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 Archimedean Dynasty

Archimedean Dynasty

(c) Blue Byte Software
Walk Through

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Argentine Basin
In the beginning you will receive a message from Perry LaSalle, 
telling you that El Topo,your boss, will be calling in a few minutes. 
Talk to a few other people around the station until El Topo calls. 
He will tell you to go to Vespucci and pick up Perry Lasalle and bring
him to El Topo's Asylum.

Go to Vespucci, pick up Perry; while you are here, talk to all the people 
you can. It is important to note that how you treat people will reflect 
on you later in the game. If you anger someone, they may tell a friend and 
cost you a commission later on. Before going to El Topo's Asylum go to the 
Arms Dealer and upgrade your sensors, your current sensor can not tell the 
difference between friend or foe, until they fire at you!

ˇ Attack --
Mission: On the way to El Topo's Asylum someone attacks you, get used to it. This
combat is as simple as it gets. He is in front of you, get him in your sights, 
lock the target and blast him with your guns. There is only one enemy here so it 
should be fairly easy.
Topo's Asylum
Once at the Asylum, go talk to El Topo, the plot thickens. Your next mission from El
Topo involves clearing garbage debris from two NAV points. Make sure to talk to the
arms dealer before going on the mission to repair any damage done to your ship in the
previous fight. Start the mission.
ˇ Clear the Debris --
Mission: At NAV A clear all the garbage. Part of the way through blasting the trash, an
Anarcho shows up, do as El Topo demands and destroy him. Now do the same at NAV
B, there may be another scout here, if so destroy him as well. NAV C has yet another
Anarcho, they are becoming a nuisance in the area. Go there and blast him. Mission
General fighting tip: after locking onto a target the radar display will show you what 
their weapon range is. Using this you can try to stay out of their range while keeping 
them in yours. This is one of the reasons it is important to keep upgrading your guns 
as more advanced weapons systems become affordable or developed.

Topo's Asylum
Speak with El Topo again, don't forget to repair and re-arm your ship with torpedoes if
you used any. Try to save as many credits as possible, the more you save the better
weapons and sonar systems you can get. Next mission.
ˇ Patrol El Topo's Asylum --
Mission: At NAV A you are instructed to go to NAV B, do so. Kill any Anarchos you
come across and head for NAV C. Once there, go north until you see three crawlers.
Destroy anyone threatening them. At NAV D you will be told to retreat to NAV E, since
NAV D is an Anarcho base that you cannot take out by yourself. At NAV E you will
meet up with two more of El Topos's boats. Follow your instructions and go with the
bomber back to the Anarcho base (NAV D). Once at the base you will be instructed to
identify the communications devices. One of the buildings is a communications center,
select a building and get within 30 meters of it to identify it. Once you find the correct
building help the bomber destroy it, then get out of there!
Topo's Asylum
Back at the Asylum, talk to El Topo. It now looks like it's time to go back to Vespucci,
this time to stop some Anarchos from destroying it. Make sure to repair and re-arm your
ship, the missions only become more complex from here on out.
ˇ Defend Vespucci --
Mission: At NAV A, find the crawlers and follow until you are told to go to another NAV
point. In the mean time, several Anarchos will try to destroy these crawlers so take care of
them. At NAV B you will find some more scouts, a tank and possibly a bomber. The
scouts should be easy now, since you have encountered them before. However, the tank
must be attacked from behind and is very fast, so you will need to do a lot of maneuvering.
The bomber is tough, it is the first ship that you will probably have to use torpedoes on.
Attack from behind - there are less gun turrets there.
At Vespucci, El Topo contacts you again. Now it's off to Entropoint II and points
unknown. There are several side missions you can try for more credits before you go, feel
free to do so, the more credits the better. Talk to everyone here as well (it's a good 
general rule to do so anyhow) and then head to Atacama City. Once again, talk to EVERYONE,
several will lead to side missions.
Atacama City
Once you arrive in Atacama City speak to everyone there - again there is the opportunity
for some side missions here. Repair and re-arm your ship and proceed to Scavanger.
In Scavanger, make sure you speak with Fuller in Garcia's Lounge, along with everyone
else. Accept and complete any side missions you feel like attempting. Now go to Atacama

