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 Ascendancy - Planetary Building

Ascendancy - Planetary Building



  V 1.0 Completed 2/15/05

  Written and maintained by James Friel
  Copyright @2005 James Friel ( This FAQ is solely 
  intended for use on forum site, and may not be reproduced or
  duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
  the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
  make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 

  ASCENDANCY is a PC game published by Logic Factory 1995


  I.   Revision History
  II.  Introduction
  III. Planetary Building list
  IV.  Last Words


  2/15/05 v1.0
  - FAQ started
  - Added Introduction
  - Added Alien Race section
  - Added Last Words section

 [NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be noted
 as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision, if it ever gets to that, will be the
 version 1.3]


  This FAQ is to give you a general outline of the planetary structures you
can build and what they do. Each structure has a specific purpose, and some
have multiple purposes. I have found that certain structures are pretty much
worthless to build, since they either duplicate abilites of other structures
or you receive the structures too late in the game for them to make any 

  Overall when building a colony, you have 3 general areas you can concentrate
on. Industry, Research, and Productivity. Industry structures add into your
industry total, which is used for building other structures and ships. This 
is your major general area you should concentrate on. Research structures add
into your technological area, and speed up the rate in which you learn new
technology. This is important for you to get the good items in the game, and
is your 2nd most important area. Productivity determines how fast your 
colonists replenish, which allow you to use them to habitat buildings and your
ships. While this is important, you will find that productivity is very 
important early in the game, and pretty much worthless later in the game as 
you find new ways to grow. Thus productivity is the last area you should be
worrying about. 

  [NOTE: Since different planets have different areas of expertise, you have
         to base your development on what the planet has to offer. While in
         general colonization works the same way, you can adjust how fast
         certain areas go depending on what type of planet you are on. An 
         example, mineral planets usually have a lot more industry red nodes
         thus you will find that industry structures are more worthwhile to 
         build there. ]

  [NOTE: Industry buildings are used for that planet only. A high industry
         planet in no way contributes to the industry of another planet. One
         of the drawbacks of the game. You cannot transfer resources between
         planets. Every new planet you colonize has to be built from the 
         ground up.
         Research points ARE transferred across planets. All research points
         from all planets you control are put into a research "pool" in which
         your tech learning is figured out. 
         Productivity, like Industry, is limited to that planet only.


   Planets in Ascendancy are made up of colored "nodes" or squares. Each node
   is a certain color, and you build your planetary facilities on each node.
   A small planet might only have a small number of nodes, thus no matter how
   technological you get, you won't be able to build a lot on them. 

   BLACK SQUARES:  Black squares are inhabitable areas, you cannot build any
     worthwhile buildings on them. You can build connecting tunnels to bypass
     black squares in order to reach squares you can use. Later in the game
     you can learn the technology "terraforming" which allows you to change
     the useless black squares into general white squares, on which you can
     build. One race you can play in the game allows you to build on black 
     squares as their special ability.

   WHITE SQUARES:  White squares are your general building squares. You can 
     build any structure on them, but they do not give any benefits to any

   GREEN SQUARES: Green squares give a benefit to any productivity structure
     built on them, such as Agriplots and Habitats.

   RED SQUARES: Red squares give benefits to industry structures such as 
     factories and megafacilities.
   BLUE SQUARES: Blue squares give benefits to, yep, you guessed it, research
     structures like Laborities and Research parks.

  You will notice certain types of planets have a greater chance to have a
  certain type of planet square. Eden planets tend to have a lot of green 
  squares for productivity, while mineral planets have a higher red square 
  count. Take this with a grain of salt. If you develop your planets to a 
  high degree, most of them will become industry powerhouses no matter what
  type of squares they have.



   The following list gives the buildings, their general stats, and my notes
   on them. Different types of planets will penalize or boost certain types
   of building types. I do not have the overall factors in it, but in general
   you can figure out that mineral planets are good for industry buildings, 
   eden planets good for productivity planets, etc.

 FACTORY.    Industry 1
             The Factory is a common structure on most colonized planets. 
             Factories increase a colony's industry, which helps speed the
             completion of planetary projects. 
             [NOTES: The factory is going to be your main primary industry
             building. Once your colony starts to develop, you will begin
             turning your factories into industrial megafacilities.]

 LABORATORY. Research 1

             The Laboratory is a center for research and development. Your
             Laboratories provide research, which allows a species to make
             technological discoveries. 
             [NOTES: Your laboratory is going to be your main primary 
             research building. Once you start to develop you will begin
             turning your laboratories into research campus's.]

