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 Avernum 4

Avernum 4

Avernum 4 FAQ

Version 1.02

By Matt P


Avernum 4 and all names are copyright Spiderweb software, 2005, 2006.  Avernum 
4 is shareware from Spiderweb softare.  It cost $25 to register, though you 
can play the ~15% game for free.

Table of Contents
1.  Character Creation and Development
  -Statistics discussion
  -Special skills
  -Character Traits
2. Hints & Tactics
  -Items to hold on to
  -Spell discussion
3. Walkthrough
4. Construction Places
5. Teachers and trainers
6. Spell book locations
7. Notable item list


Character type: I always choose custom.  It's not a bad idea to go for a 
preset class if this is your first time playing the game, but custom classes 
are almost always superior, as you have much better control over your skills.  
The most important thing to your character are his/her stats/skills, which are 
discussed next.
  It is worth noting that preset character classes get a few more skill points 
than custom characters, but they are usually more spread around.  Due to the 
nature of the trainers in this game, spreading points around is frequently not 
a good idea.  Hence these bonus points aren't always useful, and are often 
detrimental to a character's maximal development.
  Of course, you can beat the game with pretty much any character set, so it's 
not really worth worrying about that much.

Statistics Discussion


> Strength (initial cost- 6).  Strength influences your damage, some of your 
  resistances, and the amount you can carry.  Every point in strength adds 9 
  to your weight allowance.  Increase your strength when you need to increase 
  your carrying capacity, as the other bonuses are harder to notice.  This 
  skill influences other special skills, so be sure to increase it 
  occasionally.  The bonus to damage really isn't that big a deal.

> Dexterity (initial cost- 6).  Dexterity influences your attack position 
  (when you attack compared to when your enemies attack), your to hit%, your 
  dodging ability, and a few other things.  It is an excellent skill to 
  increase, and it also affects several special skills.

> Intelligence (initial cost- 6).  Intelligence influences your spell 
  strength, your mental resistance, and your available spell points.  Fighters 
  can mostly ignore this, as aside from the bonus to mental resistance, it 
  doesn't give them much of a bonus.  The bonus to mental resistance is pretty 
  low, anyway.

> Endurance (initial cost- 5).  Increases your HP and some of your 
  resistances.  This is a skill that's nice to have, but is fairly costly.  
  Give your fighters ~2 added points each, and keep your priests/mages at 0 or 
  1 added points.  At the beginning of the game, it adds maybe 1 or 2 HP per 
  level.  Increase it near the end of the game where the extra HP comes in 
  handy, especially when stacked with some of the permanent spells.


> Melee Weapons (initial cost- 4).  Determines melee weapon damage and to 
  hit%, other than pole weapons.  Any weapon that uses only 1 hand is 
  officially a melee weapon.  These items usually aren't too strong, but have 
  great bonuses.

> Pole Weapons (initial cost- 4).  Determines pole weapon damage and to hit%.  
  Pole weapons are much stronger than melee weapons, but you can't use a 
  shield.  Sliths get bonuses to this skill.

> Bows (initial cost- 2).  Determines damage done/to hit% by bows.  Allows you 
  to strike from a distance.  A nice skill that everyone should add points to 
  (from a trainer though- DON'T add points if you're a mage/priest 
  beforehand).  Bows are pretty powerful in Avernum 4, especially near the end 
  game, as bows are very difficult to block with parry.  A dedicated bow user 
  is not a bad idea. 

> Thrown Weapons (initial cost- 2).  Determines damage/to hit% done by thrown 
  weapons.  Thrown weapons are much more limited than bows, but much stronger.  
  However, you have to have a good collection to use this regularly.  I tend 
  to stick with bows.

> Quick Action (initial cost- 1).  Gives you a small chance to attack twice, 
  and increases your attack order.  A nice, cheap skill- at about level 5-6, 
  you'll get lots of double attacks.


> Mage Spells (initial cost- 5).  Determines the level of mage spells you can 
  cast, as well as their strength.  Mages should get this up to level 17 
  (without item bonuses, but with natural mage bonuses, if you're not going to 
  be dependent on a specific item set).

> Priest Spells (initial cost- 4).  Determines the level of priest spells you 
  can cast, as well as their strength.  Priests should get this up to level 17 
  (with or without bonuses- note that a few items provide bonuses to priest 
  spells and enable casting of high level spells while equipped).

> Arcane Lore (initial cost- 1).  Determines your ability to read spells.  No 
  more than 20 is needed for the whole game, maybe less.

> Spellcraft (initial cost- 3).  Provides a bonus to all spells.  Once you've 
  enabled magery, improve this till they both cost the same.  It's a nice 
  ability for mages/priests only.


> Hardiness (initial cost- 1). Increases resistances and decreases damage 
  taken by attacks.   

> Defense (initial cost- 2).  Increases dodging ability, or your ability to be 
  missed by melee attacks.  Also opens up parry, which is a potent skill in  

> Tool Use (initial cost- 1).  Determines ability to unlock doors, disarm 
  traps, and fiddle with things in general.  15 points maximum is all that's 
  needed, though that's a lot of skill points.  Add this skill to your mage 
  only.  The spell unlock adds to your tool use, giving you a huge bonus, only 
  if they have some tool use.

> Nature Lore (initial cost- 1).  This determines your chance of passifying 
  monsters (kill them afterwards, if you like), and of finding caches.  If you 
  want to use the best bow in the game, get this up to 25.  Otherwise, max it 
  out at about 18-20.  Aim for ~12 around Fort Dranlon, ~14 around the TotM, 
  ~15  around the slith lands.  I always stockpile a few skill points so that 
  if I encounter a cache and can't get the goodie inside, I add a point or two 
  to nature lore and grab it.

> First Aid (initial cost- 1).  Influence the health you get returned to you 
  when you've killed something.  Interestingly, this skill only kicks in when 
  you've killed something (maybe only killing something for xp, at that).  
  It's a great skill that can return a nice bit of HP and SP for fights.  
  It'll keep you moving through the enemies.

> Luck (initial cost- 4).  Provides a bonus to many things, most notably 
  resistances.  I'm not sure what else it does, really, but it's worth 
  investing in occasionally.


++++Special skills++++

  Once you've gotten established in your game, you'll notice a few special 
skills become available with a bit of playing.  In order to train in them, you 
have to meet the following requirements (these notes are from the spiderweb 
message boards).  Sometimes it's a bit confusing as to when a skill is ready, 
since you may have earned points in the skill through other means.  To this 
end I have stated how many points a skill should cost before you can activate 
the special skill.  For example, say you have a slith and are trying to get 
blademaster.  The slith gets automatic bonuses to pole weapons, and these 
bonuses can lead to over-investment into a specific skill, which is bad.   If 
you want blademaster and have a character with bonuses to these skills, these 
notes should help you decide where you want to place your skill points.

  It is worth noting that some skills are slightly redundant (Spellcraft -> 
Magery, Bows -> Sharpshooter), but that putting points in a new special skill 
is often cheaper.

  Another point worth noting is that skill bonuses received from items, 
blessings, and character traits DO NOT add points towards the skill set 
requirement, but skill bonuses from trainers do go towards skill set 
requirement.  For instance, one gets a bonus to endurance as a reward for a 
few quests.  However, this bonus does not count towards the resistance / 
magical efficiency requirements.  However, the bonuses also don't increase the 
skill cost, so it's not all bad.

> Special skill name: Requirement 1 (the point cost per point of requirement 1 
  when requirement 1 is met) + requirement 2 (the point cost per point of 
  requirement 2 when requirement 2 is met), the initial point cost of special 
  skill name per point.  Description.


