships along the way, then NE to the Dock.  They 
should easily dispatch everything in the water, including the Dock.  When it 
falls, the enemy will send some ships at your Dock from the NW, which is why 
you built the extra two Scylla to leave at home.  Win that easy battle, and 
bring your other four back home.

Side note: Agamemnon will land forces near the Dock you destroyed.  You can 
micromanage them to take out the TC there, or you can just leave them.

Now take your six Scylla NW then NE to the other Dock and take it out.  The 
enemy will have been reinforced, so you'll have more ships to contend with, 
but your MU's should win easily.

[[3.4]] A Fine Plan



GOD CHOICES: Apollo.  Since you already have the Minotaur from Athena, 
Apollo's ranged Manticore is more useful than Dionysus' melee Hydra.  Also, 
Apollo's Temple of Healing upgrade allows units to be healed by your Temples, 
which will come in handy given that you'll be doing a whole lot of fighting 
and taking plenty of damage in this mission.

MAP LAYOUT: Starting TC in S quadrant of the map.  Lightly defended enemy TC 
near W corner.  Primary enemy base in N corner, much weaker allied enemy base 
in E corner (reachable by land to N or across water to E).  Three Goats at 
TC, plus eight Deer past Forest to SW.  Five easily defended fishing spots S 
of TC; nine much more contested ones to E.  No undefended gold mines: one to 
N of TC, one to W-NW and one by enemy TC to W.  Small island with Medium Gold 
Mine and a few enemy Toxotes at SE middle of map, plus two Large Gold Mines 
far N of TC near enemy base.  Relics in W corner, NW middle of map and E 
corner (in enemy base): all three are worth getting.

WALLS: There are two large passages between the SW (your end of the map) and 
the NE (the enemy).  Send a Villager to the NW middle of the map and wall off 
that large passage, so all attacks will come through the other one.  However, 
there are two Wolves here that need to be killed first.

WALKTHROUGH: In my opinion, this is the hardest of the first ten missions, so 
get ready for a battle.  Set your Villagers on the Goats, queue up several 
more tasked to lumber gathering (since it takes a while to build up your army 
of Villagers, you should be constantly building them, even if you don't have 
time to carefully assign their tasks at the moment), and build Fishing Ships 
at your Southern Dock to work on the five fishing spots there.  You now have 
a lot to do with your army, so just make sure to keep producing Villagers.

There is no gold in your base, so send your Heroes, Hoplites and Hippikons 
due N to take out a Trojan Storehouse by a Small Gold Mine and its few 
defenders.  Then head SW to take out another Storehouse by a Medium Gold 
Mine.  Send your Helepolis due W to attack the enemy TC from the SE.  This 
won't attract any enemy units, so your Helepolis will win.

Meanwhile, send Odysseus to the NW middle of the map to take out the two 
Wolves there, and follow him with a Villager to build the Wall there.  Send 
your Hippikons a bit N then W to take out the few (two or so) enemy military 
units still in the area, while Arkantos and the Hoplites head back to the 
Small Gold Mine you took earlier.  When Odysseus and the Hippikons are done, 
have them join Arkantos.  You should be able to do all of this before the 
first attack (which passes by the Small Gold Mine), but if the attack comes 
earlier than expected, pull your troops back and handle any unfinished 
business after the attack.

The next order of business is to get the Labyrinth of Minos upgrade and start 
churning out Minotaurs.  Keep building Villagers and getting your economy up, 
but your initial troops won't last more than two or so attacks.  Their 
attacks consist of human units, so Minotaurs are ideal.  You start with a 
Temple, but I like to build another one closer to the front.  Your second 
priority is to build up to a navy of six Triremes to defend your fishing.  
Use them to defend your N Dock, but don't let them wander to the enemy 
position to the E.

Build up and get to the Heroic Age, then build 6-8 Juggernauts (siege ships) 
and send them E of your N Dock to take out the enemy ships, Docks, Naval 
Shipyard and Tower.  Leave them there to prevent any further building, and 
put them on Stand Ground so they don't wander away chasing Fishing Ships.  
Also, build a TC over the Settlement in the W corner and get some Manticores 
to support your Heroes and Minotaurs.

When you have a good army of MU's, it's time to head N with your whole army 
and eight or so Villagers to take the two Large Gold Mines that Troy is 
using.  This spot is directly between the two enemy bases and in the path of 
enemy Caravans, so build a Fortress just N of the Gold Mines to help you hold 
here.  The attacks get worse once you take this spot, so be ready to defend.  
Build a Temple to replenish and heal your forces here, two Military Academies 
to train Hoplites in a bit and then a Storehouse to start mining the gold.

Fully upgrade your Hoplites and anything else you want, and build six 
Petroboli.  Right after an attack from the W, take your Heroes, MU's and 
Petroboli E to take out that base, leaving behind 15-20 Hoplites if possible.  
Once the main buildings are crushed, return most of your troops to the 
Fortress, leaving behind the Petroboli and four Minotaurs to mop up the 
Villagers and other buildings.  With this area clear, send some Villagers to 
build a TC over this Settlement in order raise the population cap a bit.

For the final push, have the Heroes, six Petroboli and then some mix of 
Hoplites and MU's built to capacity.  To the S of the target Trojan Gate is 
an open area with a Market.  After leveling the Market, I like to use eight 
Villagers to quickly build two Military Academies and a Temple here (while 
the fighting is going on just to the N).  Fortunately, the enemy usually 
casts the Ceasefire God Power when you move to attack this area, which gives 
you the time to get these buildings up and position your troops for the 
assault.  Then rally all three structures to the battlefield and keep pushing 
forward until your Petroboli destroy the gate.

[[3.5]] Just Enough Rope



GOD CHOICES: I have a slight preference for Hera because the Lightning Storm 
God Power is great for the final attack and the Monstrous Rage upgrade 
benefits all your MU's, even though I don't particularly like her Medusae.  
Hephaestus is a fine choice too, however you won't need his Vault of Plenty 
by the time you get it, and he provides the melee Colossus MU to complement 
the two melee MU's you can already build (Minotaurs and Hydras).

MAP LAYOUT: SW portion of the map belongs to you; enemy base in N corner.  15 
pigs near TC.  Medium Gold Mine near TC, two Large ones a bit to NW.  One 
caravan already running between Market and Allied TC in S corner: build more; 
excellent source of gold, particularly with Coinage in Mythic Age.  One relic 
E of TC, another in S corner.

WALLS: The enemy has an annoying habit of occasionally attacking your Walls 
in this mission, but it's still worth walling.  Build two short Walls N of 
Gold Mines to NW of TC to block both passes there.  Also wall off large pass 
just SW of where opening battle takes place (one or two walls, depending on 
exactly where you place them).  Most attacks will then come through large 
pass directly N of TC.  Wall off W half of this pass if you want an even 
tighter chokepoint.

WALKTHROUGH: Help Ajax win the battle to the W, but try to avoid letting 
their Prodromos attack your Hippikons.  Engage with Heroes and Hoplites 
first.  Send your forces SW to Ajax's TC, but send one Hero due S (to the W 
side of the rocks) to pick up a relic on the way.  Put all your forces just N 
of the TC and E of the tents.  They immediately attack with Hippikons which 
ride to this point before engaging, so keep your forces here to protect the 
precious Tents (which increase population capacity but cannot be rebuilt).

Get your economy going as usual, but build all the Walls QUICKLY and take 
advantage of trade for gold.  Caravans cost double the food as Villagers 
though, so don't rush to build them until you have farms up and running.  
This is another mission where they don't use Heroes, so get a Temple up and 
add Minotaurs and Hydras for defense.

Upgrade your walls when possible.  If they start attacking your walls, go out 
to meet them and keep the walls repaired.  There is a spot about a screen and 
a half E of your TC where they really, REALLY want to build a Stables.  They 
actually send Villagers through your base during a big attack to try to do 
it, so watch for that.  Other than that, just get to the Mythic Age and get 
all the upgrades you want, and remember to get the relic in the S corner when 
you get the chance.

For the final assault, I use 30 fully upgraded Toxotes backing the Heroes and 
a mix of melee MU's, with six Petroboli bringing up the rear.  Once you get 
your fully upgraded Farms and Caravans up, you'll have no shortage of 
resources, so have fun putting together an assault force of your liking.

[[3.6]] I Hope This Works



GOD CHOICES: N/A when using the strategy below

MAP LAYOUT: The walkthrough below is very specific and describes everything 
you need to know to beat this mission.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: You start with a tiny base just outside the walls of Troy.  
Periodically, they send a scout force of six Champion Hetairoi.  When all but 
two have been killed, they try to run back to Troy to alert them of your 
presence.  If they succeed, then much larger forces will start coming after 
you, so you need to prevent this.  The first two scout forces come from the 
N, the third one likely from the E, but you can finish the Trojan Horse 
before the third one arrives if you're fast.

Each time a scout force arrives, use a Hero to draw them to the small space 
just NE of your TC between the TC and a Tower, where your other Heroes are 
waiting.  You also have four Prodromos, two Hoplites and three Toxotes, but 
your unupgraded units will get slaughtered if attacked, so use your Heroes to 
soak up damage and then bring in the other units to help.  Your goal is to 
distribute damage between the scouts so that when two are left, they're badly 
damaged and can be finished off before they get away.  You also have one use 
of the Bolt God Power, so you're allowed to screw up exactly once.

When the mission starts, use one Villager to build a Storehouse by the forest 
to the SW of the TC (you have only 50 Wood, so do this first).  Put the other 
Villagers on Herding and move the Goats to the SW of the TC to avoid the 
fight that will happen in the NE.  Rally your TC to the forest by your 
Storehouse and start producing Villagers.  You should be continually 
producing Villagers until the Trojan Horse is built.  Also, pick up the relic 
to the S and put it in your Temple.  It increases cavalry speed, which will 
allow your Prodromos to catch their fleeing Hetairoi if necessary.

Use your first 250 Wood to build five Fishing Ships at your Dock to the W and 
set them to fishing.  The Goats will provide sufficient food until the ships 
are going, and then the ships will let you keep producing Villagers.  All new 
Villagers should be on lumber chopping, and move the herders to chopping once 
the Goats are gone.  After you have five ships and have gathered another 150 
Wood, research Purse Seine (the first Fishing upgrade).  When you can do so 
without interrupting Villager production, you may want to research 
Crenellations at the Tower.  These are the only upgrades you should get.  
Don't bother with Hand Axe: you'll get it too late to make any difference.  
Finally, you'll need to build two Houses at some point.  If you end up 
needing a third House, just delete a Toxotes or two.

Once you reach 1000 lumber, you'll lose that amount and the foundation of the 
Trojan Horse will appear.  Move all of your Villagers to work on it and rally 
your TC to the Horse as well.  And of course, keep producing Villagers.  If 
you've been fast, they'll finish before the third force comes by.  If not, 
the scout force will likely come from the E, directly at your Villagers, so 
you may want to put a couple of Heroes over there to try to draw them away.  
Remember, the only thing that matters is finishing the Trojan Horse.

Once the Horse is done and after an in-game cinematic, you get control of 
Arkantos, Ajax and Odysseus inside Troy at night.  Go S and avoid the first 
patrol (the Cyclops and 4 Hoplites).  Then go further S and kill the 
Colossus.  No need to avoid him: killing Colossi is fun.  Also kill the 
Cyclops to get the Helepoli.

After knocking down the Trojan Gate, you'll get an army and two uses of the 
Meteor God Power and be tasked with destroying three Fortresses.  However, 
there's a small chance (no more than 25%, I'd say), that Meteor fails to 
destroy a Fortress, so I like to destroy two of the Fortresses first.  When 
you get the Helepoli, send them SE to destroy a Fortress with no mobile 
defenders.  Then head W, kill the Hypaspist with your Heroes and take down 
the Military Academy.

Further W is another Fortress guarded by a few units.  Draw the units away 
with your Heroes and kill them, then destroy the Fortress with your Helepoli.  
If anything goes wrong, you have one use of the Bolt God Power, which is 
replenished if you used it earlier.  Now you can knock down the gate to the 
S.  Only one Fortress is still standing, and it's guarded by several units, 
so use a Meteor Power.  If it's still standing at the end, use the other one 
to end the mission.  You've ended the Trojan War: WOO-HOO!!!

[[3.7]] More Bandits




MAP LAYOUT: You don't do any resource gathering in this mission, and the path 
is pretty linear, so all the information is in the walkthrough.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: You start in the S corner with Arkantos and Ajax.  Head NW 
killing anything in the way.  Watch for a path that cuts off to the SW to 
find a relic that will give you a trickle of Food once garrisoned.  In the W 
corner, you get 8 Centaur.  Use them to back up your Heroes, but take care of 
them: they're pretty fragile.  Clear out the prison area to the NE to get 
more Centaur, Militia and a Helepolis, but don't get cocky: waiting for 
Heroes to regenerate is boring, so swap them out to even out the damage.  
Another (but less useful) relic is just N of the prison.

You also get a Temple and some Houses, so garrison the relics, upgrade your 
Centaur (!) and build a Hydra, since the next battle is pretty tough.  Knock 
down the Gate with your Helepolis, then gather your units.  This is the last 
battle where the Militia might make a difference, so use Bronze on them if 
you feel like it.  The game advises you to hurry to save your buildings but I 
don't use any of the buildings in the central area, so I suggest exploring 
with Ajax and drawing small groups of enemies back to your waiting forces.  
Finally, don't risk your Heroes and Centaur trying to save Militia that 
aren't yet under your control.  They've led full, healthy lives.  It's their 

Once the area around the target Barracks and Tower is relatively clear, 
charge in with everyone and destroy them with your Helepolis, then clear out 
the rest of this central area.  Once you start attacking this area, the main 
base in the N corner will start sending forces down.  Just focus on moving 
forward: they're much easier to handle once you get the Fortress.

Once you destroy the Barracks and Tower, you'll get control over various 
human unit production buildings and another Temple.  You'll also get several 
hundred more of each resource, so build two more Hydras.  Don't build Centaur 
though, since you'll need the wood for Petroboli later.  Also, if you lose 
the Helepolis in the confusion, don't worry: Hydras are decent building 

After breaking down the Gate to the E, head further E (NOT up towards the 
Fortress), then head N to take out the Temple and Tower, defeating quite a 
few units along the way.  You'll now get several buildings and more 
resources.  Only the Fortress and the Temple matter, so make sure to save 
those.  Build six Petroboli and use any remaining resources on MU's.  Make 
sure to have six or so Hydras.

Your only goal is to destroy the Migdol Stronghold, so when you're ready, 
head NW and break through the first defenses.  Engage the enemy with your 
MU's in the open area S of the Migdol.  Then quickly bring in your Petroboli 
and target the Migdol.  It will fall quickly, so you don't even need to win 
the main battle.

