ARCANIA: Gothic 4 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 ARCANIA: Gothic 4

ARCANIA: Gothic 4

The opening dungeon is in a dream. You will not die or get injured.

Run down the passageway to the iron gate and open it.
Defeat the fallen townsmen. Continue around the large
boulder and defeat more fallen townsmen. Continue straight
toward the red torch. Defeat all as you go to each torch.
Eventually defeat militiamen and knights. Continue and
defeat the arch demon at a blocked passage.

Continue forward and defeat more paladins and mages.
Keep moving through the passage and defeat the arch demon
again and awaken from the dream.


Speak with Ivy to begin quests A Gothic Tale and A Harsh
World. Enter the hut and get all from the chest. In exploring
the world, pick up everything that can be picked up, and
there's tons of plants. Before entering the town gate, to the
right is another chest.

Most buildings in town have items and chests. Enter town
and speak with the beast Orruk sitting on the ground.
Continue forward to the house and speak with Gromar to
start The Bridge to Knot's Farm quest and Melgan's dagger
quest. Continue north to the bridge and speak with Knot to
begin The Molerat Hunt.

The fields ahead have a few healing plants. Defeat the
molerats along the way and enter Melgan's Tomb down in
the cave. Continue forward defeating molerats to complete
the quest. At the intersection, head north and get Melgan's
dagger. Back at the intersection, head east to the outside for
one final molerat. Return to Knot to finalize the quest, then
go talk to Gromar to begin A Smuggler in The Forest quest.

Go west out of the village to find Diego. Speak with him,
then head down west to the beach and defeat two goblins
and open the chest. North end of the beach is an Alma's Best
potion. Go talk to Diego again. There's a few apples lying
around. Go back to the village and speak with Gromar to
complete the smuggler quest and begin the Bow quest. Talk
to Ivy at the west gate, then go through straight to the hut
ahead. Inside, get the bow ans supply of arrows. Outside, use
the stairs to the third floor to find an Alma's Best.

Continue west, don't get too close to the deer. Draw your
bow and hold, then hit z to zoom before releasing the arrow.
Shoot the required amount and get their inventories. Back in
town, speak with Gromar to complete the Bow quest and
start For Ivy and Ancient Relic quests. Speak with Halwen
just outside. Now go talk to Orruk to begin his mushroom
quest. Go through the west gate and back to where you
hunted deer. Go into the cave via the western most entrance.

Continue down the passage to find the first blue mushroom.
Just south, defeat a goblin. In the western alcove is a chest.
Continue south, picking up more mushrooms. After
defeating more goblins, to the south is another chest. Deeper
in this location are several edible items. Continue the main
path to the end of the cave. Head back to town and speak to
Orruk at the main gate.

Go speak to Halwen to complete For Ivy and begin the token
of love quest and Itchy Feet. Now go speak to Ivy again. Go
back to the western forest where first speaking to Diego.
Knut stops you and begins A Jealous Farmer quest. Defeat
him and start the Itchy Feet quest. Continue through the
forest to the cave by the waterfall to the north to find Diego
to complete the Itchy Feet quest and start Witch in the
Woods quest. .

Explore the cave for all kinds of items and a chest. Go out
the east door. Head north along the wall to find a small cave.
Several dirt crawlers attack. In the cave is Orruk's Shame
and a chest. Exit the cave and go east to Lyrca's hut. There's
healing plants in the small garden. Speak with her to start
Vermin's End quest. In inventory Scrolls, drag the Lightning
Bolt spell to a quick slot.

Move west through the cave. Tiny sand crawlers slow your
movement. Use melee weapons on vermin to put them in
their shells, then attack with a Lightning Bolt spell, then use
melee on them again. Halfway through, Lyrca shows up in
case you need more spells.

Continue east and ignore the north path. Go around the long
way to find a chest. Once all vermin are dead, defeat the
queen and the Cleaved Maiden quest begins.


Speak with Diego.

***Cheat: there are a couple of small mods available. One
mod sets enemy damage to zero on you, making you
invulnerable in battle. However, you can still die by falling
from high places. Another mod causes several different
critical items to appear on the map as colored dots, even
underground. These mods can be found at

Head up east to the main gate of the Inn and speak with
Grengar. NE inside the stable is a chest on the south wall.
Enter the Cleaved Maiden and speak with the owner
Murdra. If she's not behind the bar, she's upstairs in the first
room on the left. Upstairs, continue down the hallway
through the opening to the left, then into the next room on
the right to find Daranis.

Speak with him to complete the Cleaved Maiden quest and
start New Friends, New Foes. An Innos and Beliar Artifacts
information are on the table. Pick up both of them to start
the quests. There's a chest in this room. Head out of the
room and go south in the hallway and enter the next room on
the right with a chest by the door. Go downstairs and SAVE.

Speak to Murdra again, first tell her you'll get the mead for
her to begin Two Kegs of Mead. Out the back door is a
shallow cave with two chests you can open and a locked
chest for much later. It belongs to Rauter. On the southeast
side of the Inn, next to the stables, an Innos Statuette1.

At the gate, speak to Grengar again. Take the southwest
road, towards an old tower. Head up to the old tower and
talk to Rauter downstairs. Behind him is a chest. Go upstairs
and speak with Lorn to start The Lost Leg quest. Back down
and talk to Rauter again. Head down and straight across the
road to Garv's hut and speak with him. You can fight, or pay
200 gold for the two kegs of Mead.

On the hut porch are apples, bread, and a chest. In the hut is
an old knife on the table. On the north side of the hut is a
rusty saw. Down the short south road to the end is an
Ancient Relic1 behind a small boulder against the north
cliff. Back at the hut, on the north side head up north to a
vagabond camp and a chest.

Continue up to the Cleaved Maiden front gate. Follow the
road directly east to an intersection with wild boars. Take
the small short path NW (shown on the mini-map) to the end
and 3 or 4 boars. An Ancient Relic2 is at the base of the
large tree that's between two small trees.

Back on the main road, continue east. Watch out for goblins
along the way. Ulfrich awaits at the next fork in the east
road. Speak with him to begin the Goblin Squatters quest,
then head north and defeat one Shaman of the Bugeater
Tribe and two Bugeater Tribe Warrior Goblins.

An alchemical recipe for the Nighteye Elixir can be found at
their camp, along with a chest.

TIP: in scrolls section of inventory, right-click all plain
scrolls to learn abilities.

Head back to Ulfrich and talk to complete his quest.
Continue south uphill. The path curves sharply around left to
skeleton bones and a couple of items. Continue south. After
passing between large boulders, at an almost hidden
intersection (very small) bear left onto a small path and
follow it along the cliff edge to 4 goblins (one on the cliff to
the right). A chest on the left side of the road.

When you reach another small east path off the main road,
head east on the small path to the end to three goblins and a
chest. Just SW from the chest is an Ancient Relic3 by a tree.
Back at the intersection, SE against the cliff is a Beliar
Artifact1. With the cliff on your left, follow it due SW to
find a skeleton by the cliff, goblins attack from the right.
There's several items, including a Ranger Key. You must
have the Ranger Key to open a chest in the cave behind the
Cleaved Maiden.

A little farther west down the road, as it turns north is a
healing potion and a chest. Continue heading up due north to
an intersection, then continue north.

Eventually the road turns sharply west to a goblin camp on
the cliff above an underground entrance. Here in the camp is
a chest with Lorn's wooden leg. A bread on the NE barrels.
Continue the road north to the intersection, then jump down
and continue west to the inn. Go behind the inn to the
shallow cave and unlock the ranger's chest. From the inn's
front gate, head SE a few steps, then south uphill (goblins)
and SE on the road to the mine entrance.

This is the north entrance to Digger's abandoned mine. Go
in and speak with Digger to begin the mine quest. Move out
of the mine and take just a few steps west until you can head
south. Continue to the south to find a chest on the right side.
Head down the road to the south entrance of the mine.

The Abandoned Mine.

***Tip: pick up 3 iron boletes if you come across them in
the mine (difficult to see if you're not next to them). They
are needed for a quest you receive later from Murdra in the
Cleaved Maiden Inn if you agree to her method of getting
through the bridge gate.***

Just outside, watch out for bloodflies. Inside, three goblins
await in the first room. Three vials at the south wall. Open a
chest on the east side of the room. There's an Innos
Statuette2 a little further to the east. Two Demon's Caps
can be found on the north side of the room. Pick up all the
items and head down the northern path. Molerats attack
along the way from an alcove to the west. In the alcove are
some demon caps.

Continue down the path to the next alcove and move to the
southern side to find Diggers Alembic and the Mages
Graves (now you can start digging up forgotten graves), and
an Ancient Relic4 behind the table. Keep heading down the
path, jump down and again speak with Digger. Now move
NE to the rubble and access it to remove the blockade to
complete the abandoned mine quest. Continue down the
corridor to an iron lode on the right just past the first
passageway. Continue down the corridor getting other iron

Follow the path clockwise around in a circle, then head
straight northwest to reach the rest of the mine. Defeat
molerats and continue down the path, ignoring any other
corridors until you reach the Forgotten Grave1 in the
middle of the room on the south side of the column. In the
grave are iron shards needed for a quest. Explore the circular
area around the grave to find several molerats, two pickaxes,
iron lodes, and an Iron Bolete (poison mushroom), and a
torch for one of your quick slots.

Head north out of the circular area until you can turn right
down another corridor. Defeat the tiny cave crawlers and
pick up any items and ore deposits. Head east down the new
corridor into the open area. Move onto the upper wooden
area at the end to find a great hammer, iron lodes and demon
caps. Leave the circular area. At the intersection, head west
and around to the next open area.

Head NW and around to the next area and a chest. Head out
NW to a skeleton and Gulthard's Hatchet, a battered money
box (quest item), and a coal lode. Continue on to some
glowing crystals with another Iron Bolete.

Continue down the corridor and defeat a den of molerats.
Now break the rubble blocking the way. Drop down and
open the three chests if you didn't already. One is locked but
you can open it with the Ranger Key you found near a
skeleton a bit earlier. Head outside to the rear of the Cleaved

REMEMBER; if you want to side with Lorn for a password
to the gate bridge, DON'T agree with murdra to poison
some mead to give to the gate guards.

Go inside and speak with Murdra to give her the mead.
Don't say anything else, just end the conversation if you
want to try Lorn's password for the bridge gate.

Zyra talks to you.

Forgotten Grave Side Quest.

Leave the Cleaved Maiden and head SE up towards the
north mine entrance. Just before there, off the left side of the
road, left of a tree stump, is a Forgotten Grave2 with
fireflies around it. Go back to the Cleaved Maiden and head
SW on the same road towards the old watchtower. At the
first intersection, head west to a goblin camp with two
chests. Across the road left of a boulder is a Forgotten
Grave3. Back up to the main path, then south.

When you reach the fork in the road, that leads to the tower,
just before there stop at the huge boulder on the left side of
the road and explore around it to find a Forgotten Grave4.
Head directly SSE to the beach. On the SE end is a
Forgotten Grave5. NW on the beach is an Ancient Relic5
behind the left large rock.