> Parry: 6 Dex (cost is 8) + 6 Def (starts to cost 5), skill points per point 
  = 3.  Gives a chance to completely ignore an enemy's attack.  About 5% 
  chance per point.  Very easy to acquire, and very potent.  Late game enemies 
  have lots of skill points in this skill making engaging them in melee 
  attacks a dangerous proposition.  Also gives some chance of avoiding magic 
  (a small chance) and missile attacks (even smaller chance).

> Quick Strike: 6 Dex (cost is 8)+ 6 Melee/pole (starts to cost 7 pts), skill 
  points per point = 3.  Gives a chance to add an extra AP point per turn, and 
  makes you act faster in combat.  A bit less than 5% chance per point.  A 
  good skill, one you should buy some points in for everyone.  Don't try to 
  train in it for everyone, though.

> Gymnastics: 6 Str (cost is 8) + 8 Dex (cost is 9), skill points per point = 
  4.  Increases your dodging ability and makes you act faster in combat.  Can 
  make you very hard to hit.

> Magery: 8 Int (cost is 9) + 6 Priest/Mage Spells (cost is 6/7).  Initial 
  cost is 4. Increases the bonus to your spells.  Pretty much equivalent to 
  spellcraft, though a bit more expensive.

> Blademaster: 6 Melee (starts to cost 7 pts) + 6 Pole (starts to cost 7 pts) 
  + 6 Str (cost is 8).  Initial cost is 5.  Increases your damage and to hit % 
  for melee and pole weapons.  Very powerful.

> Riposte: 6 Blade (starts to cost 8) + 8 Parry (starts to cost 7).  Initial 
  cost per point is 5. Gives you a chance to strike an enemy on a successful 
  parry.  About 5% chance per point.  Very difficult to train, but there are 
  items that augment this skill.

> Anatomy: 6 Int (cost is 8) + 8 Melee/Pole (cost is 8), initial cost per 
  point is 4.  Increases the damage you do with weapons against humanoid 
  enemies.  Humanoids are among the most abundant enemy.  Priests are the most
  likely to be able to train in this skill, since they actually need the 

> Lethal Blow: 8 Anatomy (cost is 8) + 8 Blademaster (cost is 9). Gives a 
  chance to hit an enemy hard if its level is much lower than yours.  I'm not 
  sure how damaging this skill really is, though.  It's nearly impossible to 
  get your skill high enough to train it, though, especially given the low 
  return of intelligence for fighters.  Don't bother.  Skill cost is 4 per 

> Sharpshooter: 6 Dex (cost is 8) + 8 Bows/Thrown (cost is 6), initial cost is 
  4.  Adds to damage done by bows.  Very potent.  Any bow-focused user should 
  strive to access this skill.

> Magical Efficiency: 8 Magery (cost is 8) + 8 End (cost is 8).  Initial cost 
  is 4.  Gives a small chance of conserving some SP when casting a spell.  Not 
  good enough to try to get to the point where you can train in it as the 
  return isn't the best.  However, there are several points to be obtained in 
  this skill, so be sure to get them as it sure doesn't hurt.

> Resistance: 8 Dex (cost is 9) + 8 End (cost is 8) + 8 Hard (cost is 5).  
  Initial cost is 6 per skill point.    Gives a chance to decrease the damage 
  taken from spells (fire, cold, energy only).  Not really worth getting to 
  the point where you can train in it).


Resistance bonuses.  Resistances diminish the amount of damage taken from a 
specific attack.  Most resistances are increased by increasing stats, and the 
points per point of resistance, armor, and luck are also shown.

                 Luck / point    Armor / point       Resistance / pt
Armor                 +1               +1     
Fire      +2/Hard     +1               +1/2                +4
Cold      +2/Hard     +1               +1/2                +4
Energy    +2/Hard     +1               +1/2                +4
Stun      +5/Str      +3
Mental    +3/Int      +1
Poison    +5/End      +3
Acid      +5/End      +3

  Armor provides a decent bonus to fire, cold, and energy resistance.  This 
means that it is often better to equip a suit of armor that gives more armor 
than a suit that gives less armor but a few bonus resistances.  For instance, 
the Ruby breastplate gives 22 armor, and +8 to fire resistance.  However, the 
blessed breastplate gives 34 armor, but no specified resistance bonus (other 
than to stun).  However, it actually provides 6 more points of resistance to 
cold and energy and only two less points to fire due to the bonus (34-22 = 12, 
12/2 = 6) from the armor.
  Luck provides a huge bonus to resistances.  Thus the clover boots (+3 luck), 
provide a lot of resistance to the character that wears them.
  The resistance skill gives a decent bonus to your resistance, but it's not 
enough to actually try to get the skill over.  If it gave a bonus to mental 
resistance, it might actually be worth it.  Resistance requires a sizable 
investment of skill points, and you're best off just buying a few points from 
a trainer and leaving it at that.
  Mental resistance is by far the rarest resistance.  Having a high mental 
resistance is also very helpful, as control foes and terror are popular spells 
cast by bosses.  Value items with high mental resistance bonuses higher than 
items with bonuses to other resistances.  For instance, a +15 Mental 
resistance ring is better than a +15 acid resistance ring.


Character Trait Discussion
  General overview: Traits provide bonuses beyond what one normally receives 
from the skill set.  Some traits are very much worth having, like natural 
mage, pure spirit, and elite warrior.  Others are a bit more nebulous, and 
it's unclear what those traits actually do.  Characters can only have two 
traits, so choose wisely.  Races can be considered to be an additional trait, 
and provide substantial bonuses as well.

Positive traits (experience penalty)

+ Good Constitution (-8%) Provides a hidden bonus to endurance (resulting in 
  poison and acid resistance), and decreases damage taken from some attacks.

+ Nimble Fingers (-8%) Provides a bonus to tool use and to first aid.  These 
  bonuses increase with time.

+ Thick Skin (-8%) Provides a hidden bonus to hardiness, reducing damage 
  taken.  It's unclear how large just yet.

+ Strong Will (-10%) Provides a hidden bonus to mental resistance.  It is 
  unclear how large this bonus is.

+ Deadeye (-10%) Provides a bonus to sharpshooter that grows with your level.
  If you want a pure archer, this is the trait to take.

+ Fast on Feet (-12%) Provides a bonus to AP about 50% of the time, and adds 
  to your attack order.  Very useful.

+ Pure Spirit (-15%) Provides a bonus to priest spells (+2) and magical 
  efficiency (+2).  Both skills grow with your level, and I had about +6 to 
  priest spells and +7 to magical efficiency from this trait by level 30.  
  Priests will appreciate having this trait.
+ Natural Mage (-15%) Provides a bonus to mage spells that grows with level, 
  and a one-time bonus to magical efficiency.  Also increases the amount of 
  armor you can wear before hurting your casting ability to -20% to hit (as 
  opposed to the usual value of -5% to hit).  Mages need this trait.  My mage 
  had a bonus of +6 to mage spells by level 32 through this trait.

+ Elite Warrior (-15%) Provides a bonus to parry and blademaster that grows 
  with your level.  Melee fighters will want this trait.  The initial bonus is 
  +2 to both skills, which grows to about +6 by level 33.

+ Divinely Touched (-30%) Provides bonuses to blademaster, magery, and 
  sharpshooter which likely grows per level.  Makes for a very potent 
  character, though the experience penalty is prohibitive.  The bonuses to 
  this skill grow very quickly, though.