Note: If you really have time to waste, there's a relic far S of the Fortress 
that gives a trickle of gold, and there's a Plenty Vault in the E corner.

[[3.8]] Bad News



GOD CHOICES: As before, I like Apollo for the Temple of Healing upgrade and 
for his ranged MU that complements Minotaurs.  And again, it's a toss-up in 
the Mythic Age.  I prefer Hera for Monstrous Rage, which improves my 
Minotaurs and Manticores, but you could also use Gold Colossi to take down 
the enemy Fortresses.

MAP LAYOUT: Your forces are separated in two bases.  The W base has goats, 
berry bushes and 7500 gold spread over three Gold Mines.  The E base has tons 
of forests and a Temple.  More gold is available as you start advancing N 
from either base.  There's an easily obtained relic in the S corner.  The 
rest of the map is a maze, so see the walkthrough for details.

WALLS: Immediately build a wall at the E end of the W base that is parallel 
to the enemy wall.  This will forever isolate this base so that all attacks 
hit the E base.

WALKTHROUGH: Once you start advancing N (or after a long time if you take 
forever to advance), Gargarensis will cast Meteor on your W TC, then a few 
MU's will be dropped there by Rocs.  You could try to defend this base, but 
my strategy is to wall off this base, mine it out completely (gold, Goats and 
Berry Bushes), then delete most of the Villagers and focus on the E base.

Immediately wall off the W base and delete all military units there other 
than Ajax.  Get plenty of Villagers on Berry Bushes and gold in the W base, 
and then later on Herding.  After the Berry Bushes at the NW end of the W 
base are spent, build Farms around your Granary there and leave Ajax there.  
They won't be noticed by Gargarensis' forces.

Meanwhile, get your lumber gathering up in your E base, and use the space you 
have there for farming when possible.  The only entrance is due N from the TC 
(the NE pass is a dead end).  Gold is very limited, so be stingy for now and 
don't rush to the Mythic Age.  Use Minotaurs (food-based) and Manticores 
(wood-based) for defense.  Put up two Archery Ranges and get at least the 
Archery Range upgrades for your Toxotes.

Once you have mined out the W base and have a decent MU army, 30 Heavy 
Toxotes and six Petroboli, head N and take down the Gate and two Archery 
Ranges, but don't charge the next Gate too fast.  The enemy forces will 
include a powerful Hero called Atalanta, which is what your Toxotes are for.  
Bring eight Villagers to quickly wall off the pass W of the enemy Archery 
Ranges.  With the W pass secure and Atalanta temporarily defeated, take down 
the next Gate and the two Towers, which will secure the Large Gold Mine, so 
build a Temple there to replenish and heal your forces and start up your gold 
gathering again.

With your forces healed and your Toxotes possibly further upgraded (with your 
newfound gold and Mythic Age upgrade), charge NE and take out the few 
buildings to secure the Settlement and Large Gold Mine.  Build a new TC here, 
as well as a Temple and a couple of Archery Ranges.  Your next attack will be 
the final one, so upgrade everything you want to at this point.

I attack with Arkantos, Ajax, 30 fully upgraded Toxotes, six Petroboli and a 
mix of Minotaurs and Manticores (heavier on the Minotaurs).  When you're 
ready, charge NW to the N corner of the map, take out Atalanta with your 
Toxotes when she appears, and take out the Fortresses with your Petroboli 
when you get close enough.

[[3.9]] Revelation




MAP LAYOUT: See the walkthrough.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: This mission is timed, but you have plenty of time to finish, so 
focus on keeping your forces alive and try to draw out small pockets of 
enemies rather than charging headlong into battle.  In general, handle most 
of the battles with your Heroes and MU's.  Keep all your human units alive 
and safe so that they can focus on the Giant Gate Ram when you get there.

Take your Heroes S along with the Centaur reinforcements you get almost 
immediately.  Remember that Centaur are fragile, so make certain that Ajax 
and Arkantos are taking the brunt of the beating.  Head E, then SE at the 
first opportunity.  Take out the forces and destroy the precariously balanced 
Boulder to prevent reinforcements from this direction later.

Just N of the Boulder is a narrow path that leads to a Nemean Lion that will 
join you.  A few Phoenixes will be sent later from the NE to the point where 
your reinforcements stop, so move all incoming human units to a bit NW of 
this fallen Boulder to keep them safe.  (Note that Manticores will arrive on 
the other side of the Boulder, so don't move your human units too close, or 
they will be attacked!)  Try to notice the Phoenixes and kill them with your 
Centaur, but in case you miss them, your humans will be safe here.

Head N to another major battle.  This one is large and involves MU's and 
human units, so draw them out a few at a time to avoid too much damage.  Then 
destroy the Boulder here as well.  Just N of this position is another (very) 
hidden path to the E that leads to three Medusae that will join you.

That's all you can do on this level other than destroying the Ram, so bring 
your Heroes and MU's to quite a bit SE of the Ram.  There are plenty of 
ambushes (enemy units appearing out of nowhere) once you start attacking, so 
try to draw out their units and their ambushes as much as possible back to 
your waiting forces.  If you do accidentally get your Centaur surrounded, use 
your Lightning Storm God Power.  You won't need it later.

Once the area is clear, bring in all your human units and set them to 
destroying the Ram.  Now is also a good time to use Restoration.  If you've 
played pretty quickly but have still taken the time to draw out a few enemies 
at a time, you should start attacking the ram when the Tartarus Gate is still 
only 40% or 50% damaged, so as I said you have plenty of time.  Use your 
Heroes and MU's to defend your human units as attacks come.

Enemy reinforcements will appear as the Ram loses hit points, including 
plenty of MU's.  If most of your human units have survived, use the Bronze 
Power on them once you start attacking.  It won't run out before the Ram is 
destroyed.  Alternatively, you could wait until the enemy units actually 
start appearing.  Don't take your human units away from attacking the Ram, 
and it will fall in no time.

[[3.10]] Strangers


AGE LIMIT: Archaic


MAP LAYOUT: See the Walkthrough.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Almost every unit you fight in this mission is a MU, so you can 
leave your few human units at the start and forget about them, or you can 
have them follow your Heroes at a discreet distance.  Shades are used for 
spotting enemies (everyone else is virtually blind) and for instantly killing 
an enemy (at the cost of the Shade).  Obviously, never use your last Shade to 
kill an enemy.  The mission is pretty straightforward and linear, so I'll 
just mention a few dangerous places along the way.  Also, be certain to 
explore all pathways to find every possible Shade.

Some distance in, your Shade will run into five Medusa Matriarchs (only three 
are initially visible).  They're actually tough, so draw out no more than two 
at a time.  Just past the first relic is a Temple of the Gods with Cyclops 
patrolling around it.  Draw back the group of three Cyclops and defeat them 
normally.  Then use three Shades to kill three of the seven Cyclops in the 
other group.  That should leave you with two Shades remaining at this point.

When you're crossing the River Styx, you'll face three Kraken.  They are 
easily defeated by your forces if you focus fire on one at a time, but their 
special attack is to crush and destroy a ship instantly, so just don't load 
anyone onto a transport until you've killed all three.

Pointless side note: Once you pass a certain point on the path, four 
Leviathans will appear to finish off your ships, probably to make the point 
that there's no going back.  If you leave your Toxotes and Centaur by the 
shore near the ships, then you can actually win this battle.  Pointless, but 
I like to do it.

At the third relic, kill two Medusae with Shades, then charge in.  This will 
leave you with three Shades, but you'll get plenty more soon.  When you reach 
the large grouping of Cyclops and Minotaurs in a narrow pass, you should have 
seven Shades total.  Use your Lightning Storm here, then use three or so 
Shades to take out enemies who survived the Storm with near full hit points.  
That should make this battle a breeze.

All that's left is three Colossi.  I like to use a Shade on one, the Bolt God 
Power on another and let my Heroes kill the third.  Then bring your Heroes to 
the Temples to end the mission.

[[3.11]] The Lost Relic


AGE LIMIT: Classical


MAP LAYOUT: Three passes for enemy attacks to NW, N and NE of base.  Hunting 
at NE end of base and to SW of base.  Lumber chopping at W of base.  Gold 
Mine at N of base.  Relic excavation at S of base.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: (Credit: The strategy in this first paragraph is taken from the 
walkthrough at  Send the three Villagers from the 
excavation and the four Villagers hunting to the Gold Mine.  When you have 
enough lumber for Pickaxe, get it and send your three lumber choppers to the 
Gold Mine.  (Get the other gathering upgrades when you get the chance.)  When 
Pickaxe is done and all your villagers are on gold, activate the Prosperity 
God Power.  This will give you almost all the gold you'll need during the 

Meanwhile, get all your military forces together to the N of your base.  (In 
particular, pull back the Priest at the middle pass before he's killed.)  
Split into equal forces, the E force led by Amanra and Chiron, the W force 
led by Arkantos and Ajax.  The E force will guard the E pass while the W 
force will guard the other two passes, so the W force will be larger and will 
be reinforced more.  It's easier to control two forces than three, and 
attacks through the two western passes must go through a common place to 
reach your base.

Your Walls and Tower will fall very quickly once they bring siege, so don't 
rush to defend them early.  Their first attacks will be with just Spearmen 
and Slingers, so let them attack the Walls and use this time to get things 
set up around your base.  When Prosperity ends, leave one Villager on gold, 
put five on Hunting, six on lumber chopping and take the other two for 

Build two Barracks and an Armory just N of your lumber chopping (so you can 
quickly reinforce Arkantos' forces just N of this spot), then build a few 
Houses as necessary.  They attack mainly with Spearmen and Slingers, so you 
should build plenty of Axemen and Slingers.  Get all the military upgrades as 
resources permit, and remember to send a few units over to buff up Amanra's 

You'll likely run out of Hunting in the NE around the time you're starting to 
run low on gold.  At this point, if you don't feel secure with your existing 
forces, start Hunting in the SW and rebalance your Villagers' gathering.  
However, if you have at least a couple of dozen fully upgraded units in the W 
and half that many in the E, you should pull all your Villagers back and put 
them on the excavation.  With that many Villagers working on it, you'll only 
need to deal with a few more attacks, and they won't be any tougher than the 
ones you've been facing.

[[3.12]] Light Sleeper



GOD CHOICES: Bast for the Sphinx (a good melee MU) and gathering 
improvements.  Sekhmet for Scarabs (siege weapons that I prefer over Siege 
Towers) and Bone Bow (an upgrade for Chariot Archers).

MAP LAYOUT: You start in the N corner, but you eventually get a TC just S of 
the middle of the map.  Lots of Hunting in existing town, plus four fishing 
spots to N of TC.  Tons of gold just SW of starting position, plus a bit more 
near the TC you'll get.  Large enemy base with the sleeping Guardian at NE 
middle of map to NE of your TC.  Only relic is by a Wonder on the way to the 
allied town.

WALLS: At the E end of the base, there are three passes to the N.  The W pass 
is a dead end, so just wall in the middle pass and focus all units at the E 

WALKTHROUGH: There are quite a few Spearmen and Slingers in the gold mining 
area to the SW of your starting position, so don't rush.  Draw guys out along 
the S path of the fork first and kill them with your Heroes, then do the same 
along the N path of the fork.  The main force includes Anubites and plenty of 
Spearmen and Slingers, so use your own Slingers to assist your Heroes.  Don't 
risk your Chariot Archers in this battle, but you won't need your Slingers 
after this, so don't worry if they die.

Once the enemies are defeated, you get control of ten Villagers.  Leave five 
behind to mine gold here later, and hotkey another five to go with you.  
Clear out the area to the allied town with your Heroes, and be sure to 
backtrack after the enemy casts several Plagues of Serpents.  Also pick up 
the relic along the way, which gives you faster Favor generation.  Once you 
get five Villagers to the allied TC, you get control of the town.

Start mining gold back at the mining camp in the NW and get your economy 
going.  Remember to build and upgrade four Fishing Boats too.  Enemy attacks 
can be handled by your Heroes and Chariot Archers, plus a couple of Priests 
for healing, so your main focus should be on upgrading and building an army 
before Kemsyt's massive force reinforces the enemy base.  If you're fast, you 
should be able to reach the Guardian before Kemsyt even enters the third 
village, but you could begin your attack as he's leaving the third village 
and still reach the Guardian in time.

The only problem you'll face in assaulting their base is the HUGE mass of 
animals of Set that will charge you as soon as you attack their wall.  
They're not too tough, but there are just so many units to kill, all the 
while being supported by Chariot Archers and more.  Also, remember that they 
are MU's, so your Priests are effective against them.  Rally your production 
buildings to the site of the battle and build reinforcements as it's going 
on.  If you have to pull back once, do it instead of losing your army: you'll 
likely have the time.

As for your force, any balanced, fully-upgraded army built to population 
capacity should work.  I use my Heroes and War Elephants on the front line, 
twelve Chariot Archers and four Priests in support, and four or so Scarabs 
for siege.  The path to the Guardian is blocked by two Walls and a Migdol 
Stronghold, so once you can take those down, rush in your Sword Bearers to 
get control of the Guardian.  He's uber-powerful, so just use him to finish 
off Kemsyt's army.

[[3.13]] Tug of War



GOD CHOICES: I don't bother advancing ages.

MAP LAYOUT: Your base in W corner, enemy base in S corner and a winding path 
between them.  Various relics scattered about, including three by your 
Temple.  Your economy is already set up, but four nearby fishing spots start 
out unused.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: GET READY TO MOVE.  Send your thirteen Champion Axemen to your 
dead Heroes to revive them.  Hotkey your three Barracks together, your two 
Migdols together and your Temple to another hotkey.  You'll be building a lot 
in this mission, so the hotkeys make a difference.  Get Levy Barracks 
Soldiers at the Barracks, Levy Migdol Soldiers and Heavy Chariots at the 
Migdol and Necropolis and Spirit of Maat at the Temple, then rally all three 
buildings to the site of your dead Heroes and queue up some Axemen (they 
start as Champions, even though you're in the Heroic Age), some Chariot 
Archers, four Priests and some Scorpion Men.  You want to be constantly 
building these units anytime you're below the population cap.

Once you've queued up the units, it's time to improve your economy a bit.  
Get working on all four nearby fishing spots (which involves building two 
more Fishing Ships), then queue up Villagers to get a total of ten on gold 
and twelve on lumber (since both Chariot Archers and Scorpion Men are lumber 
intensive).  Get all the gathering upgrades, set your Pharaoh to empowering a 
Monument and send any animals of Set in your base to join your army.  And... 

