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You click the dog so it can get out of your way. If you don't, you can't get 
down the slide. Once he's gone, click the man on the slide to get down.

Once you're down,click on the rope that leads down to that nasty looking bug. 
That'll make your man go down and grab it. Don't know what good it is.. but just 
go and do it. ^^ (For your own safety... don't click on the man or the bug while 
he's standing near the edge.. that'll make him want to look at the bug. The bug 
gets mean, and chucks a rock at him, rendering him dead.

Now click on the bug, and that'll make the dog growl at it, turning it the other 
direction. Now that it's facing left, click on the dog, that will scare the man 
to climb on the rope again. Once he's back on ground, use the dog to scare him 
one more time up the slide. Congrats! You've got your first save point!

Next.. you wanna collect some rocks... So, to start off, click on the slide 
itself twice, and it'll break. Now, click on the teeter-totter to make the left 
side face down. Click on the yellow rope you found, and the bug will want to 
throw a rock at it. With careful timing, click the slide as the bug launches a 
rock over it. If you do it just right, it'll bounce off the slide, and onto the 
teeter-totter. That's one. but you need two. So just do it again.
To quickly get your next save point, (Which I recommend doing now, as the next 
part will most likely take several tries) Simply click the teeter-totter once to 
make it turn over, and then click on the man to make him jump! That'll launch 
the rocks over, oddly knocking a man out of the tree, but killing him in the 
process. We need him alive.. so use that new Save Point to start at the recent 

You may Also have noticed that the rocks scared away the bird. You'll need him. 
So first thing you do is click the bird. He'll land on the swings. Next, click 
once on the spring horse, and it'll break. Now, click on the tree. A soccer ball 
will drop. Immediately after clicking the tree, click on the blue porta-potty, 
and the door will swing open. If you do it right, the ball will bounce up onto 
the bench, roll and hit the horse.. and rest at the edge of the bench. Now you 
have a nice pillow for your man to fall on when you launch those rocks!

This next part takes timing too. Click on the man to jump him down onto the 
teeter-totter. That'll launch the rocks. (Be sure you already moved your bird to 
the swing, otherwise you'll lose him and have to start over). As soon as the man 
falls, click the porta-potty again. This'll open the door, and the unfortunate 
man sitting inside will get a soccer ball to the crotch! Ow! To protest, he 
tosses out a bomb. The fuse is a fake though, so don't worry about being quick. 
Though, clicking it now will blow it up, killing the sleeping man on the bench. 
Not a good idea. (The timing in launching the ball into the porta-potty will 
take just a little practice. Just time it right, take your time, and you'll be 

So now you've got a bomb. Worthy weapon to destroy this bad bug! Now you've just 
got to use it! More timing involved, but it's not too hard. Click (And hold down 
the click for more power) to make the swing flip the birdie to face the other 
direction. Next, click the man in the pit. That will get the bugs attention, and 
will toss a rock at him. Things need to start moving now, as the man doesn't 
have much time left now. As soon as the rock hits the jungle-gym, count two 
seconds, and click the bird on the swing. As you do, he'll fly over the man, 
leaving a nasty present on his face as it does. When the bird rests on the tree, 
click it again. That will bring it back to the swing. When the man gets up, and 
sees the bird, he'll throw the bomb at it to extract his revenge! If you did it 
exactly like I told you, the bug will open his mouth to eat then man, but 
quickly receive a bomb instead! It will blow up, destroying the bug! Yaaay! 
You'll hear a nifty song, and win the game! Hope you enjoyed it! I know I did! 
(If the timing is off on throwing the bomb, it will not long in it's mouth. It 
must be open for it to work. The directions should result in the man throwing 
the bomb at the perfect time, every time.. but who knows.. just experiment if it 
doesn't work.

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