Negative Traits

- Weak Mind (+5%) Makes the character more vulnerable to mental spells (like 
  terror, confusion, daze).  The opposite of strong will.  There are few 
  mental magic users in this game, so it's not too bad a negative trait, 
  though when it's bad, it's really bad.  Still, this one is worth some 

- Delicate Skin (+8%) Makes the character more vulnerable to magic attacks 
  with fire, cold, and others.  Essentially the opposite of thick skin.  This 
  one could be grabbed by those who stay out of the fight and attack slowly 
  (like mages).  Counteract this one with a few points in endurance to 
  increase your survival.

- Sluggish (10%) The opposite of Fast on Feet.  Not really worthwhile, as you 
  need all the AP you can get.

- Brittle Bones (15%) Increases damage done from melee and missile attacks.  
  Although mages could find this skill to be useful, the AI in this game is 
  programmed to respond to spells with force, which will result in pain for 
  your mage.  It's not really worth it.

- Frail (20%) Hurts nearly everything- definitely not worth taking, unless 
  you're trying to do some role-playing.


= Human: No bonuses, but no experience penalty either.  A safe route.
= Nephilim:  Provides bonuses to gymnastics, bows, and thrown weapons that 
  grow with time.  Bows and thrown weapons have bonuses of +2 initially, which 
  grows to about +7 by level 31.  Gymnastics has a bonus of +1, which grows to 
  +4 by level 31.  Excellent for archer-type characters.
= Slithzerikai:  Provides bonuses to pole weapons that grows with time (2 
  points at the beginning of the game, +6 by level 30), and a one-time bonus 
  to fire resistance (+10%).  Sliths make excellent warriors and priests.  
  Given the strength of pole weapons in A4, having a slith will make you 

2.  Hints and Tactics

Adventurer test locations:
JL, BT, E9, GT, GK, and A4, in that order.

Items to hold on to:
1 Shackles
3 Curing Elixirs
1 Mortar and Pestle
3 Fine Leather
1 Towel
1 Pipe
1 Tongs
1 Pliers
1 Hammer
1 Graymold
1 Fine Waveblade
2 Vahnatai Cloaks
20 Bags of Meal
20 Bottles of Wine
4 Bottles of Gremlin Wine
~7 Glowing Basalt
~7 Icy Geode
~7 Swamp Nodules
~15 Chitrach Claws

  Construction items
Fine Leather
Fine Steel
Focusing Crystals
Gold Bars (a few)
Emeralds  (a few)
Rubies (a few)
Healing Herbs
Spiritual Herbs
Energetic Herbs
Mandrake Root
Sticks (a few)
Crystals (a few)
Gold necklace (maybe 1)
Platinum Ring (maybe 1)
Fine waveblade (maybe 1)


Overview:  There are two classes of spells- mage and priest.  Unlike previous 
Avernum games, the bonus you get from learning spells at a higher level is 
minimal.  Most spells incorporate a factor known as the "spell bonus."  The 
"spell bonus" is a combination of your spell skill, spellcraft, magery, and 
spell level.  Thus having a level 2 spell is the same as having a level 1 
spell and an extra point in spellcraft.  You do not need to buy every level of 
spell to make your spells stronger- instead, focus on selected spells and 
maximize your return.  Save your money instead for trainers and purchase 
skills, which will benefit you much more in the long run.

Mage Spells

  Firebolt.  The staple of the mage's arsenal, firebolt is wonderful.  It does 
damage to 70-80% of all enemies, and never goes obsolete.  Fire creatures 
(usually denoted by "fire" or "ruby") and demons are typically immune or very 
resistant, whereas undead and most humans are vulnerable to this spell.

  Call Beast.  Calls a weak monster to fight for you.  Myeh, I rarely used 
this spell.  Firebolt is more damaging directly.  It has its rare uses when 
fighting bosses, as do all summon spells, but you can get by perfectly well 
never summoning a dang thing.  Summon spells are much more useful for 
singletons, as they can divert attention away from your character.

  Acid Spray.  The last resort spell.  If it's immune to most everything else, 
chances are it's vulnerable to acid.  This include the Mertis Spiral undead, 
pylons, golems, and many others.  It's a potent spell, though it takes a while 
to do good damage.

  Daze.  Has a chance to stun some enemies.  You're better off using other 
spells, in my opinion.  Others find it to be much more useful.

  Haste.  Increases the number of AP the recipient has by 50% (which drops to 
25% with time).  Makes a tank character go from annoying an enemy to killing 
the enemy.  Cast this before every major battle, and frequently before the 
minor ones as well.  

  Slow.  Slows an enemy down so that it loses every other turn.  Very nice to 
use on bosses, as few things are immune.  You may have to hit them a few times 
for it to set in, though.

  Icy Rain.  An area of effect spell that hits the recipients with ice damage.  
It's very useful at the beginning of the game, and often against later fire-
resistant enemy hordes.

  Unlock Door.  Opens up doors that are locked by improving a character's tool 
use.  This spell is the reason you want to add tool use to your mage, as tool 
use has a huge bonus relative to the strength of this spell!

  Augmentation.  Increases your HP by 30-60 points for a long period of time.  
Nice, and get used to casting it every time you leave town once you have >200 
SP.  Improving levels in this spell does not have any noticeable effect.

  Minor Summon.  Summons up a weak ally.  I tend not to use summon spells, but 
that's just me. Summon spells are much more useful for singletons.

  Lightning Spray.  If they are strong against fire and strong against melee, 
chances are they will be weak against this spell.  Use it, and it will do >100 
damage nearly every time.  Great spell for golems.  Hits up to 3 enemies, but 
they must be less than 3 spaces away from your main target.

  Terror.  Scares a monster into either panicking and running, or paralyzing 
it.  Some find this spell to be great; I don't really use it.

  Prismatic Shield.  Grants resistance to cold and mental effects.  Nice, and 
use it before boss fights, or in fights with basilisks.

  Dispel Barrier.  A necessary spell that removes magic barriers.  While many 
barriers can be dispelled with piercing crystals, some can't, and besides, 
carrying around a bunch of piercing crystals is a pain in the butt.  Get this 
spell, and get it early.

  Summon Aid.  Another summon spell. Summon spells are much more useful for 

  Strong Daze.  Stuns all enemies around you.  May be useful on rare 

  Fireblast.  An area of effect fire spell.  When groups of enemies are weak 
vs. fire, use this and divine fire to clean them out.

  Arcane Summon.  The strongest of the summon spells, I'm still not a fan. 
Summon spells are much more useful for singletons.

  Arcane Shield.  Provides a potent blessing that includes the blessings of 
prismatic shield and adds a few more.  Once you get this spell, use it when 
you need to guard against bosses or magic users.

  Arcane Blow.  A potent but very costly spell.  This spell will do lots of 
magic damage.  Usually other spells work just as well, and are much less 


Priest Spells

  Minor heal.  The priest's staple, restores a decent bit of health.  

  Curing.  Removes poison and acid from a character.  Nice, and makes it 
possible to sell off all those curing potions.

  War blessing.  Blesses characters (adds ~20% to their to hit%, and 4 levels 
to damage or so).  Cast before every significant fight.

  Protection.  Shields characters (decreases damage done).

  Repel Spirit.  One of the most potent spells in the priest's arsenal, this 
spell is very useful against undead and a few (key) enemies.  I've found that 
leveling up this spell (via books or by teachers) has a significant increase.

  Smite.  A nice priest spell that damages enemies with ice.  The cost is 
prohibitive, unfortunately.  If you want to do damage, use bolt of fire.  Use 
this one when your priest gets enough SP to cast it comfortably (>150 SP).

