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 Alone in the Dark 2

Alone in the Dark 2

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for, the solution for one of the
kick ass games of the year : Alone In The Dark 2. The sequel to the ground
breaking Alone In The Dark. It's a shame that it's french, it makes you lose
some of the story, because there's a lot of background story in the game.
But that doesn't stop us Alone In The Dark lovers to complete the game
anyway. Included is a End Save Game and the trainer made previously by The
Dominators. If i hadn't had the trainer the game would be very much harder,
so i recommend that you use the trainer. The trainer includes lots of hit
points and ammo for the three guns : Thompson, ordinary gun and the pompgun
you'll find a little later.

Chapter 1 : Controls & Movement

Chapter 2 : Translation Of The Most Common Phrases

Chapter 3 : The Solution

Chapter 1 - Controls & Movement : If you already know Alone In The Dark you
can skip this chapter.
Like in Alone in The Dark you move with the cursor keys moving
your character around. When pressing down space you make the selections you
choose by pressing return, if you choose combat you will do a headslammer by
pressing up key and space at the same time. Space and down gives you a
circular kick but who needs it when you can have a thompson machine gun.
Space and cursor right and left, hits with the hands but it's not very
efficient. What you should use is the headslammer or the gun. If you want to
run you must push arrow up twice in a row quick. To pick up a thing just walk
over it.

Chapter 2 : Translation Of The Most Common Phrases

Combattre       = Combat
Pousser         = Push
Utiliser        = Utilise
Recharger       = Recharge
Poser/Mettre    = Lie Down/Place
Mange/Boire     = Eat/Drink
Lire            = Read
Prendre         = Take
Laisser         = Leave It
Lancer          = Throw
Ouvrir/Chercher = Open/Search

If you'll need any more i will tell them throughout the solution.

Chapter 3 : The Solution

Garden - First you start by choosing "commencer une nouvelle partie" which
for normal deadly people means to start a new game. Then watch the cool intro
and get ready for some action. You must kill the man on the ground or
otherwise you won't get the Thompson (and that is an advantage). Then pickup
the gun,ammo and the health bottle, though i recommend that you now exit the
game and use the included savegame editor to get of lot of energy and ammo
for your gun. Then use the gun and move forward down the picture. Then at
first two men come at you, kill'em. Then move forward to the house to kill
the two men garding the house. This shouldn't be a problem if you used the
trainer. Then choose push from the menu and run back to the statues of the
two lions.

Inside Garden - Push the funny looking object in the middle to make way for
you to go into the garden. Just hold down the space key and press up (when
you are standing on one of the sides of the object). Now ready your favorite
weapon and get ready for some action. When you move ahead on the right will
come a person, kill him. Take the photo and if you are interested, look at it.
You don't need to go down the way he came, there's diddly squat down there.
Next, go down on your first right and kill the motherfucker. If you don't use
the trainer (fool) don't take and use anything or the stats will reset.
Should you happen to be so unlucky that you do it then exit game and use the
trainer again. Now move forward to take the corde. Back again and run along
the bushes until you come to a crossroad. Step up to the cross and kill the
man. Move down left and kill the guy to get the book. Now the book's are in
french so if your a frenchman, read'em otherwise leave the shit alone, you
won't need any of them. Now go straight ahead and to the right. Pick up the
hook lying on the ground and turn to the right and walk slowly forward until
the angle changes. Kill the two men coming after you. Now go over to the one
with the diamond on it and move over it.

Under Ground - Now you are in a basement of some sort. Start by killing the
kid. Find the chest and push it away from where you just walking in. You
should get a card. There is also a notebook, but fuck that. Use the card on
the now appearing altar and now you can use the other stairs going up.
Kill the shadow that's coming to get you to get the pirate sword.
Use the hook to connect the hook with the corde to get a swinging hook (AHA!)
Go up the stairs in the middle to get back to where you belong.

Garden : Now go left and round the corner and left again first time you can.
Round the corner again and run to the end of the bush. Follow the road until
you can go right (not at the bush with the face), down that way and kill the
man. Follow the road until you come to the bushed you can't pass. Use the
pirate sword on it until the passage is clear. This takes some time, but it's
necessary. Now take gun and be prepared, a man with a gun in his leg is after
you, kill him. Pick up the journal page. Now go stand on the right side of
the door and use the swining hook to open the door.