Return to the old watchtower. Near the front entrance, go
down the small north path to the beach. A Coastal Goo
(looks like a turtle) guards a chest on the south end. Coastal
Goos each contain a pearl and meat. Another chest on the
north end of the beach. Back up to the Cleaved Maiden.

Head NW from the Cleaved Maiden, activate the stone
circle and continue down and activate another stone circle
near the beach huts. On down  to the pier and speak with
Lorn (at night he's in the hut) to complete the lost leg quest,
and give him the battered money box if you did not get iron
boletes for Murdra.

Directly from the pier, explore the northern hut for bread on
the porch and a knife inside. Move north along the beach to
find a chest. Head back SW on the beach, explore the other
house for a blunt knife. Past the last house, climb the west
rocks for a Beliar Artifact2. Use the nearby teleport to get
back up to the Cleaved Maiden and trade the wooden leg for
a key, back down to Lorn to open the box and get a
password. From the stone circle, follow the road due east
and speak with Jilvie. She might be sitting at a large boulder
well back from the gate.

Continue to the gate and speak with Hiulad. Siding with
Lorn; give him the password. Or siding with Murdra; give
Hiulad, then Henk some poisoned mead. Eventually the gate
is opened. Go through and defeat Dartan and his brigands.
Search all of them. Head into the hut to find a chest.

Behind the hut is a Beliar Artifact3, by a tree on the upper
side of the big rock. Continue north through the gate and
across the bridge to speak with Elgan the merchant to
complete the quest and begin Road to Stewark quest.

Follow the cliff edge west till it turns to the north. A Beliar
Artifact4 is on the edge of the cliff sticking out over the
water. Head back directly east, on the edge of the plowed
field, and continue NW on the road to reach a locked chest,
on the right, just before the barn. In the barn is a chest.
Activate the stone circle just west. Head west and down to
the beach.

On the north end watch out for a couple of Coastal Goos and
Forgotten Grave6. Go back up to the stone circle. Continue
north on the road. A side road leads SE into a cave with
three cultists.

There's three chests, two are locked. On a table is a potion.
South of the table is an obsidian deposit. Head out of the
cave to where the small path joins the main road. Jump up
the rocks to the SE to find a Beliar Artifact5. Continue
north on the main road.

At Stewark to the west, activate the stone circle, then head
across the drawbridge and speak with Dak. Through the
gate, go slightly left into the inn. Speak with Ingor the
innkeeper about Diego.

Back out the north door and just around left to the alchemist
guild. Speak with Worgan (upstairs at night) to begin a
quest. Upstairs is a chest. Back out the guild's north door
and go due north to the blacksmith shop. Speak with
Rhonda. There's an oak shield and a chest. Upstairs is a
chest. Exit the shop, head right up north stairs to get two

Back at the main gate, go down the north steps and go speak
with Gerrick. There's a chest behind the desk at the NW
window. Go out the NW door. The next door is locked but
jump around the rocks on the north side of the building to
the balcony window and crouch so you can jump inside.
There's a chest downstairs with a latch key. Upstairs is a
Beliar Artifact6 and an Ancient Artifact6 on the west wall.
Downstairs, now you can exit the door and back through
Gerrick's shop. Again at the main gate, go up the south
stairs and enter the door on the left. Speak with Chuck,
defeat him. There's three locked chests.

Back out at the main gate, head west up the wide stone
steps. Head north at the top and go up the long wood
staircase directly ahead. Enter the door and head up again.
Defeat three beliar cultists. There's a Beliar Artifact7 at the
east shelf and a locked chest behind you.

Outside, head south and down the wide stone steps. Go back
to Gerrick, north of the main gate to complete the quest and
learn all other things. Go out SE. At the main gate, go up the
wide steps to the west, then slightly left and up again. Speak
with Gorn to complete the Road to Stewark quest and begin
the Diego quest. Go back past the stairs you just came up
and south over to another long wood staircase and go up. Go
up again, get a scroll from the table. And an Innos
Statuette3 in SE shelf.

Outside, head a little north and down the SE stairs, turn
slightly right and south down the next flight of stairs. Keep
going down again and speak with Aldrich at the prison. In
the prison is a knight sword leaning against the barrels.

Speak with Diego and he gives you lock picking tools, for
all those locked chests you've come across. Go out the east
door, down steps and left to a locked chest. Go back west
through the prison and head up all stairs to the west to find
Winstan, immediately SAVE. Before talking. Be certain you
get the Ancient Relic7 in a small alcove by the wagon

When talking to Winstan, you have two options based on
your conversation; siding with Lord Hertan or siding with
Lord Renwick. Both give same results, but the Renwick part
has much more to do.

Side with Lord Hertan (or skip ahead to the Siding with
Lord Renwick to do that one).

Speak with Winstan to continue the Diego in Trouble quest.
Go through all the options, and at the final two options,
select "Hmm. Maybe you really are telling the truth". Go up
both east steps, then slightly left and ahead back to the
citadel and speak with Gorn again. He walks you over to
Liuven's living quarters. As you enter, there's a chest to
your left. Another chest is on the second floor with a quest

Back down and out the door, head around right and up small
steps to a room. Go up again and get an apple brew on the
table. A healing potion in small shelf. Down next stairs to
green apple on left at bottom. A blunt knife on east table.
Out the door, head around left and down west steps, then
right and down the first north steps, stop by at the Bowyers
on the right and talk.

Continue down north and around left to a rundown building
and enter with the key you just found. Upstairs, speak with
Liuven on everything to complete the Diego quest and start
the Treacherous Baron quest. Go back out and use the
wooden plank to the west and go around the building to find
a chest.

Go back and speak to Gorn again to explain what you
decided to do. Go down to the inn and speak to Ingor to start
the Sweet Loot quest. Exit the main gate, cross the bridge
and speak with Silvie if she's there. Now go directly east to
the fields and collect at least 6 beehives from the small trees
(there's more at an upper level). There's a few green apples
throughout the orchard. 

Watch out for Marauding Fieldraiders (several on the
highest part of the orchard), killing any will help in another
quest for 10 of them. Head back west to Stewark and speak
with Ingor at the inn to complete his quest. At the main gate,
go up the south stairs and open three chests in Chuck's

Go west up the wide stone steps, head north and up the long
wood staircase to a room, continue up again to the locked
chest. Back down the wood stairs, head west up small steps
and upstairs to 4 chests. Back out the east door and through
another east door for a chest in next building. Back out the
main gate, cross the bridge and south to the small SE path
on the left to a cave with two locked chests.

Farther south to the stone circle opposite the barn, take the
path west to the beach. Head to the south end of the beach
(watch out for two Coastal Goos) to a wooden casket for the
Baron quest. Back up on the main road, a little farther south
to the locked chest on the left just past the barn.

Head back just north to the stone circle and teleport to
Stewark. Talk to Jilvie if you haven't already. Head directly
east on the small middle path through the fields. At the first
intersection, head south then east on the small path till you
see Hem standing out on the cliff side. Just west of Hem is a
Beliar Artifact8. Speak with Hem to continue Alkaloid

Follow Hem down the winding path. About half way down
is a Forgotten Grave7 on the right by some budding mana
plants. Hem waits at the bottom on the edge of the farm

Kill the five field raiders in the fields and rob them, then talk
to Hem again. He's probably still waiting near the bottom of
the winding path where you left him.

Head back up the winding path and go north to the farm
house. Speak with Ogtar just outside to begin Blood on the
Fields. Find and kill 10 Marauding Field Raiders in the
fields south of the road. They're marked with exclamation
marks (on the mini map they are shown as moving circles).
Go to the farmhouse and speak with Ogtar again.

Head around the side of the farm house till you see the stairs
to the second floor. There, find a locked chest and in the SW
corner an Innos Statuette4. Downstairs a bread on the table.
Outside, on the north side of the house, a scythe and
hayfork. Go back west to town and speak with Worgan the
alchemist. Back out at the stone circle, head directly east on
the small path through the fields. At the third intersection,
head south on the upper side of the fence.

Continue south till you reach a large boulder that splits the
road. Take the path to the right to find a Forgotten Grave8
and some plants. Continue south over the rocks and fight
scavengers. Follow the road south to an intersection just SW
of an old tower. In the tower downstairs is an Ancient
Relic8 and upstairs is a chest. Back down at the small
intersection, enter the hideout and head northeast to speak
with Clargor. There's an apple on the table.

Make your way around the wooden barrier, then south to a
table with applebrew and a vial. Just north of the table is an
engraved vial and SE of the table are two sour apples. Due
north between 2 large rocks is an iron lode on the west wall.
Just around SW, speak with Lord Hertan to complete the
Baron quest and begin No Man Left Behind. Next to him is
a chest.

Continue past Hertan and follow the path to the west. Just
before the next small area, there's an ore on the left wall. In
the next small opening on your right is a battered pickaxe.
Over to the left is a pickaxe and a helm. The far west side
has an iron lode. Head down the northern passage, drop
down and examine Ricklen for his key. Head east and defeat
two Sentinels and Wards. A little farther east is an open
crypt on the left with a healing potion. In the next area, an
iron lode in the NE corner. Through the wood barrier are 4

Get the Cold Hatred weapon from the Beliar shrine. Up the
next ramp is a mana potion. Back out west to the
intersection and continue NW to the next large area. At the
middle crypt there's 4 enemies (one hides behind a column).
In the south cubby hole is an iron lode and two chests. Go
out the west exit door and continue SW and jump down to
exit. Head back to the Stewark stone circle and talk to Jilvie
about Ricklen.

Enter Stewark and speak to Ingor the innkeeper to complete
his quest if not already. At the wide stone steps, speak with
Zyra. Go to the citadel where you first spoke with Gorn. Go
inside and talk to Lord Hertan to complete the No Man Left
Behind quest and begin the Silverlake Border quest. Choose
your new armor. Make your way upstairs to find a locked
chest and an Innos Statuette5 in the NW corner from the

Take care of any unfinished business in Stewark then head
east along the main road to Ogtar's farm house, through
front gate and out the other gate. Slightly left, continue past
the large boulder on your left and up to a cave entrance (you
can't enter, it's for the Lord Renwick quest). Against the NE
cliff side west of the entrance is a Beliar Artifact9 behind a
small pile of rocks.  Head back south to the second tree past
the big rock on the left. Just off the left side of the road is a
Forgotten Grave9.

Continue south on the road and you can see the Silverlake
gates. Skip ahead to the Silverlake Gates section.

Siding with Lord Renwick.
Before talking, make sure your melee weapon is selected,
and be sure you get the Ancient Relic7 in the alcove by the
wagon wheel.

Speak with Winstan to continue the Diego in Trouble quest.
As you go through all the text options, be certain your final
choice is "I've had enough - I'm not interested.... Tell me
where......", resulting in a fight. Defeat Winstan to complete
the Diego quest and begin The True Culprits quest. Head up
both east steps, go straight and talk to Gorn again.
Back down at the main gate, go up the south stairs and open
three chests in Chuck's room. Speak to Chuck. From the
main gate, go west up the wide stone steps, head north and
up the long wood staircase to a room, continue up again to
the locked chest.

