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 Alone in the Dark FAQ

Alone in the Dark FAQ

Alone in the Dark
By Exodist

    _    _                    _         _   _            ____             _    
   / \  | | ___  _ __   ___  (_)_ __   | |_| |__   ___  |  _ \  __ _ _ __| | __
  / _ \ | |/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \ | | '_ \  | __| '_ \ / _ \ | | | |/ _` | '__| |/ /
 / ___ \| | (_) | | | |  __/ | | | | | | |_| | | |  __/ | |_| | (_| | |  |   < 
/_/   \_\_|\___/|_| |_|\___| |_|_| |_|  \__|_| |_|\___| |____/ \__,_|_|  |_|\_\


Title: Alone in the Dark
Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: PC
Release: 1992 (very old!)
Genre: The first ever Survival horror/Adventure game


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 31KB
Document version: 1.000 (final)
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 13th May, latest version 13th May






Alone in the Dark was the first survival horror game, which inspired the famous
Resident Evil series. This may of been the first survival horror game, but it
isn't the best. Resident Evil was far more successful, and is actually better.
But what we have here is still a classic game, it's quite good, it has decent
graphics, music and has quite a couple of scares in it! It's also set in a
mansion... Are you ready to be alone in the dark?
Anyways, the game isn't that scary, but it doesn't matter.
So why write a guide for a game thats 14 years or so old? Well, illegally, you
can download it as abandonware, although this is kinda illegal. But hey, if you
want to download it, do it at your OWN risk. Although no one is going to turn
up at your door to arrest you.




Artist Jeremy Hartwood has died mysteriously, and now his mansion Derceto lies
empty, silent. Almost too silent. It is believed that Jeremy took his own life.
But why? And what are the lights that can be seen through the house's windows
by nightfall? You go in to check it out and... well, now you can't leave.


The attorney's letter came as a deep shock to me. My unlce Jeremy died by his
own hand! The coroner's report was uneguivocal: he hanged himself in the loft.
My intial suprise and distress past, I considered the new; it seemed clear that
Derceto had exercised a thoroughly morbid unfluence on my uncle's mind. That
creaking old mansion, with its unusual tales, its secret library door, the
ancient upstairs clock, all those occult books that my unlce could not resist
reading, in spite of his fragile nerves... Fat had pointed its finger. Derceto
had trapped its prey. Mr MacCarfey, the family lawyer suggested selling the old
house; I immediately opposed the idea. My duty is clear: I must go to Derceto.
I tremble at the thought of those dark corridors, those brooding portraits. Yet
I am convinced that uncle Jeremy left a note, a letter of some kind, explaining
his fateful decision. I remember his voice saying, "Look at the piano Emily...
Look harder." Maybe the secret drawer will yield up an explanation. I have the
feeling things will not be so simple. Life is a myster, containing more
mysteries. Jeremy taught me that much. Now is the time to confront the
mysteries. Derceto is waiting for me. I pray that my fear is nothing more than
the fruit of my imagination. Nothing will ever persuade me that my unlce was
insane. But why did he, according to the police report, block the loft window
with the old wardrobe?


On my door, a dull brass plate says "Private detective". The few friends I have
call me Carnby; the others call me the Reptile. I don't care to think what my
banker calls me. These days, I leave my letters unopened; bills and threats to
send in the receivers just ruin my day. When an antigue dealer called Gloria
Allen contacted me, I slipped into my best shirt, holstered my .38, and got to
her shop as fast as I could. I was expecting something sordid: blackmail
probably. Boy, was I wrong! What I was asked to do was visit a property called
Dercreto and find a piano in the loft. It was an old piano, with secret
drawers; hte kind people buy stuff in antigue stores go crazy over. The Derceto
house is supposed to be piled high with classy junk: furnitire, books,
paintings. It looked like whoever owned Derceto was about to get cleaned out.
I was going to bring up the subject of money when Gloria Allen handed me $150
and a key. I kept myself from grinning at the thought of my banker's surprise.
He doesn't like his victims getting away. I looked over a copy of the police
report. The former owner of Derceto, a guy called J. Hartwood, had hanged
himself in the loft. The coroner concluded it was a clear-cut case of suicide.
I promised Gloria Allen I'd give the place a look-over. My report will be ready
in a couple of days. I've been reading up on the history of the old house; it's
the kind of place ghosts run away from in terror. Grisly murders, curses,
lunacy... Luckily, devil-worship makes me smile, so this is my idea of a paid




This section has the game controls, which are very simple to say the least.