 AGRIPLOT.   Prosperity 1
             The Agriplot is a high-productivity farming area. Agriplots
             increase a colony's prosperity, which causes its population to 
             grow more quickly.
             [NOTES: Your agriplot will be your main primary prosperity 
             building. Unlike industry and research, often you will not have
             to upgrade your agriplots because there will become numerous 
             ways to speed up your population growth such as cloning, maybe
             automation, or just running out of room.]


             The Industrial Megafacility is a huge, self-reliant production
             plant. Its industrial output is greater than that of a Factory.
             [NOTES: This will be your main industry building in the game.
             Once your industry rating becomes high enough to wean yourself 
             off your basic factories, then Megafacilities will become the
             major structure on all your planets. More industry is better.]

 RESEARCH CAMPUS.    Research 3

             The Research Campus is a well-equipped experimental center. It
             is of more research value than a Laboratory.
             [NOTES:  Once you have a decent industry rating, you can start
             switching out your laboratories into Research Campus's. Only 
             upgrade on blue squares, its better for your colony to have 
             industry buildings on white, red or green squares. Only build
             Research campus's on blue squares.


             The Artificial Hydroponifer is a super-efficient nourishment
             production facility. Its prosperity output is greater than that
             of an Agriplot. 
             [NOTES: Once you have decent industry ratings, you can start to
             change your Agriplots into Hydroponifers. You probably will not
             change many Agriplots. Once your colony grows better, there are
             other ways to gain more population instead of having more 
             prosperity. Only put Hydroponifers on green squares. There is
             no need for high prosperity if your population is close to being
             maxxed out.]

 OUTPOST.    Prosperity 1  population +1
             The Outpost is an important structure for colonies on small or
             minimally habitable planets. It provides living facilities for
             additional population.
             [NOTES: The Outpost will be your basic population building. You
             should only build them if you reach close to your population 
             max. Your main population building should be Metroplex's. Only
             use Outposts or Habitats if you can't build Metroplex's. Once
             you develop Metroplex's you should be switching out all your 
             Outposts and Habitats. ]

 HABITAT.    Population   +3

             The Habitat is a high-density living and working complex with a
             precisely controlled internal climate. Habitats provide a colony
             with additional population.
             [NOTES:  Habitats are a step up from Outposts, but Metroplex's
             should be your major building for more population. Only build
             Habitats if you do not have Metroplex's, and only if you need
             extra living areas. Most of my colonies never see a Habitat.]

 METROPLEX.  Industry 1  research 1  prosperity 1  population +1

             The Metroplex is an urban center with industrial, technological,
             and residential capacities.
             [NOTES:  The Metroplex will be your main building for population
             increase. Good colonies will have 2 main buildings, your 
             Industrial Megafacilities will be your main buildings, and you
             will have just enough Metroplex's to keep your population going
             up. If you ever develop Automation you can just keep building
             Megafacilities instead, and automate them.]

 LOGIC FACTORY.   Research 1  prosperity 1

             The Logic Factory is a research complex that specializes in the
             entertainment and happiness of sentient beings. It provides both
             research and prosperity.
             [NOTES:  This is a worthless building. Do not ever build one. If
             its a blue square, should be a Research Campus, if white should
             be a Industry Megafacility. You won't need prosperity that much.]

 ENGINEERING RETREAT.   Industry 1  research 1
             The Engineering Retreat is an academized production plant where
             engineers devise improvement in logistics and production methods
             and provides a colony with industry as well as research.
             [NOTES:  This is a worthless building. Do not ever build one.
             Should be using Industrial Megafacilities or Research Campus's.]

 SURFACE CLOAKER.   Battle building
             The Surface Cloaker uses high-frequency diffaction generators to
             make a planet surface practically invisible to alien ships.
             [NOTES:  This device keeps your planet layout hidden. This is a
             worthless device. It does not stop invasion or provide defense.
             if you want to protect against invasion, build either stronger
             orbital defenses to keep away ships (1st choice) or surface 
             shields to repel invasion modules (2nd choice).]

             The Observation Installation scans nearby alien ships. There is 
             no need to build more than one Observation Installation on any
             [NOTES:   Another building you probably will never need. This
             building gives you a outline of what enemy ships have in terms
             of weapons, power, etc. It does nothing to protect you or enhance
             your colony. Who cares what enemy ships have, blow them up no
             matter what. Knowing what they have doesn't stop them from taking
             over your planet. Build a Megafacility.]

 TRACTOR BEAM ELEMENT.   Battle building

             The Tractor Beam generates a powerful statis field bla bla bla.
             [NOTES:  Ignore this worthless device. It draws a ship near your
             planet, which is only good if you have extremely strong planet
             defenses to blow it up. Trouble is, you can't shoot and use this
             device at the same time. So you draw a ship in, it flies away,
             you draw it in, it flies away, etc. just build something else.]

