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  The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our page. 




You awaken in an old room. Go out the big door and automatically talk to Arquan.
Then you talk to the Abbot and get the Sword of Light. Turn around and go talk
to the first person on the left. Then talk to the next person, in dark brown
robe, nearby. Go in the room and get two pots (you have to crawl under one
obstacle, and jump on some shelving along one wall. Go back out and show the
pots to the person.

In the next room you fight a beast. In the last room, sneak around the left side
to the fireplace and come up behind the beast and destroy it before it sees you.
Now talk to everyone and use up all dialogue choices. There's a light colored
walkway along one wall. Half way along the wall is the door out.

Once you're through the big iron gate to the outside, cross the bridge and talk
to Ivy Rose. Next you talk to the Lord of the Light and get some powers. Choose
to be a Ghost or a Warrior.

The only reason for fighting every enemy is to gain points that you use to
increase certain powers that you have. In inventory, there's an item that shows
no information. Left clicking this item allows you to distribute points to a
particular power by selecting among the different ones with the w or s key, then
using the a key to highlight the check mark and left click to increase the power
if you have enough points. Also, many enemies leave behind a health pack.

In the forest and paths, you'll encounter many small but deadly enemies, fire
ball throwing enemies, and huge hulky beasts.

At the bloody skull in the intersection, take the right hand path. After the
transition point, you come to a corpse with a dagger. At the next intersection,
take the left path and go into a hollow tree. In there, take the left exit and
go through a hollow log. At the humming column, get a short sword. From the
column, take the left path and talk to Zealeth to learn about some flowers that
he needs.

Go back to the humming column and bear to the left, cross a bridge and through
another transition point. You come to a mill and its big water wheel. Watch out
for the archer up on the mill, and talk to the man standing in front of the door
(you can't enter it). Cross another bridge and talk to everyone in town. Search
all houses for items.

Eventually you learn about a cave near the black smith shop. The shop (you'll
hear the pounding) is on the back side of a really big building. In the big
building, get another good weapon. Now, go down hill from the black smith and
enter the fenced in cave. You talk to the bit bat and learn about his amulet
that you might eventually find so you can return it to him.

Uphill behind the cave is a big barn. In there, you'll find a heavy sword up in
the rafters. On the other side of the village, go through the misty graveyard
and on up the misty mountain trail to the swamps with many walkways.

Now's a good time to at least quick save (F5). If you fall in the water, there's
no getting out. Search all around the walkways for items. When you find a long
spiraling ramp going up, go up there and defeat a Spectre. Aklesiah, a cursed
monk, appears. You learn about the witch Navaya. On the other end of the swamp,
go along a particularly long path to a backbone bridge. Before crossing it, head
left to find an enemy or two.

Now go across the backbone bridge. Through another transition point and a few
different enemies. Cross another backbone bridge and take the next right to a
house guarded by several archers. Behind the house is a rock wall you can bust
through for some items.

Since you already know about the witch, inside the house Navaya transforms into
a beast. Once it's defeated, take the key and go unlock the basement gate.
There, you'll find 7 bunches of crystals that can be used in the crystal caves.

Leave the house and bear to the right. Stay on the main path and eventually go
through another transition point. A bit further, you'll see a bridge to the left
but don't go there. Continue along to a 3-way intersection where you'll see a
large flat rock with a large round rock on top of it. Continue around left and
you'll come to a big iron gate that'll open since you have the key. Go down the
transition hole. You're now in the crystal caves. Now's a good time to SAVE

First you'll pass a red crystal, then a blue one. Just past there, bear left and
a fake wall will open up. Continue through another one and eventually find a
crossbow and some bolts. Back out on the main path, continue along basically
following red crystals. Some side paths have minor items. After quite a while,
you'll come to a set of giant teeth both upper and lower ones. Straight through
the next 3-way intersection is another raisable wall hiding many items.

As you exit this hidden area, go around to your right. You'll come to an area
with a set of teeth and 2 archers on the far side (ignore the fire ball thrower
to the right, that route comes much later). Take care of the 2 archers with your
arrows, then at least Quick Save. Back up to get a good run, then jump across to
the teeth. You'll eventually find a fancy door, so go through there.