Movement - Use the arrow keys to move. If you press the right arrow key, your
character will move to THEIR right, abit like in Resident evil. It's pretty
simple. By tapping the up arrow key, you can start running (you have to press
it then press it once more very quickly then hold it, it doesn't always work

Menu - Press the ENTER key to bring up the menu. The box at the top shows all
your inventory items. The bottom left box shows the item. The box to the bottom
right shows all the commands for the item you have highlighted. To make your
character do stuff, make sure Actions is highlighted in the items section. You
should see your character spinning around. The number shows your health, which
is 20 max (I think). Then, pressing Enter again, will move onto the items
commands. For Actions, select a comman using enter again. Then, hold down the
space bar. Your character will go into a stance. Then, using the arrow keys,
you can perform the command.

Combat - So then, you have Fight selected as your characters action? Well, hold
down the space bar, then press any arrow key to punch or kick. OR, if you have
a weapon equipped, use the left and right arrow keys to aim, then hold up to
use it. Hold it, and your character should attack. A message will come up if
you don't have enough ammo for it (if it needs ammo).

Options menu - Pressing esc will bring up another menu. Here, just use the
arrow keys to highlight something, then press enter to confirm.

NOTE ON RUNNING!: I think if you hold the up arrow key, then very, very quickly
press it again and hold it, you will start to run. It's very hard, so you
should spend time getting it right for when you really need it.




NOTE: From what I know, Edward Carnby's and Emily Hartwoods adventures are both
the SAME. They just have different reasons for going to the mansion, thats all.
I don't know if the characters have different statistics though. Anyways, let
the game begin!

For those weak hearted, there isn't a scare for this opening. Anyways, you will
see which ever character you chose driving upto the mansion. For some reason,
you can see a frog jump across the road. Anyways, your character gets out, and
starts walking towards the mansion, and you can see that the attic light is on.
The view changes, and you can see from the window. And there's some boney arms
holding onto the window frame. Creepy. Your car then drives off, but the
character keeps on walking, as if nothing happened. You will then see them walk
up to the attic in the mansion. Thats it. Then you get control.

OK, you will be in the loft. Quickly push the cupboard in front of the window
and the chest over the trapdoor. If you don't, a zombie comes through the trap
door, and another monster comes through the window. Anyways, once you have done
that, open the chest for a rifle. Then, open the cupboard to find an Old Indian
cover. Walk to the piano, and check it from the side of it, to find a letter.
Walk over to the chest, and you should see a bookcase in the background, but it
only goes up to your waist. Search this for a book. Then, take that oil lamp
you saw at the start. Then go down the stairs to the store room.

Here, take the bow. Then, search the right shelves for an oil can, so use it
when you get it to fill your oil lantern up. Don't forget to read the book too
you got from the loft. Also, read the letter. Then open the door and go into
the hallway.
They are coming. I have freed hellish forces and now the price must be paid.
Derceto is the prey of evil. The sun has set. They will find my body but will
not have my soul. I can imagine the master's fury and the terror in the hearts
of his slaves. I hear their footsteps. Some may understand what I have done.
May God forgive me. Farewell. Jeremy Hartwood.
Fragment of the Myth of the Golden Fleece * Translation: Edouard de Vielban
Hesperides Publications *
Then Perseus came across Ichios, who had been turned into stone. He spoke to
his companions and said, "Beware of the Medusa. He who looks into their eyes
is doomed to the same fate as that which befell poor Ichios and will never more
set eyes on Seriphos." "Must we go blindfolded?" asked Ymelops. "Take up your
bronze shields and polish them until they flash in the sun," answered Perseus.
"Fill your hearts with courage. May Artemis guide us as though we were an arrow
from her quiver." But Ymelops was not satisfied. "Why do that, Perseus? Is
three inches of sharpened metal not enough to destroy these accursed creatures?
" The Perseus drew his sword, which shone and glittered in the sun, and with it
he dazzled Ymelops. "Now what can you see?" The companions of Zeus' son
laughed. "Let us set to work, so that our shields may shine like mirrors."