Exit down the wooden stairs, head west up small steps into a
house. Upstairs are 4 chests. Downstairs and back out the
east door. East through another door for a chest. Back out
west door, west past small steps and through another west
door. Continue out the other door. Stop by on the right and
speak with the Bowyer.

Continue on down north and around south to a rundown
building. Use the wooden plank to the west and go around
the building to find a chest. Go back to the inn near the main

Speak with Ingor the innkeeper to start the Sweet Loot
quest. Exit the main gate and speak to Jilvie if she's out
front. Continue to the fields directly east and collect at least
6 beehives. Watch out for Marauding Fieldraiders, killing
any will make a later quest easier. Return to town and speak
with Ingor to complete the quest. Exit the main gate again,
cross the bridge to the stone circle and head south on the
main road to the small SE path into the cave with two locked

CAUTION: If you see Zyra or Rauter south on the road,
DON'T speak to either one. They are not supposed to be
there (bug in early version of game) and speaking to Rauter
causes you to appear back north in town at the inn where
you talk to him. Then you have to head back south again.

Continue south on the main road to the stone circle opposite
the barn. Continue south a short way to the locked chest on
the left side of the road. Back north a short way and teleport
back to Stewark. Head directly east through the fields on the
small path. At the first intersection, head south then east till
you see Hem standing on the cliff edge. Just west of Hem is
a Beliar Artifact8 on the edge of the cliff.

Speak with Hem to continue Alkaloid Derivatives. Follow
Hem down the winding path, accessing the Forgotten
Grave7 about halfway down on the right by some budding
plants. Hem waits at the edge of the fields. Kill the five field
raiders out in the field, they show up as exclamation marks
(!). Rob them. Go talk to Hem again. He's probably still just
north at the bottom of the winding path.

Head back up the winding path and go north to the farm
house. Speak with Ogtar just outside to begin Blood on the
Fields. Find and kill 10 Marauding Field Raiders marked
with an exclamation (!), then speak with Ogtar again. In the
house is a bread on the table. On the north side of the house
is a scythe and hayfork.

Head around the side of the farm house till you see the stairs
to the second floor. There, find a locked chest at the first bed
on the right, and in the SW corner an Innos Statuette4. Go
back west to town and speak with Worgan the alchemist.
Again head out the main gate and across the bridge. Follow
the main road east, past Ogtar's farm house, then NE to the
cave (do not head due north or you end up at the wrong
cave). Make sure you take the NE road. Defeat the rebel
outside, then enter the cave.

Three more attack inside. Deeper into the cave, access iron
lodes as you come to them. Rebels attack in the next open
area. Deeper still along the long north path, three rebels and
Clargor. The SW structure has a chest. Continue the western
path to the next open area with several items and a chest
south of the beds. Continue the western path to a barred
door. Through there, defeat the Master of Inquiry and search
him for his keys. Through the eastern barred door, speak
with Mermund on all.

Continue west and out the gate. Straight ahead is a Beliar
Artifact9 behind the second rock. Go south to the second
tree past the big rock on the left. There's a Forgotten
Grave8 just off the road. Continue due south to just before
Ogtar's farm and head west through the lower group of trees
to the cave entrance just west of Ogtar's farm house. Talk to
Winstan outside, then head inside the cave.

Defeat three rebels in the first open area. Items and ore
deposit here. Down the next passage south to next open area.
A chest up the east ramp. Down the ramp and east is a chest
and vials nearby. Due west towards the torch and behind the
rock is a chest.

Continue down the SW passage to more rebels and Hertan.
Defeat everyone and search them, then head down the
western passage. In the opening to the south are two chests
and a potion on the table. Continuing west down the long
main path and drop into area below. There's items and two
chests in the south cubby hole. Head out the west exit.

Go back up to the citadel in Stewark and speak with Gorn
just outside to complete wrong hands quest. Go inside and
speak with Lord Renwick for new armor and begin the
Silverlake Border quest. Upstairs is an Innos Statuette5 and
a chest.

Take care of any remaining business in Stewark, then exit
the main gate, cross the bridge and head east along the road
past Ogtar's farm house, then SE to the Silverlake gates.
Before going up the stairs, follow the path south uphill along
the side of the fence line. Head south till you reach a large
boulder that splits the road. Take the path to the right to find
a Forgotten Grave9 and some plants.

Continue south over the rocks and fight scavengers. Follow
the road south to an old tower. In the tower is an Ancient
Relic8 downstairs and upstairs is a chest. Back north to the
Silverlake Gates.

Silverlake Gates.
Go up the stairs and speak with Kastor to continue the
silverlake border quest. Move past Kastor and examine the
trap door for a cut-scene and begin the Too Much Honor
quest. Proceed up the road SE and east, engaging wild
scavengers along the way. At the small settlement to the
east, talk to Gilthor on the porch of the north house.

Go into the house to find a bow next to a bed, an eagle eye
elixir on a shelf nearby, and a chest to right of the fireplace.
Go outside and upstairs to find another eagle eye elixir on
the floor straight ahead, and a moldy short bow on some
boxes to the right. At bottom of stairs, a battle axe on the

East of the house, activate the stone circle, then move over
to the porch of the next house to the south to find a stewark
militia crossbow. Go inside to find a mana potion on the
barrels to the left, and a chest at the foot of a bed.

Head to the southern most house and talk to Gunda outside
to begin the A Bitter Nut to Swallow side quest and browse
her items. Go inside the house to find a chest in the SW
corner, next to the barrels and another chest in the NW
corner. An eagle eye elixir is on the shelf in the SE corner.

Take the road north toward Thorniara and stop at the house
on the left, just outside the settlement. Inside the house is a
chest in the SE room. Speak with Alzar to begin the secret
ingredient side quest. Inside the house is a chest in the SE
room. NW of the house is an Innos Statuette6 behind some
barrels under a small shead on the lower side of the large
rocks. You might see one of four lurking wolves nearby
that's for a later quest.

Back at the house, continue NE along the road till you reach
the battlefield. There's a battle axe at the beginning of the
destruction. Straight ahead, there's a Forgotten Grave10 on
the other side of a large boulder slightly to the left. On the
battlefield are several items, including a chest and a skull
quest item at an old wagon, another quest skull near another
wagon. There's several deadly morels (only 3 are needed for
the secret ingredients side quest). Deadly Morels are a light
shiny blue color.

Speak with Craglan (wears regular clothing) to start the lost
soldier side quest, then speak with Doran (in uniform) to
continue the Too Much Honor quest. Head southeast on the
dimly marked path, shown on the mini map, towards the
northern goblin cave. Many goblins along the road. At the
first large boulder you come to on the right, there's a Beliar
Artifact10 on top of it. Go down the road south of the cave.

After the sharp bend in the road, there's a small clearing on
your right with goblins. South across the road is a Forgotten
Grave11 to the right of a small tree stump.

Head back north to the cave and enter. Defeat goblins in the
first open area. There's two iron lodes in this area. Continue
north and defeat goblins in the next open area. Look around
the NW side of the area to find an Innos Statuette7 and
several other items on some boxes. Continue east down the
path and further into the cave as it swings south, passing two
iron lodes and a coal lode.

When you reach the next open area to the south, defeat more
goblins. Head down the eastern path at the beginning of the
open area to find a coal lode. A chest is just on the other side
of the rock in SE corner. In the middle of the area is
Gawaan's Standard needed for the Too Much Honor quest.
Just south of the Standard is an iron lode. Jump down and
head south to reach the beginning and exit the cave, then
head right.

Follow the small path back west and NW to the battlefield
and speak with Doran. Follow the main road SW.

Along the way south towards the Castle, stop at the
intersection and speak with Alzar to complete the secret
ingredient side quest. Then choose "How about a skull...." if
you've got them. No matter what you say, you must defeat
him to complete the quest. However, if you don't have the
skulls from the battlefield, just say "You're beyond help.
Die, you sick bastard!" to avoid delaying the quest. Search

Got any plain scrolls you haven't right-clicked on yet?

Back on the main road, continue south through the village.
Kill at least six pigged-out black boar along the way and
examine them and take the items for A Bitter Nut to
Swallow quest.

Hatred's Reaper Side Quest.
Just before the fork that leads to a cave to the east, there's a
series of rocky cliffs to the west. Keep the cliffs on your left
and follow them west as far as you can. On the edge of the
cliff is a Beliar Artifact11. Head back east to the road.

When you reach a fork in the road, talk to Jilvie to begin the
golden arrowhead side quest and tell her about Craglan.
Head east towards the cave. Just south of the entrance is a
chest. Enter the cave and follow the path till you reach the
first open area. Defeat goblins and a black wolf. Continue
down the southern passage.

Just as you reach the next area, explore the western side of
the room for an Innos Statuette8 behind some barrels. On
the SW corner wall is a coal lode. Follow the path to the
south into the next open area and defeat several molerats. A
ranger chest is near the eastern wall. An Obsidian deposit is
on the southern wall. An Ancient Relic9 is slightly NW of
the obsidian.

Head back north to the previous room and continue north to
the original entry room. Follow the north path as it curves
around to the south. Another coal lode is found as the path
curves. There's also an iron lode a little farther down on the
southern wall. In an opening, just after the iron lode, a little
south are several opponents. A chest and iron lode are on the
eastern wall. Head south to battle more foes. 

In the room where goblins attack, there's a chest at the SE
corner at a fire and 3 small drums. A chest near the southern
corner, and just SW is a chest with the golden arrowhead
you're looking for. On the north side of the big rock is a
chest. Head out of the cave the way you came in and talk to
Jilvie just outside.

Out on the main road, continue south toward the Gorge of
the Penitents. When the road begins to go uphill, take the
fork to the west to find a stone circle. Between the circle and
the water is a rusty axe. On the other cliff by a wagon wheel
is a light crossbow.

Head back to the main road and continue south up the hill to
Silverlake Castle and speak with Norman to enter. Just as
you enter, to the left speak with Welgard the blacksmith.
Head SE to the women merchants and speak with Semele
for information. Speak with Gunda to complete the A Bitter
Nut to Swallow quest. There's an old saw and plyers on the
rocks to the left. Head toward the citadel on the east side. Go
inside and speak with Kardor. The short stairs to the north
leads to a chest.

In the same room, continue up the next stairs to find an axe,
and other items and an Innos Statuette9 among some
boxes. Go through the south door and speak with Gilthor to
complete the Honor quest, and begin an Orcs quest. There's
empty scrolls and sausages on the table. To the south is a
locked door. Head down stairs on either side of the room
and back out into the courtyard. On the south side talk to
Semele again to begin a pondweed quest. On the other side
speak with Welgard for a Dark Business quest.

On the south side of the courtyard, go up the stairs and north
to the room to find a chest and other items. Continue up the
next stairs to a room with items. Go down the stairs and
through the door at the bottom to find a chest in the next
room. Continue through the north door and move onto the
covered path on the left for an elixir on the north end. Beside
the covered walkway, continue north into the next room for
some items.

