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 Audition Online

Audition Online


by thedayea (the 4key pro you've never heard of)

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

	a) Creating an account

	b) downloading the game

2) Needed Information
	a) Ranking

	b) Shopping Mall

	c) TV Station/Lobby

	d) Creating a Room

	e) Audition slang

	f) Guilds

3) Game Modes
	a) Normal Individual

	b) Choreography 4/8/Expert

	c) Crazy Choreography 4/8

	d) Dynamic 4/8
	e) Beat Up

	f) Freestyle

	g) One-Two Party
	h) Bboy 4/8
	i) Couple

	j) Night Dance

	k) Battle Party

	l) Story 
	m) Club

4) Special Stuff

	a) Chance

	b) 8Key

	c) TAB

	d) Experience Chart

	e) License Songs

5) Credits

1) Introduction

Audition is an online dancing game made by the Korean company Nexon. You play 
by tapping the arrow keys when the corresponding arrows show on screen. Then,
you hit the space bar in time with the third beat ofthe song. Based on the 
timing of your hit, you can either get a PERFECT,GREAT, COOL, BAD, or MISS. 
If you are able to chain the perfects, you will get more points. Naturally, 
the faster songs are more challenging,and should not be the songs you start 
out with. Each game, you will get Experience Points and Beats (currency in 
Audition). As soon as you hit Level 5, you will need to do a "License". This 
is when you are given a certain amount of perfects, chains, and points to get
in one game to level up. After Level 5, you must license for every level.

a) Creating An Account

To make an account, you have to go to Nexon's official site. Depending where 
you live, the URL differs. For the North American players, it is 
There should be a link to create an account. Go through the process to make
the account, and verify it. This account will work for all Nexon games.

b) Downloading the Game.

You're still on the Nexon site, right? Click on the download link for 
Audition. Audition is not one of the biggest games, but the download can 
take up to 3 hours to complete!

2) Needed Information 

This section is so you don't look like a complete noob in the lobby asking 
about certain things.

a) Ranking

Like every other MMO game, Audition has a ranking system. When you get into
one of the channels (Beginner, Intermediate, Free), there should be a ranking 
sign where you can see your ranking, and your buds'. Don't worry if you're
like the last ranked person, because it is easy to level up. Also you might
find that a low leveled user is kicking your butt. This is most likely a 
second account, or one of those pros from the Asian Auditions.

b) Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall is separated into two sections. One is just a list of 
songs. This is useful to see what the new songs are from the newest patch.
The other is for clothing and other things. In the clothing shop, there will
be more sections. Recommend, Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes,Package, Other, and
Pets. The recommend is always Nexon cash, which is the currency you get if
you actually pay Nexon for it. Most of the "prized" items are Nexon cash. 
The better looking items are either cash, or really expensive. The Hair,
Top, Bottom, Shoes, and Package are obviously to enhance your character's 
appearance. There are other items such as Color Pencil that changes your 
font color, and items that increase the amount of EXP and Beats you receive 
each game. The Pets are as of now, only Cash :( These pets don't really do
anything in game except look good.

c) TV Station/Lobby

This is where you play the actual game. In here, there will be a list of
users online, your buddy list, and the rooms to play in. There is also the
"chat box". It is mostly randomness, and should be avoided if 1) you are 
under aged, 2) you hate trolling, or 3) you are a new user. With the rooms,
each one has a name such as ATTENTION DANCERS, or SHAKE THAT THING, and a
room number. If you right click the room, then you can see a list of the
users in there and the amount of people on watch. You can also make a room
with a lock so you and your friends can play in privacy.

d) Creating a Room

There should be a button near the middle of the screen where you can
create a room. When you are in the room, there are a couple of options.
One is to the change the mode or to change it to singles or team. You can
also pick songs from a list, and change the map you are playing in. Some 
are less laggy than others, but none should give you any real trouble.