After you do all of that very quickly, micromanage the battle near your 
Heroes.  As soon as you win this battle, move to retake the Osiris Piece, and 
you should be able to do it shortly after it makes the first turn to head NE.  
They attack you with masses of Spearmen, Axemen, Camelry and a few Anubites 
in this mission.  Just keep your Chariot Archers at range and replace Axemen 
quickly as they fall.

As the Osiris Piece moves, also move your Rally Points accordingly.  The 
closer you are to your base, the quicker your reinforcements arrive, so 
you're better off taking the Piece as soon as possible, even if your army is 
still building.  Two ambushes occur as you near your base, one consisting of 
Anubites and the other of a mix of units dropped by Rocs.  Neither is 
dangerous.  As long as you set up your economy quickly and keep your army at 
population capacity, the rest of the mission is a breeze.

Note: Their battalions of Heavy Axemen have an annoying habit of running 
right past all your forces to retake the Osiris Piece, so keep your army 
close to the Piece.

[[3.14]] "Isis, Hear My Plea"




MAP LAYOUT: A few pigs and plenty of lumber at the NW end of your base.  
Small Gold Mine at W end of base, two Large Gold Mines to S of base.  Several 
monuments in base and one Temple to S that can be converted to your side by 

WALLS: None.  You could try to build a wall, but there are no chokepoints and 
your base is very long, so it would be more trouble than it's worth.

WALKTHROUGH: Use Waypoints to walk Amanra around your base and convert all 
neutral Monuments to your side, as well as the Temple to the S.  Move your 
MU's to this Temple, since most enemy attacks will come through a Gate just 
to the W of this.  I skip Herding and just set up plenty of Farms right away. 
Use all three Citadel Centers to train Villagers.  Set up lumber gathering at 
the NW end of your base and put five gold miners on the Small Gold Mine to 
the W in order to mine it out quickly (since they'll be far from your army).

Set up plenty of gold gatherers at the two Large Gold Mines to the S when 
possible, and guard them with your military.  Gold is limited in this 
mission, but these Mines will be enough to take down the Migdol.  Beware that 
the occasional enemy attack might come through the gap in the Walls visible 
at the W end of your base.  They always bring plenty of elephants and siege, 
and they're quite capable of taking down one of your Citadels, so I have a 
Priest build an Obelisk outside this gap to give me advance warning.

Get the gathering and MU upgrades as soon as possible.  We have a higher than 
usual population capacity, and we'll need it to take down this well-fortified 
base.  The enemy will have large numbers of Priests and a Son of Osiris to 
counter our high Favor generation rate, so melee MU's are not the way to go.  
The base also offers very little room to maneuver, so I forgo Chariot Archers 
as well.

Put up two Migdols by your forces to the S, and get Levy Migdol Soldiers and 
Heavy Elephants.  We'll be using War Elephants backed by Petsucho and 
Priests.  Your starting units should be able to hold off the attacks until 
you can get War Elephants to help out.  Also get all the Armory upgrades when 
possible, since they affect War Elephants, and Fortified Town Center for the 
extra population capacity.  

For your attack force, use Amanra, four Priests, twelve Petsucho, whatever 
melee MU's have survived and then build up to capacity with War Elephants, 
which should give you at least 15 of them.  After an enemy attack, head up to 
the plateau W of your base and clear out the area there before moving SW.  
When you do head SW, the key is to take down all three Gates.  Otherwise, 
you'll get bottlenecked and take too many losses.

Once you're through, charge the Migdol from the N and S Gates with several 
War Elephants and/or Scarabs and take it down, while the rest of your army is 
engaging the enemy forces at the central Gate.  This will give your large 
units much more room to move around.  Keep sending reinforcements from your 
two Migdols just in case, and focus fire on the Son of Osiris when you get 
the chance.

Leave a few Chariot Archers, Petsucho and two Priests here to kill the 
occasional unit that shows up.  Take Amanra and a few War Elephants and 
Petsucho to the Transport Ship, killing the few units and knocking down the 
Gate on the way.  Load Amanra and two Petsucho on the Transport and take it 
to the newly revealed friendly Docks (not the prison).

Build a force of eight Royal War Barges and six Ramming Galleys.  At the 
prison, take out the Towers, Catapult and Kebenits with your Barges, but use 
your War Turtle and Ramming Galleys on the Scylla.  Then just land Amanra and 
the Petsucho, kill the guards and walk into the prison.

[[3.15]] Let's Go



GOD CHOICES: Nephthys, for the Leviathan MU, which is an excellent transport.  
Osiris, for the Son of Osiris, which is very powerful against the computer 
AI, since it doesn't focus fire on him as long as he stays behind the front 
lines, so you should have him in your army for the rest of the mission.

MAP LAYOUT: The map becomes visible (concealed by the fog of war) once you 
reach your TC, but here are a few key points.  Four fishing spots W of your 
TC are safe.  There is limited gold in your base, but plenty more in the 
purple base to the N.  There is a good relic (cheaper MU's) in the shallows N 
of your base and more of them in the purple base and at the Lighthouse.  The 
Osiris Piece is in an enclosure just E of your TC (across the water).

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Yellow is neutral to you, so their buildings are just for show.  
The purple base N of your TC sends small attack forces, and pirates from the 
tiny base at the N corner send landing parties to the shore NE of your TC 
until you destroy the Lighthouse at the end of the peninsula N of your TC.  
The red base eventually starts sending War Barges (siege ships), but no 
landing parties.  Remember that Priests can heal your ships too.

When you look at the enclosure that contains the Osiris Piece just E of your 
base, a 15 minute timer starts, at the end of which Gargarensis moves the 
Piece deeper into his base, meaning more fighting to you.  So... don't look 
at it!  Seriously, that's the trigger.  Ignore it until you take it, and 
there's no time limit.

The attacks alternate between the shore NE of your TC and the pass directly N 
of your TC.  Your Heroes and the two Avengers can easily handle all the 
attacks, just be sure to chop lumber at the S of your base, not at the big 
forest NW of your TC, where their Petsucho would be able to reach your 
Villagers.  And once red War Barges start coming for your Docks, repair the 
Docks with three Villagers while your War Turtle sinks the ships.  Build two 
Leviathans to help out when you get the chance.

Since you're low on gold in your base and the purple base is weak except for 
its Citadel Center, get to Heroic and build four Siege Towers.  Immediately 
after defeating a pirate landing party, assault the purple base with your 
Heroes and Avengers, four Priests, four Siege Towers and a few Scorpion Men.  
When all threats there have been eliminated and you're just mopping up, send 
a small party (such as Ajax, your Avengers and two Priests) back to handle 
the next pirate landing party while the rest of your forces take out the 
Lighthouse and everything on the way to it.

At this point, the only attacks will be enemy War Barges, so start mining 
gold in the former purple base, get all the upgrades you want and put 
together an attack party to take the Osiris Piece.  There are two (not three) 
options for the water crossing.  The Leviathan is the simplest, since they're 
tough enough to withstand enemy attacks and just deliver your forces directly 
to the shore just NE of the Osiris Piece.  The second option is to use a 
standard navy, but Leviathans are easier.  The third option would be to use 
Rocs, but you can't build them in this mission.  You can freely select 
Hathor, who should give you Rocs, but apparently he doesn't feel like it.  
That was an unpleasant discovery to make.

The final assault isn't hard at all, as long as you build to capacity and put 
together a fully upgraded, balanced force.  I suggest Heroes, Priests, 
Avengers, Scorpion Men, Mummies, Chariot Archers (about 12 of them) and 
Catapults.  Since you'll get Catapults in the Mythic Age, just delete your 
Siege Towers to make more room.

[[3.16]] Good Advice




MAP LAYOUT: One TC starts as yours in W quadrant of map, another free one is 
in W corner.  A large enemy base fills N quadrant of map.  No shortage of 
resources around your base.  Many relics are scattered all over the map.

WALLS: Wall off the small pass just N of your starting TC, but don't do it 
until after Earthquake is cast, since that Wall will be destroyed.  No 
attacks will come before then.

WALKTHROUGH: Follow Kastor to the Temple.  When the Statue disappears to 
reveal a relic, quickly put the relic in the Temple to get the other Statues 
to help you.  Then try to run around the Temple, avoiding damage as much as 
possible while the Statues kill Gargarensis and his Cyclops.  Follow Kastor 
further NE to the Chimeras.  Four other Heroes will appear when you get close 
to them.  It doesn't matter if anyone falls, plus Zeus will invoke 
Restoration on you.

It's time to break out of the Underworld.  Don't bother using Shades on the 
first set of units.  You can draw them back two or three at a time with 
Arkantos and slaughter them with your Heroes and Priests.  However, remember 
that Theris is a Hero, so use your Chariot Archers on him.  Once they're 
gone, start attacking the Boulder Wall with your Catapults, but keep all your 
units near them.  More MU's will appear as you destroy the Boulder Wall, so 
protect your Catapults and freely use your Shades.  You'll get new God Powers 
in the next part of the mission, so use up these during this battle.  Also, 
Zeus will invoke a Lightning Storm to help you.

We've reached the base-building portion of the mission.  Have Arkantos, Kamos 
and Gargarensis pick up three of the four relics on the starting island 
(Kastor can't carry relics).  Sail your Pirate Ships NW, then when you get 
the three Kraken, micromanage the battle.  Remember that the Kraken's special 
ability is to destroy a ship, so use all three early, then focus fire.  The 
Kraken will allow you to use four fishing spots, so make sure they survive, 
but delete the Pirate Ships after the battle.

Land all your other forces to the NW by the TC, then scuttle your Transport 
Ships.  You start with four Heroes and a massive army of MU's so get your 
economy up and running.  A little while into the mission, the enemy invokes 
Earthquake on your E TC, destroying it and any Villagers there, so right 
after landing on the shore, task your Villagers to build a new TC over the 
Settlement in the W, and keep all your Villagers far from the E TC (though 
you should still build Villagers from the E TC).  Also build a Dock to take 
advantage of the four fishing spots near you.

After the Earthquake, wall off the E pass and hold at the W one.  There are 
two lightning-casting Statues at the W entrance to their base, and at some 
point, you're probably going to be forced to follow a Petrobolos to within 
their range, so use your Earthquake God Power on their Gate, two Towers and 
the Statues (and finish them off if the Earthquake doesn't).  From then on, 
you can safely intercept their attacks anywhere up to their former Gate.

The battle within their base is going to be bloody, but you can build up to 
the max game population cap of 300 in this mission, and you should.  I use 30 
Hoplites, 30 Toxotes, eight Petroboli and the rest in MU's and Heroes.  Their 
base includes several Heroes, including Ajax, so watch for them and take them 
down quickly with your Toxotes.

[[3.17]] The Jackal's Stronghold



GOD CHOICES: Osiris for the Son of Osiris.

MAP LAYOUT: Free Settlements are just W of your TC, far S of your TC and in 
the S corner.  Several Farms already exist around your TC.  Your initial Gold 
Mine is S of the Granary S of your TC, but more Mines are by the Settlement S 
of your TC and in the S corner.  Lots of useful relics: far NE of TC, far SW 
of TC, by Temple at SE middle of map, in S corner, at NE middle of map 
(reachable by water).  Kemsyt's base is on a huge island in the W half of the 
map, with a good landing spot at the SW end.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Head W with your forces, but lead with Amanra to soak up damage.  
Once all the Slingers in this area are dead, backtrack and head S from your 
start location, then W to reach the target TC from the SE.  This will allow 
you to clear out a couple more Slingers, plus their Tent and blasphemous 

Once you reach the TC, you'll take control and Amanra will gain the ability 
to automatically convert any green building she approaches to your side.  
There are quite a few green Houses around, but if you avoid converting them 
until you've built ten of your own, you'll ultimately be able to reach a 
population cap of 294, so don't scout with Amanra just yet.  However, you 
should head just slightly S of the TC to take control of a Granary, two 
Villagers and two Farms.  Just avoid the Houses nearby.

In my version of the game, Kemsyt sends a single weak attack and then never 
attacks again.  If this is the case for you, then you have all the time in 
the world to upgrade and build your forces.  If anyone has any information on 
whether this is a glitch, I'd love to hear about it.

Since you have plenty of time, scout your whole landmass with Amanra after 
building ten Houses and collect all the relics.  At some point, transport 
Amanra, a few Camelry and two Villagers to the NE end of the bay N of your 
TC.  Kill all the animals and build a Temple to store the four relics you 
find there.

Kemsyt has an impressive navy (including War Turtles) patrolling his waters, 
so you'll want 12 Leviathans, of which three will be used as transports.  
Note that this requires 240 Favor, so prioritize them over upgrades and other 
military building, or else you'll end up waiting a long time for Favor to 
accumulate while your army is idle.  With the high population capacity 
available in this mission, just build an assault force of your choosing, but 
include four Catapults to make razing easier (and don't forget the Son of 

When you're ready, head out of the bay with your nine empty Leviathans, 
followed by your transports and head SW to the landing spot.  When you run 
into Kemsyt's navy, focus your fire (three or four Leviathans per target), 
and make certain your transports survive.  Once you land your massive force, 
first destroy the nearby buildings at sea level, then just push forward 
through Kemsyt's base.  The mission ends when Amanra walks near the Osiris 

[[3.18]] A Long Way From Home



GOD CHOICES: Hathor for the Petsuchos, which complements the melee Sphinx we 
can already build.  Osiris for the Son of Osiris.

MAP LAYOUT: The N half of the map belongs to the enemy, the S half to us.  
Four passes exist between the two, somewhat evenly distributed across the map 
W to E.  Free Settlements are NE of the TC and far W of the TC.  Eight goats 
by the TC, plus Hunting to N-NE and W-SW (though both are unsafe unless Walls 
are used).  Lumber is very rare and sparsely scattered across the map.  Gold 
Mines are in the E corner, the S corner and by the W Settlement.  Relics: NW 
of TC (must go W, then NE to reach it), S corner, W corner.

WALLS: Wall off the two Eastern passes early, which will secure the Gold 
Mines in the E and S corners.  Wall off the far W pass later when you get 
around to taking the Settlement over there.

WALKTHROUGH: In my opinion, this is the hardest mission of this campaign, 
though it's made significantly easier if you know exactly what to do.  The 
next few paragraphs will describe clearly all the things you need to do 
quickly, but you should really be doing all of them in parallel as much as 
possible, so anytime you're waiting for something, look somewhere else.