Go through the east door and into the large room ahead for
hunting arrows and a torch. Go up the stairs in the room to
find a couple of arrows. Back down and head through the SE
door and back down the stairs into the courtyard. There's 2
or 3 hunting arrows at the targets on the north wall. Just SW
at the table is a rusty saw and plyers. On the lumber pile are
a couple of items. Around the wagon are 2 sausages. Near
Welgard is an executioners axe.

Head out the main entrance, go forward a few steps, go SW
and south to a bridge for a cut-scene with Pip. Then continue
over the bridge and down the southern road. An old wagon
on the right has several items. When the road forks, there's a
health potion on the boxes to the right. Take the SE (left)
path towards a tower.

Kill any bandit orcs of the silverlake tribe (5 total, one is
Harg the Butcher, another is Ur-shul the cruel) walking
around. Killing them helps in a later quest. Harriers attack
just before the tower on your right. Go up towards the tower
and speak with Shurak. Defeat him to get Welgard's
Sketchbook. Inside the tower is an Innos Statuette10.
Upstairs is a chest.

TIP: in this area, you might see at least five orc warriors of
the silverlake tribe wandering about, sometimes down as far
as the water. One of them will be labeled Harg The Butcher,
and another Ur-shul The Cruel. Killing all of them helps in
completing another quest.

From the tower, follow the path east. Activate a stone circle
and continue to the orc cave gate. Speak with Ogbosh to
begin the Scabooze and Soul Seekers quests. Go west,
across the grassy fields, to the road then SE to a bridge.
Before reaching the bridge, take the high ground to the east
over the rocks a little way then SE towards a tall tree, to find
an Ancient Relic10 and healing potion on the ledge behind
the tree and near the waterfall.

Go back NW to the road and cross the bridge to a big tree on
the left. Other side of road from it, a Forgotten Grave12.
Goblins and lurkers wait near the waterfront. Continue south
till the road forks. Take the right path towards the hut and
activate the stone circle. Inside the hut speak with Melog to
continue a quest, and speak on all options. Speak with
Lester. The two tables have some items. There are two
chests, you can open Lester's chest at this time. In the SE
corner is an Innos Statuette11.

Follow the main road to the west, toward the old cult site to
speak with Irrigh, on the north side of the road, to continue a
quest. Continue a little west, then south on the main road to
a woodpile on the left next to the cliff side. Head east past
right side of wood pile, to a large tree. On top of a large rock
there, an Ancient Relic11.

Head back north on the road, past a rock on the left, then
east on the road to a very large tree on the left edge of the
road. Head south to a small trail up the cliff side. Go on up
to a chest. Back a few steps from the chest, climb rocks to
the west to find a Beliar Artifact12, on a white rock below
the green rocks.

On the road, head back east to Melog's hut and follow the
southern road to find another Forgotten Grave13 just off
the left side of the road, just before a very large tree.
Continue to follow the road around south to find a pond with
the 3 weeds you need for a quest, and guarded by 3 lurkers.

Continue following the path SW until you can speak with
Shalog to continue the Soul Seekers. Defeat him, talk on all,
then head back east on the road till you reach Melog's hut.
From there, follow the SE road past the teleport to the Toad
Cave. Near the entrance, goblins attack from behind.

Enter and defeat some goblins. In the east side of the area is
a Forgotten Grave14. Down the southern path to another
open area with goblins, coal lode and shadow caps. Head
east through the cave, and farther through a narrow tunnel
that swings around west, till you come to a fork in the path.
Go west to another fork in the circular path, take the
northern way for a ruby deposit on the east.

Beyond that is a lizard that Shalog called a Toad. Defeat it
and open a chest in the NW corner for Irrigh's Soul quest
item. Head back out of the small area, past glowing crystals
on your right, and continue NE at the fork. After the tunnel
swings west, there's a lode on the left side. In the next open
area, take the northern path straight to a lode. Continue west
down the path and through a long narrow west path to a lode
and open a chest before you drop into the entrance room.

Head west out of the cave and NW back to Melog's hut.
Speak with Irrigh to complete the quest and begin Me Boss,
You Not. Now talk to Melog on all. Finally talk to Irrigh
again. You must borrow his Soul Amulet. Since you now
have Melog's key, you can open his chest. Outside, use the
stone circle and teleport to the north orc cave.

Speak with Ogbosh to complete Scabooze and continue
Claws of the Orcs. Finish all options. Through the gate, talk
to Darruk and finish all talking. In the cave, head east at the
fork, then east at the next intersection to a large room. The
wood structure on the right has a chest and other items.
Follow the NW path out of the area to another room and
head around right to a wood platform with items and a
Beliar Artifact13 behind a shelf. Head out of the area to the
west and around north to find 3 vials and an elixir in the
next small room.

Head south to the second fork. Go west, and at Darruk,
follow the path north. Hug the west wall to go up the stone
ramp and reach the upper area. Go to the east side for an
Innos Statuette12 and an elixir by the barrels near a fire.
Continue to the north side of the area and start a cinematic
with Erhag to finish a quest and begin another. Defeat him
and the two bodyguards. Search the bodies. On the ground is
"The Boss" weapon that's powerful.

Behind the throne, head through the north door and speak
with Lord Gawaan to complete two quests and begin
Erhag's Minions. You may have already killed Harg and Ur-
shul. Head back a little south in the cave and speak with
Irrigh at a campfire before leaving. You might talk to Darruk
on the way out.

Leave the cave and look west and north to see Erhag's five
exploring orcs, including Harg The Butcher and Ur-shul the
cruel wandering around if you didn't get them earlier. Defeat
all five of them and search the bodies. Stay against the
eastern wall and head north and Take the eastern road to
Woodcutter's Vale.

Defeat Zargash and his slavers for a cut-scene with Aric. In
the most north section of the vale, there's a chest beside a
couple of logs. Now head back down to the main road, then
north to Silverlake Castle.

Once there, speak with Welgard and Semele to complete
quests. Go into the citadel and speak with Lord Gawaan,
either downstairs in the main room, or upstairs, sometimes
he wanders outside. Speaking to him completes a quest
about his men at the Woodcutter's Vale, and begins the
ancient map quest. On the first floor of the citadel, take the
south side door down to the archives. As you walk in, pick
up an old parchment on the left to begin the Heritage quest.

Near the door on the west side is a recipe. Several other
items can be found. On a table at the southern wall is an
ancient map of Argaan for a quest. Go back upstairs and
speak with Lord Gawaan to start the Tooshoo quest. He may
be on the upper level. Also on the upper level speak to
Gilthor who may be out the north door in the small room.

Continue out the NW door and all the way around to the
watch tower with a pointed roof. Just inside the doorway
you will find Tronter's Key on the floor. Go back around to
the citadel's upstairs and enter the south door that was
locked before.

Press the lever directly south, then go out the door to the
west and onto the ledge. Follow the path around to the next
room to find a chest and other items. Go upstairs to find an
Ancient Relic12 and items on the roof. Head back down the
stairs and press the lever behind the chest to open the door
right there.

Leave the castle, go around left outside the gate, and follow
the main path south to the stone circle near the tower and
teleport to Melog's hut. Head SE towards Toad Cave, then
down the south road. Continue directly south till you reach
rubble blocking the path. Equip The Boss weapon.

Clear the rubble, defeat stone golem and continue on. After
a cut-scene, take a few steps to an open area on the left, and
hug the north wall to find an Ancient Relic13 on the edge of
the swamp. Continue NE through the swamp to a large
boulder near the eastern mountain. On the south side of the
boulder is a single tree with a Beliar Artifact14 by it.

See any cobwebs? 12 are needed for a later quest. If you
look for them before talking to the quest giver, you can find
at least 15. Then when you talk to the quest giver, all 15
leave your inventory.

Back west to the road, follow the path till reaching Leboras
on the bridge to start a cinematic and a quest. Head pretty far
directly due SE in the swamp (see any cobwebs ?) to find
nests holding lurker eggs for the quest. Collect the gold
embroidered bag quest item and at least six eggs for a quest.

Go back NW to the road, cross the bridge, and head right, go
counter-clockwise around the boardwalk, up stairs straight
ahead (not the right ones), through small building and out
other door and down. Take the next right and over to the
Tavern slightly left. Leboras wandering around the Tavern
area. After talking, back NE and up through small building
and out other door. Continue the boardwalk back to the
north side of Tooshoo and speak with Borran in the first hut.

Just left of Borran, go up the stairs into the center of
Tooshoo and speak with Gilana to continue a quest. Head
down the corridor, just NW of Gilana, next to the north exit
to find the laboratory of Vultus. Speak with him to complete
a quest and start three more quests.

Go back up and speak to Gilana again to complete the
Report quest and start Power of Control. Go up the stairs
next to the stone circle until no more stairs to climb. Head
west down the corridor and enter the room at the end where
the firemage lives. There's a strong healing potion on the
east  shelves, and on the west side of the room by a candle is
an Innos Statuette13.

Outside the room, go up the stairs just to the south to find a
Beliar Artifact15 as you enter the room. On the south side
of the room is an elixir. Back down the stairs and through
the east corridor, then NE to the library for some items.
Continue out NE and around the left side behind some
barrels is an Innos Statuette14. SAVE before trying to
jump on the barrels to the statuette. Now head SE into the
next room for a magic scroll in the SE corner, and speak
with Calamus to learn about Vultus and Gilana.

Head back through the library and down the first stairs just
ahead in the pit. Go through the south corridor and into the
room at the west for a chest. Exit behind the curtain to
outside and into the east room for two cut vials. Go down
the east stairs from the room into the next room for a torch.
East down the next stairs and down long stairs to the SE,
then up stairs at east and down NE stairs. On left is a log,
jump down there and get Ancient Relic14. Go under the
walkway and jump up rock back to the walkway. Continue
north up next stairs for a chest in the room.

Back down, turn left and head back around near the northern
entrance of Tooshoo, past Freemonger Borran's cabin.
Continue counterclockwise a short way to the first right to
reach the outer buildings on the south side. Enter the first
building you come to for a chest and a scroll. Continue south
for an elixir behind barrels on right side of path. In the next
building is a weapons rack. The grated door on the north
side yields an Innos Statuette15. East to the next building
for an empty scroll and a chest.

Next go to the large building to the SE, enter the Tavern and
speak with Mama Hooqua to start the Cobwebs quest. The
back room of the tavern has an elixir on some barrels.
Cobwebs are scattered around the swamp, mostly around the
outer areas. You easily see them when close enough. In
wandering all over the swamp, it's possible to find at least
15 cob webs, but you only need 12 of them. Also in the
swamp are several swamp lizards and other creatures that
are rather tough.

From the tavern back room, in the next building to the east
is a blunt knife, and an Innos Statuette16 in the south
corner. Speak with Nejos to begin the Water Chalice quest.
Back due west to the tavern. In the building (has anvil sign)
due west of the inn are 2 vials, and north of there is a chest
in the next building. Back south and east to the tavern.