Make your way through several water caverns and eventually find the special
flowers. Now go back to the teeth and quick save again. Jump back across and
make your way back out of the caves to the big iron gate entrance. Go straight
to another corpse with a dagger. Go across a bridge and transition point to the
bloody skull at the 3-way intersection.

Bear around left across the other bridge and into the hollow tree. Bear left and
eventually return to the humming column. Go left and give the flowers to Zealeth
and you get a potion. Now return to the bloody skull at the 3-way intersection
and bear left towards the torches and transition point and back inside the

Since you've probably killed at least 10 dark enemies, talk to the lone figure
along the wall away from any doors. He gives you an item. Now talk to the monk
by the door and he uses the potion to upgrade your Sword of Light. Now go
outside and go left from the bloody skull, then at the two big rocks
intersection, go right and enter the iron gate and into the crystal caves again.
Make your way back through the caves to the point where you had to jump across
to the teeth.
Instead of jumping across, go to the right and through a transition point.
You'll eventually come to a 3-way intersection. Straight ahead is a fake wall.
Through there, go through several lava caves and look for the 7 altars where
you'll automatically place a bunch of crystals. After a certain number of
altars, the caverns in that immediate area is lit up like daylight.

Sooner or later you shatter the block of ice and be sure to pick up the heart
stone. Then pull a lever to open the door above you. Go through there and up
several sets of stairs to a portal that takes you back to the big gate you first
entered. Now that you have an enhanced Sword of Light (from the flower potion),
return to the village and find the town leader standing by himself behind one of
the houses.

He turns into a beast, so use your enhanced Sword of Light to destroy him, then
take the amulet. Return the amulet to the bat creature in the cave (stone tree),
and you eventually end up with the body stone.

Return to the temple and talk to the monk by the inside door for further
instructions. Sooner or later you end up in the catacombs beneath the temple. In
there, SAVE GAME. In the catacombs there are fireball throwers, big hulking
creatures, and red ghosts.

Continue forward and up some steps and on to a 3-way intersection. Take the
right turn into a large room to do a bit of fighting. Back out in the
intersection, continue right to another intersection and head left into another
large room for some fighting and a few items. Back out to the intersection and
straight across to another room. Bear around left and go out the new exit and on
to a 4-way intersection.

Left and right are a couple of large rooms. Straight ahead is a fireball thrower
and a secret wall. Through there go down some steps into a lava cavern. To your
right is a lever to make some steps appear. Go back around left and up the small
steps that appeared. Pull another lever and 3 stepping stones appear in the
lava. Go back to the end of the lava room and SAVE.

Leap the stones and pull a lever to the left to open the door. Fight 2 hulks and
a fireball thrower. Jump down the hole and go forward to find some arrows. Go on
around the hall and through a fake wall to a 3-way intersection. Head left to a
room with some arrows. Go on around and into a large room. Go straight forward
and find 2 bunches of arrows. At a 3-way intersection, head right and go through
a fake wall for an item or two.

Continue around the hallway and straight through a 3-way intersection. Continue
on around till you pass through a large door into a large room with stone
columns in a pit. This is another good place to SAVE. To your right is a
stairway leading s short way into the pit. To the right is the highest column
you can get on. Jump down the columns till you can land at the top of a wide
ramp leading down.

Fight the Black Monk, who puts out his helpers 3 or 4 times, while avoiding you.
Use a regular sword on the helpers, and use the Sword of Light on the Monk when
you can, eventually defeating him. Sooner or later, you find yourself in a hotel
in Berlin.

Read the papers on the table. Be sure to get the revolver and ammo and knife on
the other side of the table. Check all doors in the hallway, fighting a lot
along the way. Then go down the main stairs and again check all doors. One end
door leads to small stairs leading down and up. Go up and get some ammo. Go down
small steps all the way into the basement for some ammo and a silencer revolver.
Go up a little way to a door into the final hallway. Check all doors, and
finally down the main staircase to the lobby.