  Summon shade.  Summons a shade.  Woot. 

  Enduring shield.  Casts a long-lasting shield on a character.  It's nice to 
have, but it soon replaced by higher level versions.  Improving levels in this 
spell does not have any noticeable effect.

  Unshackle mind.  Removes terror and restores control to your characters.  
It's a great spell, except when your priest is the one affected!

  Heal.  A slightly more potent version of minor heal, use this one in case of 
emergencies, otherwise use minor heal.

  Mass healing.  Heals everyone in the party.  Cast this when fighting 
characters with mass attack spells (like rain of fire).

  Mass curing.  Removes acid/poison from your party.  Use this when fighting 
acid launching beasts or after killing a pylon.

  Steelskin.  Decreases damage taken.  Cast frequently, especially if you 
don't have enduring armor yet.  Improving levels in this spell does not have 
any noticeable effect.

  Divine fire.  Like fireblast, this is an area of effect spell that does fire 
damage.  It is a good priest spell.

  Control foe.  Gives you a chance to control the minds of an enemy.  Useful 
in rare occasions, I still like killing them first.

  Enduring armor.  The best permanent spell, this spell increases the HP of 
your character (30-60 HP) and shields them as well.  Cast it every time you 
leave town once you have 200 SP or more.  Improving levels in this spell does 
not have any noticeable effect.

  Return life.  Removes the unconscious state of a character.  Use it when out 
on long treks, as it's quite potent.  Just hope that it's not your priest who 
is unconscious!

  Divine retribution.  A potent spell that damages all enemies on screen.  
Great and very useful, though very expensive.  It's very fun to use.

  Divine restoration.  Removes nearly all bad effects except unconscious, and 
provides a powerful healing.  Good for fixing frozen characters, and restores 
a lot of health to everyone.  Keep this one in mind.

  Divine host.  Summons a divine shade.  Not bad, but costly.


3. Walkthrough (SPOILERS ABOUND!)

----------------------------- Fort Monastery Region -------------------------

    |  |^^
    |  |^^
^|  |  |^^
Fort Monastery (FM)
  Main Quests: Find captain Matos, Get Equipment, Find Goblin Passage, Kill 
Goblin Leader, Go to Fort Draco
  Subquests: Check Fort Draco Route, Metal for Dawdy, Philip's Ring, Find 
Missing Shipments, Inspect Scrolls, Translate Scrolls
  Jobs: Message to Grindstone, Bat Bits Required, Undead Infestation, Message 
to Fort Draco
  Notable items: Shielding band
  Trainers: Lark and Strout.
  Stats: Divine Restoration; Arcane Shield (in a LONG time)
  You start in a helpful demo that mainly just discusses the general features 
of the game.  It's pretty straight-forward.  
  You start out in a room in the basement.  Proceed east, pick up the items, 
and continue on.  Kill the goblin, then head south for a few potions, followed 
by north and talk with the cook.  Go up the stairs, and talk with Matos.  He 
gives you a new quest.  Go west and claim the few items that are set aside for 
you.  Go back and talk with him again.  Now he wants you to explore the 
basement.  Head to the SW of the fort and enter the basement.  Clear out the 
goblins.  If you have enough tool use, you can go ahead and take the items in 
the "authorized soldiers only" chest- you'll find a shielding ring among the 
loot.  Once you've searched the area thoroughly, head back north and talk with 
the captain again.  He is pleased with you and gives you the next quest, to 
kill the goblin leader.  You can either go through the basement route, or 
through the surface route.  Once you've killed the goblin chief, Matos will 
open up the "authorized soldiers only" area, allowing you to get the items 
within.  He then has you go to Fort Draco.
  Other quest givers include Oliver (a traveling salesman who wants you to 
clear the route to Ft. Draco for a fiery wand), Dawdy (a smith who will buy 
your iron bars for a good 20c each), Philips ring (at the inn- Philip wants 
you to retrieve a ring.  The ring is held by a miner in Grindstone.  Doing so 
gets you a letter of introduction to his family), Appelo (a saleswoman who 
wants you to find three caravans for 100c each), and two quests for Lark- 
(Inspect her scrolls, and translate them).
  Oliver is the main purveyor of interesting goods in town.  You may be 
tempted to buy some of his things, but I wouldn't do so just yet.  He will 
follow you during your adventurers and ends up getting some very nice 
inventory, but that hasn't happened yet.  Philip and Appelo both have some 
good items that may be tempting, but you will shortly find items as good or 
better than what they sell, so skip buying from them just yet.
  Touch the pillar in the NW part of town.  Place any items you want to keep 
next to this pillar as well (bags of meal, wine, herbs, etc.).  You'll see 
what these things do after the demo.
  There is also a job board in town.  The job board will give you a few more 
quests to do for some cash or items.  
One job is to deliver a letter to a Grindstone resident (50 c), another is to 
kill a bunch of mottled bats for Lark (2 emeralds as a reward), yet another is 
to clear an infestation of undead (100 c).  Once these are all done, you get a 
final quest to deliver a letter to Fort Draco (reward: healing potion & speed 
  Both Strout and Lark will train you with spells.  Lark has prices that are 
approximately the norm.  Adding levels to spells doesn't actually have as much 
of a benefit as it did in the previous Avernum games.  In general, adding 
levels increases their duration time, damage done, and strength.  These 
benefits are nice, but you can save your coins for something else, if you 

Monastery Bridge (MB)
  Cache: Healing Herbs
  There's not much to do here.  Clear out the Nephilim when you're high enough 
level to do so.  The only thing of note is to the SW of the bridge, where 
there is a wagon that Appelo is looking for.  I'd suggest killing everything 
else to the south first.  Once you're ready, kill the nephilim on the bridge 
and take their stuff.  They usually drop bows, swords, and leather armor.

Lizard Shore (LS)
  Cache: 1)Healing Herbs, 2)Spiritual Herbs
  There are a few interesting things to do here for now.  First, find Destry, 
and give her 300 coins for the belt.  It's an Apprentice Belt (+1 Mag Eff), a 
very nice piece of equipment.  You'll find another one shortly, but it doesn't 
hurt to have two.  Enter her house, and go up the stairs.  Pillage her stuff 
(some tool use required to remove the trap on her chest), and grab the Yew 
bow.  This is a better bow than you'll be finding any time soon.

Goblin Lands (GL)
  Notable items: Shielding knife.
  You can explore this area a bit, and can enter either from the Fort 
Monastery basement, or on foot through the ground.  Either way works well.  Be 
sure to explore the basement as you'll find a nice spear hidden by some 
spiders.  On the ground floor you'll find an altar to the SW.  Take the 
dagger- it's a shielding knife, which provides armor for the character who 
equips it.  I usually give it to my mage or priest. Kill the imp that pops up, 
then head north to the Goblin chief.  Kill him (better than threatening him), 
and take his stuff.  He drops a chainmail vest, a decent piece of bulky armor.  
Take his treasure and report back to the captain for your reward.

Swampy Shore (SS)
  Cache: Spirit herbs
  Notable items: Chilling band.
  There's not much here, but Sinderbrand will want your help killing a 
hellhound provided you have enough strength/a high enough level (average level 
8 or so).  Once you're there, follow him down, and join him in killing the 
hellhound.  Doing so gets you a nice chilling band ring.

Goblin Fens (GF)
  Cache: Healing herbs X 2, Lovely crystal
  Notable items: Blessed Bauble.
  There's not much to do here, just clear out the goblins and bats wandering 
around.   The majority of what's going on is down below, so explore that 
region by taking the stairs in this are, or by taking the stairs in the 
regions north and then heading south.  Most important is the region to the 
west, where there is a group of undead.  Kill them all, and their leader, too.  
This fulfills a job.  Search his tomb for a blessed bauble.