Don't walk across the hall, at one point, you will fall and die because the
floor suddenly collapses. Instead, go into the room on the right (thats the
door to your characters left when you first enter the hallway). 

Here, go into the corner and search the rolltop desk for a key. Use this key
on that chest you saw to get a Old Cavelry Sabre. Then, open the door to see 2
long, green arms! AHHHHH, its a zombie. Well, it's not actually scary. But
anyways, equip the Sabre, then hold down Space, then the up arrow key to hack
the to hack the zombie to bits. It will take about 3 hits. Be warned, the sabre
will break soon. Head through the hall into the next room.

Here, walk in, then wait. A zombie will then walk through the door, so kill it
using your sabre or shooting it, or simply using the FIGHT action. Then, walk
into the next room.

Here, walk to the right side of the bed, and collect the vase. Throw it on the
floor, then try to pick it up. Don't pick up the remains, instead, pick up the
key after that. Quickly move from this spot, then kill the monster that comes
through the window. It's a pain in the ass when the pick up vase thing comes up
when your trying to fight a monster! With the key, open the drawers (with the
teddy bear on it) to get 2 small mirrors. Take them both. Then, go into the
hallway, and into the next room along.

Here, open the cabinet to find a first aid box. Take it, then open it and take
the flask. Drink from it to gain more health (it goes over 20). Then, drop the
flask, the first aid box, both the keys, the sabre if it's broken, the empty
oil canister. Then exit the room, and go through the door at the end of the

Here, you will see a winged demon blocking the stairs. Don't touch these.
Instead, hug the wall, and walk to the statue. Then, place a small mirror on
the statue, then do that to the other one, which is at the other side of the
room. It will kill the demon, move onto the screen with the other demon so that
one dies too. Then, walk downstairs. Now that didn't make me jump, but it wasnt

Here, don't touch the statue just yet. When you have the Very Heavy Statuette,
stand in fron the the suit of armour. Then, throw the statuette so it drops the
sword. The sword is like the Sabre, but it doesn't break after 5 hits. Anyways,
go to the right of the stairs, and go through the door you see.

You will most probably notice that ghost sitting in the chair. What ever you do
DO NOT GO INTO CONTACT WITH THAT CHAIR! If you do, the ghost gets up, turns
into loads of coloured circles, then kills you. Instantly. Then you see a
zombie carry you to your death bed. So anyways, search the cupboard for a
cartridge, and use them with your Rifle for more ammo. Then, pick up the
Gramophone. Then, walk past the chair, and pick up the Match box. Exit this
room, and walk to the other side of the stairs, and through that door.

Here, you will come into a hallway. Walk to the left, and enter the second door
you see.

F*****G HELL!!! Now that did make me jump. Bloody hell. Quickly search the
cabinet for a first aid box, then run out the room. The purple monster cannot
be killed. Open the first aid box, then drink from the flask. Drop both items
after that. In the hall, head further down, and enter the dark room. Make sure
you also have the Jug from next to the cabinet.

Here, use the matches to turn the lamp on, and the room will lighten up,
allowing you to see. Pick up that red statue from the table, then walk back
into the hallway. Here, search/open to put the lamp away. Go back to the statue
in the lobby to get the sword! Also, from picking the statue up, you will also
get a book.
A Brightness From Afar
By Lord Beoleskine
An account of his celebrated voyage to New England 1824
A leister Publications. Cambridge.
Following a splendid journey, the sunny harbour came into sight. The locals
were much impressed with one's arrival in their midst. Once had time to sketch
several of them and notice signs of degeneracy. Some children showed one their
guerr hands that would inspire uneasiness. Upon the promise of a few coins, a
child has undertaken to reveal to one a most "prodigious phenimenon: of a
natural order. One admits to being sceptical as to the prodigiousness of the
marvel, whatever it may be; indeed, one suspects it to be little more than an
evening stroll to some charming wooded hut situated in hte forest hereabouts.
One will nonetheless go, for it is always well to submit to such local
enthusiasms. Once admits to being somewhat flabbergasted! The Milky Way shone
like the fires of the Apocalypse from the inky celestial vault. Certain distant
stars, normally naked to the invisible eye, were clearly visible, glittered
indeed with a strange intensity. The heavy clouds that had settled above the
village had no hold over that place. It would be pointless to offer here the
names of the constellations one perceived in utter clarity; apart from the
interminable length of such a list, one might conceivably risk being charged
with exaggeration! The cross cast its shadow on the ground. The sea, in the
distance, was dead calm. Tonight one will return to that spot, and draw those
stars. Tomorrow night, one will at last see Halley's comet in all its
brilliance. The youngster will carry torches. Despite ones developed sense of
direction, honed by years of travel, one feels incapable of finding one's way
through the dark forest unaided. The drawings will, one is convinced, set light
to the souls of men! Such a moon! One lost count of the craters, so sharply was
their definition. Loath as one is to seem excessive in ones appraisal, one
cannot but fell that the forest is clearing is indeed a place outside the
common laws of time and space. Surely it is not an hallucination! How strange
to consider that idle conversation, some research in the British Museum and a
voyage to this backward village should culminate in so astounding a discovery.
It may be that others have noticed the extraordinary nature of that place; how
else may one explain the presence of that cross?
NOTE: As you can see, that book has nothing to do with the game, but it's there
none the less.
Once you have the sword, go to the door leading to the sitting room. Walk to
the right of the door, into the next lobby like place. You can drop the
gramophone if you want to, you don't need it now. Then, from the stairs, walk
to the left, so you can see 2 doors. Take the right one, into a porch like