 SURFACE SHIELD.    Battle building
             The Surface shield houses defense armaments that protect a colony
             against alien invasion. Several surface shields may be necessary
             to defend against large invasion forces.
             [NOTES:  Your basic defense against invasion forces. The better
             way to go is to strengthen instead your planetary orbital 
             defenses instead, better to destroy a ship before it gets into
             your orbit. If you have a strong orbit defense, nothing will 
             invade you. only build these shields if you are getting over
             welmed by invaders a lot. Save those surface spots for Industrial
             Megafacilities. One shield will repel one invader module.]

 Surface Mega Shield.     Battle building

             The Surface Mega Shield is a powerful defense against alien 
             invasion. It uses protective ion fields to augment the endurance
             of its defense armaments. It is more powerful than the normal 
             surface shield.
             [NOTES:  A better form of invasion shielding, but again, if you
             have a good orbital defense you won't need this device. I have
             NEVER had to build one in many games played. The device will 
             repel either 2 or 3 invader modules compared to the normal shield
             of 1.  Only build one if your colony is in danger of invasion.]

 HYPERPOWER PLANT.     Special building

             The Hyperpower plant is a marvel of high technology. By it
             generating power for all of a colony's industry structures, it
             significantly increases the colony's entire industrial output.
             There is no need to build more than 1 per planet.
             [NOTES:  Boosts your industry, so once you can build it, always
             have 1 per planet. Most of your planets will be industry
             oriented, so this always helps.]

 FERTILIZATION PLANT.     Special building

             The Fertilization plant produces vast quantities of agricultural
             and hydroponic supplies. It boosts the prosperity of an entire
             colony. There is no need for more than 1 per planet.
             [NOTES:  A worthless building. Prosperity is the last area you
             will worry about in the later game, plus at population max it is
             worthless. There are better ways to raise prosperity.]

 INTERNET.       Special building
             The Internet provides a colony with a high-speed information and
             data transfer system. It greatly improves the progress of 
             research centers. There is no need to build more than 1 on a 
             [NOTES:  A great building to put on planets that have a lot of
             research areas. I say if you have more than 3 or 4 blue research
             areas, make sure you have a Internet building on the planet.

 CLONING PLANT.     Special building
             The Cloning Plant organically duplicates new members of a planets
             population. There is no need to build more than 1 per planet.
             [NOTES:   While the cloning plant doubles your population growth
             you usually get it so late its worthless, because you are at
             your population max anyway. Pretty much a worthless building
             at the stage you receive it.]

 TRANSPORT TUBES.     Special building
             Basically tubes are used on black squares in order to reach
             areas you can build on. The provide no benefit to your planet 
             other than reaching far away building squares. Once you research
             terraforming, make sure to change your tubes into useable white

 XENO ARCHEOLOGICAL DIG.   Special building
             This building is used on special tech Archeological ruins. It is
             useless on all other areas. Once you use this Dig on a dig site, 
             after a period of research the dig site will reveal ancient


 SHIPYARD.   The shipyard is an enormous orbital center for the production
             of space ships. It is a necessary first step towards space
             exploration. You need a Shipyard to build ships.

             [NOTES:  Yep, you need one to build ships. You only need a 
             shipyard on a colony that is large enough to have a industry
             that can build ships with any efficiency.]

 ORBITAL DOCKS.  Orbital docks provide a maintenance platform to repair and
             refit ships. When a ship is refitted, its contents may be 
             changed and its hull repaired.
             [NOTES:  A decent sized planet needs one so that a ship can use
             it to repair and refit. While many planets cannot house a ship
             yard, smaller planets can house a orbital dock for basic repair.]

 ORBITAL CLOAKER.  The Orbital Cloaker uses modified diffraction generators
             to disguise structures in orbit, rendering them invisible.

             [NOTES:  A nice structure, if you were in multiplayer. Not really
             useful against computer opponents. Best to just blow up anything
             that comes close to your planet. Stick to shields/weapons.]

 ORBITAL SHIELDS.  Shields are a colony's primary defense against alien 
             invasion. As long as a colony is protected by a Shield, alien
             ships may not enter orbit.
             [NOTES:  Shields and weapons are good. Always have at least 1
             orbital shield per planet, even just to stop an invasion ship.]

 ORBITAL MEGA SHIELDS.  Same as orbital shields, but much harder to destroy.

