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 Amazing Spider Man

Amazing Spider Man

 SPLAT! One moment you're dodging bad guys, then faster than a can of RAID you
fall into an empty hallway! You're the amazing Spider-man, and you have no idea
how you got here or what's wanted of you. Explore the rooms around you: To the
south is the Lizard, to the east is an elevator and to the west is Sandman.
TALK SANDMAN and you'll realize your goal- collect those gems!

 From Sandman go east then north. Go east and meet a villain named Hydroman; he
keeps his gem in his aquarium. Go west but only once! If you look west from the
hallway you'll see a Bio-Gem guarded by an exploding Natter-Egg. One step into
that room will cause you, the gem and the egg to be scrambled all over the
wall. Perhaps you could nab that gem from here with your web...but you're out
of web-fluid!

 Try north; here is Madame Web- the psychic senior citizen who has helped you
out on occasion. TALK MADAME WEB will reveal that she can help you out now if
you ask her to "scan" objects. If you ask her to SCAN GEMS, she'll tell you
that this room is where they should be put if you want to be given proper

 Start with Sandman. From Madame Web go south then south, then JUMP UP. You're
walking on the ceiling so you can enter the room without disturbing one grain
of Sandman. The formula in the crib is really baby formula, so don't bother
with it. Grab the gem and leave: Go east twice to cross the hallway and then
JUMP DOWN. At the elevator OPEN DOOR and your spider-strength comes through.

 Before you climb anywhere, EXAMINE SHAFT then EXAMINE NICHES. Grab your
treasure then climb up. You could exit here, but don't. For now just EXAMINE
SHAFT then EXAMINE NICHES...another treasure! Climb up one more level and again
EXAMINE SHAFT and EXAMINE NICHES for another gem. Try to climb up again, and
you'll find something stopping you. PUSH UP and you move the elevator out of
the way. For the last time CLIMB UP, EXAMINE SHAFT and EXAMINE NICHES nets you
another gem. Now exit the shaft by going WEST.

 This is a penthouse, presumably owned by Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah
Jameson-the only person tasteless enough to have that ugly painting as
decoration. Of course, you're no vandal, but you're no fan of J.J.J. either.
OPEN DESK and get the gem. LOWER THERMOSTAT twice to freeze the building- that
should slow down the aqueous Hydroman. TAKE PAINTING and OPEN PAINTING; you'll
find a piece of paper with a valuable formula. Go into the elevator shaft and
go down one level. Exit west and go west again into the hallway.

 Go south into an office which is empty except for calcium carbonate,
hydrochloric acid and exotic powders. TAKE CHEMICALS. Go north twice, and
you'll find a fully-equiped lab. As per Madame Web's hint, MIX CALCIUM
CARBONATE AND HYDROCHLORIC ACID- the result is calcium chloride- a dessicant!
Next, using the exotic powder and the formula you can make web-fluid--with only
partial success. You can now SPIN WEB but it will only last a few seconds.

 South of the lab and then west is one more room you haven't entered. Here you
find the Ringmaster, whose hypnotic hat will force you to follow any command.
TALK RINGMASTER and he'll tell you how he can be defeated. But you must obey
him as he orders you out of the room. To defeat the hat CLOSE EYES then go west
into the room again. PUSH KNOB and TURN KNOB. When you open your eyes the
Ringmaster is gone and his gem is yours. Examine the room before you leave, and
note the presence of a computer. Go east 3 times and down the elevator shaft
twice. Go west and you're back on the first floor.

 Go west to the hallway and then south to the Lizard. PUT CALCIUM CHLORIDE ON
LIZARD and he dries up into poor one-armed Doc Conners--sound asleep. (The good
Doc tried to take advantage of a lizard's ability to regenerate its tail-- he
concocted an extract to regenerate his own severed arm. The results were
disastrous-- Conners became the Lizard). SEARCH DOC CONNERS for a gem and then
go north twice then east into Hydroman's office.

