Arcane Season 1 - The Miller Estate Episode 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Arcane Season 1 - The Miller Estate Episode 3

Arcane Season 1 - The Miller Estate Episode 3

1. Click on the desk for a closer look.
2. Click on the white sheet of paper. You can read it if you like.
3. When you move your mouse over the bookshelves, a magnifying 
   glass will appear.
4. Click on the ladder, and then click on the spot where the magnifying
   glass was on the bookshelf.
5. In the right bookshelf, click on the third blue book from the left.  
   You can read it if you like. It’s about the Theory of the Leys 
   authored by a Cardinal Kardec.
6. Go back out and do the same thing on the center shelf. Click on the 
   second yellow book from the right. You can read about the Duncan Creek
   Guide and about the caves along the cliff.
7. Click on the globe on the right. Gregor will mention that it has some 
   sort of mechanism. Click on the following buttons:

New England – this is the button on the top right corner of the US.
Peru        – this is the bottom-most button.
England     – twist the globe around towards the left and click on the 
              topmost button you see.
The globe will open up to reveal a book.

8. Click on the book in your inventory. Get the gem on the center of the 
   cover. Click on the book again to go to the main screen.
9. Click on the door to your left. Gregor will open it and turn on the 
10. Click on the switch to turn the light off. Go in to the dining room.
11. Click on the window. You will see Ophelia outside.
12. Click on the painting. Note the 4 on the billiard ball, the 4 of 
    diamonds card, the 4 sails on the ship painting, and the 4 o’clock
    on the clock.
13. Click on the covered platter on the table. It is empty. Click on the 
    platter on the table to put in your inventory.
14. Drag the platter to the window. Gregor will focus it towards the 
    chandelier and reveal a green gem in it. Get the gem. Go back out to
    the main screen.
15. Click on the cupboard on the right. Get the candelabra on the shelf.
    Go back out to the main screen.
16. Go back to the library. Move the ladder to the grandfather’s clock. 
    You will see another gem on top of the clock. Drag the other gems 
    to the other blank places.

  * Click on the key on the right side of the clock. 
    The first gem will light up.
  * Move the clock hands to 8 o’clock. Click on the key again. 
    The 2nd gem will light up.
  * Move the clock hands to 12 o’clock. Click on the key again. 
    The 3rd gem will light up.
  * When all gems are lit up, the clock will move to reveal a secret 

17. Drag the candelabra to Gregor and he will go down the stairs. 
    The door will close behind him.
18. Click on the crowbar hanging on the wall on the left side of the door.
19. Click on the panel below the crowbar. Arrange the gears from largest 
    to smallest, going left to right by dragging the gears to the holes. 
    This is a trial and error, but you can make sure they are all moving 
    by putting one gear in and testing it by clicking the switch off and 
    on and so on. Once you’re done, go back out to the main screen.
20. Drag the crowbar to the boards covering the elevator.
21. Click on the lever and Gregor goes down to the unknown…

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