e) Audition Slang

As you play this game, you will notice numerous uses of slang. Here is a 
list of the common ones:

gl - Good Luck

hf - Have Fun

JyJy - Try your Best (I think it's Chinese...)

gj/nj - good job/nice job

gg - Good Game

sry - sorry

dw - don't worry

np - no problem

jk - Just Kidding

fm - finish move

c4/c8 - choreography 4/ choreography 8

cc4/cc8- crazy choreography 4/ crazy choreography 8

BP - Battle Party

f) Guilds

Like other MMO games, Audition has guilds. There are a couple of ways 
to get into a guild. You may come across a room that's titled 
"Recruitment" or something like that. These rooms are for guild 
recruitments. Some guilds have these rooms, and others are invitation
only. I don't know the requirements for every guild out there, so you'll
need to check up on that with the guild itself.

3) Game Modes

Audition Online has many different dancing modes here is the list and 
description of the modes available in the North American Audition.

a) Normal Individual

Normal Individual is one of the easiest modes to start out with. The 
levels go through 1-9 (Free Server). The first couple of levels, there
will be keys shown and you have to press them and the space bar in time
of the third beat. When you get to level 6, the keys willbe all blank. 
This is freestyle. You have to press the keys to make a sequence to keep 
on dancing. However, don't be scared. If you can't press all the keys in
time, you can wait for the next third beat to press the space bar. Once 
you finish level 9, you will get a finish move. It's usually a break
-dancing move. The line will show 9 keys, but one will be in red. This
is a chance key. With the chance key, you must press the opposite key 
than the one shown. So if the left key is in red, you must press the 
right key. If you chain the finish move, you can get up to 3 finish moves
at a time.Also in the freestyle part, you can 8key the moves. This 
requires the entire number pad. The player with the highest score in this
mode and most of the others, will be in the front.

b) Choreography 4/8/Expert

With Choreography, you can play in either 4key or 8key. With 4key, you
start on level 1 and go to level 9, but in 8key, you start at level 6.
The keys are given to you, and you must press the  keys in the correct 
sequence. Once you get to level 9, you get a finish move. Unlike Normal 
Individual, if you can't press the keys and the space bar in time of the
third beat, it counts as a miss. When you miss, you have you miss the next
turn. Also with this mode, you can play in teams. Expert is a mixture of
4key and 8key.

c) Crazy Choreography 4/8

This mode is the same as regular choreography except with a couple of 
changes. One is that both 4 and 8 key start at level 6. A major change
is that there are levels 10 and 11, and a level 11 finish move. This mode
can also be in teams. 

d) Dynamic 4/8

This mode is similar to choreography. 4key starts at level 1 and 8key 
starts at level 6. All the players are in a half circle and the keys are
given to you. One your player is in the middle, it's freestyle time. There
is one finish move at the end of level 9. If you miss, you must miss the
next turn. Dynamic 4/8 can be played in teams.

e) Beat Up

Beat Up is one of the more challenging modes for a beginner. 6 keys will
be shown on screen. As the arrows pass through them, you must press the
corresponding arrow. There will also be a Beat Up bar at the bottom. When
two lines come toward it, press the middle key (In most cases, it is the
"5" key). Once you spell it out, you get more points. There will be 
options to start chancing in the game. There is also a finish move.

f) Freestyle

With Freestyle, it starts at level 6. This mode is all freestyle, with 
a finish move. This mode starts out as 4key, but you can change it to 
8key. Freestyle is popular when wanting to get a dance routine down. 

g) One-Two Party

There will be a NPC (Non Playable Character) on screen. She or He will 
dance the arrows shown in a rhythmic matter. You must mimic this.
Basically, you must memorize the keys shown.

h) Bboy 4/8

Bboy is played in teams only. It's kind of like a dance off. One 
player from a team will perform a freestyle move for the opposing team.
The other member of the team will have to memorize the move and use it
for a counter move. However, if the team member with the counter presses
"0" or "Insert" instead of the space bar, this will trigger a team move.
The team will bring up the line of arrows along with chance keys for the
opposing team to perform.