Send your forces E to take the TC and start producing Villagers immediately.  
There is very little lumber on this map, and you'll probably have cut down 
every tree on your side of the map by the end, so you need only six Villagers 
on lumber and forget about building Chariot Archers at all.  Send both Ox 
Carts NE, one for the two clumps of trees and the other for the herd of 
Zebras.  Task new Villagers on the Goats, and go ahead and build a nearby 
Granary and Farms relatively early, since you have plenty of gold.  On that 
note, don't worry about gold for a while: get six woodcutters and tons of 

Send all your military units due E of your TC to take down the Temple there.  
This Temple and another one in the W corner will periodically spawn pairs of 
Mummies to send at you.  It'll be a while before you can deal with the other 
one, but you can tear this one down now.  Just before it falls, put Chiron 
right next to it and pull all your human units back to your TC.  When the 
Temple falls, you get 1000 gold and two Scarabs appear.  They cause damage to 
all nearby units when they die, particularly to human units, so just let the 
Priest and Chiron deal with them.

Next, while continuing to build up your economy, send the Priest, Chiron and 
a Villager to the pass due N of your Temple.  Kill the Crocodiles, then wall 
that pass and upgrade the Wall as soon as you can afford it.  The enemy might 
attack Wooden Walls but not Stone Walls.  Next send Chiron and the Priest NE 
to another pass and draw out and kill the few defending units.  Don't go too 
far past the pass, but once you think it's clear, wall in that pass as well.

Get Chiron and the Priest back to your TC and... BREAK!  If you manage to do 
this all before their first attack while continually building Villagers, 
you're golden.  However, if you're feeling unsure, you can freely build the 
second Wall after the first attack.  Also, after this point but between 
attacks, send Chiron to get the relics just NW of your TC and in the S 

The first five or so attacks will be relatively weak, and then out of nowhere 
they hit you with a mass of Siege Towers and War Elephants.  The first time I 
played this, I thought, "WTF, mate?"  But if you can survive that attack 
handily, you're in great shape.  The best way to accomplish this is to get to 
the Mythic Age and get a Son of Osiris to start charring elephant meat.

Get two Barracks and an Armory up and enhance your defenses with Axemen, but 
be stingy on the Armory improvements for now, since age upgrades are a 
priority.  You should also get at least 12 Villagers on gold (the Mines in 
the E and S corners are both secure now), get up five Monuments and upgrade 
to Heroic.  Then get a Market and upgrade to Mythic, replenishing Axemen as 

Assuming this is all done before the first siege-equipped attack, you're once 
again golden.  When you're feeling comfortable, move your forces closer to 
the pass but don't reach the Tamarisk Tree yet.  It's time to conquer the W.  
Once you reach population capacity, send Chiron, six Axemen, two Priests and 
a few Villagers W.  Clear out the Crocodiles at the W pass, then build a Wall 
there and a TC on the Settlement.

Meanwhile, send your small military force across the river and to the W 
corner to take out the Temple.  Again, have the Scarabs target Chiron.  You 
can also pick up one of two relics just S of the Temple.  The S half of the 
map is now truly yours, so it's time to finish.

Build up whatever massive force you want and gather 30 Villagers (you can 
take them off gathering once you have some excess resources).  Charge the 
Tamarisk Tree with everyone and quickly put up Walls at the two W entrances 
to the area.  Then task your Villagers on the Tree and hold at the E 
entrance.  They won't send nearly enough units to cause you any problems 
before you're done exhuming Osiris' head.

[[3.19]] Watch That First Step



GOD CHOICES: Hathor for Rocs to transport Gold Colossi by air to your forward 
base and for Petsucho to back the Gold Colossi you'll be getting.  Osiris for 
the Son of Osiris.

MAP LAYOUT: Starting landmass has four Large Gold Mines and four fishing 
spots to the S accessible from its W end.  Five more safe fishing spots are 
accessible SE of the TC in the W corner.  Two relics are on a tiny island in 
the S corner, but they're not worth the trouble.  The only access to your 
base is to the NE of your TC, so no Walls are necessary.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Send Arkantos and Ajax against the base to the SE first to draw 
out a few units at a time.  In particular, try to draw out and kill one of 
the three Colossi first.  The only time limit now is a Villager that is 
building a Migdol Stronghold, but that will take a while.  Once you take down 
the Migdol, the base will be alerted, so send everyone in.

Take the Pirate Ships with your units to the W corner, but explore the waters 
over there to reveal all the fishing spots.  Once you get control of the TC, 
build Villagers continuously as usual.  Your landing site it limited on gold 
and building space, but you won't be discovered for five minutes, which gives 
you time to build Villagers and send them back to your starting position, 
which has both gold and space and will not come under attack.

With about 1:15 left on the timer, send 14 Villagers back to the shore in the 
E: put six on each of two separate Gold Mines and get the other two build an 
Armory, Houses, five Monuments and a Market.  You can delete the transport 
ships, since the enemy will now attack them.  Also build a Dock at the SW end 
of the landmass to build four Fishing Ships there.

Get some Priests to heal your Hoplites, and the initial attacks will be easy 
to handle.  Once you get to Heroic, get a Roc to bring over the Gold Colossi 
being created and send six Villagers to the S corner to get more gold from 
the Mines there.  Build a balanced attack force including four Catapults and 
a Son of Osiris and led by four Gold Colossi (when you get them).  Then just 
charge forward and take the quickest path to the N corner.  The Catapults 
will quickly take down a Migdol Stronghold on a cliff on the way and other 
buildings which may be tougher for your Colossi to reach.

[[3.20]] Where They Belong



GOD CHOICES: Osiris for the Son of Osiris.

MAP LAYOUT: Your forces are split into two bases in the S corner.  Four Goats 
in each base, a lake with five fishing spots in the W base and Berry Bushes 
in the E base.  Scattered Hunting is not worth using.  The bases are 
separated by a thin layer of trees, so you should chop lumber between the 
bases first.  The W base has a Small Gold Mine, while the E base has a Medium 
Gold Mine.  One relic directly between TC's, another in S corner, others not 
worth getting.  Each base has one main entrance to N.

WALLS: Wall off W base just N of Settlement to NE of W TC (W to E Wall).  At 
E TC, wall from W Tower NW to forest and from E Tower E to rocks.  All enemy 
attacks will be funneled to the area between the Towers.

WALKTHROUGH: Send all the military units at the W base to the E base 
immediately.  The path goes past some Towers, so you may lose a couple of 
Axemen, but it's worth it.  Wall in as described above immediately and build 
a couple of Priests at the E base.  This force will hold off enemy attacks 
for a while.

Meanwhile, get your economy going and put Villagers on chopping down the 
forest between the bases.  Your gold is extremely limited, and the easiest 
way to compensate for this is to build a Market as far W as possible and get 
20 Caravans going to your E TC.  With the Coinage upgrade in the Mythic Age, 
this will bring in plenty of gold (if not, just build more Caravans and 
delete them later).

Add a few units to your defenses as necessary, but otherwise just build up 
and upgrade at your leisure.  Build a TC on the Settlement NE of your W TC.  
At some point, Arkantos will show up at the E corner.  Build a TC there for 
the extra population capacity, and don't bother building defenses: he never 
gets attacked.  Then build a force of your choosing at your E base.  I use 
Heroes, Scorpion Men, Mummies, Chariot Archers, four Priests and four 

Charge this force N and meet up with Arkantos, who won't meet much resistance 
on the way there.  Bring all three Osiris Pieces there, then just charge the 
enemy.  Your biggest problems will likely be maneuvering the bulky Osiris 
Pieces to the destination.  When you get there, MU's will start spawning from 
the Underworld Passage.  They're not too tough to deal with, but they make it 
significantly harder to get the Osiris Pieces in place, so you may want some 
extra priests around to take care of them quickly.  With the Pieces in place, 
just sit back and watch the beautiful carnage.

[[3.21]] Old Friends

STARTING AGE: Classical (Archaic until you reach the Temple of Zeus)


GOD CHOICES: Apollo for Manticores and the Temple of Healing.  Hephaestus for 
Colossi.  Four Gold Colossi will be enough to finish the mission.

MAP LAYOUT: One free Settlement at the NW middle of the map (very close to 
enemy Walls), another near the W corner (extremely out of the way of other 
resources).  Two or three fishing spots in each of bays to NE, N and SW of N 
TC.  Gold Mines by N Settlement and to N and W of it.  Five relics in NW 
portion of island, but the two good ones are at the E end of the area (The 
Staff of Dionysus) and by the shore W of the N TC (The Kithara of Apollo).

WALLS: Build a Wall from your TC in the N all the way NE to the bay.  This 
may seem excessive, but it allows you to build Farms behind the Wall without 
worrying about Cavalry attacks on them.

WALKTHROUGH: A Villager is going to come immediately to try to kill one of 
your Pigs, so kill him quickly.  After that, completely explore the area 
outside Circe's Walls and gather all the Pigs.  You'll have to drive off some 
Villagers and kill some Wolves, but at the end you should have 26 Pigs.  Take 
all your forces toward the Temple of Zeus, but don't send anyone there yet.

Explore the entire area outside Circe's Walls on the NW side of the island, 
since this is where you'll build a base.  There's no real time limit: Circe's 
Villagers are gathering from several Gold Mines over here, but it would take 
ages for them to actually mine out the gold.  Kill the Villagers, but leave 
the Hoplites alone: they're too tough for your Boars.

Bring all your swine to the Temple of Zeus to get back your Heroes, some 
human units, a Priest and some Villagers.  Build a TC there (the other 
Settlement is just too far out of the way), and build a long Wall NE of the 
Settlement.  Build two Granaries N of the TC and build all Farms there, since 
the TC is so close to enemy Walls.  Also, build Docks in at least the two 
bays in the N to get fishing to supplement your farming.

Food and wood are your immediate priorities, since you want to get Minotaurs 
and Manticores (once you upgrade to Heroic) to defend your base, but get some 
Villagers mining at the Gold Mines to the N as well.  The attacks are a 
little annoying, since their Petroboli keep retreating, but they're not 
dangerous.  Just get your economy going and get to the Mythic Age.

Upgrade to Gold Colossi and build four of them.  Send them E of your TC and 
then take the shortest path to Circe's Fortress.  You'll need to break 
through two Gates and about half a dozen units, but you'll tear down her 
Fortress before she even finishes telling you how much you should fear her.  
Alternatively, you could use the Underworld Passage to reach the Fortress 
directly and avoid fighting the half dozen units.

[[3.22]] North



GOD CHOICES: Forseti for the Healing Spring: You'll mainly need healing at 
one chokepoint, so the Healing Spring is superior to the Valkyrie.  Skadi for 
Huntress Axe, an improvement for Throwing Axemen.

MAP LAYOUT: The best Settlement is halfway between the middle of the map and 
the S corner.  Hunting available to S-SE of TC.  Large Gold Mine S of TC, 
another one a bit N of TC.  One relic just S-SE of Arkantos (trickle of gold) 
is worth getting, the others are not.  Purple base just NE of TC, green base 
at NW middle of map, red (main) base at NE middle of map.

WALLS: Use Arkantos' infantry to wall in the small chokepoint far NW of your 
future TC as they're going there.  Wall off just N of the TC, then build a 
wall to the E that blocks off all but a small passage.  This will funnel all 
attacks to this point, where you can put your Healing Spring.

WALKTHROUGH: Send Arkantos just S-SE to pick up the relic and kill two Fenris 
Wolves.  While he's doing this, explore the S area of the map with Amanra and 
kill any Fenris Wolves she encounters.  To the E of the future TC (the one 
halfway between the middle of the map and the S corner) is a small forest.  
Don't explore further E from there, as there is a large pack of Wolves that 
will kill Amanra, but try to find the Hunting to the S-SE of the TC.

Bring troops to the Settlement as the path is cleared (including Arkantos') 
and start building a TC as soon as you have infantry at the Settlement.  
Remember to build Walls to the N and NW of the Settlement.  Also, build a 
Wall from the forest E of the TC all the way to the rocks to the S-SE.  Then 
put all military units at this chokepoint.

Get your economy up with the Hunting to the S, the Large Gold mine and the 
nearby forests.  Once you get to Heroic, use the Dwarven Mine to get another 
Gold Mine.  All three bases send MU's, plus the red base sends Ulfsarks, so 
build Throwing Axemen and a few Hersir.  Heroes automatically upgrade with 
age upgrades, so get up to Heroic as quickly as possible to buff up your 
Hersir and place your Healing Spring at the chokepoint when you get to 

Once in Heroic and fully upgraded, send your Heroes, a few Hersir and eight 
Portable Rams E then N to a Gate to the purple base, but be sure to leave a 
force of Throwing Axemen, Hersir and Trolls at the chokepoint to your base.  
Level the purple base quickly, then head NW to the green base and level that.  
On the way home, have your Hersir build another Wall N of the Large Gold Mine 
N of your TC.  With this secured, you'll have plenty of gold.

The red base at the NE middle of the map is furthest away, so leave some 
Throwing Axemen and Hersir at home to defend.  As long as your Portable Rams 
are healthy, your army should level the base in no time.  The Temple is at 
the E end of the base.

[[3.23]] The Dwarven Forge



GOD CHOICES: Skadi for Winter Harvest, but it really doesn't matter.  Tyr for 
Fimbulwinter, but again it's of little importance.  They attack almost 
entirely with MU's, so you don't need any MU's of your own other than 

MAP LAYOUT: Two free Settlements, one just to N of starting position, the 
other just to E.  Hunting to NW of starting position, Berry Bushes by E 
Settlement and three fishing spots to W.  Medium Gold Mine by W Settlement, 
Large Gold Mines in E corner and in Giant territory in E quadrant.  Three 
passes lead to your area, one to NW of starting position, two to NE.  Three 
relics in E corner.

WALLS:  Wall off W pass early.  Wall between middle pass and N Settlement to 
force Giants to walk farther to reach that Settlement.  The goal is to keep 
your Giants fighting your Heroes, not your Villagers.

WALKTHROUGH: Head E with your Heroes (excluding Brokk and Eitri) and kill the 
Mountain Giant and Troll near the Settlement, then head NW and kill another 
such pair by the other Settlement.  Send your Ulfsarks E to build a TC, and 
send your Villagers to start on berries and lumber.  Next, have your Ulfsarks 
wall in the W pass and build a Dock so you can get three Fishing Ships 
working there.

Get up a Temple and a few Hersir to help out your Heroes, since you'll be 
facing exclusively Mountain Giants, Fire Giants, Trolls and Ballistae in this 
mission.  However, Hersir improve with age upgrades, so focus on getting to 
Heroic.  Build two Valkyries for healing, but put them on Stand Ground and 
away from the battle front.  Use your Dwarven Mine once you get to Heroic and 
build Walls to protect your Dwarves once they eventually have to start mining 
the Large Gold Mine to the NE.