The next building south of the tavern is empty, but on the
side of the path NW of it is an Innos Statuette17 behind
some boxes.

Shakes runs around the south side of Tooshoo. Find and
speak to him and begin a Bag Full of Trouble quest. You
might already have the bag found among the lurker eggs.
Now go back to the north entrance of Tooshoo and speak
with Freemonger Borran, then go back and speak with
Shakes again. Sometimes you have to defeat him, then speak
to him again. Return to Borran a final time. Enter back door
of Borran's house to find 3 elixirs.

Siding with Gilana or Vultus, on the final choice later on, is
not game critical.

At the WSW corner of Tooshoo, go on the boardwalk due
west past a militiaman or townsman and west at the fork to
approach some ruins. To the right of them is a Forgotten
Grave15. Continue NW to reach the Lizard cave and enter.
Head around right and defeat two lizards. Continue NW to a
coal lode on the right. In the next open area three lizards
attack. There's two iron lodes on the north wall and a coal
lode on the east wall.

Continue north deeper into the cave. Drop to the lower
section, head around right and south for three lizards. In the
small circular tunnel are iron and coal lodes and a chest.
Head back from the circular area and continue through the
cave heading NW. In the north tip of the cave is a Forgotten
Grave16 at the glowing crystals. Turn around and head
south to find a ruby deposit, iron and coal lode around the
small pond.

Back from the pond, continue south up over it and fight
three lizards and find lodes. Keep going south to the next
open area and three lizards. Ahead farther south is a pond
with two lizards and a runaway snapper. The snapper has a
quest item. North of the pond are two lodes. Up the rocks on
the south side for a lode, then east out of the area and drop
down to the cave entrance.

Head around right to the Goblin cave and enter. In the goblin
cave, defeat two goblins at the fork in the path. Head down
the southern path, passing a coal lode. At the end of the
passage, defeat two goblins. Head into the open area to five
more goblins. An iron lode on the east side, an elixir on the
north platform. On the western platform is the Water
Chalice for a quest. An iron lode on the south end of the
platform. Head down the SE path and defeat more goblins.

Continue through the cave. Just before the fork in the path,
an iron lode on the north wall. At the fork, take the eastern
route to come out of the cave and find a Forgotten Grave17
on the cliff edge. Go back into the cave and south at the fork
to three lizards at the southern tip. There's some lodes and
other items scattered around. Leave the cave at the northern
exit of the two.

Head due south through the swamp (pick up cobwebs,
they're big and white) to reach small ruins, a structure and
rocky ruins on the map. As soon as you drop into the ruins,
defeat a lizard and two orcs. Continue south into the ruins
and defeat a snapper and three orcs. Head SW into the next
room and defeat lizards and an orcs on the right side.
There's a chest. Go NE to a circular room and defeat three
orcs and grab the Straw Hat.

Exit back outside. Head directly west till you reach the
mountains, then south to find Ancient Relic15 by the
ocean's edge on the west end among large tree roots.

Have 12 cobwebs yet? Explore the entire swamp area to
uncover the map. The cobwebs are easy to see once you're
near them. Once you have all 12, return to Mama Hooqua at
the tavern.

Finally head back to Tooshoo. In the first small building on
the south side of Tooshoo, just east of the Inn, speak with
Nejos to complete his quest. Go speak with Gilana to
complete Power of Control. Go down the vine covered
tunnel and speak with Vultus to complete his quest.

Head due south out of Tooshoo and over the outer
boardwalks area. Activate the stone circle, then continue
south to the shrine and speak with Zyra to begin Elements
Shrine quest. Drop into the shrine and pick up 4 items in SW
corner of the first room, a shovel is difficult to locate. Head
south to fight three temple guardians. Head west and defeat
three temple guardians and two archers on the far side of the

Continue west to the next room and defeat some guardians
and a priest. Continue farther and around the corner to a
stone golem. East in the room is a torch. The room to the
south has eight guardians and a priest. Keep moving farther,
defeating more enemies.

The next room has several guardians and a priest. The next
SE room has an opponent, two chests in the NW section and
a chest on each side of the NE exit. The next NE room has
two priests and several guardians. Out the SE exit, head
around the corner for an opponent on your far right corner
and 2 or 3 more ahead. Continue and drop into the next
room, two enemies on left at a gate. On the north wall an
undead priest is easily awakened. Nearby is a scratched
chalice. In the north corner is a chest. East corner to a chest
and opposition and items. 

Head out to the east and around the corner to a room with
two golems, guardians, and servants. Go west to a guardian
and three servants. In the room is a strong mana potion in
each of the large bowls on the north wall. Continue west and
around south. The next room has a stone golem and
guardians. Continue west to reach the center room and battle
Okoo (use ranged or magic) and five servants.

North into the next room with two enemies on each side.
West side of the room are two chests. Middle of north wall
is a chest with an ancient key you need for that locked gate
back a ways.

Back south to the large circular room, then east to a room
with three guardians and 2 priests. Continue SW, and south,
then head west to the gate.

Through the gate, then west into a room to get the statue
parts on the southern wall. Continue west and around to a
small room, scratched chalice at large roots on north wall.
Continue out NW, drop into the corridor and head back out
SE and around north to where you dropped in. Jump from
the lowest platform to the next higher one and work your
way up out of the shrine. Talk to Zyra for another chance to
side with Gilana or Vultus.

Gilana; rain, cold, damp and dark.
Vultus; sun, scorching, arid and bright.

Either way you must defeat Zyra. Finally, examine the shrine
for the final choice; May Beliar send rain upon us. But let
him not overdo the lighting, OR May Innos send sun upon
us, but no rainbows. Finally use the stone circle back to
Tooshoo and speak to whichever person you sided with. If
Vultus, you still must talk to Gilana after that for a piece of
new armor.

Head up the stairs next to the stone circle, and continue up
till no stairs are left. Go NE, on boardwalk, into the library
and out the opposite door. Continue SE to the next room and
speak with Calamus, then enter the door he opens for you.
Ignore the stairs for now and head south across the wooden
walkway. Go through the corridor and into the building on
the left to find an elixir. Head out the NE door and up the
stairs. Continue west, down the left stairs and up the stairs
directly ahead to SW.

Follow the pathway through the corridor and up the stairs
and into the room straight ahead and speak with Merdarion
to complete Welcome quest and start Hot Lead. Speak with
the other two mages in the rooms on the other side of the
tree center. Go back down to the first wood stairs, then the
north tunnel and speak with Calamus to continue the quest.

Go back out the SW Sanctum door, go left between the two
staircases, through the tunnel and down the south stairs. Just
inside is a chest by the door. Speak to Icarius to find out he's
dead. Turn around and go to the door and speak with
Calamus to complete the quest and start Many Friends quest.

Head back down to the bottom level and follow the path that
leads SE of Tooshoo a long way to reach the first hut. Look
behind the barrel on the north side for an Innos Statuette18.
Some items inside the hut. Continue SE to Lester's hut.
Speak with Milten. Some items in the hut. Before following
the trail Milten marked, go a little SW to the small ruins
near the coast. It looks like a black dot on the mini-map.

In the ruins are three snappers. In the NE corner of the room
get an Ancient Relic16. Head SE to the southern tip of the
coast, fight some slimes, and find a Forgotten Grave18 at
the base of the large slanted rock.

Go back NE to Lester's hut, and head south out of the hut
and follow the trail of glowing swampweed (pick them up).
Once you're heading south past the monastery gates, go to
the west when you see a clear path on the cliff and find a
Beliar Artifact16. Just before the trail turns north from the
beach, a Forgotten Grave19 is just to the south by a white
rock. At the end of the trail is the cave of the bone crusher
tribe. Enter the cave.

The first open area has three orcs. Down the next hallway
are four snappers in next room. Now head north to next
room and two orcs. A gold lode on the NW wall. Take the
eastern path and around south to next large room and five
orcs. There's four chests and a gold lode. In the SW corner,
drop down and head around north. In the next room a
snapper, a Chief and eight orcs attack.

Explore the area for lodes and items. Head east to a wood
platform with a potion and items. An orc is in the small area
to the north at a shrine. Continue east in the cave and around
south to the next area. Defeat all four orcs and head over to
the SE corner to find magic ore. Continue south to find
Ur'Trush and two orcs.

Keep heading south to Xesha. You fight Magrokh and three
orcs. Speak with Lester to continue Many Friends quest.
There's a chest and some items. Examine the statue to
complete A Man of Many Friends and begin Monastery on
the Cliff quest. Head SW to the end and appear near the
monastery gate. Pull the lever near the gate to open it in case
you later need anything in Tooshoo. A chest is just south of
the cave exit, near the lever. Just east is another chest.

Head SE from there to an Ancient Relic17 in the bushes.
Head east across the rocky bridge. The first curve on the
right hides a golem. Go up the winding path and fight
warriors and a priest at the intersection. Take the southern
path and immediately head west through a small opening to
find a Beliar Artifact17. Continue on the winding road up
the stairs to the monastery entrance and speak with Ruhndal
to begin the Trials of Innos quest. 

Head up the small stairs on the left to a room with a chest.
Leave the room and head east a little and up the tall stairs on
the left to find an Innos Statuette19. Back down the stairs
and into the covered walkway on the left for two chests. In
the middle part of the monastery fight two holy guardians.
Just north of where the guardians attacked, speak with
Ruhndal and tell him "Just stop wasting my time....." and the
final option "I warned you... Defend yourself". Defeat him
to begin Two Half Truths.

Enter the room to the east, approach Hendor and Galamod to
talk, tell them you're ready, then a long cut-scene. Two
chests in this room, the east and west walls. Go out the west
door and head south to the corridor. On the SW end is a
chest. Head out of the corridor and west across the
monastery to another corridor with three chests. Head into
the room on the north side of the corridor and make your
way around to the NE corner and push the lever. Enter the
new north opening just to the left, behind the bookcase.

In the new room is a chest and an item. In the SE corner
push a lever and enter a room on the west wall. Get a scroll
and an Ancient Relic18. Head back outside and up the stairs
just ahead by the corridor. At the top of the stairs, go west to
the end. On the left side, jump onto the roof. Continue to the
next roof and cross the wood plank. Get on the small roof
and SAVE.

Head east to the edge and jump across to the wood platform
below. Run across the next roof and use the wood plank to
the walkway below. At the end is a chest. Head back to the
plank but first push the lever to its right. Up on the roof to
the left is a smaller section. From there, face east and look
straight down to see a small wood awning just below. Now

Crouch and carefully jump down to the small awning. Get
Beliar Artifact18. Stand up and jump SE across to the stone
wall. Get down and go up the nearby tall wooden stairs
again to enter the room. A new opening is in the NE corner
leading to an adjacent room with a chest and a recipe.

Also in this room is a lever in the SW corner of the room. It
reveals an entrance to another room just behind you, with a
recipe and a chest. Head back to the monastery entrance, go
down the winding path and north at the fork, the sign says
Black Gorges. Continue till you reach the gate to the Black
Gorges. Go through and drop down to speak with Bartur and
begin Seeds for Jabo quest. Continue NW and defeat three
fire lizards. Examine the Forgotten Grave20 in the middle
of the intersection at the pyramid shaped rock.