Ogre Swamp (OS)
  Cache: Energetic herbs,
  Notable items: Swamp pants
  There is a nasty ogre (Kog) here who makes you pay for trespassing on his 
land.  Kill him and take his stuff.   To the S are some swamp pants, which are 
nicer than anything else you'll find anytime soon.

Grindstone (GS)
  Subquests: Kill Ogre, Clear Barriers
  Cache: Beautiful Crystal
  Notable items: Girdle of strength
  This is the only significant settlement nearby Fort Monastery.  There are 
three people of note here.  Grimes is the mercenary captain and gives you the 
"kill ogre" quest, for which you receive 100c.  Jenn is the woman in charge, 
and she gives you the "Clear barriers" quest.  She also sells flawed, lovely, 
and beautiful crystals (which you should ignore), and a piercing and wisdom 
crystal (buy both).  Wisdom crystals give 2 skill points when used, which is 
invaluable in the long run.  You will need the piercing crystal to complete 
her quest (and you'll find enough goodies to make purchasing it worthwhile).  
There is a nice room to explore immediately west of Jenn. In it you find 
several good items to steal, but close the door first.  Head to the basement 
and so long as you have a decent tool use skill, disarm the traps and claim 
the items they have hidden here.  There are some very tough traps in the SE 
part of this area (max 10 is necessary for the pink traps- these guard some 
piercing crystals).  Stanos is the last person worth talking to here.  If you 
have accepted Philip's quest, you can get him to give you the ring back.  
Doing so gets you a letter of introduction to Philip's family (and a 
subsequent quest).
  When ready, head through the mines, killing the rats, and reach the barrier.  
Use the piercing crystal to destroy the barrier, then go down the mines.  The 
static shade is vulnerable mostly to weapons, the decaying shade is strong 
against fire, and the crystal shade is vulnerable mostly to magic.  Take them 
all out, then grab all of the crystals and touch all the large formation for 
even more crystals.  Grab the two piercing crystals the crystal shade drops as 
these are quite handy.  Tell Jenn to receive your reward, an excellent girdle 
of strength.

Giant Lands (JL)
  Notable Items: Woven Golden Chain.
  Only one thing really to do here.  The cave to the SE isn't of interest to 
do yet, but the cave surrounded by rock pillars is.  Go down, and prepare for 
a battle.  Talk with the shade, and you'll be tested.  There are 6 of these 
test throughout all of Avernum, and they have excellent rewards.  This one is 
pretty easy, just beat up the shade.  It's vulnerable to pretty much 
everything, including repel spirit.  

Giant Warrens (JW)
  Very little to do here.  Kill some rats for fun.  Check out the NE cave for 
a body and an iron spear.  Ready the dead bodies papers to get a name, Terella 
Venia.  This is important for a quest that you'll come to past the demo.

-----------------------------Path to Fort Draco------------------------------
^|  =  |^^
^|  |  |^^
^^^^|  |^^
Nephil Lands (NL)
  Subquests: Kill Khrosth
  Cache: Energetic Herbs
  Mrrah is the leader here, and he will talk with you.  It turns out some 
nephilim have blocked off the main route to Fort Draco.  He wants you to take 
them out, and he gives you a key to help with this.  Doing so gets you an iron 
spear.  Their leader is Khrosth, a nephilim.  Head south from the camp and 
take note of the wagon for Appelo's quest. Then go to the east.

North of Fort Draco (NF)
  Head south and use the key Mrrah gave you to go down the stairs.

Nephil Lands 2 (N2)
  Notable items: Apprentice Belt
  In the caverns beneath the main level you'll find a number of static bats.  
Stay back so they don't swarm you.  Head to the SW and with adequate nature 
lore, the fire lizards won't attack.  You can still kill them at your leisure.  
Grab their treasure (some crystals and a wisdom crystal).  The south stairs 
will take you near the nephil temple, the north stairs will take you close to 
the head nephilim.  I'd suggest taking out the temple priests first, as they 
can help out the chief.  Head up the south stairs when you're ready.
  There are several nephilim around here, be sure to kill them all.  I would 
suggest first heading to the north gates so that you have a short way to get 
back to Fort Monastery if you so desire.  Clear out all the nephilim there, 
they are much easier when attacked from the south side.  When you're ready, 
head east and take out Khrosth.  He's not too hard, a few good hits will bring 
him down.  He has an iron short sword, which isn't too bad for melee weapon 
users.  His supplies have the second apprentice belt, as well.  Give it to 
your priest, if you like.  You can continue to explore here, there's another 
staircase (to a few minor items, which are still good this early in the game).

Lizard Shore (LS)
  Notable Items: Coated Cloak
  You're now on the east side of this zone.  There are several lizards around 
here.  Kill them all and search their nests.  One of the lizards is a "gazer 
beast" who will curse you when he attacks.  Be sure to kill it.  Head up the 
stairs.  Prepare to be swarmed by bats as you head to the SE.  Many bats 
attack, including some tough giant cave bats.  Kill them all and continue to 
explore.  You'll find a coated cloak amongst the decent items nearby.

Swampy Shore (SS)
  Cache: Piercing Crystal
  A few more lizards are located here.  Kill them all and grab the cache.

Nephil Lands 3 (N3)
  Notable items: Stability Bauble
  Some neat stuff here, as you continue to rampage through the nephil clans.  
Hrrar Blackfur, a nephil leader, drops a stability bauble on death.  You'll 
find some fine leather here as well as a number of minor goods.  Fine leather 
is a useful item that will aid you in the construction of some of your goods.  
Save it up.  The final wagon Appelo is looking for is in the SE section of 
this map.

Near Fort Draco (ND)
  You are stopped prior to entry by Menta, a guard.  Just be honest, and 
you'll have no problems.  When ready, head north to Fort Draco (I'd recommend 
getting to town ASAP then finish exploring the area).  Otherwise, there's not 
much here.  The cave wolves here do drop fine leather, though.  The seeds for 
a job you're looking for are down the nearby tunnel.

Fort Draco (FR)
  Main Quests: Fort Draco Mines, Go to Formello
  Subquests: Vahnatai Crystal, Hunt Tolliver, Pick up metal, Annoying 
  Jobs: Hunting the Gazer Beast, Message to Formello, Find the Seeds, Wanted: 
Graymold, Hunting the worm queen
  Notable items: Shield Ring, Swamp boots.
  Stats: Smite+1.
  Go speak with Commander Anford immediately to complete the last main quest 
you've been given from Fort Monastery (upon return to Fort Monastery, anyway).  
You get a new quest, and can now set this up as your base of operations.  The 
new quest is to explore the mines to the north. Do so, return, and he will 
send you to Formello, and open the armory (allowing access to some swamp 
  Mabile the sage will give you a quest to find the source of a vahnatai 
crystal.  You'll solve this quest as you do Commander Anford's main quest 
(shield ring reward).  Bagli is an agent of the crown and asks you to hunt 
Tolliver, a criminal (300c).  Ess-Eschas is the slith smith for the fort.  He 
gives you a quest to pick up metal from the caves to the north (iron bracers).  
Potionmaster Hrank has you kill a hellhound that inhabited his prime herb 
collecting locality.  He gives you a reward for killing it, a book which 
improves your skill with smite.
  There's a job board here, with jobs like hunting the gazer beast (200c), 
message to formello (100c), find the seeds (bar of fine steel), wanted: 
graymold (healing curing, speed potions), and hunting the worm queen (300c?).  
Do them all for some nice bonuses.
  Tannik sells some random low level items and is also the object of a Fort 
Monastery job. Ess-Eschas has some likewise low level items.  Potionmaster 
Hrank will turn your herbs to potions for free.
  There's a pillar here too.  Be sure to touch it and drop your junk around 
  The best way to take out Tolliver is to take the SE stairs down from here, 
go south, then east, then south again (clear the spiders to the east, first).  
Confront Tolliver, kill him, and take his stuff (namely a null wand and fine 
leather helm).