i) Couple

Couple starts out with 4 people, a boy and girl on each team. The team is
given a sequence of arrows to perform. If each team member gets a perfect
on the same move, they get a heart. Having 3 more hearts than the 
opposing team causes the team to hug. Having 5 or more hearts results in
a kiss. If the team gets 5 or more hearts,they have the option to become
a couple in the game.

j) Night Dance

This mode is teams only. It's kind of like Bboy in the way that the teams
battle against each other. The mode is separated into regular choreography
and freestyle. There is a finish move. Unlike the other modes, if you miss,
you can still get the next move. This could possibly make it harder for 
some players.

k) Battle Party

This is the mode for those that want a lot of beats. First off, you must
be at least level 6 to play. 5 players will challenge a NPC. Different
NPCs have different difficulty levels. Each player must wage a certain 
amount of beats to play. If the team beats the NPC, they will obtain the 
amount beats given by the NPC. Battle Party is played in choreography and 
crazy choreography. The team must get a lot of perfects in order to still 
play. Keep in mind, if you challenge a NPC too many times, it will be 
drained. This means that you won't get the same amount of beats as you 
previously did.

l) Story 

This mode is single player only. You are playing as the main character in
the "story". Each game you play has a certain requirement for you to pass
onto the next one. Experience and beats are given at the end of each game.
As you progress in the story, the NPCs get harder. In fact, I heard that
there is one NPC that is nearly impossible to beat. Don't worry though. At
least you don't have to pay to play.

m) Club

Club mode is team only, which requires 3 boys and 3 girls. Before starting
the game, each player will have the option to pair up with another using
F1, F2, and F3. If two players are chosen, then you start playing Couple
mode. At the end of the game, there will be a final selection where 
players will pick there partners a last time. Again, this game has the
in-game couple option.

4) Special Stuff

This is the stuff you might want to know as you play more Audition.

a) Chance

Remember that chance key in the finish move? Well, pressing the Delete key
triggers chance for all the moves. Instead of one chance key, there are 3.
This gives more points if you are able to do it.

b) 8key

When doing something like Freestyle, you can trigger 8key with the Insert
key. This also gives more points if you are able to do it.

c) TAB

Pressing the TAB key triggers something different. The keys are shown
differently. It is supposedly harder to play.

d) Experience Chart

Here is a chart for the experience required to move onto the next level.
Of course I can't put every level.

Level 1 - 0

Level 2 - 220

Level 3 - 1,260

Level 4 - 3,480

Level 5 - 7,140

Level 6 - 12,500

Level 7 - 19,695

Level 8 - 29,000

Level 9 - 40,500

Level 10 - 54,500

Level 11 - 71,000

Level 12 - 90,000

Level 13 - 112,000

Level 14 - 137,000

Level 15 - 165,000

Level 16 - 196,000

Level 17 - 230,500

Level 18 - 268,500

Level 19 - 310,000

Level 20 - 354,500

Level 21 - 403,500

Level 22 - 456,000

Level 23 - 512,000

Level 24 - 572,500

Level 25 - 637,000

Level 26 - 705,500

Level 27 - 778,000

Level 28 - 855,500

Level 29 - 937,000

Level 30 - 1,023,000

Level 31 - 1,113,500

Level 32 - 1,208,500

Level 33 - 1,308,500

Level 34 - 1,413,500

Level 35 - 1,523,000

Level 36 - 1,638,000

Level 37 - 1,757,500

Level 38 - 1,882,500

Level 39 - 2,012,000

Level 40 - 2,147,500

Level 41 - 2,288,000

Level 42 - 2,434,000

Level 43 - 2,585,000

Level 44 - 2,742,000

Level 45 - 2,904,500

Level 46 - 3,072,500

Level 47 - 3,246,500

Level 48 - 3,426,000

Level 49 - 3,611,000

Level 50 - 3,802,500

Level 51 - 4,000,000

Level 52 - 4,300,000

Level 53 - 4,650,000

Level 54 - 5,000,000

Level 55 - 5,400,000

Level 56 - 5,850,000

Level 57 - 6,350,000

Level 58 - 6,900,000

Level 59 - 7,500,000

Level 60 - 7,850,000

e) License Songs

Here is a list of the license songs and more.