Talk to the hotel clerk and learn about the book store. Go outside and head
around right to the alley to fight 3 guys harassing a citizen. Pick up all the
ammo and stuff and talk to the citizen. Go back around to the front of the hotel
and talk to any police officer and ask about the book store. Now go left and
around left to Sunrise St. Continue around left to a plaza with 3 archways on
your right.

Go through there and left to enter Arquan's bookstore.  Approach and talk to him
to learn about Jessie Van Dorn, Anna, and Black Rose Square. Check the 2 side
curtains for some useful stuff, including a machine gun. Just outside the
bookstore, there's another small door into the library. Talk to the librarian
and bad guys show up. Destroy all of them and take their things. Talk to the
librarian and get a shotgun and healing.

Back outside, ask an officer about the Blue Moon Hotel. Look around to find the
Black Rose Square tunnel entrance. Go down and through there to the other side.
Head forward to the Blue Moon Hotel and enter.

Ground floor; search all doors and hallways for enemies and supplies.
First floor; do the same.
Second floor; do the same.
Third floor; Anna is in the first room to the right. Don't forget to search all
other doors and hallways on the third floor. At the end of the third floor main
hallway is a Sniper Rifle and ammo.

Exit the hotel and go around right and take the tunnel back to Light Square.
Head around left and take the K.E.O.S. tunnel. Head around left till you find
Anna standing outside K.E.O.S. tower. Inside, talk to the woman at the reception
desk. Turn around and go take the elevator. Talk to Samuel Van Dorn (he doesn't
sound right!) Take the elevator to the roof. Get lots of ammo and health on
other side of room before going up the ramp to the helecopter.

K.E.O.S. Warehouses.
In the warehouse are rocket launchers and shotgunners. You can go in the front
or around on the right side, which may give you cover behind the inside boxes
and containers. Once you've taken care of all opposition inside, locate the
small door to the right of the front entrance on the inside. A small blue pad to
the right of it will give access to a rocket launcher, rockets, and health.

Behind the tall stack of containers is a small elevator pad. Go up and talk to
Jessie Van Dorn. Go outside and make good use of your sniper rifle when you can.
Make sure all opponents, in all the compounds around the warehouse, are
destroyed. Finally, approach the helicopter pilot and he will attack. Once he's
dead, Jessie shows up and pilots the helicopter to Mark Hauser. You get a
holographic projector.

Go outside and ask a guard about the temple. Go find the tunnel to Light Square
and go through. Then go around right, then around left and find the long wide
steps. Go up and enter the temple. Go around right to the other side of the room
and talk to the monk. Now go outside, go slightly left and forward to the tunnel
to Black Rose Square and go through.

Go left back to the Light Square tunnel. Go to the yellow dumpmter and do lots
of fighting. Go back the other way and look around for the large plaza of tall
steel gurders. Enter the Dummies Bar. Head down into the bar/pool room area and
get rid of everyone. You eventually find the leader. Once he's dead, take his
access key. Open the bars to the safe and get the magic sign. Exit, go back
around left and through the tunnel to Light Square.

Go forward and enter the temple and talk to the monk and you finally show him
the device. Use your Sword of Light to kill a couple of demons. Exit, go through
the K.E.O.S. tunnel. Then head around right, through a very narrow alley, to the
main K.E.O.S. building and enter. Go up the elevator and you use the device. Use
your Sword of Light to defeat the beast. Pick up Van Dorn's key.

Take the elevator down, go outside to lots of attacking policemen. One has the
tower access key. Run around till you find the red/pink/yellow neon signs and
enter Virtual Games. Talk to Mark, then you take Jessie to Arquan's Bookstore.
You learn about Oshinava. Exit, go around left and enter the K.E.O.S. tunnel. Go
and enter the U K.E.O.S. Platz tunnel and talk to the 2 drunks. Go down the
stairs and around left to a small door that hides some items.

Go back to the foot of the stairs, go through the door and through the
transition point. Around the next corner is a fireball thrower. Continue to a
boardwalk and take a right turn up into a cave for some ammo and health. Go back
to the intersection, go up over the ground and take the next right to several
rockets lined up. Continue on through several exploding creatures. Continue on,
bearing right to a circular pit.