Slime Tunnels (ST)
  Cache: Silver necklace
  There are worms galore here.  They will drop crystals, emeralds, and many 
other nice minor items.  Grab what you want, you will eventually want to go 
down to the next level.  But first talk with Febber, to the west.  Febber is 
hunting the worms, and for a bit of money, will disclose the location of a 
wand for you.  It's not so bad (the terror wand is worth the money).  Head 
south and take one of the sets of stairs.  Head north, kill all the worms and 
collecting the crystals.  Eventually you'll reach a large open chamber.  
Explore the wall to the south and grab the wand from the trash pit.  There's 
an ooze crawler to the NW which drops a ruby, and is guarding a dead body.  
The worm queen is to the north, and is the main boss of the area.  It doesn't 
attack you directly, but breeds more worms.  Kill it fast to prevent it form 
swarming you.

Slime Tunnels (S2)
  More worms for you to kill here.  Stay back to keep from being swarmed.  Not 
much of note here, though there is a bridge that will be completed once 
Formello is taken care of.

---------------------------------Fort Draco and environs----------------------

Draco-Formello Road (DF)
  There are bats here, as well as some lava worms guarding a dead body.  Take 
the North route to the basement to disarm Tolliver's traps, and take the SE 
route to kill the hellhound for Hrank.  There's some nice ingredients down 
here, too.

Draco Farmlands (DR)
  Trainers: Ayrie, Hamer
  There are two trainers here who can help you by improving your spells.  I'd 
suggest getting unshackle mind at least from Hamer.  Hamer also has the most 
accessible graymold nearby.  You'll be caught stealing, but that doesn't 
matter.  Just don't steal any more in this area, and people will still like 

North of Fort Draco (NF)
  Cache: Bronze Bracers
  Damien is located here, and is the object of a job (his seed are two maps 
south).  Tresha is also located here, and has the fine steel bars Ess-Eschas 
is looking for.  Be sure to grab (steal) the other bars located nearby.  

Haunted Mines (HM)
  Cache: Iron Helmet
  Notable items: Crystal Symbol.
  Your first major dungeon.  You can go immediately north, and you'll see a 
wispy shade.  It will accompany you, blessing and shielding you randomly.  
It's a good acquaintance.  You'll have to wrap around this level.  The shade 
parts from you half way through, going down a set of stairs.  Make it all the 
way, full circle around.  Go past the wheel for the door, and check out the 
two cabinets.  One has a piece of crystal for Mabile.  When ready, head down 
the mine.  There are several ways down, but a few require tool use.  If you go 
down the way the shade disappears down, you'll have the most access to things.  
If you go down south, you'll find a tomb guarded by a bunch of undead, but 
will get some nice items, including an invulnerability potion.  Head east when 
ready.  You'll fight a nasty shade that's been building the skeletons.  Kill 
it and it will drop a crystal symbol (good for magic users).  Head south, and 
get marked by the crystal.  Explore a bit more, use a piercing crystal for a 
knowledge brew, mandrake root, and other nice items.  The helpful shade 
disappears at this point.  Go back to town to continue things along.

--------------------------------Formello and environs----------------------

   |  |    {
|  |     | {
---|  |  | {

Northwest of Formello (NW)
  Subquests: Gremlin wine
  Head straight to Formello to make your life a bit easier.  Come back here in 
a bit.  There's not too much to do here, as the area to the west is locked 
till you can do something with Giscard.  There are some bats to the west, and 
some storehouses here have rats, so search around.  Atria, the object of a 
job, is located here.
  Once you get Giscard's quest, go here and open the door.  Inside is a 
gremlin, Hreezba.  Talk to Hreezba, and it tells you that it wants Giscard's 
gremlin wine.  There's a fair bit in Giscard's main house, as well as some in 
the nearby storage area.  Grab 4 bottles, and give them to it.  It leaves 

Near Formello (N4)
  Subquests: Giscard's gremlin
  Notable items: Ruby breastplate
  Enter Formello through here, then come back.  To the west are some patrol 
men that actually turn out to be evil and attack you.  They are part of a 
grand conspiracy against Avernum, and you'll see individuals like them again.  
Kill them and take their stuff.  You can't do anything about Giscard right 
yet, though you can explore his house.  If you go up the ladder you can access 
his items and treasure, including an excellent piece of armor, the ruby 
  Once you've found the letter to Giscard, come back here and talk with him.  
He gives you a quest to clear out his storage area of golems.  Head north to 
the area you couldn't enter previously.  Doing this gets you an emerald, ruby, 
and piercing crystal.

Formello (4M)
  Main Quests: See the mayor, See Genevieve, Explore Motrax Caves, Go to the 
  Subquests: Fetching Leather, Info for Oliver, Motrax Tablets, Prove yourself 
to Abbess Haehn
  Jobs: Rat hunt, Message to Farm, Inn clearing, Hunt Spliceworms, Hunt 
Hrickis, Message to Silvar
  Notable items: Shield of Warmth, Blessed Vambraces, Magestone band.
  Trainers: Sage Alice, Sage Townshend, 
  Stats: Curing +1
  This is your first big city!  Yay!  However, like nearly all big cities in 
Avernum, it's pretty screwed up.  Go talk with the mayor.  She tells you to go 
see Genevieve.  Do so and return.  The mayor tells you to explore Motrax's 
caves.  Once you've done this, the shade moves in and things close up.  She 
lowers the barrier for you, at least.
  Show Genevieve the scrolls you've been lugging around from Fort Monastery, 
and she tells you to go to the Tower of the Magi. Ahrens is the leather worker 
and will help you if you give him 3 fine leathers (he provides you with a 
blessed belt, some gauntlets, and a fine leather helmet). You can give him 
more fine leathers for other items (see the craftsmen guide below), but you're 
best off saving your fine leather till you can get some superior items. You 
meet Oliver again here, and again he wants you to help him move along (iron 
breastplate as a reward).  His inventory is a bit better this time, though 
(the yew longbow is better than anything you'll find anytime soon).  Sage 
Alice wants you to retrieve some tablets for her.  You'll do this as you 
explore Motrax's cave, and will be rewarded with a Magestone band (nice ring 
for mages/priests).  Abbess Haehn wants you to go on a quest to prove 
yourself.  Do so for the cheapest priest spells in the game.  Right above her 
temple on the second floor is a room with a spellbook of curing.  Go ahead and 
read it.  Check out the Mayor's stairway to enter the town treasury.  With ~14 
tool use, you can open up everything there to grab some nice armor and a lot 
of gold.
  Sage Alice and Abbess Haehn both teach you spells, though you must complete 
a quest for the Abbess before she will help you.  She has the best prices for 
spells in the game.  Sage Townshend will also train you, which is something 
that few people do.  Training will increase your ability with a skill up to 
two times, unless you've already added skill points to the skill.  You can 
always train a skill even if you have gained points in it through some other 
means, just so long as you haven't added points to the skill.  
  Several jobs are available.  Rat hunt will have you looking in storage rooms 
for rats (they respawn, so keep looking in the same place when you find one, 
250c), Message to farm (she's on the second floor, 30c and some fruit), Inn 
clearing (kill a zombie for some gremlin wine), Hunt spliceworms (Gold bar, 2 
fine steel), Hunt Hrickis (NE of Formello, shield of warmth), Message to 
Silvar (Ruby). 