Between attacks, send your Heroes to the E corner to kill some Mummies and 
collect three relics.  This will also reveal a Gold Mine.  Once you have 
eight Portable Rams, two Valkyries and several Hersir, send them NW with your 
Heroes to hold at that position.  Clear out all Towers to the NE to discover 
two more Gold Mines.  These aren't secure, but this mission involves some 
attrition, so use them when you have to.

After an attack, send your Heroes and Portable Rams due W to take out a Hill 
Fort, Longhouse and Dock, which are guarded by some MU's.  If you don't, 
you'll get hit by the Hill Fort later.  Return to your other forces and head 
NW to some more enemy buildings.  Use Fimbulwinter around now to discover the 
location of the sole enemy TC.  Crush it with your Rams and build your own TC 
over it to get some Dwarves on the Gold Mine there.

Put up two Temples for reinforcements, then get everyone healed by the 
Valkyries (or the Healing Spring by their former TC).  Once you take the 
forge area and defeat the four Fire Giants that spawn in the fire pit there, 
you'll get to research three special upgrades for fighting Giants.  Do so.  
You could now wait here and defend, but with your Heroes, 30+ Hersir and 
eight Portable Rams, you can just head NE and take on their base.  It'll be 
bloody, so send reinforcements from your nearby Temples, but you should win 
and end the mission before the timer expires.

[[3.24]] Not From Around Here



GOD CHOICES: Doesn't matter at all.

MAP LAYOUT: Reachable land is in the shape of a plus (+), with a path from N 
corner to S corner crossing another path from E corner to W corner.  No enemy 
bases, but enemy Temples are scattered along the W, S and E spokes guarded by 
plenty of Frost and Mountain Giants.  Resources are available at the center 
of the map.

WALLS: None, or two Walls positioned to funnel units to your Healing Spring.

WALKTHROUGH: Grab your Heroes and move NW quickly to intercept and kill the 
Frost and Mountain Giants that are coming.  Always focus on Frost Giants 
first, since they have fewer hit points and will fall much faster.  Just to 
the W is a Temple with a respawning Mountain Giant.  Destroy the Temple with 
your human units while handling the Giants with your Heroes.  Continue to the 
center of the map, destroying another Temple on the way.  When the path to 
the E opens, head a bit E to take several goats.  Then you have three options 
on how to finish this mission.

Option 1: Head further N to find a Boulder Wall.  You need siege for that, so 
get up a base.  Place your Healing Spring SW of your TC, then build Walls to 
funnel enemy Giants to that point.  Attacks will initially consist of four 
Giants at a time (which your Heroes can handle), but they'll quickly ramp up 
to eight Giants at a time.  So your goal should be to get to Heroic and get 
eight Hersir out to help your Heroes, then build eight Portable Rams to take 
down that Wall.  You have only one Large Gold Mine in your base, so be stingy 
with gold.  Once you start attacking the Boulder Wall, continue with the 
Finale walkthrough below.

Option 2: The attacks won't start until you see the Boulder Wall, so you 
could clear out all the Temples in the E and W spokes first.  You should 
still drop the Healing Spring in the middle to help out, and then take on one 
or two Giants at a time with your Heroes.  There are many Giants, but no new 
ones will be spawned until you see the Wall.  Then you can build up in peace 
and get the eight Portable Rams to take down the Wall.

Option 3: When the Boulder Wall is almost down, ten Mountains Giants will 
appear at each of the W, S and E corners and start marching on you.  In 
Options 1 and 2, the solution is to just run away.  But if you feel like it, 
you could always build an army to defeat them.  This is easiest if you clear 
out the Temples as in Option 2, since you need plenty of gold.  Then build 40 
or more fully-upgraded Hersir to back up your Heroes, plus have Temples to 
reinforce during the battle.  They'll hit you with an Earthquake, but the max 
damage is capped, so if you have many buildings, the Temples should remain 
standing.  This Option is overkill, but it's definitely possible to wipe out 
the incoming army.

Finale: When you're ready to finish, head through the new gap to the NW with 
your Heroes, Skult and the Flag Bearer, and clear out all the Giants along 
this path.  It helps to have a few Hersir, but your Heroes can do it alone if 
necessary.  When you run into some trees, the Gods will cast Forest Fire on 
this forest to clear your path, then just head to the flag at the N corner to 
finish the mission.

[[3.25]] Welcoming Committee


AGE LIMIT: Classical


MAP LAYOUT: You start on a hill at the center.  Three walled enemy camps are 
to the NW, N and E, but no unit production is possible for anyone.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: After winning the initial battle, drop a Healing Spring on the 
hill and build five Towers somewhere off to the side.  They just get in the 
way otherwise.  You'll then get to see all three camps, so you can plan your 
strategy.  The goal is to kill the overpowered Hersir in each camp.  When you 
kill one, you get control of all his surviving units and the units in the 
other surviving camps get upgraded.

So put Skult out of the way with your Towers.  Then pick a camp and bring 
your army somewhat close to it.  Take the Flag Bearer close enough to the 
camp to draw the attention of the Hersir (which pretty much means taking him 
to the Wall of the camp), then run him far away.  The goal is to draw their 
army in a stream a bit away from your soldiers, so when the Hersir walks by, 
you hit them from the flank and target everyone on the Hersir.  Since you'll 
likely have the fewest units for the first attack, that's a good time to use 
the Bronze God Power.

The E camp has six Ballistae, which you can then use to take down enemy 
Walls, but I've never found that all too useful.  The N camp has Throwing 
Axemen, which give you some more ranged units for attacking the Hersir.  
Whatever order you choose, you should have plenty of units after the second 
camp, so I like to just start a big brawl in the third camp.

[[3.26]] Union



GOD CHOICES: Bragi for the Flaming Weapons God Power, which is useful for the 
final attack.  Baldr for the Dwarven Augur upgrade for your Portable Rams.

MAP LAYOUT: You take a winding path through three towns, but everything is 
very linear.  You get buildings in each town you help out, and there are 
plenty of resources scattered throughout.  See the walkthrough for details.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Send your Heroes S quickly to help defeat the Trolls.  Your new 
Hero, Reginleif, may be a fallen Valkyrie, but she heals others even faster 
than her sisters do, so she's usually the only healer you'll really need.  
However, your Valkyries will come in handy in the next portion of the 
mission, so keep them out of battle for now.  After the battle, head SE to 
the town but keep heading S to meet the Trolls that will come almost 

Forget the town for now and just fight your way to the Underworld Passage.  
The stream of Trolls is impressive, but your Heroes will succeed.  When you 
get there, use your Valkyries to tear it down while your Heroes mainly handle 
Trolls, but pull back any Valkyrie that falls under attack.  Once the Passage 
is down, you have no time limit until you go SW to the next town, so this is 
a good time to build an economy and fully upgrade everything you're going to 
need for the rest of the mission.

Head just a bit W to rescue five Dwarves and an Ox Cart, then get them to 
mining.  You're limited to five Houses for now, so kill off your Raiding 
Cavalry, Valkyries and any infantry you don't need for building.  All you'll 
really need for the rest of the mission are Hersir and Portable Rams, so 
upgrade those and get to the Mythic Age to fully upgrade your Hersir 
(remember that age upgrades improve your Heroes).  Also get Fortified Town 
Center for the extra population capacity.

When you've upgraded everything you want, get together your Heroes, eight 
Hersir, and four Portable Rams.  If necessary, delete Villagers in order to 
make room.  You should still have plenty gathering resources given that you 
should be done with upgrades.  Head SW to the next town.

Send your Heroes to the S end of town to fight the Giants, and get five 
Towers up as quickly as possible with your Hersir.  They start sending quite 
a few Giants, so use half your Hersir in battle if you need to.  Once the 
Towers are up, head S with all your forces and use the Portable Rams to take 
down the Hill Fort and Temple, which will keep sending attacks unless you 
take care of them.

With that done, you once again have no time limit, so it's time to build a 
Wonder.  Yup, that's available in this mission, so why not?  You also got 
five more Houses and another TC, so it's time to build up an army for the 
major battle that's coming.  The enemy consists of MU's and buildings, so I 
go with ten Portable Rams and then up to capacity with Hersir, but you could 
also mix in some Legendary Jarls or MU's of your own if you prefer.

When the Wonder is done and you've basked in its glory, head E with everyone 
and just keep following the path.  When you get to the enemy town, activate 
Flaming Weapons and just charge with everyone.  They'll use Walking Woods 
twice, but your army will slaughter their Huorns, I mean walking trees.  
Focus on having your Portable Rams take down their buildings.  Fight your way 
to the S corner and destroy the Tower to end the mission.

[[3.27]] The Well of Urd



GOD CHOICES: The enemy uses few MU's in this mission, so I go for a mainly 
human army.  Skadi for the Throwing Axemen upgrade.  Tyr for the Ulfsark 

MAP LAYOUT: Poorly defended enemy TC far to W (but use siege).  Hunting just 
SE of TC and in E corner, Berries far NE of TC.  Two Large Gold Mines a bit 
NW of TC, another one just E of TC.  Relics in E corner, by enemy TC to W and 
in enemy base to N (this one's not worth getting).  There are several passes 
to the enemy base, and they're all pretty narrow.

WALLS: Build Walls just W of your starting position, just SW and NW of the 
Gold Mines to the NW and just N of the Berries to the NE, then hold at the 
pass just W of the Berries.  When you take the TC in the W, wall off the pass 
N of it.

WALKTHROUGH: Use Great Hunt on the Elk just SE of your TC and set your 
Villagers to Hunting.  There are a few Wolves around that will attack your 
Villagers, so kill any Wolves you see.  Wall in the four passes described 
above and your Heroes will be able to hold off attacks for quite a while, so 
get your economy going and start upgrading and advancing.

At some point, Gargarensis will use the Undermine God Power to destroy one of 
your Walls, most likely by your Gold Mines to the W.  When that happens, go 
fight off his forces and replace any lost miners quickly.  The enemy throws 
Ulfsarks and Jarls at you, so build mainly Throwing Axemen to back your 
Heroes, but throw in a few Ulfsarks once the attacks get larger.  Add in two 
Valkyries on Stand Ground for healing purposes.  When you can spare six 
Throwing Axemen and four Portable Rams, send them W to take down the TC and 
eliminate any units there.  Wall in the N pass and build another TC.

For the final assault, use your Heroes, Valkyries, eight Portable Rams and 
then up to capacity with 2/3 Throwing Axemen, 1/3 Ulfsarks.  Just head 
straight NW and tear down their base, building a couple of Longhouses just 
behind the front lines for reinforcements.  Destroy most of the base, but 
don't go N of the Well of Urd yet.  There and Einherjar up there, and some 
Fire Giants will appear by the Well when you tear down the Gate to it, so 
build four or so Hersir to accompany your Heroes, then head N with your 
Heroes, Hersir and Portable Rams.  Finish off the Fire Giants to end the 

[[3.28]] Beneath the Surface



GOD CHOICES: Skadi for the Throwing Axemen upgrade.  Tyr for the Ulfsark 

MAP LAYOUT: W half of map is Midgard (Earth), E half of map is Niflheim (the 
Underworld).  The Well of Urd is a teleporter between the two.  Hunting to E 
and to SW of TC, Berry Bushes to W of TC.  Eight undefended Gold Mines in 
Niflheim, none in Midgard.  Weak enemy base at N end of Midgard, but it will 
send attacks.  Plenty of enemy Throwing Axemen, Jarls and Trolls throughout 
Niflheim, plus six Fire Giants at the Hades Gate in the E corner.

WALLS: Wall off pass NW of the TC (you have to wall around the destroyed 
Longhouses) and the pass E of the TC.  Hold with your Heroes at the pass NE 
of the TC.

WALKTHROUGH: This is a timed mission, but you have plenty of time to destroy 
the base to the N and then charge the forces at the Hades gate.  There's 
plenty of Hunting around, so work on that and the Berries before you start 
farming.  Send your Dwarves and an Ox Cart to Niflheim and start mining.  
There are four Mines close together to the S, so start there, and send more 
Dwarves when you get the chance.  Also get your Walls up quickly.

Before returning your Heroes to Midgard, let's collect some relics.  Send 
your Heroes NE across the bridge and take out the Fire Giants (this also 
saves you some time later).  Send one Hero due N to grab a relic there.  
Return the others to the Well, then grab the relic by the Well, plus one more 
far to the NW and another due S.  These relics are random, but they may be 
useful, so garrison them later.  Put your Heroes at the pass NE of your TC 
and drop a Healing Spring to help them between battles.  Back them with 2/3 
Throwing Axemen, 1/3 Ulfsarks when you get the chance.  The enemy town up N 
is very weak, so get to Heroic and build six Portable Rams.

Send your Heroes and the Rams up N, leaving behind at least a dozen human 
units to defend the pass (who hopefully have at least some upgrades by this 
point).  Your Heroes are enough to kill the enemy units in the town, so tear 
it down quickly with your Rams.  Since Villagers can't rebuild a TC, you 
don't have worry about the town once you've destroyed the buildings and 
military units.  With that problem taken care of, head back home.

Get to Mythic and fully upgrade your Throwing Axemen and Ulfsarks.  Delete 
your Rams and build eight Hersir and then up to capacity with 2/3 Throwing 
Axemen, 1/3 Ulfsarks (use multiple Longhouses).  Take your force through the 
Well, then head NE all the way to the edge of the map, then head SE towards 
the Gate.  Hold your Hersir back for the battle with the Fire Giants, but you 
don't have to defeat all the units here.  Once everyone is heavily engaged 
and the Fire Giants have taken notice, send your Heroes and Hersir to finish 
off all six Fire Giants to end the mission.

[[3.29]] Unlikely Heroes


AGE LIMIT: Archaic


MAP LAYOUT: See walkthrough.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: It's important to understand the triggers in this mission.  
First, once the Taproot falls below 1000 hit points, a big army of MU's will 
break through the Boulder Wall that Chiron sacrificed his life to create.  If 
you've gathered all the Dwarves on the map and have them hacking on the 
Taproot, the army won't get anywhere near you before you're done.

Second, there are a few Gold Mines around.  For each 400 gold you mine, a 
group of reinforcements will appear at the S corner.  You're not actually 
going to use most of them, but the second one includes more Dwarves.  In 
order of appearance, the reinforcements are:
1. Two Valkyries and six Medium Throwing Axemen
2. Seven Dwarves
3. Two Great Jarls and four Medium Throwing Axemen
4. Six Medium Ulfsarks
5. Six Medium Huskarls
6. Two Valkyries and two Great Jarls
7. Six Heavy Raiders
8. Two Mountain Giants
9. Two Frost Giants

Third, after your third set of reinforcements, the Nidhogg will fly in from 
NW of your Healing Spring.  Only Reginleif can damage it, but she absolutely 
slaughters it, so leave her alone at the Healing Spring when you're about to 
trigger this.  Just make certain your Dwarves aren't nearby.