Under House - Pick up the handle lying on the bridge and the 5 cents coin
lying close to the entrance. Pick up the paper bag and slowly go to the man
lying on the ground. Pick up the book and the pipe. Now stand in front of the
door and use the journal page, nice huh!! Then use the pipe to get the key.
Use key and move into door to open it. Move into the wine cellar and kill
the man in the back. By the way your gun's are missing so you will have to kill
him manually (i hate when that happens). Try pushing him out of the room, it's
pretty fun (HEHE). Pick up the pumpgun and now we are in action. It's a cool
weapon. Now use the handle on the old clock, you will have to face sideways.
And the door revealed!. Go in the by the door and use the elevator. Kill the
harmonika player. Pick up the crochet (another hook). Open the white door and
enter the next room. You can pick up the bat, but it's just another weapon and
you don't really need it. Open the next white door and kill the two men. In the
room there are a four big blocks with cardcolours on them. Shoot or hit them
to flip the another colour. Make them all diamond. When the room opens a man
comes out, kill him. Enter the new room. Use the 5 cent in the gambling
machine to get two jetons. Pick up the whisky from the shelf. Maybe try to
drink it, he looks real funny when you do. There's also a couple of books but
they are not really important. When you go out again, a naked man stands there.
Kill him. It's him or you. Take the sack and try to open it and use the santa
costume, haha. Now go back in the other room and up the stairs.

Inside House - Ready the gun, because here's comes a lot of motherfuckers.
When you have killed all of them, go slightly forward, because you can't move
in front of the statue, without getting killed. It launches a sword after you.
What you have to is find the little cook boy. Run in front of the statue, then
run in front of the little cook and it will hit him. I know it's cruel, but
who said i was fair. It can be pretty tricky, so save before attempting this.
Then go in the kitchen pick up the bottle of wine and the poison by the window.
Use the poison and Vupti! you have a poisinous wine. Take the other way out of
the kitchen to get to the room with the christmas tree and pick up the pool
ball on the tree. Now next room and finally you are out in the hall again. Then
go upstairs.

Upstairs - Kill the man, and open the door. Go in and go to the right. Open
first door on the left. Go in. Kill the man. Pick up the canne-epee from him.
In the middle of the room there is a strange machine. Use the pool ball
there to remove the bookcase from the door. Also in this room you can find a
derringer gun lying around somewhere. Now go on to the last room in the
hallway. Enter. In the one end of the room there are two arms with sword,
kill them with the canne-epee. You'll get 1/2 parchmin paper. Now go down again.

Downstairs -
Go over by the door in front across from the statue in the big hall. Stand on
the right side of the door and use the poisinous wine. Wait a second for them
to come out, drugged and eventually killed. Go in. Use both of the jetons at
the jukebox in the hallway. Now a door will open in the back of the room, go
back there and get the bullet-proof west. In front of the jukebox lies a
doublon but it's pretty hard to see so get your glasses. Go out of the room,
and take the crown from the statue. Go upstairs.

Upstairs - Go to the room all the way down the hallway and use the crown on the
headof the little statue in the corner. Now exit through the top door and take
the amulet, when you do you will float in the air, and reach the top floor.

Top Floor - Take the message (if you want) and go out of the room. Kill the
two men, and pick up the key and the grenade. Go through the big archway in
the middle of the room. Use the doublon on the toybox to get the pompon. Now
leave the room and enter the last not used door. You can't kill the clown with
your weapons so throw the pompon into the room and he will follow and get killed
by the snakes. Now crawl down the chimney and you are back downstairs.

Downstairs - Now go upstairs again

Upstairs - Enter first room on your right. Down to the end of the room and use
your new key. Hey it really works. Enter room. Relax there's nothing you can
do about being locked up. Watch or skip the story. Wait until the man is gone.
Then use the hook on the door. Walk downstairs and out in the hallway, there's
nothing you cn do about the bitch either.

Ship - Well, you wake up onboard the ship and (yes you've guessed it) now you
play the little girl. Start by choosing push, and then go over to the fence and
push it away. Go in, pick up the bag from the floor and the sandwich and the
peppar. Use the bag of candy on the bird and it tells you some french rubbish.
Now save. You can't kill the pirates so you will have to avoid them. Run out of
the door and to your left. Run straight along while the pirate is breathing
down your neck, walk left first time you can and hide, until he has passed you.
When he does run fast the other way. Run up the stairs.

