Anika's Odyssey - Land of the Taniwha Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Anika's Odyssey - Land of the Taniwha

Anika's Odyssey - Land of the Taniwha

-Click the bucket, then the pump. 
-Once the eagle kidnaps your stuffed rabbit, click the bucket 
 three times to pick it up, set it upright, and use it to jump
 over the electric fence. 
-The only thing clickable now is the tree with the gaping hole. 
 Click that. 
-Click the log that makes somewhat of a bridge. 
-When the creatures flip you around to the beginning of the bridge, 
 click the tree with the hole again. 
-Look inside it, and the red creature will do the same. 
 Knock him in when he's clickable. PSYCHE! 
-Now you can cross the log bridge by clicking on that. 
-Click the first floating log, then click the bluish thing 
 (some bog monster). 
-After he hits his head, go back to find some colored vines. 
-Click on the red moss to see what color the chameleon is. Pull the 
 vine that is similar to his color three times (he'll switch at every 
 pull, so check back), and he'll pop down. 
-Click on the first log again, then the chameleon's tongue. 
-Traverse onto the next rock, then the beachy area. 
-Climb up the roots and pick the berries from the berry bush 
 (the one with red spots) 
-Climb down, then walk to the rock on the far-down end. Click on Anika to 
 drop the berries. She'll haul her own butt up the pole herself when the 
 time comes. 
-Climb up the two convenient staircases. 
-Pull the right lever, click on the malfunctioning gears, and repeat until 
 the power meter on the left is full so that the bridge falls. 
-Click the cart to push it onto the bridge. 
-Walk back to the machine, pull the right lever one more time to reveal a 
 convenient ramp and staircase. 
-Walk down the ramp, then up the trail. 
-When the mountain goat appears, walk back down and guide her into the cave. 
-Pull the wooden hatch to send down a boulder that takes the goat with it. 
-Back down the cave and back up the pass. No obstacles this time. 
-Swank. The eagle's gone. Click the bunny twice to go to it then grab it. 
-Walk back to the mountain platform. 
-After the mountain thing scares away the eagle, click (kiss) him because 
 he deserves it, then take the pile of feathers. 
-Click on the eagle's nest to fly all the way back home. 
-What? Just because you went on an adventure to get back your rabbit doesn't 
 mean you can still shirk from your chores! Click the bucket twice, then the 
 pump three times. 
-Click the bucket, then click the door twice.

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