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 A Mind Forever Voyaging

A Mind Forever Voyaging

You are the first sentient computer, awakened from a simulation
mode that you've been in for some twenty years to learn that you
are a computer called PRISM. The leader of the complex is Abe
Perelman, who is the only human that you will deal with. You are
told that you are now ready to begin a project to simulate what
the country would be like if a certain socio-economic plan is
implemented. There are not too many puzzles as such in A Mind
Forever Voyaging, hence this solution is in narrative form rather
than step by step as with most games.
The game has three parts and an Epilog. Part I is an introduction
in which you go on your first simulation. In Parts I and II, the
name of the game is to explore and record. Before you leave,
Perelman's associates will give you a list of the things you are
to accomplish. Basically, you need to visit various locations,
record what you observe there, and bring the record back to
Perelman, When you successfully return the information that
Perelman needs, you are sent on the next part. There is much text
associated with the extensive map of Rockvil during the periods of
2041, 2051, 2061, 2071, and 2081. Initially, however, you can only
venture to 2041.
There are four mode which you may enter or go to: Communications
mode: You may see, hear, or speak in this mode.
1. PRISM project control center (PPCC)
2. research center rooftop (RCRO)
3. Dr. Perelman's office (PEOF)
4. PRISM facility cafeteria (PCAF)
5. maintenance core (MACO)
6. World News Network feed (WNNF)

Library mode: Follow the instructions.
Interface mode: Interrogate and direct other interface devices,
such as the HVAC. Data is found in the library mode. The
ventilation must be turned off in the maintenance core when the
saboteurs enter.
Simulation mode: Enter you security clearance wheel, and be sure
to do the following:
1. Eat a meal in either restaurant.
2. Buy a newspaper at Bodanski Square. 3. Ride public
transportation at any tube station.
4. Talk to a government official at the city hall.
5. Buy some clothes at Dunbars.
6. Go to a movie at the cinema.

Try to accomplish these tasks in each of the simulation periods.
In later simulations, some tasks cannot be accomplished and there
will be new events for you to record, such as the police raid in
the dorm, the general decay of the neighborhood, and the skycar
factory output.

"Abort" will get you out at any time. Since you alone can see what
happens, it is necessary to use the recorder. Be sure to turn off
the recorder (record off) as soon as you've recorded what you
want, as the buffer isn't overly large. If your buffer is full,
return to Perelman. You may need to sleep while awaiting his
arrival. The recorder may also be used in communications mode.


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