Check behind the statue to get 3 arrows for your bow. Then, turn around and
quickly run back into the lobby, some small spiders drop down to get you. You
cant kill these ones. In the lobby, enter the other door directly across the

Here, go through the smaller door to the left of where you entered. Take the
cellar key on hte wall, and search the shelf for a box of biscuits. Eat them
to raise your health more. Drop any items you dont need, then go into the
kitchen again. Search the cupboard next to the table to get a Knife. Turn
around, and go through another small door. Then, your attack by a zombie, so
turn around and cut him down to size with your knife. Or you can use a sword,
which ever you want. Search the pile of black stuff to find a shoe box. Open
this to find a revolver. There is some more ammo for it back in the dark room.
Then, use your jug on the barrel to fill it up. Then pick up the oil can in the
corner, and fill up your lamp. Go back into the kitchen, pick up the pot of
soup, then go through the big door which you haven't been through. Then, go
through the next one you see.

Here, you will see LOTS of zombies. Either you kill them all, OR, you put the
pot of soup down on the table. If you do that, all the zombies will sit down,
on the chairs, and won't bother you. See that cabinet? To the left of it, is
a door. 

Go through it. Here, quickly run to the table get the lighter. Then use the jug
of water to put the smoking ashtray out. If you don't, your health will go down
fast. Do it fast enough to avoid getting any damage at all. Go all the way back
to the hallway with the bathroom and the dark hallway. In this hall, go to the
end into another room. For a faster way, go through the double doors, into the
first hallway. DON'T TRY TO LEAVE the mansion, a giant green monster thing will
suck you up. Ouch.

Now that we have the Revolver, you might want to get some more ammo. Go back to
the Dark room, and get the oil lamp out. Put it down onto the floor, then check
the cabinet to find some ammo. Pick the oil lamp back up, then go back to the
painting hallway. See that big painting with a guy holding an axe? Stand in
front of it, and put the old Indian cover over it. Then, start walking down the
hallway. When the screen changes so that you can see the whole hallway, use an
arrow so it hits the painting at the end. Some purple smoke like stuff will
then come out. Walk down, and go through the door into Jeremys bedroom.