Now here's the walkthrough.  Immediately send your four Heroes (without 
Brokk) N to the chokepoint to intercept some Trolls, Cyclops and a Fire 
Giant.  Most of the units in this mission don't move, but these are an 
exception.  Also, stop your Dwarves from hacking at the Taproot.  
Surprisingly, there's no time limit despite the Gate Ram that will be 
attacking the Hades Gate, so just focus on managing your Heroes for now.  
Eitri will also arrive soon: ignore him.  Hersir are useless in the Archaic 
Age, so only your Heroes will be fighting.

Next, delete your Ox Cart.  Another one will appear in the S corner, along 
with four Dwarves.  Put all your Dwarves on the Gold Mine by the Taproot.  
Explore the W quadrant with a Hero to find another Gold Mine N of the Healing 
Spring.  Mine that one out next.  On Hard difficulty, the third 
reinforcements will come while the Dwarves are on this second Gold Mine, so 
send Reginleif to the Healing Spring first.  Use your Dwarven Mine now as 

With the Nidhogg dead, it's time to clear out the map.  In general, try to 
pull enemy troops back a little instead of just charging into their 
formations, and remember that masses of Throwing Axemen are dangerous to your 
Heroes.  Also, you'll trigger one or two Ancestors God Powers along the way 
(the triggers are flaky).  In each case, just pull back and wait it out.  
Finally, Reginleif heals others very quickly, so give her time to heal the 
others after each battle.

You can free four Hersir in the N corner, plus seven Dwarves due W of Eitri's 
starting position.  Mine out the map if you want to get all the 
reinforcements, but the main thing is to get Thor's Hammer Head back to the 
Taproot before you start working on it.  When the Hammer Head is there, set 
all your Dwarves (hopefully 30 of them), plus Brokk and Eitri if you'd like, 
to work on the Taproot.  When the Hammer Haft has been finished, bring the 
Head and Haft together to end the mission.

In case you were curious: It's quite possible to defeat the large MU army 
sent against you.  Set up your forces at the Healing Spring and move the 
finished Hammer Haft out of the way (but not near the Hammer Head).  Engage 
with your Heroes and MU's first, then strike from the flanks with your Hersir 
and cavalry.  Just for amusement, send in your infantry as well.  It's also 
possible to reach the Gate Ram.  However, Gargarensis and Kemsyt have 
absurdly high regeneration rates.  It's possible to kill them, but they rise 
again, even if you have control of the area, so it's an impossible battle.

[[3.30]] All Is Not Lost



GOD CHOICES: Bragi for Ulfsark upgrades.  Tyr for his Ulfsark upgrade.

MAP LAYOUT: One free Settlement SE of your starting position, another further 
SE past that.  Hunting to W, S and SE of (first) TC.  Several Gold Mines in 
the area.  Three passes lead into your base, from the NW, NE and far E of 
your TC.  The only relics worth getting are W of your TC and by the second 
free Settlement to SE.  The main enemy bases (one Greek, one Norse) are 
together behind Walls in the E corner and absurdly fortified, so forget about 
assaulting them.

WALLS: Wall the NW pass to your base, which is just SE of your starting 
position.  Wall the far E pass into your base.  Also wall the W half of the 
middle pass into your base.

WALKTHROUGH: Move your units SE into the pass.  Wall the NW end of the pass, 
then build ten Houses (since you'll get two more for free in a bit).  While 
your Ulfsarks are building, explore the entire area of your future base with 
your Heroes.  No attacks will come until you build a TC.  Along the way, pick 
up the relics and kill any animals that will be hostile to your Villagers.

When you're done exploring, build a TC on the NW Settlement and send your 
Heroes to the middle pass.  You'll be warned in a bit when the attacks are 
about to start, so get your economy going, focusing on Hunting at first.  
Their attacks will be a varied mix of Greek and Norse units, but they'll 
generally be led by a few melee MU's (Battle Boars and Hydras) and cavalry 
(Jarls and Hippikons) and backed by Toxotes.  Later attacks will include 
Portables Rams, but fortunately no ranged siege units.

Here is the formation I use at the middle pass:

    /WGGWWWWW       /          W = Wall            G = Gate
   /      HF    1  /           HF = Hill Fort      HS = Healing Spring
  /   2        HS /            T = Temple          B = Longhouse
 /             3 /
/       T  B  B /

The W half of the pass is walled off, with a Gate at the W end.  The main 
force at position 1 consists of the Heroes, Ulfsarks and four Trolls behind 
them.  Place the Healing Spring to support the fighting.  At position 2, I 
keep a squad of Jarls (up to a dozen Legendary Jarls eventually).  Just 
before the main force engages, the Jarls run out the Gate so that once the 
battle begins, they'll hit the enemy from the flank or rear.  This is very 
effective in handling Toxotes.  Eventually, I keep a squad of eight to twelve 
Hersir at position 3 in reserve (for MU-heavy attacks), and a Temple and two 
Longhouses train reinforcements.

With somewhat over ten minutes left on the timer, Gargarensis will drop an 
Underworld Passage SW of your TC.  Get a force of 12 Hersir and four Throwing 
Axemen just SW of your TC when possible.  Prioritize this over reaching the 
Mythic Age.  His first attack through the passage will include three Battle 
Boars and some Throwing Axemen.  Once you've defeated it, find the Underworld 
Passage and destroy it before the second attack.

When the timer hits zero, Odysseus will appear with a massive army, so try to 
be at population capacity when he does, since you won't be building any more 
units after that.  You should also be fully upgraded by then.  Leave a good 
balanced force to contend with the one or two attacks that may come before 
you reach Gargarensis, but take 2/3 of your army N and fight your way to the 
Cyclops.  Note: No siege at all is needed to reach Gargarensis.

[[3.31]] Welcome Back



GOD CHOICES: Apollo for Manticores, a ranged MU to support Minotaurs and 
Colossi.  Hephaestus for Colossi for their siege abilities.

MAP LAYOUT: Optimal landing spot is in the N corner, where you get one 
Settlement.  Five fishing spots to NW.  One Medium and one Large Gold Mine, 
plus adequate but limited forests.  Relic on the island just S of your 
starting position.  The only entrance into your base is the N pass, so 
defense is easy.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Grab the relic on the island just S of your forces.  Take all 
your forces to the N corner, but hug the W edge to avoid Towers.  Destroy the 
two Scylla in the N corner.  You get the Hero ship The Argo, which makes this 
possible.  Protect the Argo: its damage is vital.  Land your forces, then 
delete your transports.

The pass SE of your TC is a dead end, but explore it with your siege MU's to 
take out the buildings there.  Between your Heroes, your massive army of MU's 
and the fact that the only entrance to your base is a narrow pass that goes 
past your TC, defense is easy.  Get five Fishing Ships going, and don't build 
any Farms around your TC.  Use two Granaries for that purpose.

Build your Market at the S end of your base, then get to Mythic and get 20 
Caravans (with Coinage) going to your TC.  Food, Gold and Favor will then be 
infinite resources, so only Wood is actually limited.  Put your Valkyries on 
Stand Ground and keep them in a separate group: they should only be used for 
healing.  For an attack force, I use Colossi, Minotaurs (since Colossi are 
good against buildings but terrible against units), Manticores, 30 Toxotes 
and any other units you start with.

Just push forward, destroying their base until you have enough Prisoners.  
Send the Prisoners back to your base immediately, and heal with your 
Valkyries after each battle.  Once you have 15 Prisoners, build a Transport 
Ship and take them to the island where you started.  Remember to have the 
Transport Ship hug the W edge to avoid Towers.

[[3.32]] A Place in My Dreams



GOD CHOICES: Hera, since we won't be needing the siege capabilities provided 
by Hephaestus' Colossi.

MAP LAYOUT: Herding and Berries in your base.  Gold mines to NE and S of your 
TC, plus in Norse and Egyptian bases.  Norse base to the NW which will be 
destroyed by an Earthquake 20 minutes in.  Egyptian base to the SE which will 
be destroyed by an Earthquake 25 minutes in.  Several Settlements/Enemy TC's 
are on the map, as well as four Plenty Vaults controlled by Gargarensis, but 
you won't need any of them.

WALLS: Wall off the pass NE of your TC, then Wall from the NE corner of the 
Healing Spring due N to the rocks.  Later on, put up a Wall from the NW end 
of the Healing Spring to the NW to fully funnel all attacks to the Healing 
Spring, which you should control.

WALKTHROUGH: Once you build a Wonder dedicated to Zeus, you get a God Power 
that turns Arkantos into a demi-god, and he'll be able to finish the mission 
alone.  So the mission is largely defensive.  The Norse and Egyptian bases 
will periodically gift you MU's.  Each will give four gifts before it is 
destroyed by an Earthquake.  The most important gift is the second Egyptian 
one, which includes a Son of Osiris.

Get your economy going fast and build the first two Walls mentioned above.  
Don't let the Norse base fall, but don't defend it too aggressively until you 
have more units.  The goal is to survive until you get the Son of Osiris, at 
which point things get easier.  They send tons of Heroes, so I defend with an 
army of MU's backed by 30 Toxotes, holding at the Healing Spring once I get 
the Son of Osiris.  Note that you need the Wall NE of the Healing Spring to 
prevent them from passing by your forces to the N and charging your base 
directly.  You want to do all fighting at the Spring.

When the Norse base falls, build the Wall NW of the Healing Spring, then set 
up a TC and start mining the gold there.  Put a TC up at the Egyptian base as 
well, but you don't need to set up caravans.  There's plenty of gold still 
left.  When you get the chance, build the Wonder to get Zeus' blessing.  
You'll lose your God Powers when you do this, so make sure you've used 
anything you'd like to.
When you finish, go ahead and turn Arkantos into Iron Man.  He has good hit 
points and attack, but what's really ludicrous is his regeneration rate.  
Basically, nothing can harm him at this point.  Charge him alone towards the 
Living Statue of Poseidon, destroying anything and everything you'd like to 
along the way.  MU's will appear out of the Underworld Passage as the Statue 
loses hit points, but you can safely ignore them.  (Note: For each Temple of 
Poseidon you destroy, you get a Meteor God Power, so you can play around with 
those if you feel like it.)

[[4]] The New Atlantis Walkthrough

[[4.1]] A Lost People




MAP LAYOUT: No Farms or Docks allowed; tons of Hunting and Berries scattered 
across map.  Gold Mines also scattered across map.  Four yellow Longhouses 
producing Ulfsarks in center of map.  Three red Longhouses producing Raiding 
Cavalry in N corner.  Two purple Longhouses and two Hill Forts at NE middle 
of map guarding the target Sky Passage.  This base produces Throwing Axemen.

WALLS: Your base area is very open, which makes walling difficult.  After 
exploring the immediate area, you want to wall the E pass and most of the N 
pass to focus all attacks.  After that, keep building Walls as you advance to 
focus all enemy attacks to one point.

WALKTHROUGH: You're in the Heroic Age, but you get no God Powers or MU's.  
You only get Murmillos and Arcuses.  Get your economy up with two Citizens on 
wood, five on food and three on gold.  In general, since Atlantean Citizens 
are equivalent to almost three from the other cultures, you should rotate 
their placement on resources until you get to the point where you're placing 
the excess ones on more important resources.  So place them in this order: 
food, wood, gold, food, wood, gold, food, gold, food, food.  This idea 
remains true for the entire campaign.

Explore the area around your base and kill any Arctic Wolves.  The first 
attack will come before you can build a Wall, but when you get the chance, 
wall in most of the large N pass and the entire E pass, leaving only a small 
gap at the E end of the N pass.  Build more Murmillo and Arcuses to support 
your defenders.  Once you've focused enemy attacks, get Guild and Armory 
improvements and keep building an army.

Keep pushing N while walling to the E.  This will give you access to more 
resources.  Krios will periodically provide Fire Siphons, which are the only 
siege units you get.  When you have two Siphons and a good army, charge to 
the N corner to take out the three Longhouses.  Leave some forces behind at 
your chokepoint.  Next, charge and destroy the yellow Longhouses in the 
center of the map.

This will wake up the purple base.  The Ulfsarks and Raiding Cavalry are weak 
against your units, but the purple Throwing Axemen counter your Murmillos, so 
you'll need plenty of units to take this base.  Once you get your fourth Fire 
Siphon and have an army at capacity, charge E and take out the purple base.  
When it's down, send five Citizens into the Sky Passage.  Exit them from the 
Sky Passage to the S and start building a TC to end the mission.

[[4.2]] Atlantis Reborn



GOD CHOICES: You get no MU's in this mission, but you get God Powers and 
improvements from the Minor Gods.  Oceanus for Bite of a Shark, a Murmillo 
improvement.  Hyperion for Heroic Renewal, which lets Heroes regenerate and 
will be one of the main ways you heal units in this campaign.

MAP LAYOUT: The only pass into your base is to the SW past the Berries.  
Plenty of all resources are in the area, but eventually you'll run out of 
gold.  A free Settlement is to the SW.  The large Greek base may be reached 
by following the path SW then turning SE at the Settlement.  Various relics 
are scattered across the map, so get them when you see them.

WALLS: None at first.  After taking the Settlement to the SW, wall off most 
of the large pass to the SE to focus enemy attacks.

WALKTHROUGH: Two Hoplites will attack from the SE immediately, but all 
further attacks can be intercepted by heading SW past the Berries and holding 
the chokepoint there.  Get up a Barracks to build a few more Murmillos and 
Arcuses, but otherwise just get plenty of Citizens for your economy.  There's 
no rush to get to the Settlement to the SW, so just get your resource 
gathering going.  At some point, send a few units SE to destroy the few Greek 
forces there and liberate the relic, then have Kastor (or a Murmillo Hero) 
retrieve it.

Repair all three nearby Overgrown Temples (including the one E of your TC).  
Upon repairing each, you will receive a Behemoth, which is a great siege MU, 
plus they regenerate, so they're great for taking the minor damage from the 
Greek attacks.  Plenty of attacks will come, but they'll be weak at first, so 
just keep Kastor out front.  Upgrade fully before moving forward, and build a 
Palace at the chokepoint to help in defense.

The attacks will get much stronger, so add plenty of Murmillos and Arcuses to 
your defenders.  At some point, they might drop an Underworld Passage in your 
base.  The location of the relic is a favorite spot.  Just replace any 
Villagers you lose to this and destroy the Passage.  Until you destroy it, 
this will be their primary means of attack, so focus your entire army on 
this.  You'll mine out the gold at some point, so with three Behemoths and a 
balanced army of fully-upgraded Murmillos and Arcuses built to capacity, 
charge SW.  Bring along two Villagers as well.