Atacama City
Once you arrive at Atacama City speak with everyone then head towards Lima I.
Lima I
In Lima I accept the mission from Vasquez, then head back to Atacama-City and speak
with Chris Kruegar. Watch the cut-scene, then you will be in Galapagos.
After you're done speaking with Chris Kruegar, speak with everyone else and head
towards Mockturtule II.
Mockturtle II
In Mockturtle II you will have the choice of doing a side mission. Once completed (if you
accepted it), make your way towards Mockturtle I.
Mockturtle I
At Mockturtle I make sure you speak with Iwan King, then hurry back to Styx to let Chris
Kruegar know how your meeting with Iwan King went. Speak with anyone else at Styx.
Make sure your ship is repaired and re-armed then dock and start the mission.
ˇ Fake attack on STYX --
Mission: Go to NAV A and wipe out 2 of the enemy ships. Move along to NAV B and
engage the enemy until you are allowed to use the auto-pilot. It doesn't really matter how
many ships you destroy here, the important part is that you keep them busy.
After the mission Chris Kruegar will contact you. Repair your ship and meet Kruegar on
the Posidean. Once there, speak with Kruegar once more and then dock and start the
ˇ Revenge of King's Anarchos --
Mission: Immediately find cover from the enemy bomber because those torpedo's can
wipe you out quickly. Try and keep it occupied until reinforcements come, then proceed to
NAV A. Once there take out the bomber.
Back on the Posidean, speak with Kruegar. When he tells you to relax, go and repair your
ship and then go back to the crew room and speak with Kruegar once again.
Atlantic Federation
Once in Neopolis go to the meeting room and speak with Franco Farelli and then make
your way to Jules I. Once there speak with Kross and then make sure your ship is repaired
and FULLY armed before the next mission. It is extremely hard - so beware!

ˇ Pirates in Gibbs Canyon --
Mission: After reaching NAV A, continue down the canyon and cut your engines. Flow
with the current until you slow down, then restart your engines. When you reach the base,
find the gas tanks and search for the Helinox system tank. When you take that one out, all
the other tanks will follow. After that, follow the pipes, target and destroy the control unit.
(Hint: save some torpedo's for the control unit.) You need to take it out quickly. If you can
find a ledge above the unit, the enemy gun towers might not be able to find you. This will
make your task much easier.
Make your way to Neopolis. Once there, speak with Franco Farelli and General Cox, along
with anyone else you find. Again the opportunity is here to do some side missions if you
choose to. Speak with the Mogh follower and go back to General Cox and let him know
how the conversation went.
Deepdraft II
Head to Deepdraft II and speak with the Admiral. Dock and proceed to Seacore, once there
speak to Capt. Bullock. Here you'll find yourself in Limbo. Speak with everyone as usual.
Go back into the crew room and talk to Franklyn. Then dock and start the mission.
ˇ Attack on Freighter Ishtar --
Mission: Head out to NAV A and identify the Ishtar (Hint: You need to be within 30
meters to identify something). Retreat back to NAV B and escort the bombers there. Keep
the mercenaries busy until the bombers complete their mission. Keep an eye out for the
captain of the Ishtar. When he tries to escape towards the east, follow him and make sure
his ship becomes disabled.
In Scranager, speak with everyone especially the Brewmaster. Again there are side
missions available here, accept them if you wish. This next mission described is the one
from Franklyn which you have to do.
ˇ ENTROX agent at LIMBO --
Mission: Hurry to NAV B, get the enemies attention and let them chase you back to NAV
A. Engage the enemy there but stay close to the gun turrets, since these will help you with
your attack.
After the mission in Scranager speak with the Brewmaster once more. Try and get him to
help you capture Captain Sorrow. When you speak with Sorrow use the info. that the
Brewmaster gave you to persuade him to board your ship. If he refuses don't worry about
it - you will just lose the bonus that Bullock had offered you, but that's a lot of credits to
loose. Head back to the Seacore and speak with Bullock.