Head west to a dead end, defeat the golem and examine it. A
sulphur deposit is on the west wall. Go back to the fork and
head NW. After fighting, 3 obsidian warriors and an archer,
hug the wall to your left and fight 2 fire lizards, then find an
Ancient Relic19 in the south crevice against the cliff.
Continue north searching each side of the wide area for
sulphur deposits and fighting to the next fork.

Head west fighting to the next fork. Fight your way NW and
stay left at the Y intersection to a dead end area with several
priests. There's a chest looking thing on the side of the path.
It's the quest item you need for the Seeds for Jabo quest. On
the west wall is a magic ore.

Exit the dead end back down to the recent fork and continue
north. Just before the path leading east (nothing down there
but golems and fire lizards), more enemies attack. After
fighting, continue north. When the path begins to curve NE,
near the middle of the curve, at a big rock in the middle of
the path, enter a small alcove on the right to defeat a lizard
to the right. An chest is here and a golem straight ahead.

Back out to the wide path intersection, continue north. Hug
the eastern wall to find an Ancient Relic20, at a small
triangular opening at the base of the boulders. Continue
north and as the path starts to the east, several scavengers

East of the attack is an Innos Statuette20 hidden under an
overhang in the middle of the area. Just north of there, on
the right just north of a rock with smaller rock on top, is a
female refugee body. Continue north to fight four opponents.
Search the east side of the area for a Beliar Artifact19 well
hidden by a leaning rock formation at a fat leafed plant.
Continue north, passing under a large overhead structure,
and speak with Ludd who moves around very quickly.

Continue north and fight a single scavenger, calling in 2 or 3
more to help. Near the attack, on the left near a plant with
very fat leaves, is a dead male refugee. Stay close to the
western wall and continue north. Soon you find a stone
circle. East of the stone circle is a Forgotten Grave21
around the large rock. Just north of stone circle speak with
Bron, then defeat him. Before entering the temple, head
north till you can go east, along cliff on your left, to a sign
that shows "Jabo lives here".

Turn right and hug the left wall as it turns east. Defeat three
razors, then head east for a Forgotten Grave22 near the
wall in an alcove. Back a little and continue north, bearing
NE when you can. Eventually you come to Jabo's camp.
Speak with him to give him the seeds and begin the
Watchdog quest. There's a Forgotten Grave23 east of Jabo,
by a large tree near the wall.

Back at Jabo's camp, head north to find the Watchdog that is
a Shadowbeast. Defeat it. In the hut are a couple of items on
the table. On the NE side of the hut is an Innos Statuette21.
Go back and speak with Jabo. Head back due SW towards
the stone circle and the Goddess Temple. When you enter,
several crawlers attack. Head through the barred door to
continue Hagen's Spy quest. More prowlers and crawlers. In
the north tip of the room is a chest. South to the next room
and defeat more crawlers and two prowlers.

In the SE corner of the room is   scratched golden chalice. In
the next room more fighting. In the SE corner is a potion.
Two prowlers on the south wall. Head west out of the room
and into another room with many crawlers. Items in the NW
corner. Head south out of the room to another one with
many crawlers. In the east corner is a chest. Head east and
down the hallway to the next room with three prowlers and
crawlers. A sword on the north table. Items in east corner.

Continue east and south through the temple to the next room
and defeat a shadowbeast and a prowler. There's another
scratched gold chalice at the northern wall and a chest at the
south wall. There should be no more enemies. Continue east,
then south to the exit and cross the rock bridge. Head south
to the cliff and find a Beliar Artifact20 behind a tree.
Continue north fighting five scavengers, then go downhill to
some monks at a stone platform.

Speak with Hathon for Dead in the Water quest. Head north
downhill, defeating two sea sludges on the right at the
bottom, remember their pearls. Head east on the beach to
fight four undead paladins and an undead mate that you have
to use magic or ranged weaponry on. On down the beach
more groups attack. Dead apprentices have a few items. You
must kill all undead on the beach to further the quest.

Head to a sludge at the ship. Go on ship and speak to the
injured Varald by the mast. Examine his body after he dies.
Open the chest for a rusty shield and pick up the paladin
sword and shield nearby. Jump over the hole in the deck to
find a Varantinian bow behind the next mast. South of the
mast is a plank leading off the ship. SAVE right here. Get on
the plank and drop down to the next plank at the water to
find a Beliar Artifact21.

Back on ship, move to the north side and jump onto the
broken railing, then onto the land to the north. Once on the
land, there's a Forgotten Grave24 straight ahead with a
scratched gold chalice and a diamond, just north of the grave
is a break in the rocks. Watch out for undead as you go back
west on the beach. Head back up the mountain and speak
with Hathon again, then examine the altar to destroy the
item, then speak with Hathon a final time. Go back down to
the beach, take a few steps east, then head NE through the

Defeat three razors that attack and find the Forgotten
Grave25 just NE under a large overhang. Head NE, 3
razors. Continue NE and around right to find a camp with
four deserting orcs, kill them and explore the camp to find a
Silverlake Orc, a chest by the fire, and other items. Continue
NE, stay near the wall on your right,  through the jungle to
another camp on the far east side, defeat all, one uphill to the
north and a chest. There's items around camp.

Leave the camp and keep moving north. Activate the stone
circle you come to and speak to Thor, then head into the
village. An Innos Statuette22 is just on the north side of the
first tent on the right. The last tent on the east side has a
chest. Head to the lighthouse on the NE cliff to find an
Ancient Relic21 on the first floor.

Go back down to the stone circle and head west to the next
area. Immediately head SW to avoid a troll. Continue west
uphill to a camp of 5 Orcs. There's a chest. Head back out to
the NE, stay against the rocks to your right and follow the tip
of the rocks around to your right through a gap. At some
small trees against the tip of the outcrop, there's an Ancient
Relic22. As you head north, you'll see a huge troll to the
east. Once you enter the temple to the north, SAVE. Head up
the stairs and speak with Dantero to complete Hagen's Spy.
Now choose Path of Fire, or Path of Decay.

Path of Fire.
Head to the gate on the west side and enter. Make it through
the fireballs by dodging, waiting, and running, etc.

Path of Decay.
Head to the gate on the east side and enter to an acid pit.
Stand on the first stone pillar and jump to the pillar on the
left and get the healing potion. Now jump to the pillar just
ahead to the right and below you. Now jump to the pillar
along the right wall. Now jump straight ahead to the fallen
pillar and onto the broken pillar. Next jump across to the
pillar ahead to the left. Finally jump to the end ledge.

Once you reach the end, go up the stairs and access the
lever. Continue along and drop into the starting room. Go up
the stairs and cross the new bridge. Head around to the NE
corner of the platform for a Beliar Artifact22 on the ground
level. Back up to the wall, get a running start and jump back
up to the platform. Approach Dantero for a cut-scene. Then
defeat him and three Obsidian Golems. Pick up everything,
especially what Dantero dropped.

***The remainder of the temple has tons of enemies, so
make wise use of your potions and weapon tactics.

Head through the opening behind the statue. Continue up
stairs and fight a minecrawler. An elixir by the east wall, an
Innos Statuette23 near the NE corner, a scratched golden
chalice in the NW corner. North to the next room, mana
potion on the north side of the statue. Head west to the next
room. Two minecrawler workers. West path to small room
and minecrawlers.

There's a chest on the west side of the room. Head out the
western path and drop into the next room with several cave
creatures. A scratched golden chalice is near where you
dropped down. Out the NW passage to next area. Two
workers and crawlers. The north corner has a Beliar
Artifact23. Continue out the NE path and up stairs. Fight
crawlers and go up next stairs. Just at the top, left into small
alcove for a mana potion and crawlers.

Continue to the next room and fight. Use the SE path to a
room with three chests and several items. Leave the room
and continue north. At the intersection, wait and use ranged
tactics on the minecrawler worker. Another minecrawler to
the east. Take the eastern path to next room and 
many crawlers. Red ore in the NW and NE corners. Leave
the room and go west at the intersection.

Fight two workers in next area and get red ore in NW
corner. Continue on SW to next area and a minecrawler
soldier. Head around west to two workers. In next open area,
red ore on the west side. Continue around west to some
soldiers. At the NW side of the next intersection is a
Forgotten Grave26. Head down the south path and two
minecrawlers. Some cave crawlers on far side of the room.
A red ore on the east side.

North side of the room, on south wall is magic ore. Head
north at the fork into a large room to fight two soldiers. A
red ore at the west wall near the entrance and another farther
north on the east wall. At the end of the room, take out the
minecrawler queen and workers. Two magic ore lodes in the
NW alcove. Just north, go out the east path to an outside
ledge with a Beliar Artifact24. Back inside and take the
norther path of intersection to leave the cave.

Head up the snow trail to engage a couple of Ice Golems. At
the left entrance is an Ancient Relic23 hidden behind the
short column. Inside are enemies with inventories. Enter the
other ruins with fires at the entrance. Up stairs, try ranged
weaponry on the four enemies. Up the next stairs for two
Crystal Spiders. Take the SW (middle) path to three Crystal
Spiders in the hallway and the next room. Go the SE path to
a room with four enemies. A chest behind rubble in SE

Back in the larger room, the western gate has fireballs. Get
to the side and near it. Time your action and open the gate
then step to the side. After next fireball, quickly enter gate
and stay on the right side of the hallway. A little way along,
two priests in small alcove on the left. In the next
intersection on the right, continue along to the north path.
Fight your way to the next room with two Crystal Spiders
and an Ice Golem. Tables along north wall have items.
There's a scratched gold chalice in the SE and in the SW

Down the SW path with two Crystal Spiders. Take the
western path avoiding the fireballs. Three Crystal Spiders in
the next room. Down the SW path of the two hallways on
the west side. A chest near the west wall. Go back and down
the NW hallway and turn east down the next. Up the steps
and on side of column in center of the room a chest contains
a key. South out of the room and north at the intersection.

Go through the gate and up stairs to an Ice Golem. Up next
stairs and approach Ixidia. After the cut-scene, defeat all
enemies. A Beliar Artifact25 is on the north side of the
area, below the upper level. On the east side, go up the stone
walkway and through the north gate.

Down stairs for a cut-scene. Get the Devine Hammer in the
middle of the room. In the room is three chests, a couple of
pliers, many magic ores, several red ores, and a potion. Go
down the north stairs. There should be no more enemies.
Through the gate and down the hallway to the outside. As
you go down the trail, stay on the north side as much as
possible. As you near the cave, a greenish-brown ledge to
the right leads to a Beliar Artifact26.

At the end of the ledge, do 3 different small jumps down the
cliff, then turn around to find the artifact. Down once again
and into a NE alcove to a Forgotten Grave27. Go on down
and make your way through the cave, middle of first big
curve are two toadstools, end of last big curve is toadstool
on the right, and pick up two toad stools before jumping
down to a cut-scene with Tadoy and begin Death of the
Fields quest. Four enemies are likely to be just outside the
cave. Defeat them and go back inside and talk to Tadoy

There's several items around the campsite. Head south to the
road, then due SE along the road towards the Valley of
Blood. Along the way is an old cart with a shield. Farther on
down are three more items. At the end of the path is an
Ancient Relic24. Head back NW on the road and west at the
intersection. Head south towards the next intersection.