Head to the right, checking alcoves along the way. At the end is a lever that
opens the steel bars to the next circle inwards. Head left to another lever,
gaining access to the inner area. Go down the crooked ramp to the gravestones.
Use your lightsaber to destroy the powerful creature. Go out the other small
door and through another pit area. Continue on to some ammo, then go through a
transition point and up a ladder to the Red Raven Headquarters. Go around the
corner and straight forward, past the intersection, and around to the end for 3
enemies, rockets and shells. Go back to the intersection, head right and take
the first left for some ammo.

Go back to the intersection and head left into the large chamber. The right-hand
stairs leads to a locked gate, but you still have to take out the snipers. Up
the other stairs, the gate will open allowing you to easily get at the enemies
there. Once all enemies are taken care of, Oshinava shows up and you go to the
train station. You eventually end up at the train platform just outside the
labs. Go around right for some ammo.

Go back and take the right through a big door. Take the next left to go up, then
go left for some ammo. Go back past the ramp and immediately turn right to a
launcher and some rockets. Continue to the end of the hallway and go down. Go
left through another big door. Take the elevator pad down into the pit. Go
through another pit and straight across till you go through another big door.
Continue through more pits till you go through a transition point.

Go through another circular room and through a hallway with purple running
lights on each side. At the intersection, take the yellow elevator on the left
side. In an adjoining room, notice the 2 light-blue wall switches. Don't bother
them just yet. Continue out the hallway and go left into sector B. At the
intersection, go left and you'll find Johnson in the first cell on the left. He
will tell you the sequence code. Check out the other cells for some items.

Go back to the room with the 2 wall switches and activate the left one. Now go
out and enter sector A. At the intersection, take the yellow elevator up. Go
straight through the hallway and enter the code sequence. Go through the long
hallway and eventually find an elevator to go down. You're now in some steel
hallways that are guarded. You'll come to a man at a desk. Note the emergency
exit beside the desk. You'll have to use it before long.

Go out the large double doors and up the small steps to the first column. On it
is a switch to extend a walkway. Go on up the steps and cross the extended
walkway. Go up an elevator pad and take out the enemies. Each of the two side
rooms has a switch. Throw them to deactivate the 2 turbines. Go through the new
door in one of the side rooms. Go through another door or two and Oshinava/beast
appears. Use your Sword of Light to destroy him.

Continue through the room, to a panel on the wall, and SAVE before you activate
the switch. Once you do you have 2 minutes to reach the roof.

Activate the switch, head out and down to the ground floor. Up the steps and
across the extended walkway. Down to the floor again and up the large ramp
through the huge sliding doors. In the second room with the desk, be careful or
you'll miss the small exit just to the side of the desk. Continue through the
hallway to the elevator up, then go out the right door to the roof. You
eventually get an implant of Oshinava's eyes.
Exit the game arcade, go left, then around right and enter the K.E.O.S. main
tower by using the keypad on the left (you did pick up the pass-key from one of
the guards you killed?) Enter the main building, go straight and enter the code
on the keypad to open the bars. Continue through the hallway and doors to an
elevator and take it down. Go through the small door and watch out for attackers
to the left.

Proceed through two doors, then note 2 small doors on each side of the hallway.
Through the doors on the left side are 3 or 4 human enemies and some rockets to
pick up. Exit and go straight across the hallway and through the other doors
(either one leads to same room). Deal with a couple of soldiers and get the
rocket launcher. Go back out the same way you came in and continue up the
hallway to an intersection.

Head to the left and you'll have to fight a big bat creature. Near the end, go
through the doors on the right and fight another bat creature with your Sword of
Light. Exit and go across the hallway through a small door to lots of ammo and
some heat seeking rockets. Back out in the hallway, head back the way you came
and you'll spot a couple of bat creatures in the distance. Try taking them out
with your sniper rifle. Go to where the 2 bat creatures corpses are (the 2
tunnels running beside one another leads there).