After clearing away the small presence, set up your defenders SE of the 
Settlement, wall off most of this large pass to focus their attacks, build a 
Palace for support and build four Barracks for reinforcements (their attacks 
get MUCH stronger now).  There's an overgrown Temple just to the E and 
another one that you passed by to the N of the Settlement.  Repair both for 
two more Behemoths (you should wall in the E one), and get another TC up.  
The attacks from now on are brutal, so use your Barracks to constantly train 
more Murmillos.

You now have a great forward base, so explore the area to the S to find three 
relics that Kastor (or Murmillo Heroes) can bring back.  The Greeks build 
reinforcements at a ridiculous rate, and the only counter is to do the same 
yourself.  You could try building a Sky Passage, rallying your four Barracks 
to it and then building forward Sky Passages as you progress, but the 
attrition is going to be so high in this attack that I prefer to just build 
more Barracks as I move forward.

The five Behemoths are the only siege you need for now, so once you have a 
balanced army to capacity (around 20 Murmillos and 20 Arcuses), charge SE 
with your army and two Villagers.  Build two to three more Barracks just NW 
of their Gate once you're fully engaged and keep training Murmillos from 
these as the fighting continues.  You'll eventually break through and take 
down their Military Academies with your Behemoths.

To the S of the pass are some more Gold Mines, so hold in the three way 
intersection and clear out the area to the S.  DON'T charge into the city 
now.  The attrition you've faced so far is nothing compared to what you'll 
get in the city.  Build four more Barracks in the three-way intersection: 
you'll need them this close to the front.  Also build a Palace to the S and 
get your Villagers mining the plentiful Gold Mines there.

You'll have a very tough time maneuvering your Behemoths with all the 
infantry, cavalry and archers in the Greek city, so delete them and build 12 
Destroyers instead.  Remember that you only need to destroy the TC, so once 
you're engaged, break through the wall to the Docks with your Destroyers and 
then sneak them to the TC.  This might not work, since they have some cavalry 
stationed by the TC, so you may have to send a second force.  Just make 
certain that your four Barracks are in constant Murmillo production (since 
you shouldn't be losing Arcuses), and you'll break through eventually.

[[4.3]] Greetings from Greece




MAP LAYOUT: You have no way of building more Villagers, but there are eight 
Plenty Vaults on the map.  There are also several Statues of General Melagius 
which each give some bonus when destroyed.  See the walkthrough for details.

WALLS: Tons, see the walkthrough.

WALKTHROUGH: Start building a Temple, two Barracks and Palace by the Sky 
Passage, with the Palace furthest N to help in defense.  Send Kastor SE to 
take control of the undefended Plenty Vault and send your Murmillos E to 
destroy the Statue of Melagius in the fishing village.  You'll get control of 
a Market, two Docks and two Fishing Ships.  Get the ships to fishing and 
return your military to defend your buildings.  No need to kill the 

You'll get two more Villagers among your reinforcements.  Send one wall off 
the N end of the fishing village, then put them all on resources as needs 
dictate.  Get upgrades (particularly Stone Wall and Medium and Heavy 
Infantry) when possible, but focus on defense first.  You'll be short on 
lumber for a long time, so don't rush to Manors.  After the first attack, go 
NE and destroy the Statue of Melagius.  You get five Sentinels there, but 
they're pretty weak, so put a Wall NE of them.  You'll also need to counter a 
small attack immediately.  At some point (not sure what the trigger is), a 
large attack may come from the E.  The Wall will stall it until you can 

Now sit back and build up an army of around 30 fully upgraded Murmillos and 
10 fully upgraded Arcuses.  Lumber is extremely rare for now, so forget about 
Satyrs.  Also choose one Villager as your builder and upgrade him to Hero so 
he'll build faster.  Get Heart of the Titans and Heroic Renewal and start 
turning wounded Murmillos into Heroes to let them regenerate.  Not only are 
they a little tougher, but many MU's do reduced damage to Heroes.

After an attack, head N with your army and stop just SW of the Plenty Vault, 
but don't take it.  Wall off the pass to the W and build a Sky Passage, then 
rally your military buildings to the Sky Passage at home.  This is how you'll 
get reinforcements to the front.  Once you take this Plenty Vault, the 
attacks get much larger, which is why you should get the Sky Passage up 
before you take it.  This battle is also a good time to use a Shockwave God 
Power.  You'll get a flying healer MU called a Caladria at some point. 
Protect her: you only get one.

You'll hold here for a while, since you've probably mined out your gold and 
are depending on the Plenty Vaults at this point.  Pull wounded Heroes out of 
combat to save on costs, and you should be able to hold here indefinitely.  
Also, wall around the entire N side of the Plenty Vault, but leave a gap for 
their attackers.  This will prevent them from retaking it every single time 
they attack, and it's safer than holding to the N of the Vault.

At this point, you've basically secured victory, but there's still a whole 
map to explore.  Explore as little or as much of it as you want, then keep 
inching N and building Walls to funnel their attacks and Sky Passages to 
reinforce your army.

When you're ready to finish, take the Plenty Vault NW of General Melagius and 
hold here.  Their attacks will be minimal at this point.  Now build to 
capacity an army of your choosing, but include 30 Arcuses to focus fire on 
the General.  Remember that upgrading a unit to a Hero increases its use of 
population spots by one, so build to capacity before upgrading.  You don't 
have to upgrade everyone (it's tedious to wait for the Favor to accumulate), 
so just charge in when you have plenty of Heroes.  Enemy reinforcements will 
appear when you engage the General, so keep your Arcuses focused on him.

[[4.4]] Odin's Tower




MAP LAYOUT: This one's weird.  Initially, there are four unconnected land 
areas separated by cliffs: your starting location in the S corner, the E 1/3 
of the map, the middle 1/3 and the NW 1/4.  A short time into the mission the 
Forest Fire God Power will level the forest at the E end of your base, 
connecting you by land to the E area, so all attacks will come from here.  
Your initial area has Berries around the TC, a little Herding, Hunting and 
Fishing, three Gold Mines (12000 gold total), adequate forests and a relic at 
the W end.  The E area has one free Settlement and one enemy TC.  For more 
info, see the walkthrough.

WALLS: None at first.

WALKTHROUGH: This is my favorite mission in the campaign, just in terms of 
fun and wackiness.  Get your economy going as usual.  Build two Barracks, 
some Manors and a Temple immediately, and don't chop lumber at the E forest 
(since it'll get burned to the ground).  You need at least a dozen units (a 
mix of Murmillos and Arcuses) to comfortably counter their first attack, plus 
get at least the Medium Infantry upgrade.

After the first attack is over, build a Palace where the forest used to stand 
in order to support your defenders.  Always have at least 20 defenders, and 
the attacks will be easy to repel.  Upgrade everything and build an army of 
five Behemoths (all the siege you'll need) and up to capacity with an even 
mix of Murmillos and Arcuses.  You don't get Heroic Renewal and few MU's 
attack, so don't bother upgrading to Heroes.

The free Settlement to the NE is defended by two Hill Forts, two Towers and a 
Temple, so take it down with your army and defend by the circle of stones to 
the N.  Build a TC and two Barracks, and also build a Wall just NE of the two 
Gold Mines NE of the Settlement.  With the higher population limit, build up 
to full, and with the second Settlement bringing in Favor, you can afford to 
add some Prometheans.  Then go N to wipe out their main base.  

You're now completely safe.  Level Odin's E Temple with either the 
Deconstruction God Power or with Arcuses.  Despite what it looks like, you 
have infinite uses of both of your God Powers.  Then Time Shift a Temple up 
there.  You'll have to use the Vortex God Power to move your army to the 
central area, but first rebuild to max.  You have no way at all to heal units 
in this mission, so delete any units that have sustained more than 10% damage 
and replace them (silly, but true).

You'll be teleporting to the area SW of your newest TC, so scout the area 
with an Oracle.  When you're ready, use Vortex and micromanage this battle.  
They have tons of units and buildings, so don't take this victory for 
granted.  With this area clear, replace the second Temple to Odin.  Build 
your army back up again and then use Vortex on the open area N of the W end 
of this region.  This battle is no tougher than the first one.

Finally, replace the final Temple to end the permanent Lightning Storm.  The 
Tower of Odin has 100% armor (sweet), so you have to use a special God power 
to deconstruct it.  Way to desecrate the Norse.  Boo-yah!

[[4.5]] The Ancient Relics




MAP LAYOUT: You start near the center by a free Settlement and a Temple of 
Kronos that must not fall.  Across the river to the NW is a free Settlement 
with tons of resources around it.  There are three passes into the central 
area: to the N, SE and S.  The four relics are revealed to you and are 
guarded by four separate enemies.

WALLS: Wall off the passes N and SE of the Temple of Kronos, then defend at 
the S pass.  Don't bother walling your resource-gathering base in the NW, it 
very rarely gets attacked.

WALKTHROUGH: Time to desecrate the Egyptians.  Send three Villagers NW across 
the river, get a TC up and get your economy going with plenty more Villagers.  
Meanwhile, use your fourth starting Villager to wall off the passes N and SE 
of the Temple of Kronos and then to build two Barracks, a Guild and some 
Manors.  You don't get Kastor, probably because this is happening in parallel 
with the last mission, so you're going to need to buff up your forces fast.

Get more Murmillos and Arcuses and upgrade them when possible.  Build a 
Palace at the S pass to help you defend as well.  There are two main things 
to worry about early on.  First, one of their early attacks will include the 
Bronze God Power, and the best way to combat that is to have plenty of 
Murmillos out there fighting.  Second, they'll start hitting you with MU's a 
little ways in, so research Heroic Renewal (which you get!) and upgrade your 
Murmillos to Heroes when you can afford it.

Note: The enemy may at some point land some troops by transport on the shore 
of your resource-gathering base.  If you're fast, this won't happen.  Even if 
it does, ringing the Town Bell is usually enough to defeat them.  If you're 
paranoid, you could always send four Murmillos back here when you get the 

Don't bother building Automatons.  The Favor trickle is much better used 
upgrading your Murmillos to Heroes and researching upgrades, although a few 
Satyrs are a good investment when you can afford them.  Build up your army 
and upgrade to full.  There's really no rush to get the relics.  When you 
have a good army (including some Destroyers), take most of it SE to get that 
relic.  There's no real base here, but there's a Wall and plenty of defenders 
(including two Avengers).  Bring back the relic with one of your Heroes to 
get the Tornado God Power, though I've never used it.

The relic to the NE is pretty poorly defended, though you need ten Destroyers 
to break through and tear down some buildings while you're there.  When 
you've built to max capacity, take about half your army NE to get that relic 
next.  Garrisoning it gets you the Bronze God Power, which doesn't affect 
your Hero Murmillos but can keep your Destroyers alive for a long time.

The remaining two bases are substantial.  After an attack from the yellow 
base, charge all but a handful of units S then W to take the relic in the 
orange base.  It's a long battle, but you'll win without too much trouble, 
particularly if you use the Bronze God Power.  Don't bother leveling all 
their structures.  That's tedious, and the mission will end soon.  Just get 
the relic back to get the Earthquake God Power.  Now there's a God Power we 
can use!

Build to full (including twelve Destroyers) and let your Heroes heal.  The 
orange base probably isn't a threat anymore, but you could always leave a few 
troops behind.  Take your forces due E towards the last relic.  They have 
multiple Barracks, Migdols and Citadel Walls, so use Earthquake at some 
point.  Get the final relic back to the Temple of Kronos to end the mission.

[[4.6]] Mount Olympus


AGE LIMIT: Archaic


MAP LAYOUT: See the walkthrough.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: There are four Temples on the map that will turn any unit other 
than Kastor into a specific MU associated with the Temple (Cyclops, Valkyrie, 
Manticore or Hydra).  Note that MU's will also be transformed, so you can 
change them multiple times.  Also, you will periodically get infantry 
reinforcements, but the enemy will periodically get human reinforcements near 
your Sky Passage.  So whenever you get more units, send them to the Cyclops 
Temple, and they should slaughter the enemy easily.

Minor warning: One of the early enemy reinforcements near your starting 
position is the Hero Bellerophon.  Since Heroes slaughter MU's, defeat him 
with your Murmillos instead of turning them into Cyclops.

Immediately send your four infantry to the Cyclops Temple to the NE.  Six 
Hippikons will attack soon, and Kastor needs help.  Remember that the 
Cyclops' special attack is to pick up a unit and throw it, so micromanage 
them in this mission to use it, because they tend to wander quite a bit.

You'll quickly get three more infantry, so send two due E to the Valkyrie 
Temple, and turn the other one into a Cyclops.  Except in certain tough 
battles, you shouldn't lose any units, so use Valkyries to heal (and put them 
on Stand Ground).  Head NE to destroy the Shrine.  Your Cyclops are tough, 
but use Kastor to soak up damage whenever possible, and remember to heal 
constantly.  When you destroy the Shrine, you'll get one use of the Curse God 

Head back to your Sky Passage, then SE to destroy another Shrine, for which 
you get two uses of the Bolt God Power.  You'll also be attacked from the SE 
by Jason (a Hero), so put Kastor down there and take him down quickly.  Next, 
fight your way to the flagged area to the N.  Try to draw only half the force 
at first.  Clear out the area and destroy all nearby Walls.  You'll get an 
Underworld Passage to the E corner.  Leave one Valkyrie and two Cyclops here, 
just in case.

Go through the passage and delete all the Walls and Gates around you.  
They're just annoying.  Send Kastor alone to take the Manticore Temple to the 
N.  Perseus and Chiron are there (to the NE of the Temple), and they 
slaughter MU's, so you want them focused on Kastor.  Destroy the Shrine NE of 
the Temple to get one use of the Traitor God Power.  Next, head E of your 
Underworld Passage to destroy a Military Academy to get one use of the Bolt 
God Power, one use of the Curse God Power and an upgrade to turn your Cyclops 
into Elder Cyclops.  However, this will also cause several human units and a 
Wall to appear, so have most of your army here to handle it.

Head due W and destroy a Shrine to get another use of the Traitor God Power, 
but be prepared to defeat two Gold Colossi.  To the SW of your Underworld 
Passage is the Hydra Temple and a MASSIVE battle.  You'll lose a few Cyclops, 
but you shouldn't lose more than six or so in the worst case, which is fine.  
Wipe out the base, then heal to full.

Head W with Kastor, three Cyclops and all your Manticores to find a Transport 
ship.  Load your melee units and cross to the island, then have your 
Manticores help your Hero ships defeat the Scylla.  Destroy the Shrine to get 
two Bolt God Powers.  It will only show four available God Powers, but you do 
have five.  Now you could just assault the summit from the S, but what fun is 
that?  Let's finish off the forces to the N first.