Here, pick up the book on the table. Read it to realise, ITS A FAKE BOOK! Dun
dun dun! Then, push the big clock and search the hole in the wall. You will get
a key and a piece of parchment. Read it.
The Creatures of Night By Hurbertus the Bald
translated from Latin by his brother in prayer Fratre Johaqn Markus
Of Monstrasity
You who read me, know that night engenders monsters and that night creatures
exist. The accursed book of Abdul Al Azred is clear on this matter: "That is
not dead which can eternal lie." Unhappy he who knows that book. Unhappy he
whose eyes alight upon that foulest of texts. Unhappy he who implores the
standing stones. For he will free the powers of darkness.
Of the Pit
Stagnant waters are like the memory of men. Beneath the surface calm, clawed
beasts away and are known to initiates as the Deep Ones. Awaiting his prey, the
Deep One seizes him and drags him to the abyss where Dagon the cruel god swims
and reveres him whose name may not be pronounced.
Of libraries
Unhappy he who frees the prowler. Unhappy he who meets the prowler erring among
the books. He generates the vagabond that comes from other spheres. He believes
the vagabond does not exist. He will feel the embrace of death for, in the eyes
of the vagabond, books are no more than dreams, stone no more than wind. The
vagabond knows how to take the breath of the reckless.
Of strife
He who speaks does not know and believes he is able to kill the creatures of
the night. Folly. Evil is conjured up by science and secrecy. He who prowls
among books will perish by the blade. He who flies in the dark caverns will
scream in fear. He who swims in the depths will evaporate. But he who believes
he knows knows nothing. He who knows says nothing. P#J#JOf death. There are
domains more terrible than death. That is not dead which can eternal lie. Each
creature is conjured up and is not dead but returns to the origins. A monster,
a science. Stell kills the vagabond who never dies.
Translator's note. + + Here ends the manuscript of Hubertus, who died in the
library of the convent of Jaroella in the year of Our Lord 1666. Reguiescat in
pace. + + +
Now, go outside the room, and go through the double doors in the hallway.

First, get your oil lamp out. Then, walk into the middle of the room, and put
it down. And run away from that purple monster, because you can't kill it yet.
Once you have put the lamp down, run to the corridor at the lop left of the
room. Then, you will see an a part of the book case that looks different. Walk
a little past it, and search the books. Then, use the false book to open up
another room. Run inside.

Here, take the talisman, then search the shelf. ONLY take the dagger with a
curved handle. Equip it, and go back into the library. Kill the purple monster
with it, it only takes one hit, if it doesn't die, you picked up the wrong
dagger. Then, pick up the oil lamp. Then, go through the double doors to end
up in the lobby again where you got the sword. Then, go pick up the Gramophone.
Then use the silver key to unlock the door next to the enclosed porch door. It
leads to the cellar, but you don't need to go down. Then, go back to the
smoking room. Here, you will find some double doors (not the ones across the
hallway!) so use the other key to open it. Go through.

Here, see that coat of arms? Put the old cavelry sabre in it, if its borken,
just put both pieces in. Then, the table moves to reveal a secret room! Don't
walk down them though. Search the book case for a record, then go through the
smoking room into the lobby. Then, go through the other double doors.

Here, there is the only pirate in the game! You will have to use your Sword to
kill it, because shooting it doesn't work. This can take awhile, because it
blocks most of your attacks. You will want to wait for him to swing, then try
to get him strait afterwards for a hit. He will take about 5 or so hits to kill
him. After you have killed him, pick up his key. Use the key to unlock the
double doors you can see.

Go to the corner of the room, then use the record you found. Make sure you have
the gramophone in your inventory. All of the ghosts will start to dance. Make
sure you don't touch them! Then go back to Jeremys study and go down the stairs
to the next part.

Here, you will see a bridge. Make sure your running before moving across, other
wise you will fall and die. At the end, keep going through the tunnel, and run
again when you see a giant worm chase you. Soon you will see a tunnel to the
right to hide in. Go inside to escape the worm.

Kill the monster waiting here. Then go down the cave. You will see the big worm
again, so turn around, and run back. Then, go to the right and through the new
tunnel the worm made, and jump down onto the wooden dock.

Here, avoid the water monster, and make sure you don't go into the water,
your more likely to be killed by the monster. Keep following the wooden dock
and be sure to jump over the light brown part, otherwise it will collapse, and
you will fall into the water. Your lamp will go out, and your cartridges will
get all wet. Climb up into the next area.

Kill the spider enemy, then run into the next area. To kill the spider with
your sword, wait for it to attack you before hitting it, then hack it to bits
when its stuck on its back.

Here, jump onto the first pillar, then pull your sword out. Wait for it to fly
near you, then hack it to bits. Then, keep on jumping, aiming for the right
side of the room when the screen changes. Then, keep running through the tunnel
until your at the fork. Don't go down, go left. Going down leads to a dead end,
and a spider too.

This part is simple. You will have to make your way across the room by jumping
across the wooden platforms. Go to the one of the right, and jump when your in
the middle of it, because it will collapse. Then, go right, and walk until you
have to climb up onto a pillar. Here, you should see a platform in the bottom
left of the screen. Jump to it, then just run to the end. Use the pirates key
on the chest and take the gem. Then push the big rock out of the way. Go
through, until your in a dark room.