To the right of the road opposite the intersection, head north
down around the other side of a big boulder for a Forgotten
Grave28. Go back up to the intersection. At the sign "Old
Cave" head up that path, go to right of Tadoy, head south
down past the peasants and down the path along side of the

In the village below, defeat 7 fallen militiamen, 1 undead,
and Lord Sacruder. Behind the south building is an Innos
Statuette24. Search all buildings for items. A little way
down the north road, there's a Forgotten Grave29 on the
left side before a small rock mound. West of there, just
before a mound shaped rock, is a Beliar Artifact27 on top
of a very tall dark rock. Go back up to the torch post in the
middle of the village. Head across the small footbridge and
on SE up cliff side path and speak to Tadoy and get a key to
his chest.

Go west up behind Tadoy and into the old tunnel at the top.
Inside at the first curve is a coal lode. In the first open area
defeat a shadowbeast. At the beginning of the area is a coal
lode. There's also a couple of other different lodes. On the
far west side are three chests. One has alembic to break

Up the south ramp is an Ancient Relic25 on the south side
of the platform. Break the south wall there and speak to
Khilian. In front of him is a lode and an Ancient Relic26. At
the tunnel exit are two items. Go outside and defeat four
lurking wolves (you might have killed at least one much
earlier when you got the relic from a nearby shed). Go back
and speak to Khilian again. Just outside the cave, go a long
way due east across country, to the Valley of Blood, and
speak with Craglan in the burned out forest. Go back west to
the road, then north through the cave and down to the
intersection. East to the next intersection at the village and
the north road.

Down the north road are more undead soldiers. Explore the
west village for more undead and items in buildings. Ped sits
by chest in the central building . Now head north to the
castle start a cut-scene with Gorn. After going in the gate,
head to the first house on the right. On the left side is the
entrance. There's a chest and other items, including an
emerald behind barrels.

Leave the house and go west, past the main gate, and up the
stone steps on the left. Head west up there to find 3 or 4
siege bolts that are difficult to see. Head back east to a
building and find a torch on the floor. Head upstairs to find a
chest. Back down and continue east to find another siege
bolt along the wall. Continue east to the next room with
items and a chest. Upstairs are two chests. Back downstairs,
continue east to the end for an Ancient Relic27.

Go down to the ground and head NW through the market
district to find Ningal somewhere outside the inn or near the
obelisk (it looks like a giant ancient relic). Speak with him
to continue Ancient Obelisks. Go down the stairs to north.
When you near the buildings to NW, zombies start popping
out of the ground. Defeat any that appear.

To the north, search the aspirant lying in front of the house,
and there's a magic scroll closer to the house. To the west,
activate the Obelisk. To the south of it search the house.
Continue fighting while heading due south a long way. Near
the last southern house is another dead aspirant to search and
a magic scroll to pick up. In the SW corner activate the

The large house to the NE has a meteoric ore (quest item for
later) on the north side of the roof. Jump on the pile of
rocks, on north side, between the two houses to get up there.
Climb back down. By the rock you climbed, the north house
has a chest. Go north and up the steps to speak with Ningal
again. Go up the nearby steps and around left to the Inn.
Several items downstairs, 3 chests upstairs. Down stairs and
back out the east door, go through the north gate. Head
across the bridge and west, down steps and NW towards the
harbor. At the low wall is a chest.

Jump over and continue north, then go left out on the wharf
to the ship and fight. Straight ahead on the ship is a Meteoric
Ore quest item, then an Innos Statuette25 on the upper
deck. A chest on east side of main mast. Back along the
wharf and into the house ahead. 2 cut vials and old books
downstairs. Upstairs are many items and a chest.

Outside, go towards Diego at a barricade. After speaking to
him, several items on tables to left. A knife on the pier.
Head just north to Snips and 3 or 4 siege bolts outside the
house. Go inside for two chests on the east wall, knife in
north corner and cheese in the west corner of the room. Exit,
go around left to back side of the house for a chest and an
Ancient Relic28 tucked in a small corner next to the chest.

Back in front at Snips, head NW towards an iron gate.
Before there is a Meteoric Ore quest item on boxes to the
right. Back at Snips, follow the sign that shows "Harbour
Street" and go east  around the buildings and past the
glowing gateway. Continue in a southerly direction through
town, you come to a chest on the right side of the path.
Around right behind same building is a Halberd and broom.

Continue along and back up the stairs to find Lester and
speak with him. North from Lester is another stone circle to
activate. SW from the circle, enter the building, go upstairs
to find 4 chests in different rooms by opening two doors.
Downstairs, out east door. North from the circle, enter house
and turn left. At the 2 doors, turn right and through north
door for a chest. Now go outside and SAVE.

You have three people to side with and use their method to
enter the castle. Siding with Daranis, siding with Jilvie, or
siding with Rauter.

SIDING WITH JILVIE. Tell her "I like your plan....
Head through the door she opens and enter the cellar. The
first room has two chests. Head east through the door, then
SE exit in the room to get out of the cellar. SW to the dead
end for a chest. Head back due east on the road and make
your way up the hill in a counterclockwise direction to
Snaf's house with candles in the window.

Go upstairs and speak with him. Near him is cheese and
chicken. There's a chest nearby. Leave the house through the
SW door and head south. Enter the last house on the left just
before the castle bridge. Head upstairs. There's an old book
on the table at the north wall. There's also a diamond and
chest upstairs.

Exit the house. Go directly WSW towards house with large
dome shaped door, to a woodpile between 2 houses and find
an Essence of Immortality. Kill any undead wandering
around the immediate area (three or four with exclamation
marks over them). They show up on the mini map as moving
circles. Finally, head back east to Snaf  s house, upstairs talk
to him. He leaves the house, follow him to the fortress
courtyard gates.

Kill the five undead. Now speak to Snaf at the courtyard
gate. Head into the castle and approach Zyra for a cut-scene.
This completes Daca and Rhobar quests and begins
Storming the Bastion quest. Skip ahead to the "Fortress

SIDING WITH RAUTER. Tell him "I'll check out the old
Head through the gate he opens. Head slightly right, then
around east, and down the south road fighting along the way.
Go left at the first corner then right into an open area. Go
right at the intersection and across the bridge straight into
the alley. Take the next left and hug the north wall until you
can go left again. Take a small right, then at the north
building, enter on the east side for a chest. Go out the same
door and around left.

Head east over the rocks. Go south and through the barred
gate into the fortress. Through the tunnel and up the stairs,
pull the lever and enter the castle. Approach Zyra for a cut-
scene and end two quests and start Storming the Bastion
quest. Skip ahead to "Fortress Treasures".

SIDING WITH DARANIS. Tell him "Good, we'll do it
your way. At night he's in north house.
Head through the door behind him and out through the NE
door. Slowly down the hill and defeat zombies before the
bottom. At the bottom, several undead and two fallen mages
await. To the left of the house at the bottom is a chest.
Follow the road NW to find the Stone Golem and many
zombies. After all are dead, search the Golem.

Head back to the stone circle where Daranis waits. Speak to
him and automatically teleport into the palace. Talk to Zyra
to begin Storming the Bastion quest. Continue with
"Fortress Treasures"

"Fortress Treasures".
Starting on the ground floor at the main entrance, go into the
west room and down the stairs to a room with two chests.
Back up the stairs and directly across and down stairs into
the prison and turn right. An Innos Statuette26 in the
middle cell. Back up the stairs to the ground floor. There are
two staircases leading to separated areas of the second floor.

From the ground floor, the west side stairs leads to a small
north room with two chests. Back down to ground floor, the
east side stairs leads to a north room with a chest.

Third floor.
Two chests on the south side of the tables. On the north side
at the balcony, there's a Meteoric Ore on the east side. Up
small stairs west of the balcony is an Innos Statuette27 in
the SE corner. Go out the south exit and across into the next
room for a chest on its SW side. Through the eastern exit,
down the stairs and across to the next room where Zyra is.
Activate the stone circle. A chest in the side room to the NW
at foot of bed.

Back in the throne room here on the third floor, on the east
wall, just left of fireplace, is a lever that controls the false
wall behind the throne. It leads to west side of the fortress.
There's a chest behind the throne. There's a chest in the SW
corner near the throne.

Go outside the fortress to the stone circle in the courtyard.
Head east through the gate, cross the bridge and speak with
Jilvie just ahead. Head east a little and defeat the
mercenaries. Down the first south route, just before the large
boulder, in an alcove on the left is a chest. Across the road,
go between the large boulder and the wall. Continue west to
the end and head north to fight four enemies. A crossbow
and 2 or 3bolts outside the first building north at the wagon,
a potion around the side and one in the wagon. Items around
the building to the east.

South of there is a large boulder next to an outside toilet
with a Beliar Artifact28 on top. Back down the hill to the
intersection, then south, then east and continue east between
the south most building and the wall. At the back door of the
building is a chest and vial. In side there's an emerald under
the table and items in the SE corner. Back around to the west
side of the house and fight north up the hill.

Defeat more mercenaries at the arena, then head just east
around the side of the arena to an Ancient Relic29 in the
bushes on the south side. Go back down the hill, then around
left and up the stone steps to the castle wall. Head NE and
speak with the apparition of Xardas. Head back along the
wall into a room ahead and continue following the wall
around to the end, fighting along the way. In the last room,
go upstairs for some siege bolts, crossbow and potion.

Outside the room, go to the opposite corner for one more
enemy. Back around and down the steps. Go west into the
bastion. Defeat guards, then head through small corridor on
the right to north side for some powerful weapons and a
chest with a key you need.

On the south side of the area, open the barred door and
approach the cell for a cut-scene with Maldun. Be sure the
other soldier have left. Bread on the table. Head west out of
the room and down the narrow rocky path and enter the
arena gate. A guard hides on each side and one directly
ahead. Defeat the guards and continue to Lord Hagen in a
cell on the left side. Open the cell door for a cut-scene and
talk with all three, then choose new armor.

Finally, head just east and defeat the guard. Search him for a
new key. Continue east, up the stairs, load all healing
potions in quick slots, then SAVE! Open the gate and enter
the arena for a cut-scene with Drurhang. Finally battle him
and 14 others, mostly archers around the top. Keep moving,
moving and open inventory to pause and use potions. After
victory, search Drurhang for lots of gold. The apparition is at
the exit gate. After talking, head through the gate to outside
and west into a tunnel.

There's lots of fireballs. Stay away from the south gate and
the north wall. Stay in the middle and go around the corner
and SAVE! In the next hallway, the fireballs are random
with a longer pause before the next series. You can roll to
the lever, move it and make your way back to the gate. Wait
till both fireballs his at the same time and open the gate and
quickly step back to the side.

