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 Angel Devoid - Face of the Enemy

Angel Devoid - Face of the Enemy


by Doug Radcliffe (

If you have any questions about the game, please send me 
email and I'll try to answer them.



1)  If your PDA light is flashing, always click on it.  Most of the 
information is pretty useless, but worthy nevertheless.

2)  Save your game often!  ANGEL DEVOID sets some sort of record with 
number of ways to die.  Often taking too long to make a decision or going 
the wrong way can cause you to have an untimely demise.  Save your game!


CD 1

- Go left to pick up your clothes and jump through the window.
- Click on the ladder to go down.

- Click on bum to talk to him
- Click forward, Lorraine will speak to you and give you a gun.

- Go forward to Selina's bar.
- Select "Devil" mood when the mood choices come up.
- Get gun ready and shoot her after Jake looks at the card she gave him.
- Go to rear of bar and to the left, Men's room.
- Take note of the number on the wall.
- Exit the bar.

- Go left
- Go forward
- At this point one of two things will appear.
  1) A robot
  2) A truck with a robot inside.

  If it is just a solo robot, shoot it quickly.

  If it is the truck with the robot who comes out to greet you.
  - shoot robot
  - enter truck
  - click on door
  - click on the card to get it
  - exit truck

If you first encountered the solo robot here, you'll have to return to 
trigger the arrival of the truck.  If the truck arrives first, you need 
not come back.

- Go left

- Go right to enter Casino
- Go left to Virtual Reality trip for fun
- Go forward to Trix table.
- Examine table using magnifying glass "look" option.
- Click on table to learn rules of Trix
- Insert PEDI card (Selina gave it to you) into card slot.
- Maximize bet for fun
- Roll 4 times.
- Mr Digit will then interrupt you and give you his card address.

- Go right
- Go right
- Shoot brute in alley.
- Pick up card he dropped.

- Go to the Neo City Transit
- Go through door
- Insert Subway Card (from brute in alley) into card slot.
- Wait for Subway (Do not go onto tracks)

CD 2

- Go right
- Go left

- Go right to enter bar
- After getting drinks, pick "Normal" mood choice when talking with Jett.

Jett will then hand you a grenade to disarm in 5 seconds.  The possible 
combination is one of the following.  I believe the game randomizes this 
so you should save before entering the bar.  You'll be able to do about 
3-4 of these before you die.
1, 2, 3     3, 2, 1    2, 1, 3
1, 3, 2     3, 1, 2    2, 3, 1

After you have disarmed the grenade, Jett gives you a skeleton key card.

- Leave bar

- Go forward
- Go forward

- Go forward then down sewer.
- Click on the flashlight.
- Go backwards (to the right)
- Go left toward grate.  The Cyberdogs will appear.  Use gun to kill them.
- Go left
- Go forward
- Go forward
- Push this code into the keypad "6974947" (from bathroom wall) then
  insert skeleton keycard into keyslot.
- Go right
- When woman interrupts you, select "Angelic" mood choice.
- Click on TV for fun (twice)
- Go backwards
- Get black box from inside refrigerator.
- Go backwards
- Go right
- Go forward
- Go up ladder
- Go left

- Go left to enter Cyberchurch
- Go right to follow Reverend Gold.
- Go backwards, which will exit church.

- Go left
- Go forward

- Go right to Mr. Digit's shop.
- Go forward to enter shop.
- Give Mr. Digit all three chip from the black box inside the refrigerator.
  Also give him the "chip address" card from the truck.
- Go right to exit

You'll be surrounded by enemies.

- Go forward into maze
- Go left
- Go right
- Use skeleton key card on door
- Go left, taxi will arrive
- Go forward to enter taxi.

CD 3

- Select "Angelic" mood choice
- Go forward quickly after explosion
- Go left

- Go right to enter Health Clinic
- Click on directory
- Give receptionist the med chip
- Give med chip to the doctor (will exit Clinic)

- Go right
- Go forward
- Go right

- Go forward into Storage Bay
- Go right
- Go forward
- Click on Death 7 Box
- Go right
- Click on door

- Give Death 7 chip to your Death 7 comrade.
- Select "Angelic" mood.
- Go backwards to leave
- Go right
- Push elevator button
- Shoot first robot immediately.
- Go forward
- Go forward
- Push red button on suit.
- Get card
- Go left to examine pictures for fun
- Go right
- Go backwards to exit
- Go forwards
- Go backwards
- Go left
- Go forward
- Go left

- Go right to enter Museum
- Go forward into elevator
- Go right to look at control pad
- Push "2" and then "enter"
(For an Easter Egg, push "666" then enter.)

- Go forward/right toward blonde
- Go left
- Go backwards
- Go forward
- Go right to look at control pad
- Push "1" and then "enter"
- Go forward
- Go forward to exit museum

- Go left
- Go right
- Go right
- Go forward
- Insert Medical Information Phone card into phone
- Go quickly to bike
- Use Mr. Digit's card on bike card slot

CD 2 (again)

MR. DIGIT'S (again)
- Go forward into Mr. Digit's shop
- Click right to exit shop
- Go left

SEWERS (again)
- Click on manhole to enter sewer
- Pick up flashlight
- Go backwards
- Go towards door
- Insert card from Storage Bay into the card slot

CD 4

- Get gun ready
- Two clones will appear one at a time.  Shoot them.
- Go forward
- Two clones will appear one at a time.  Shoot them.
- Go forward
- Two clones will appear one at a time.  Shoot them.
- Go forward

You now have three choices:

Shoot Angel Devoid
Go to Shuttle Craft and leave Neo City
Do nothing

Each choice has a different ending.



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