Use the oil lamp to find yourself in a maze. Here, you must go to the left, but
make sure your at the top of the screen. Keep going, then eventually you will
have to go down, then to the right. It's not hard, and you will find a stone
door soon. Put the gem inside the door, then go into the next room.

This is it. The very last part of the game. Open/search to put the lamp away,
then run and jump into the water. Run to the alter thats in front of the tree
(its the one you see when you die from that ghost in the sitting room!). Take
the hook, the put the talisman on it to stop the tree firing fireballs at you.
Remember to avoid the water monster. Now, use the lighter on the oil lamp, and
throw it at the tree! Then, run back, and climb to the left. Use the hook on
the big stone door, and go through. You will then appear at the start of the
maze. Anyways, head all the way back to the small dock area, then go through
the place the big worm was at. At the end is a small hole, go through.

You will be in the cellar, so run to the other side, and go up the stairs. Now,
run to the end of the lobby, and through the double doors to outside.
CONGRATULATIONS, you have completed Alone in the Dark! There isn't really an
ending. When THE END comes up, press Enter to go back to the main menu. Well
done, although I didn't think the game was very long/hard.




Medical kits - It has a flask in it, drink from the flask to raise your health.
Biscuits - Raise your health.
Books - Help you with the story line.
Ammo - Ammo for your weapons.
Parchment and scrolls - Help you with the story line.
Oil can - Fill up your oil lamp.
Oil lamp - See in dark areas.

Rifle - Powerful, and throws you back when fired. It can be found at the start
of the game, and uses cartridges. It must be kept out of water.
Revolver - A good weapon, but it takes time to reload it. It can be found
about the middle or so of the game. It's waterproof.
Sword - Most probably the best weapon in the game in my opinion, and the most
used weapon. It's not the strongest thing, but its range is long, and you don't
need ammo for it! It can be found early in the game.
Sabre - It's the same as the sword, apart from it breaks after 5 uses. Also,
you need it for a puzzle.
Knives - Crap.
Daggers - They are the same as knives, but some do different things, like the
dagger that you use to kill a monster in the library.
Bow - To be honest, a really rubbish weapon that I NEVER used once. Becuase
its crap. You can only have 2 arrows for it, because you need 1 for hitting a
painting with.




Zombies - The main monster of the game really, they are slow, and weak. Kill
them with your sword, there's no reason to waste your ammo on them.
Brown monsters - These jump through windows at you usually, although some of
them don't. These aren't that hard, just shoot them with your rifle.
Rats - You can't kill them, they are weak though.
Spiders - Weak, and you can't kill them.
Pirate - Not too hard, they just take ages to kill because you can't shoot them
and they block most of your attacks. They take about 5 or so hits to kill with
your sword.
Ghosts - Invincible. They will leave you alone though, unless you touch them.
As soon as you touch them, they anihilate you. Honest, you can't kill them.
Deep Ones - These are strong, but you can avoid them, so do so!
Birds - These are weak, although hard to shoot. If you can, use your sword to
kill them!
Pregzt - The last enemy, just throw a lit lamp at him to kill him. He will
fire fireballs at you until you place a talisman on an altar.




Q. So you definately can't kill the ghosts?
A. Nope.

Q. Where's the secrets section for this guide?
A. Well, there isn't any secrets for the game.

Q. Why do I keep finding useless books around?
A. Read them, they will relate to the game somehow.

Q. I can't do the running thing! Any tips at all?
A. Keep trying, it pisses me off too.

Q. The last boss is easy isn't it?
A. Well, it's not much of a hard game either is it?

Q. Where can I download this game?
A. That would be illagal. If your desperate, google it.

Q. There are some books you missed out in your guide.
A. I know, because I either can't be bothered to write them out, OR I didn't
get them on my walkthrough play through.

Q. Is there any difference between Emily and Edward?
A. Nope, not what I know of.



Version 1.000 - The final version, every thing is in the guide. It's done.




This FAQ/walkthrough is copyright (c) 2006 Ryan Haighton. Do NOT steal it, as
that would be stealing (well duh) and it can't be had. You must ask permission
for hosting my guide on any of your websites. Thanks for not stealing, if you
don't that is.


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