After the next double hit, roll into the room and quickly step
to the southern wall. Pick up the two golden Innos statuettes.
Examine Dominique's Sarcophagus to get a key and other
items. Four guardians attack. Don't let them knock you into
the fireball paths. Defeat the guardians. Safely get to the
west side of the room for an elixir. In the NE corner push the

Go through the gate an take the next left south. Fight your
way back to the fortress. Head all the way upstairs and
approach Rhobar for cut-scene and discussion. Afterwards,
speak to Rhobar, Diego, and Hagen on everything. Head NE
into Zyra's room and talk to her. Use the stone circle to
Diego's estate. Go SE towards Mari at the sewer shed for a
cut-scene, then enter the cellar behind her. Continue all the
way forward, then left to Daranis at the gate and talk.

Head through the gate to the surface with several fallen
paladins. Head around to the east and down into the
catacombs to your left. Speak with Merdarion. Go through
the cleared barrier and fight in the next room. Head up the
stairs to more fighting. Up the next stairs to still more
fighting. Continue east and around west through an empty
room to the next room with fighting. Swing around north
into a small room with two chests and an item at the north

Go out SW and continue to a large room and up stairs.
Defeat six cultists, then SAVE so that you can try three
different ways to dispel the domed force-field!

Speak with Daranis. Now you may speak to any of the other
three. Talk to Ningal, Merdarion, or Milten for their
different methods. Ningal's way is the simplest, and
Milten's way is the most confusing (it is much easier if you
had the worldofplayers map mod to show the locations).
There is four scratched golden chalices in the area.

*Ningal; Grand Master of Darkness.
You must kill five Ahn Bael to automatically take their
hearts. First, at the temple, head due north out of it to find an
Innos Statuette28 just west of the north corner in the rocks.
Back in the temple, head back down the nearby stairs into
the catacombs. When you emerge, kill the Ahn Bael there.
Now continue to the SE entrance to Diego's cellar.

In the long watery corridor, continue out the far end, then go
right to find a chest. Go back into the sewer and take the
west passage and out the back door near the stone circle.
Head through the north house and downhill to kill another
Ahn Bael. Back up to the stone circle and through the west
gate, down steps toward the harbor. And work your way
around the buildings.

At the harbor, go south and use the wooden planks to climb
over and go kill the third Ahn Bael. Back over the rubble,
around through the buildings and up the steps and back
through the gate to the stone circle. Into Diego's cellar. At
the water, head right and out the southerly exit. Follow the
long path around past a gate on your right. Continue forward
till you see the fourth Ahn Bael and kill it. Just west,
between two houses, is an essence of immortality.

Continue on to Rhobar's fortress. When you reach the stone
circle in the courtyard, go out the east gate and over the
bridge. Continue straight forward and kill the fifth Ahn Bael.
Go back a few steps and around right to a gate sign that
shows "Temple District". To through and on down, through
a NW gate. Continue NW to an intersection. Head right and
on up the main road to the Temple.

Speak to Ningal to remove the barrier. Take the Sleeper
Amulet and watch a cut-scene. Jump ahead to "Head down
the western path".

**Merdarion; Grand Master of Water.
It might not be the same order in every game for the three
runes. This game playthrough first mentioned salt in the air.
That referenced the lighthouse far out on the pier at the
waterfront. First though, here inside the temple, head due
north out of it to find an Innos Statuette28 just west of the
north corner in the rocks.

Head out to the top of the harbor lighthouse. The first Rune
is in the wall on the NE side. Next, Merdarion's voice
mentioned someone shouting orders. That referenced the
Bastion. It is the lighter shaded square block, to the SE, on
the main map. Head to the top of the bastion by way of the
stairs outside and over to the NW corner. The second Rune
is wedged into the wall.

Finally, Merdarion's voice mentioned something about the
marketplace or bazaar. That references the fortress. Head
over to the fortress and the third floor. Go up the stairs in the
NW corner, where some women are, and through the
southern exit where the third Rune is wedged in the wall of
the castle, just outside. Return to the temple up north and
speak to Merdarion to remove the barrier. Take the Sleeper
Amulet for a cut-scene.

Jump ahead to "Head down the western path".

***Milten; Grand Master of Fire.
You have to find seven lumps of meteoric ore. One is in the
fortress. One is in the slums. Two in the harbor, and three in
the temple area. The easiest is here at the temple. Head due
north out of it to find a Meteoric Ore near rocks in the
corner. Just west of the ore is an Innos Statuette28. 

From the center of the temple, head out west and start down
the western path (immediately to right four enemies attack,
several more at the bottom. Just before the gate, jump over
the wall. Head south and hug the wall on the right. The ore
is hidden in some bushes near a group of benches. Get it,
then back over the NE wall and continue south on the road
to the first house and go around the right side to a Forgotten
Grave30 (automatically get new items).

Enter the house for several items and an Innos Statuette29
in the SW corner. Upstairs, at the end of the hallway is a
chest. Exit the east door, go right and into the house ahead
with a bookshelf. 
The Meteoric Ore is on the right end. There's a couple of old
books. 3 golden innos statuettes over the fireplace. Get on
the stack of firewood and jump up there. Now, if you have 7
Meteoric Ores, return to the temple and speak with Milten to
remove the barrier. Take the Sleeper Amulet and watch a

"Head down the western path".
From the center of the temple, head out west and down the
western path. Lots of opposition down there.

***If you've just completed the meteoric ore quest with
Milten, skip ahead to the paragraph titled "At the
intersection, continue up west".

When you reach the intersection, head south along the low
wall on your right. At the first house, there's a Forgotten
Grave30 on the west side. Automatically get new items. In
the house is an Innos Statuette29 in the SW corner.
Upstairs is a chest at the end of the balcony. Also in the
house are several items.

Exit the east door, go right and into the house ahead with a
bookshelf. A Meteoric Ore is on the right end. Also there's a
couple of old books. Three golden innos statuettes over the
fireplace. Get on the stack of firewood and jump up there.
Go back north with the low wall on your left.

"At the intersection continue up west". Through the
second cemetery gate, head north and speak with Gorn.
Before entering the tunnel, nearby due west is a Forgotten

***If you previously found 30 graves, this grave will not
register. The game only rewards you for the first 30 graves.

Enter the tunnel to a small room. First large room in the
tunnel are several undead. Go down the eastern path to an
intersection, then north to some fallen mages and knights.
Examine both sides of the bookshelf for several old books.
In the SE room are 5 chests, a statuette, and 2 torches.

Head farther south to the n ext room and fight. There's a
black diamond in the NW corner. Head north to the next
room, fight, then a chest is in the middle of the SW wall.
Head west and up stairs, fight when you are outside. Fight
your way west towards the lighthouse.

At the top of the hill is a very powerful Demon Lord. After
all the fighting, head down the SE road from the lighthouse.
At the end is a red ore, and a Beliar Artifact29 in the
bushes. Head on down NE and get a Harbour Key from an
enemy. On down and unlock the gate. Go through and trade
with Snip and make sure the harbour district has nothing left
to do. Head back up, enter the lighthouse and up to the top
of it. There's a mighty healing potion on the floor. Examine
the teleporter in the middle for a cut-scene.

Go north and speak with Xardas. West of him are several
scrolls. There's two chests to the west. On the east side of
Xardas are more scrolls and two chests. Go to the outside of
the tower and follow the path down and around north. When
you reach the bottom, cross the stepping stones to reach the
tunnel ahead. An ore is on the right side of the entrance.

Continue due north. Just as the tunnel widens, there's a dark
ore on your left. Past the widened area and on the first curve
is another dark ore on your left. Continue till the tunnel turns
sharply south to an intersection with three burning sentinels.

Head left up the NE path to a open area with a fire golem.
There's a dark ore on the SE and NW wall. Head north and
jump down to a couple of burning sentinels. A dark ore
where you jumped down. Head left past a fire golem to an
area with green acid. On the left are two enemies. Farther
north on same side are two potions. In the middle of the
green acid, around left is a dark ore. At the old boat is a
Beliar Artifact30. Automatically get new items.

Leave the green acid area and head left (NE) and follow the
path to a Demon Lord and 2 fire golems you must destroy.
There's gold lodes all around the area and some ores.
Continue south to three hunters. Farther south is a grave
stone with two priests and a potion. Just south jump down
and head SE to a smaller room with several potions and a
black ore. In a bookshelf are some ancient writings.

TIP: In your scrolls section, right click all ancient writings to
learn some important crafting.

Head out to previous room and continue out NW passage.
At end of the loop curve is a dark ore on your right.
Continue out the SW exit, back to the intersection, and head
south to open the stone door. Just as you go through, there's
a dark ore on your left. Continue to the next area with a fire
golem. In the north peak of the room is a dark ore.

Farther SE is another fire golem. In the SW cubby hole is an
Ancient Relic30, automatically giving you new items. In the
first north section of the area is a dark ore. Continue SE,
then south to the next large area. On the right as you enter is
an Innos Statuette30. New items again. In equipment
section of inventory, equip Innos' Blessing halo. On the east
side is a mighty healing potion on a casket. There's a couple
of priests on each side of the room about mid way through.

Continue south to the next room. Be careful of two fire
priests on the other side of the south wall. They shoot
through holes. In the middle of the room are several items
on the rugs and small items around the short columns. Head
west, then around north to a smaller room with priests. In the
east corner is a dark ore. Directly west to a smaller room
with healing potions and ores.

Back to previous room and exit south and continue south to
a room. In the middle of the east wall are a couple of items.
On the west wall is a dark ore and mighty healing potion. In
the SW corner is a mighty healing potion.

Out the south exit and around to a small elongated room. On
the east wall are two mighty healing potions in two different
groups of small pottery. Between the pots is a dark ore. On
the west wall, opposite the next exit, is a mighty healing
potion. In the NE corner is a potion.

Head out the east exit to a room. On the south wall is a dark
ore and items on the table. Continue east to a round room
with an Ahn Bael. On the NE side is a dark ore. Exit south
out of the round room. The next room has two burning
sentinels at the south end jail cell. In the jail cell is a dark
ore. Head out the nearby west exit to a room with four
priests and a hunter.

Continue SE to a Y shaped area. Continue over NE to a
room with a Demon Lord. Head south in the Y shaped room
to another room with a dark ore on the east wall. At the
stone steps SAVE. Up there are two demons and two ahn
bael. Go up the stairs and defeat them. Finally, drop out of
the cave and speak with Ruhndal. Put your mightiest potions
in the quick-bar slots. Now SAVE!

As you head uphill to the monastery, you're not likely to
make it on the first try. So at least quick save when there's a
pause in the fighting. In the monastery, when you're able, go
up the main south stairs and approach Hendor for a cut-

Finally, drop into the hole to the south, turn around and
continue a long way down into the hideout till you see
Xesha. In the fight, when she glows, quickly move away to
avoid her attacks. When she uses multiple bursts, stand
behind one of the blocked doorways to avoid damage. She
eventually summons others to aid her.

When a glowing circle shows on the floor, get away quick to
avoid spikes coming out of the floor. Finally Xesha is
defeated and the ending sequence starts.


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