ˇ Destroy the Lock --
Mission: You need to take out the generator A.S.A.P., Ignore all the enemies and fly
straight to NAV A. Find the generator and destroy it quickly. You need to meet the
captured bomber at NAV B. Once you hook up with him, move on to NAV C and take
out all the gun turrets.(Hint: If you can get above and behind the gun turrets sometimes
they won't locate you right away, which makes destroying them much easier.) Escort the
saboteur while he completes his mission. Stay very close to him and try and draw enemy
fire away from him while he finishes his mission.
After the pirate base is destroyed you need to protect the Seacore from the remaining angry
pirates. Make any repairs if needed, then dock and start the mission.
ˇ Help Seacore --
Mission: Stay close to NAV A and destroy any enemies you encounter. Proceed to NAV
B and do the same, then move on to NAV C. Again, take out all the enemies and then
make your way to NAV E. Escort the command bomber back to NAV D and take out any
boats that threaten the command bomber.
After that you will find yourself back on the Seacore. Speak with Bullock and watch the
cut-scene. In Floating Bombay you need to speak with everyone. Take any side missions
that appeal to you. Make your way to New Babel and speak with Yallah Rangon. After
speaking with everyone else, dock and go to the Star of Bengalia. Speak with Yallah
Rangon once you arrive.
ˇ Patrol Star of Bengalia --
Mission: Patrol NAV B, then head to NAV C and inspect the paralyzed scout ship. Be
careful - there are other enemy ships in the area. After destroying them, head back to NAV
A and protect the Star of Bengalia against all attackers. Track down the remaining enemy
ships at NAV D.
Star of Bengalia
Back on the Star of Bengalia, speak with Yallah Rangoon and then make any repairs or
upgrades to your boat. Now start the next mission.
ˇ Protect the Breathing Gas Transport --
Mission: Meet with the squadron and follow them to the gas transport. Once there, escort
the transport. When the strange ship attacks, wait for the other ships to disable it. Then hit it
while its paralyzed.
Star of Bengalia
After the mission speak with Yallah on the Star of Bengalia. Once you arrive in Ajanta II,
speak with Admiral Peacock. For the next mission you need to load up on Flash shark
torpedoes. You might want to upgrade your torpedo magazine here as well, you will need a
lot of torps for the upcoming missions.

ˇ Boarding a Biont Scout --
Mission: Hurry to NAV B and hit the mysterious Biont with your Flash Shark torpedoes
until it's paralyzed. Once it's disabled, protect the specialist while it examines the paralyzed
boat, then escort them to NAV A. Keep the attacking Biont's off their backs. (Hint: When
trying to paralyze a Biont with the Flash Shark, try and get as close as possible to the Biont
before launching the torpedo.)
Ajanta I
Once the mission is completed you need to go to Ajanta I. After arriving in Ajanta I, speak
with Admiral Peacock in the destroyed hall. Dock and make your way to the Polar. Once
there, El Topo will contact you. After speaking with him, talk to Admiral Peacock and
watch the cut scene.
Tornado Zone
Machina Antarctica
In Machina Antarctica you need to talk to everyone there, then dock and start the
ˇ Attack on Bellingshausen --
Mission: This is a very tough mission so make sure you are fully armed before attempting
it. Take out all the scouts that are attacking the gas tanks. Find the command bomber,
destroy it and then finish the rest of the Anarcho's.
Machina Antarctica
Back in Machina Anaratica speak with Barhelm and then dock and go to Little Paris. Once
there, speak with the beggar and everyone else. Dock and make your way to Entropoint III.
Check in and jump to Entropoint V. After you arrive, dock and move along to the Big Fat
Mama. Make sure you speak with everyone on the Big Fat Mama. You need to gather all
the info. you can. Then dock and start the mission.
ˇ Attack on Blue Hawaii-
Mission: At NAV A, wait for any enemy ships that make it through the mine field. One
will try to escape back the way he came. Follow him, and identify the enemy freighter.
Then return to the Blue Hawaii. Meet up with their defenses at NAV B. From there you
need to take out the enemy tanks. (Hint: Cluster bombs are extremely effective against
multiple tanks when they are grouped together.) Then take out the enemy bombers. From
the auto-pilot, select Deepdrift.
In Deepdrift, after speaking with Santiago, talk to everyone else there and then make your
way back to the Big Fat Mama. Once there, speak with Santiago again and make your way
back to Deepdrift. Pick up Fritz Rasmussen, then dock and go to the Mole.

ˇ Gotcha --
Mission: You need to kill all the enemies in the area extremely fast - so use your
torpedoes. Make your way to NAV A and finish them off.
Once at the Mole speak with Colo


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