Once there, head right and you'll come to 2 doors on the left and 2 on the right
(they lead where you've already been). Go through the doors on the left to fight
about 4 enemies. Back in the hallway, continue to the end for some ammo. To back
to the intersection where you killed the 2 bat creatures and head right to
another intersection. You'll be attacked by rockets from the left. Head in that
direction and fight some bat creatures with your Sword of Light.

Continue in that direction, through several iris doors, to an elevator. Take it
down and exit a small door to a long pit covered by iron grating. On top,
towards the far end, are a couple of those floating gun things. Take them out
with your sniper rifle. Go down through the pit and deal with several human
enemies. Through the door on the far end is a large circular room with a huge
creature to use the Sword of Light on, and a couple of green tentacle worm
things that can be killed with bullets and shells.

Once all three are dealt with, some of your friends show up. When you step into
the portal, you end up in Act III at the Faded Sun Tower. Proceed down a lot of
stairways to the bottom and go through the door.

Once outside, slightly to the right are 3 small male Dark Angels to deal with.
Then up to the right of there is a large female Dark Angel to get rid of. On
down between the buildings, go across a short suspended walkway. Take the
right-hand path and cross a long suspended walkway. Bear to the left, then right
around the next corner to find some shotgun shells. Just left of there, go up
some narrow steps and across a short suspended walkway to find some more shotgun

Continue forward along a huge building, then around right to the human in front
of the 2 large stairs. Put your weapon away (Q), then left click on him to talk.
Back between the staircases, go through the door and down to the bar. Watch out
for the swinging axes. Talk to the red bartender twice. To the left, go through
a door and down to see corpses hanging from the ceiling. Go back up and talk 2
twice to the 3 ghosts (you first have to put away your weapon).

Back outside, there's some shotgun shells on the platform by the left-hand
stairs. Nearby, a Naakratal (flat creature) throws fireballs at you. Go through
that door and a long hallway. A keypad by the door doesn't work because you need
a stone key. This is an alternate route into the mines.

Where the man is, face the large stairs, go a little to the right then right
again to an alley. Turn right, away from the suspended bridge, and get some
shotgun shells at the stocks.

Continue around left through a transition point. Fight your way through the
streets and up steps to find shotgun shells. You'll eventually find a short
suspended walkway and come to a couple of doors with eyeballs all over them.
Later, someone will tell you about 2 demons you have to defeat. They are behind
these doors. Farther on there's a small podium in front of some large gear
shaped doors. Later you'll be able to use the podium to open the large doors.

Go back through the transition point and on to the large building with the 2 big
staircases where the human stands. Facing the 2 staircases, go right then
slightly left between the buildings and cross a straight suspended bridge.
Continue left to the blue walkway. Stay to the far right away from the big rusty
building to avoid opening the large doors. Continue along a long way to a ramp
and go up, bearing to the left and through a transition point. Go up some steps
and right to some shotgun shells. Head straight back and around a corner and
down a ramp. You eventually arrive at a strange building of sorts with a
pulsating front. You need to come here later to free a soul. Go back along the
blue pathway and enter the huge doors of the big dark structure on your right.

Find the elevator pad, in one of the two shafts, and go down to the factory
floor and kill what Dark Angels you see and any other creatures. In the factory
is a large black and yellow freight elevator you can take down. After that, exit
to a tunnel. Bear around to the right, passing by a chamber with the working
machinery. Go uphill and bear to the left, past a chamber on your right. Bear to
the left, passing another right path. Then go right to a lava cavern and a stone
arched bridge.

Deal with the enemies. On the other side of the arch, to the left you'll see
some shotgun shells below. Drop down there and get them. Then go on down the
cliff side along the lave, then left through a cavern. Cross a suspended bridge
and deal with any enemies. Once up on the main path, bear to the right and cross
the stone arch again. Continue on through the narrow tunnel. Remember, any large
bat creatures has to be dealt with using your Sword of Light.