Level	 Song		      Mode	        Score   Perfects
  6    Digital Soul      Normal Individual     200,000	 10;x2

  7    Digital Soul      Normal Individual     240,000	 11;x2
8    Digital Soul      Normal Individual     280,000	 11;x2

  9    B Soul Funk       Normal Individual     300,000	 13;x2 
10   B Soul Funk       Normal Individual     330,000	 13;x2

  11   B Soul Funk       Normal Individual     350,000	 14;x2

  12   B Soul Funk       Normal Individual     370,000	 14;x2 
13   B Soul Funk       Normal Individual     380,000	 15;x2
14   B Soul Funk       Normal Individual     390,000	 15;x2

  15   Elec Bossa            Freestyle	       300,000	 15;x2 
16   Elec Bossa            Freestyle	       330,000	 15;x2 
17   Elec Bossa            Freestyle	       350,000	 16;x2 
18   Elec Bossa            Freestyle	       370,000	 16;x2 
19   Funky Town            Freestyle	       350,000	 18;x2
  20   Funky Town            Freestyle	       370,000	 18;x2
  21   Funky Town            Freestyle	       390,000	 20;x2
  22   Funky Town            Freestyle	       410,000	 21;x2
  23   Euro 2005             Freestyle	       350,000	 20;x2
24   Euro 2005             Freestyle	       360,000	 21;x2 
25   Euro 2005             Freestyle	       370,000	 22;x3 
26   Euro 2005             Freestyle	       380,000	 23;x3
27   You're Already Gone   Freestyle	       500,000	 19;x3
  28   You're Already Gone   Freestyle	       520,000	 20;x3
29   You're Already Gone   Freestyle	       540,000	 21;x3 
30   You're Already Gone   Freestyle	       560,000	 22;x3
31   Dream Machine	  Expert Choreography  410,000	 19;x3
  32   Dream Machine	  Expert Choreography  430,000	 20;x3  
33   Dream Machine	  Expert Choreography  440,000	 21;x3

  34   Dream Machine	  Expert Choreography  440,000	 22;x3

  35   Party Party	  Expert Choreography  470,000	 15;x4
36   Party Party	  Expert Choreography  490,000	 16;x4

  37   Party Party	  Expert Choreography  505,000	 17;x4
38   Party Party	  Expert Choreography  510,000	 18;x4

  39   3254 Techno Party  Expert Choreography  530,000	 16;x4
40   3254 Techno Party  Expert Choreography  540,000	 17;x4
 41   3254 Techno Party  Expert Choreography  550,000	 18;x4
42   3254 Techno Party  Expert Choreography  560,000	 19;x4
43   No Space	          Expert Choreography  460,000	 16;x4

  44   No Space 	  Expert Choreography  470,000	 17;x4

  45   No Space	          Expert Choreography  480,000	 18;x4
46   No Space	          Expert Choreography  490,000	 19;x4
47   No Space	          Expert Choreography  480,000	 18;x4
48   No Space 	  Expert Choreography  490,000	 19;x4

  49   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  500,000	 20;x5
50   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  510,000	 22;x6

  51   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  515,000	 22;x6

  52   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  520,000	 22;x6
53   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  530,000	 22;x6
  54   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  535,000	 23;x6
55   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  540,000	 23;x7
56   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  545,000	 23;x7
57   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  550,000	 23;x7
58   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  555,000	 24;x7

  59   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  560,000	 24;x7
  60   Get On The Floor	  Expert Choreography  565,000	 24;x7

5) Credits

Credits for this Walkthrough go to: for the information

Nexon Audition Online Forums for the information

Wikipedia for the information

Nexon for creating the game

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