Ship First Floor - Run further up to the deck of the ship. Now save. This part
is a little tricky, first run to hide behind the man who sit on his knees and
drink beer. Next run over by the crate on the left ship's side. Then over to
the barrel by the ship's side. Then on to the next barrel with the thing lying
besides it. Just do it quick or you will be spotted. Then run fast in to pick
up the briquet a amadou, and let your slide down the rope in the hole just next
to the barrel. Choose open/search from the menu and walk over the chest. You'll
find a cannon. Choose to place it, she will put it a smart place. Next choose
the peppar and walk into the cannon. She will pour some peppar in the cannon.
Then choose open/search and walk over to other side of the bed and find the
captain's cane. Then take the vase from the shelf and we are all set. Walk to
the left side of the cannon and throw the vase. The door will open choose the
briquet thing and use it to light the cannon. The pirate will die and your
path is clear. Walk straight over to the other side picking up the bell on your
way. Now take the chicken foot from the table. Then go over to the kithcen
elevator and pick up the key (automatic when entering). Sit back and enjoy the

House - Use the key in the closet. Pick up two lethal objects. Now go out of
the kitchen to the hallway and use the ice on the floor when the man comes
running after you. Place yourself behind the ice and he will fall and die. Go

Upstairs - Use the marmalade on the floor and step behind it. The man will
be caught there. Now go into the pool room and take the jeton (like you
need it) from the pool table. Go into the back room where you were caught
before. Go over behind the chair and face against the chair and use the
captins cane. For your efforts you'll recive a book and more important a key.
Out again, and in the hallway go left, and in that room go further into the
next room. Use the captains cane and vupti, you are downstairs (quick elevator

Downstairs - Now maybe do a save if you feel like it. Walk out into the kitchen
and fast back and stand behind the ice you threw earlier (yes it still works).
Then he's one dead monster. Now step into the kitchen and use the bell. Good
boy. Then you will get caught and be the man.

Ship And The Man - Hold the right key in until you get the key. Use the key.
Kill the shit pirate. Take his most excellent sword. Go out of the room through
the door and kill the next pirate. Then out in the hallway and kill the next
pirate. Take the corte from the just killed pirate. Walk into the room just
across where you came from. Pick up the tisonnier by the fireplace. From the
tabel in the back of the room get the tenailles. And from the other end of the
room get the key. Then walk out of the room and to the left, use the key in
the door there. Go in. From the pirate that's attacking you, get the barrel.
Then walk out of the room and all the way down the hall to the door on the
right. Go in and kill the drunk pirate. Get the secure west and some bullets
for the gun if you feel like it. Push the barrel and get the other west, it's
really not important if you use the trainer. Now you can go into the last room
in the hallway but it's just a motherfucking unfair pirate with guns so i
didn't really bother. Well surprise surprise here comes another pirate, kill
him. Now go up the stairs.

Ship Upstairs - Depending on the way you went up, go in the second door on the
left in the end with the four doors. It's the pirates sleeping quarters. But
as song as they sleep they are friendly. Then go in to the room across the one
where the pirates sleep. Kill the guy sleeping. Use the tenailles on the cable
on the cannon to cut the wires, now here comes a tricky part. You will have to
push the cannon but you must run into it pushing space when you are about to
hit it, if you don't succed the first time, try again. Go over in the room where
the pirates sleep and choose to place the barrel, he will place it a good place.
Then over to the barrel and use the corte on the cannon. Then use the tissioner
on the cannon and the room across will explode (cool). Pick up the sac from the
pirates quarters and use it out in the hallway to open one of the doors that
are locked. Kill the two cooks coming out from the kitchen. Go in to the
kitchen and open the door in the kitchen. Kill the big cook to get the metal
card, with that you can open the other locked door. Well, what are you waiting
for?? An invitation?? Go open the door and get caught (once again) by the evil
bitch. Now you are the girl again.

Ship And The Girl - Then you use the captians cane on the statue and the statue
will move and reveal a secret door. (AHA!) Enter. Use the chicken foot in the
room and you will kill the bitch (about time). Back to the man

Ship And The Man - A fucking big guy will come after you so outrun him. Go
through the door just behind you. Take the stairs to the deck and get ready for
some serious action. Try to take the sword, but you are outrunned by a really
fast guy. Well, kill all. When you have killed some of them you can take the
hook again. Now go to the top of the mast and kill a guy. You might want to
save as he's doing a good attempt in pushing you over the edge. Well, when
you've killed him you got to use the hook on the rope to slide on to the other
mast. There's a man standing at the end of the mast. Save. Kill him. Then jump
out from the mast but do it at the middle of the mast or you won't land on the
deck. When you land at the deck pick up the captains sword in the bottom of the
screen. Then the captain is coming to kill you. Now here you can do two things,
you can die when the ship explodes or you can live to complete the game. I
think you should try both of the sequences, it's quite fun really. I've written
both of'em up below so try both though the last one is the real solution and the
one i've included the end save game also.

Ship Explodes - Don't free the but use the captain's weapon to kill him when he
comes after you. He won't die but he will explode the ship and you are dead.
Pretty cool action sequence though.

The End - The girl is tied up at the mast, go free her with the tenailles.
Then go down to the end of the ship and pick up the fuse from the cannon. Then
kill the captain with his own sword (spooky huh!). Then the ship will explode
but you won't be on it. The house will disappear, as you sail away into the


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