South of Formello (S4)
  Cache: Fine steel
  Notable items: Shining Silver Band
  Not much to do here, you can be abused by Goodwife Donna, and can kill her 
basement rats if you want (no reward, but counts towards job bounty).  If 
you're ready to fight some lizards and other nasties, use the small pathway 
down in the SE of this map area.  You'll immediately find some lizards, kill 
them.  Search nearby for a cache.  Continue west to fight some spiders, and to 
get a few nice items, including a shining silver band, which provides cold 

Southwest of Formello (SW)
  Subquest: Herbs for Forrest
  Forrest wants 3 sets of healing herbs, and gives you 2 healing elixirs in 
exchange (an excellent trade).  His storage room occasionally has a scavenging 
rat in it.  Otherwise, that's it.

North of Formello (N4)
  Notable items: Woven silk chain
  Newman is a tailor with a few interesting items, namely the woven silk robe.  
I'd skip it, as you'll find some on your own.  There's another storeroom to 
the south with scavenging rats.  Check out the gatehouse to the north, and go 
up the stairs.  Investigate the room to the SW, and you'll find 6 cave slimes.  
Blast them with icy rain, and they'll drop a woven silk chain, a decent 
necklace (+1% to all resistances). There are a few areas around here and to 
the NE that have "You hear a strange scratching sound" appear as you walk on 
them.  Move immediately or get ready for a fight.  Worms usually pop up 
shortly when this warning is given, unless you get off their territory.  

Northeast of Formello (NE)
  Notable items: Grounded Cloak
  Stats: Haste +1
  Herbmaster Tori is helpful and will make potions from your ingredients.  She 
mainly makes energetic potions, which are among the most useful.  To NE you'll 
find Hrickis, a necromancer.  Kill his skeletons, then go up the stairs to his 
home.  Prepare yourself for a battle as you head south.  A few nice spells 
help, including haste on your fighters.  Kill Hrickis early, as he enjoys 
summoning lots of nasty things to fight you.  Kill his pylon even earlier, as 
it will terrify you.  He drops a grounded cloak on death, and you can read his 
spell book to improve your haste spell.

East of Formello (e4)
  Cache: Speed potion
  There's a bit more to do here.  Talk to Donaldson about wine if you'd like.  
Head to the stone circle.  Prepare yourself (bless, shield, haste if you 
like), then touch the central crystal.  You'll be attacked by 4 groups of 
shades.  Kill them all.  This allows you to buy spells from Abbess Haehn at 
dirt cheap.

Southeast of Formello (SE)
  Cache: Spiritual Herbs, Healing Herbs
  Notable items: Swampwalker Leather
  Swampwalker Hurking is the only person here.  He's not that friendly, but 
will sell you some items, including a ratskin shawl and some graymold. Buy the 
graymold at the least for the job for Fort Draco.  When you're ready, head 
down a nearby set of stairs (probably to the south of Formello).  From the 
west section of this basement, you'll find an old mining encampment with some 
nice crystals, including a piercing crystal.  Continue east, and before 
entering the center island, prepare for a fight.  You'll be attacked by groups 
of lizards, so stay in fight mode.  The last enemy you face is a spitting 
lizard.  On death, it drops swampwalker leather.  Several of the lizards here 
dropped fine leather, which you can use to fulfill Ahren's quest.  Head up 
from the south first to claim some crystals from a searing slime, then head up 
the east steps, go through the lizards, and be done with this mini dungeon.

Formello Mines (Mi)
  Cache: Gold bar
  Notable items: Thick wool tunic
  Goodwife Hortense sells some items from the mines here, and will also pay 
you when you remove the spliceworms.  She doesn't have anything useful, sadly.  
Search this area, and loop around to the north.  Kill the spliceworms and take 
the stairs down to the mine.  Kill some more spliceworms, and the lava worms.  
Grab the tunic off the dead mage, and go back to Hortense to report on your 
success.  Clean out the mines to the south (you have to disarm a trap) for 
some nice crystals and metal bars.

Barren Tunnels (BT)
  Notable items: Stunning blade, Armor Ring
  Dazed enemies abound here.  These enemies have been taken over by some 
sinister force.  You'll find some nice stuff on their bodies, including slith 
spears on the bodies of sliths.  Also, Testing cave #2 is located here, though 
I would not attempt it until you have learned Prismatic Shield.  For 
successful completion of this test, you get an armor band.  In order to pass 
this test you will have to take a fair bit of damage while not dying.  The 
shade casts a frost spell every turn or so, which does damage to everyone in 
its line of sight.  This quest is best accomplished after you have mass 
healing.  The next test is near Cotra/Dranlon.  You can get a stunning blade 
by going to Motrax caves, and looping around back west.  Take the stairs down 
and kill all the thorny fungi.  There's a dead body with this nice little 
weapon here.

Motrax Caves (MT)
  Cache: Fiery wand.
  Notable items: Treated carapace, wyrmskin helmet, blessed silk tunic.
  Stats: Icy Rain +1
  This area is the main quest region for Formello.  Be sure you have bought 
all the mage spells you want first, before finishing this area.  There's a 
crystal to the NE, and you will have to return to it once you've cleared out 
Motrax's tunnel.  Clear out the ground floor level, then head to the basement.  
There's a number of enemies here, including some slimes.  Near where ol' 
Motrax used to sleep, you'll find a treated carapace shield.  It's a better 
shield than most you'll find. Head to the west first, as the east has the 
final boss.  There are many lizards in the west corridor, as well as some bats 
and other nasties.  You can get some help for this section by going to the 
north and activating the west-most golem.  It will help you a fair bit, though 
not endlessly.  Head south and take out the drakespawn and eventually the 
young drake.  Kill it for a wyrmskin helmet, a better helmet than 90% of what 
you'll find in the next few hours of playing.  Check out the jar next to it 
for the Motrax tablets.  Next head to the east corridor.  You have to take out 
4 thorny fungi, so be prepared.  Once you clear these fungi, head to the east 
room.  There are 4 basins here that you can drink from.  Drink from the west-
most and east-most basins for some decent effects which will aid you in the 
battle to come.  Head south.  A vahnatai confronts you.  Kill it (it can be 
tough, so use some of those wands you've saved up, and give your fighters some 
curing potions.  Destroy its pylons first, as they heal him when he's hurt).  
It drops a blue crystal shard and a blessed silk tunic (this tunic is good for 
mages).  Check out its loot for a spell book of icy rain, and two vahnatai 
cloaks (keep these for a later quest).  Head back up to the crystal, and 
you'll get a very important item.  Return to town, and the shade has moved in.  
This closes many things, preventing you from getting some items.


-------------------------------------Eastern Gallery--------------------------

            S2-BC-SW S4
               |  |  |
Rt SL-E0-E9-E8-B2-BL-EG-E3{
|  |^^|  |  |  |  |  |  | {
^^^^^^|  |  |  |  |  |  | {
     ^^^^|^^^^^|  |  |  | {

Eastern Gallery (EG)
  You leave from Formello to arrive in the big caves.  You're greeted by 
several bandits.  If you enter the nearby deserted farmhouse, you'll be 
attacked by several bandits.  Not much else is here.