Change some units to Hydras, then charge NW from your Passage.  Again, you'll 
take some losses, but fewer than before.  After the battle, send Kastor alone 
to the W, then N to take out the Shrine surrounded by Shades, for which you 
get two uses of the Ancestors God Power.  Reveal the Fortress to the S with 
Kastor, then return to your other forces.

For the final assault, charge the Fortress first, then the two lines of 
Walls.  Plenty of enemies will appear by the end, so use every God Power you 
have.  In particular, use your Bolt God Powers to kill enemy Heroes quickly, 
and use the Ancestors God Power immediately.  The Traitor God Power doesn't 
work on Heroes, so it's not that useful.  With the enemy Heroes out of the 
picture, just break through both Walls and walk Kastor into the clearing.

[[4.7]] Betrayal at Sikyos




MAP LAYOUT: The center of the map is the city of Sikyos, which the Titan will 
destroy over the course of the mission.  The N end of the map contains Kastor 
battling against the Tricked Atlanteans, but you can ignore them.  You're in 
the S portion of the map with plenty of resources around, most importantly 
the two Large Gold Mines E of your TC.

WALLS: Wall off the passes to the NW and SW of your TC, leaving the N pass 

WALKTHROUGH: This mission is so absurdly easy that I'm pretty sure it was 
included mainly for plot purposes.  You can completely ignore Kastor's 
battle.  You will be attacked solely by masses and masses of Prometheans, 
which means that you only need to mass Priests.  That's it.  Wall in the 
passes NW and SW of your TC and get a few Villagers gathering food (in order 
to build more Villagers) and at least a dozen on the Gold Mines E of your TC, 
then build two Temples and start massing Priests.

You also need to build three Rocs and send them to Kastor's base to end the 
mission.  You start with enough Favor for this, but you could always build a 
couple of Monuments anyway.  Just be sure to get them there before the timer 
expires.  With around three minutes left, the Titan will come towards your 
base.  Draw him to the NE with a Priest to stall him.  The Ancestors God 
Power also stalls him for a bit.  As long as you're alive when the timer 
expires and there are three Rocs over Kastor's TC, the mission will end in 

[[4.8]] Cerberus



GOD CHOICES: I usually don't bother upgrading, but Horus for the Avenger if I 
do.  With all the Priests you'll have, the best MU is the one that's going to 
survive each battle to get healed, and that's the Avenger.

MAP LAYOUT: Your base is in the N corner of the map.  The Guardian and Son of 
Osiris whom you need to defend are S-SW of your base.  An Allied TC is in the 
E corner.  Some Hunting is in your base, but no Gold Mines are available.  
Relics are scattered around the map, but you'll have more important things to 
do.  The enemy attacks will come from five directions: from W of the 
Guardian, from S of the Guardian, from E of the Guardian and through the two 
passes at the NE middle of the map.

WALLS: Wall off the N of the two passes at the NE.  Also build Walls to the W 
and E of the Guardian to channel all attacks to a chokepoint in the S.  
Building these Walls is the absolute first priority, as they will become 
immensely difficult to build shortly into the mission due to attacks.

WALKTHROUGH: Welcome to the most difficult mission of the campaign.  There 
are a few things you need to do to secure your position.  Doing them while 
being attacked every few seconds on multiple fronts is the trick.  Here is 
what needs to be done, not necessarily in order:
1. Wall off the N of the two passes at the NE.
2. Build Walls around the Guardian to funnel all attacks to a small 
chokepoint to the S.
3. Upgrade your Walls at least once.
4. No Gold Mines are available to you, and you can't build Caravans, so you 
have to find stray Caravans on the map and send them to the Allied TC for 
gold.  They will, however, provide plenty of gold.  Here are their locations:
  - Three Caravans E of TC (in small shaded area)
  - Two Caravans at NE middle of map (again in small shaded area)
  - Two Caravans on raised plateau just SW of Temple at NE middle of map
  - Four Caravans NE of W corner
  - Two Caravans a bit SW of the Guardian
5. Get Ajax to the far E pass, and get Kastor and Amanra to the Guardian.
6. Build five Monuments.
7. Put up two Temples just N of the Guardian to train defenders.
8. And, of course, build an economy.

Once the Walls are up, your life becomes much easier, but the AI loves to 
attack your Villagers while they're building Walls.  You'll be hit by plenty 
of MU's, but later on they'll send masses of human units.  So get some 
Priests early, but be sure to get those Monuments up so you can get Scorpion 
Men, particularly in the W.  Once you have all your defenses up and plenty of 
defenders at both chokepoints, the mission is a breeze, so don't be shy about 
using the Son of Osiris for defense early.  You won't need him later, so 
he'll have plenty of time to awaken the Guardian.

On Hard difficulty, they'll fly in three Rocs with some MU's to your TC at 
some point.  Four Priests are adequate to handle this (along with the Town 
Bell), but if you don't get them there in time, just ring the Town Bell 
anyway to stall.

Well before the Guardian awakens, Cerberus will start marching towards him.  
However, it's very easy to use a Priest to draw Cerberus all the way to the W 
corner, which stalls him adequately.  The Guardian beats Cerberus one on one, 
so just finish off the Titan once your bad boy awakens.

[[4.9]] Rampage



GOD CHOICES: It really doesn't matter.

MAP LAYOUT: A free Settlement for your TC is in the E corner.  The enemy 
crushes the two towns along the NW edge of the map then builds over them.  
Four more towns are on the Titan's winding path to your base.  Plenty of 
resources are in your base.  Passes into your base are to the far NW and to 
the SW.  Two relics are in the E corner (trickle of gold) and in the S corner 
(infantry do more damage to Titans: cute).

WALLS: Wall off the pass where your forces start to block entrance into your 
base from the NW.

WALKTHROUGH: The Titan will rampage to the N corner, then to the NE middle, 
then to the SW middle, then to the S corner and finally to your base in the E 
corner.  Folstag calls to the Nidhogg, which takes its sweet time in getting 
here.  Folstag also has the special ability to freeze the Titan for a very 
long time, but the recharge time is approximately double the freeze time.  So 
you can keep the Titan frozen for half the time.  Unchallenged, the Titan 
will reach your base long before the Nidhogg does.

Head SE to the Settlement, walling off the NW pass on the way, then build a 
TC.  The Norse traitors will send attacks against your base regardless of 
what the Titan is doing.  They consist of a few Jarls and many Hersir and 
Throwing Axemen.  You'll periodically get one Frost Giant from each allied 
Settlement still standing, so all you need to do for defense is upgrade to 
and build Champion Throwing Axemen.

You have time to get your economy up and running while the Titan is taking 
down the first two towns, since several enemy units will be with him during 
these attacks.  (Interesting note: Folstag's breath does not freeze anyone 
but the Titan.  Unpleasant discovery to make.)  Place the Healing Spring at 
the pass where you'll be doing the fighting and get up to max capacity with 
fully upgraded Champion Throwing Axemen.

Once the Titan is on its own in the NE corner of the map, do the following.  
Freeze him with Folstag, then attack him.  Feel free to tend to your base at 
this point.  When you hear the sound signifying that Folstag is being 
attacked, move him to the TC to the SW.  By the time he gets there, his 
special ability will be recharged, so use it again and keep attacking.  When 
the Titan unfreezes, walk back to the NE.  The freezing of the Titan is a 
great time-waster, but so is getting him to follow Folstag across the map, 
and Folstag regenerates.  If the Norse traitors find Folstag, run him through 
the NW pass into your base.  No one will follow him through that.

When the Nidhogg arrives, pull Folstag back to your other forces.  When the 
Titan gets there, freeze him and attack him with at least Folstag and the 
Nidhogg.  Note that the Titan can't attack the airborne Nidhogg, and the 
Nidhogg isn't nearly as powerful as the Guardian in the previous mission, so 
you need Folstag's freezing breath for this battle.  The Titan tends to be 
surrounded by Norse traitors at this point, so use your army to slaughter 
them, then focus on the Titan.  He should go down in no time.

[[4.10]] Making Amends



GOD CHOICES: Again, it really doesn't matter.

MAP LAYOUT: Your base is in the W corner, the only enemy base is to the NE 
near the N corner (one Settlement each).  Four more Settlements in the E half 
of the map are being patrolled by the Titan.  Some Hunting is in your base, 
but forests must largely be provided by the Gaia's Forest God Power.  Gold is 
limited in your base, but there is plenty more in the enemy base to the NE.  
Passes into your base are to the NE and to the E.  The only relic on the map 
is in the S corner (infantry do more damage to Titans: again, cute).

WALLS: At the E end of your base, build Walls to the SE and SW of the Medium 
Gold Mine.  All attacks will then come through the pass NE of your TC.

WALKTHROUGH: Get up a TC, a Gaia's Forest and plenty of Villagers.  You're 
limited on gold in your base, so don't get the final set of Armory upgrades 
(which cost several hundred gold each).  With Walls in place to the E, all 
attacks will come from the NE so place three Spider Lairs at that chokepoint.  
The attacks will consist of small groups of Prometheans (easily handled by 
your Heroes) and tons of human units.

Back your Heroes with Murmillos and Arcuses.  Get to the Mythic Age for the 
Champion Infantry and Archer upgrades, then get five Behemoths and build your 
army to capacity.  You should be able to take out the base to the NE with 
this force, giving you access to another Settlement and plenty of resources.  
Wall off most of the E pass, leaving only a small gap, since the Titan will 
still send small groups of Prometheans against you (easily handled by your 

Now, upgrade to full and prepare the force that will take down the Titan.  
Thirty fully upgraded Murmillo Heroes are actually sufficient (in addition to 
Kastor, Ajax and Amanra), but you may want to prepare some backup Murmillo 
and Arcus Heroes just in case.  When the Titan leaves the N Settlement, send 
your army there, followed by five Villagers to build a TC.  Then send them 
(with some military support) to build another TC to the SW after the Titan 
leaves that area.  With four TC's built, the Titan will be weak enough for 
you to destroy, so wait for him to reach you and bring him down hard with all 
your mighty Hero goodness.

[[4.11]] Atlantis Betrayed




MAP LAYOUT: See the walkthrough.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: The first part of this mission involves slaughtering tons of 
Automatons with your Heroes while trying to protect your Murmillos.  Hit your 
Murmillos with Valor immediately to give them a fighting chance.  Also, pick 
up the relic by your starting position (Heroes do more damage to MU's).  When 
the attacks in the SE middle of the map are done, send your Heroes W to the 
Sky Passage (but leave your Murmillos behind).

Also, get plenty of Fishing Ships going, and get the resource upgrades.  Your 
ships should provide sufficient food, so get your Villagers going on gold and 
wood.  Unload your Heroes from the Sky Passage far to the W, then slaughter 
all the Automatons here.  Get these Villagers working too and get your Heroes 
into any nearby Sky Passage.  Unload from the Sky Passage at the N corner and 
use the Murmillos (who can all likely be upgraded to Heroes by this point) to 
help out.

Place your Heroes just S of the N base on Defensive Stance, and they'll hold 
indefinitely against the Automatons being sent.  Get all the upgrades you 
want, and build five Fire Siphons and a balanced army to capacity of 
Murmillos (or Fanatics, if you prefer) and Arcuses.  Then upgrade them all to 

When your army is ready, charge towards the Sky Passage in the center of the 
map.  Keep your Fire Siphons close by to take down Palaces and Gates.  When 
you break down the Gate near the Sky Passage, the enemy will invoke the 
Tartarian Gate God Power.  Target the Gate with your Fire Siphons and 
slaughter the MU's coming out.  DO NOT move forward without dealing with the 
Tartarian Gate.  When you get very close to the Sky Passage, the enemy will 
invoke the Meteor God Power, so just target the final Gate with everything 
you have and garrison Kastor, Ajax and Amanra in the Sky Passage as soon as 
you can.

[[4.12]] War of the Titans




MAP LAYOUT: There are four Gaia Pools, approximately in the SW, NW, NE and SE 
areas of the map.  Resources are scattered non-uniformly across the map.  The 
middle of the map belongs to Kronos' forces.

WALLS: None.

WALKTHROUGH: Kronos has been a bad, bad boy, so we need to call out his mommy 
to spank him!  Seriously, how awesome is that?  The SW Gaia Pool has three 
Gold Mines near it, so that's where I like to set up camp.  Head everyone W 
and start Hunting the populous Crowned Crane, chopping and mining by the SW 
Gaia Pool.  Put most of your units just E of the Pool to defend against 
attacks from the N, but leave Ajax and a few units to the SE.

There are some Spiders underground just SE of the Pool that will eat your 
human units (other than Villagers and Heroes), so just avoid them.  Get up 
two Barracks, a Temple, a Guild and five Manors.  VERY important note: Units 
can garrison inside Manors.  Your Villagers will essentially be gathering on 
the front lines, so distribute your Manors and garrison your Villagers in 
them when attacks come.

You'll get three sets of reinforcements from the Greeks, Egyptians and Norse, 
respectively.  They'll include three more Villagers, so you'll have six 
total.  Don't lose a single one!  Defend with Murmillos, Arcuses and the 
units you get, but don't bother with MU's.  Once you're fully upgraded and 
get an army up to capacity, divide it into four approximately equal groups, 
then send three to the three other Gaia Pools.

The attacks that come before you build the Summoning Trees will consist of 
primarily human units, but the attacks afterwards will involve largely MU's.  
So after you send your armies off to the different Trees, save your resources 
to upgrade your Murmillos to Heroes whenever you get attacked.  You'll also 
get some MU's at each Tree you build.

With around five minutes remaining, Kronos will break out of Tartarus.  Use a 
Chariot Archer or Cavalry unit to lead him around the map for five minutes.  
It's silly, but you have to do it to save the Trees.  When Gaia gets 
summoned, it's all over.  She regenerates faster than she can be harmed 
(including by Kronos), so just charge her N to take out her naughty boy.

[[5]] Version History

Version 1.00: This is the first complete version of this guide.

[[6]] Acknowledgments

I'd like to thank:
   - the people at Ensemble Studios and anyone else involved in the making of 
this great game.
   - the people at and the creator of their Walkthrough 
for the Fall of the Trident campaign.  I have developed my own strategies, 
but the map summaries at this domain are excellent.

[[7]] Legal Stuff

I certify that this document is my own original work based on Ensemble 
Studios' game Age of Mythology.  All copyrights and trademarks related to the 
game belong to their respective owners.  This document may not be reproduced 
under any circumstances except for personal, private use.  It may not be 
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance 
written permission.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
any public display is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2009 Nemanja Isailovic

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