             [NOTES:  At the point you get mega shields, you probably will be
             doing fine anyway. Drop your regular shields and put up mega 
             shields. no brainer.]
             WHOPPER.   These 3 weapon systems will be your defense to shoot
             down enemy ships. Missile bases are your basic defenses. Short
             range whoppers have the same range as missiles ,but can fire 
             3/day compared to the missiles 1 per day. Long range Whoppers
             are your best weapons, able to fire at long ranges. Make sure to
             have a minimum of 1 weapon per planet, and more weapons for 
             planets at hub areas, strong points, and planets near enemy 

*        SPECIAL OCCURANCES        *

    The following aren't exactly buildings, but are special techniques you can
  learn through technological development. 

  ALIEN HOSPITALITY.   While a colony dedicates its industry to this Alien
        Hospitality, it helps improve diplomatic relations with alien races.

        [NOTES:  When used, it will turn all your industry off and focus a 
        part of that industry rating to your "alien diplomacy" rating. Used
        only during peacetime, during hostile games diplomacy usually has no
        effect. The better industry on a planet, the more is put into the
        Alien Hospitality.]

  ENDLESS PARTY.   While a colony dedicates its industry to Endless party, it
        increases the colonies prosperity rating.

        [NOTES:  At the stage of the game you get this ability, you will
        probably be at or close to your max population rating anyway, so it
        will be rarely used. What is good is that once you get this ability,
        you can totally get rid of any prosperity buildings on the planet like
        Habitats and build Industrial Megafacilities instead. Should you ever
        need any extra population if you have space, you can just switch on
        Endless Party and once filled up, switch back to normal game play.]

  SCIENTIST TAKEOVER.  While a colony dedicates its industry to Scientist
        Takeover, it increases the colonies research rating.

        [NOTES:   A great ability, since research means more and faster tech
        improvement. Activating this ability turns off your industry and 
        donates a percentage to your research rating for the planet. I suggest
        that you only use this ability once you have totally maxxed out a
        planets growth and colonization. Of course this happens quicker on 
        smaller planets. Nothing else to do on a small planet? Switch it over
        to Scientist Takeover and let it help add to the research pool.]

  AUTOMATION.   Automation is a process by which the personnel maintaining a
        structure are replaced by robotic equipment. When a structure has been
        fully automated, its personnel are freed for use elsewhere on the 

        [NOTES:  Automation is a nice ability. As long as you have 1 free
        citizen, you can automate a building so that it frees up other
        citizens for work. Once you develop Automation you can ignore any 
        population enhancing buildings such as Habitats, Metroplex's, etc. 
        Just build Industrial Megafacilities, automate them, and build more.
        This way, one citizen can build an entire world.

  TERRAFORMING.  Terraforming is a project for colonies to transform black
        surface squares into white squares, and then the colony can build
        structures on it.

        [NOTES:  A must have ability later in the game, so you can maximize
        production on planets, especially low habitat ones. Every race will 
        use this ability to increase their planets abilities. Only 1 race, 
        which can colonize on black squares, will never need terraforming.]

  LUSH GROWTH BOMB.  The Lush Growth Bomb combines technology with organic
        synthesis equipment to make a planet surface more habitable. Only
        1 lush growth bomb will work on any one planet. Multiple uses will not
        increase growth any more.

        [NOTES:  A great effect, it provides a bonus to habit size, adding
        in a greater maximum population rating. Sadly, most games you will 
        never see this ability, I have only seen it once. More population 
        means less buildings needed for habitat only, and more you can use for
        industry and research.]

         IV.    FINAL WORDS

  This will give you a basic understanding on how to build and what to build
on your colonies. Really you need to play the game to get a much better
understanding on how it works, but once you get the hang of it, its pretty

  When starting your first planet, you want to build 1 agriplot, 1 factory,
and 1 laboratory first. That is only needed on the first planet.

  On any colony, you want to make sure that your productivity is high enough
so that early on, you arent' wasting time "waiting" for colonists to appear
so you can use them. Your main building on new colonies should be Agriplots.
Best to have a 2 to 1 ratio of Agriplots to other structures. Once your 
production of colonists is working at a decent rate, then up your industry

  Later in the game when you have more advanced buildings, you still have to
build new colonies from the ground up, the advanced buildings still won't be
usuable until your industry is high enough. Early on have plenty of agriplots,
put plenty of factories about, and once you approach your max population, 
start switching your factories over to Industrial Megafacilities. When you
need to expand your population, go with Megaplex's first, then Habitats, then
Outposts last.

  In general, I have some agriplots for early productivity, One Hydroplant and
many Industrial Megafacilities. Metroplex's for population. If you have alot
of blue squares, then one Internet building and many Research Campus's. I
personally never use Cloning, Surface shields or Cloakers, or Advanced farms.

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