When you're through the tunnel, go left to the end for some shotgun shells. Go
back a little and cross the small covered bridge and go to the right up a long
ramp. Use the elevator to find a locked iron bar gate. Go back down the
elevator, pass the small covered bridge. Take another little bridge to your
right. Go left for some shotgun shells, then back the other way to the end and a
health in a left tunnel that's blocked further in.

Go back through the small tunnel to the main path and cross the stone arch
again. Continue on and bear to the right into a large room, with an elevator
pad, and deal with the enemy. Get the shotgun shells nearby, then go down the
elevator pad. In the next large room are 3 exits. Through the middle one you'll
find Garret in an alcove to the left of the huge drills. After talking to him,
check out the other 2 chambers if you want more fighting for points to allocate
to your special abilities.

Go back up the elevator pad and out to the main path. Keep bearing right till
you come to the room on your right with the running machinery. Go to the left
and back up the large black and yellow cargo elevator. Exit the factory by way
of the small elevator pad and go outside. Go around right to the L shaped
suspended walkway and go on past to the large structure with 2 wide staircases
and the human.

Go back down to the bar, put your weapon away, and talk to the 3 ghosts. Quickly
get out your axe and destroy them. Pick up the stone key that one of them
dropped. If you check it in inventory, it says it's for accessing the mines. But
you've already been there. Go outside and over to the right. Enter the door and
go through the long hallway again to see that the stone key allows you to use
the keypad. The elevator might not be there unless you sent it back up doing
your previous visit.

Now to save Garret's soul. Go back to the large building with the 2 big
staircases where the human stands. Facing the 2 staircases, go right then
slightly left between the buildings and cross a straight suspended bridge.
Continue left to the blue walkway and continue to the ramp and up through the
transition point. Go up some steps, go left then right, down the ramp. And on to
the strange building with a pulsating front. Make sure you completely heal, then
SAVE because there's lots of tough creatures in there.

Once you enter and survive the huge battle (you can go back out and hide around
and heal up if the action gets too fast), you enter a round chamber. Head left
to the fourth cell and enter. Head left among some machinery and pull a tiny
lever to release Garret's soul.

Exit and go back out through the transition point. Go back past the L shaped
suspension walkway, hang a left and cross a long straight suspended walkway.
Continue forward and left of the big building with dual stairs. Continue into an
alley and through a transition point. Continue through the streets and up steps
to the upper level. Continue around and down an incline. Find the short
suspended walkway and cross. Enter the many eye door on the left to fight

He calls forth four helpers that can be defeated with your axe. But try running
away from them while your sword recharges. Once you defeat Astaroth with your
Sword of Light, then defeat the others, then pick up Astaroth's heart.

Exit and forward through the other many eyed door and defeat Phear. Now go out
to the podium and use it. Go through the opening and use your axe and energy
concentrator till all are defeated. Go up the steps and ramp. To the left, pull
a lever to lower the bridge. Step inside and the scene loads. Go left through a
small door to a lever that shuts off the blades. Go out and straight across
through another small door for a bit of fighting.

Pass the blades and straight to a health. Go up the stairs, fighting a creature
in each alcove on the left. You arrive in a large room with Ivy trapped in a
cage. Head around right (counter clockwise), and enter alcoves on the right to
find 3 switches. One is beyond the door leading down. After going down the
steps, you might as well clear out the entire level before crossing the bridge.
Step into the portal.

You arrive facing a room with four podiums. Go straight across and enter the
door to defeat the beast with your axe, then take the item. Exit and place the
item on the podium. Go left and enter next door and repeat the process, this
time using the Sword of Light of creatures 2, 3, and 4. Don't forget to try the
tactic of running in large circles while your sword recharges. Once the fourth
podium is activated, a portal appears. Wait for the sword to recharge, then
enter the portal.

The Lord of Darkness doesn't fight, but calls forth his helpers, and there's 3
fireball throwers up high. When you have the chance, use your Sword of Light to
strike the bar on the door. In the hardest play mode, it takes 9 or 10 strikes
to open the door and let the Lord of Light through. And that's it.

Anyone may try improving on this walkthrough, but please give credit by
mentioning me. Thanks.

George K. Ison
aka GARR

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