 He's frozen into a statue and his aquarium's a block of ice encasing his gem.
Take the block and exit the room. Leave the Bio-Gem for later. Go north and
DROP ALL GEMS in front of Madame Web. Go south twice then east twice to get to
the shaft. Go up three times and then west to J.J.J.'s penthouse. Raise the
thermostat and the block of ice is an aquarium again. TAKE GEM FROM AQUARIUM.

 Lower the thermostat again because you'll need to keep things frozen. Go east
into the shaft and go down two levels. Go west and you'll see a mirror and the
villain Mysterio may run past you. Don't be distracted by either of these, just
go west and you'll be hanging onto the outside wall. Then JUMP.

 Now something is very wrong- you think you're floating in mid-air. You might
even see Mysterio floating next to you. But you're really just in another room!
FEEL NORTH, and you'll stumble into an office with a gem. TAKE GEM then go
SOUTH. Then FEEL SOUTH for another office and another gem. Go north back to the
outside-room and this time JUMP UP.

 You're clinging to the ceiling next to an intake mesh. PULL MESH and ENTER
DUCT to find another gem. That fan is no easy barrier. You'll have to prove
again that Spider-man might be a vandal and THROW ICE AT FAN. When the clanging
stops, so will the fan. Other objects could have stopped the fan, but you'll
need all of them later. Now you can GO FAN, beyond which is a gem and a maze
you can map if you like, but all you have to do from the fan is go DOWN five

 You are now in the Daily Bugle Printing Room and you are facing the deadly
Electro and the psycho Doctor Octopus! Electro is getting ready to shock you
into oblivion so, quickly, TAKE DOC OCK. Hold him! If he pulls loose, grab him
again! If and only if you are holding Doc Ock, PUNCH ELECTRO.

 Only by holding Doc Ock's metal arms will you be safe. SEARCH DOC OCK and
SEARCH ELECTRO to get a gem from each villain. Go west and you'll find the
paper storage room. The printing press won't start up unless the scale which
covers the floor of this room shows a certain amount of paper is present.

 Here's also another gem. Go east to the printing room and START PRESS but
you'll be told it must be done by computer. The only computer you've seen is in
Ringmaster's room, so climb up 5 times. GO FAN then go down. JUMP DOWN into the
outside-room. Go EAST 3 times so you're back in the elevator shaft. Go up once
and then west three times to the computer.

 TYPE START PRESS and the computer will inform you that the scale in the paper
storage room must first show 950 pounds! Start collecting weight- go east three
times to enter the shaft. Go down twice and then west twice and then north
twice so you're with Madame Web and you can DROP GEMS you've picked up.

 Go south then east to GET STATUE (the frozen-Hydroman). Go west to the hallway
then south twice to the sleeping Doc Conners. GET DOC CONNERS and go north then
east twice to the shaft. Climb up to the penthouse where you can TAKE DESK,
TAKE COUCH and TAKE CLOCK. Go east then down twice. Go west twice and JUMP UP.
ENTER DUCT, GO FAN and go down five times. Go west and dump everything on the
scale. Go back for Doc Ock and Electro.

 When you add them to the scale and READ DIAL you'll see you have just enough
weight to satisfy the computer. Go east and then up five times. GO FAN and down
twice to the outside-room. Go east 3 times to the elevator shaft and go up one
level. Leave the elevator and continue west 3 times to the computer. TYPE START

 Go east 3 times, down one level, west twice and JUMP UP. GO DUCT, GO FAN and
down five times. READ NEWSPAPER. Wish Scott Adams luck that the front page news
comes true, and read the puzzle on the second page. You need to type. Up you
go, five times. GO FAN and down twice. Then go east 3 times to the shaft and up
one level. Go WEST 3 times and you're at the Ringmaster's computer-room again.

 Take the Examiner's gem and go east 3 times, back to the shaft. Drop down
twice and go west twice into the hallway. Go north once and LOOK WEST. SHOOT
WEB AT BIO-GEM. You got it! Go north and drop all gems. Say SCORE. Now, has
anyone seen the FANTASTIC FOUR?

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