Fort Duvno (DV)
  Subquests: Sacks of Meal, Bottles of Wine, Kill Bandit Hanvar, Kill Raider 
  Jobs: Message- Fort Avernum, Clean the Farm, Dranlon Delivery, Bandit Caches
  Notable items: Polar fur cloak, Archer's band
  Trainers: Walner
  Stats: Enduring Shield +1
  I'd recommend heading to Fort Avernum first, as you can get a potent ability 
there.  Maybe hit the pylon first here, then go to Fort Avernum.  The pylon is 
to the west.
  Several subquests are available in Fort Duvno.  Kisenwether wants 20 bags of 
meal (3 energy potions), then he wants 20 bottles of wine (3 scrolls in 
exchange).  Commander Johnson gives you a series of quests to kill bandits.  
The first one he wants dead is bandit Hanvar.  He's in the bandit ruins (BR).  
Killing him gets you some plate vambraces, which are pretty crappy.  Next is 
to kill Raider Kelda.  This will get you a steel shield. Again, whoop-de-doo.  
Finally, he wants you to take out Bragg.  Doing so gets you a steel 
  Jobs available include getting a message to Fort Avernum (100c), cleaning a 
farm of slimes (reward: archer's band), delivery of 8 chitrach claws to 
Mairwen (200c), and determining the locations of 3 bandit caches (iron 
  There is a bandit mage on the second floor of the building, from the NW.  
She is crazy and becomes hostile.  When she dies, she drops a polar fur cloak.  
Walner will train you in the two lores, which is nice.  He also has a spell 
book of enduring shield upstairs.  He will make potions for you as well.  Siri 
has some nice items for sale, but you'll find much better ones on your own.

Fort Avernum (AV)
  Notable items: Blessed gauntlets
  Trainers: Captain Nathan
  Stats: Prismatic Shield +1
  This fort is the home of one of the great conveniences available to you as 
adventurers.  Talk with Ayrie, and she will give you access.  Captain Nathan 
is just indoors.  Give talk with him, and he tells you what's around.  He will 
also train you for a bit of money.  Go down, and talk with Vidrain.  He 
informs you on how the portal works.  Now you can use it to go anyplace you'd 
like.  I'd go back to each of the towns you visited and gather any items you 
placed near the pillars.  Drop them off in the main room of the teleporter so 
that you can get them whenever you want them.
  There's a barrier here that can only be dispelled by the spell, dispel 
barrier.  Behind is a cabinet with some blessed gauntlets, for what it's 

Eastern gallery (E1)
  Subquests: Mysterious fort.
  There is a bandit cache in the northern caves hugging the wall.  This area 
is home to William, a farmer.  William sells some minor items, including a 
woven silver chain (+1 resist all), and he gives you a quest to investigate 
Fort Avernum.  This quest is mainly designed to get you to go to the fort and 
use the teleporter, so it doesn't give you a reward.  You can check out his 
basement for a wand and some scrolls, but that's about it for this area.

Eastern gallery (E2)
  Subquests: Torvald's lizard
  Cache: Energetic Herbs.
  Notable items: Blessed gauntlets, ivory band
  Torvald and his farm are the main attractions here.  Talk with Torvald, and 
he tells you that one of his lizards is evil and mutated.  Kill it for 200c.  
You can steal his stuff in the room just to the north.  One of the items is a 
pair of blessed gauntlets, which are better than some bracers, but without the 
to hit% penalty.  There are two stairs to the north of Torvald's place.  The 
northern stairs take you to a batch of lizards, including a lizard matriarch.  
She is guarding an ivory band ring in her nest (+15% mental resistance, the 
rarest resistance).  The southern stairs take you to another bandit cache.

Eastern gallery (E3)
  Cache: Armor elixir
  Notable items: Viperskin boots
  The farm that is a job ("Clean the Farm") for Fort Duvno is located here.  
Gaseous goos inhabit the farm, and they cast a mass poison spell at the 
beginning of their turn.  Kill them in one turn from far away to avoid this 
effect.  Go down to the basement in the farm.  Continue to kill these 
obnoxious goos.  Eventually you'll find the "quivering breeder" who is the 
cause of the slime infestation.  Kill it quickly (magic works well), as it 
will start to breed more slimes every turn.  Check out the nearby nest for a 
pair of viperskin boots.  The pit down to the north leads to a bandit cache 
with some nice minor items.

North of Silvar (NS)
  Notable items: Blessed belt
  If you enter the east building, prepare for a fight with some thugs.  Kill 
them, and take their stuff.  Head down the stairs, and kill the burning fungi.  
You can continue south, though the enemies become progressively tougher.  If 
you enter the west room from here, you have to fight a nasty familiar, but can 
get a number of good items, including some steel things.  You can head down 
the cave near the map's center, and you'll find a gremlin.  Gremlins are 
tough, and this one enjoys confusing your fighters.  Kill it if you want 
(either talk to it 3-4 times, or head east), and take its stuff.  Its items 
include a blessed belt.

Silvar (SV)
  Subquests: Hunting Hosharr, Shade Experiment, Search the island
  Jobs: Chitrach Claws, Message: Fort Avernum, Cotra Bandit Bounty, Kill the 
Goo, Message: Mertis, Dranlon Bandit Bounty.
  Notable items: Shield of Warmth, Blessed silk tunic, Clarity Talisman
  Trainers: Captain Call
  A lot of interesting things are happening in Silvar.  For one, there's a 
shade here, and its presence keeps a few merchants closed.  These merchants 
include Captain Call, who is trains you in several skills, but only if the 
shade isn't in Silvar.  Once you kill the shade, he is one of the best 
trainers in the game.  There is a shield of warmth in the storerooms to the 
west, as well as other minor goodies.  A blessed silk tunic is in a building 
next to the inn.
  There are many quests here. Awrmm the nephil bowmaker gives you a quest to 
hunt Hosharr, a nephil bandit.  Do so for a blessed bow.  Ruth is a shipwright 
and will give you a quest to investigate an island provided the shade isn't in 
Silvar (300c on completion).  Otherwise she won't talk about it.  Lorena is 
the queen of the slums, and she gives you a key to the sewers, which allows 
you to see Pea Eye, an individual who is investigating the shade.  Go down the 
sewers.  Pretty much no matter what you do, you'll have to fight a gaseous goo 
to get to Pea Eye, but that's OK as it's the object of a job.  Talk to Pea Eye 
and he has a few ideas on how to investigate the shades.  For one, he wants 
you to hurt the shade bad enough that it regenerates.  This is a bit tough for 
a low level adventuring party.  First, make sure the shade is in town.  Next, 
haste, bless, shield, and cast any permanent spells you have.  Hit it hard, 
especially with repel spirit.  Then run away, once it heals itself one time.  
Leave Silvar as far as you can, and try not to get anyone else killed on the 
way.  When the shade has stopped following you, go back to Pea Eye.  He tells 
you that you can have some of his treasure in Cotra.
  There's a pylon here, so be sure to touch it.  Also, check out the area that 
Bolivar hints to for 30c- search for a dead body.  Open the door, and kill all 
of the thugs and the cultist.  Search their stuff for some info on the 
conspiracy, and to grab a wand.
  Jobs here include Chitrach Claws (blessed shield), Message: Fort Avernum 
(reward: mindshield scroll), Cotra Bandit Bounty (2 emeralds, 2 rubies), Kill 
the Goo (50c), Message: Mertis (30c), and Dranlon bandit bounty (Clarity 
Talisman- one of the best amulets in the game).

Bandit Ruins (BR)
  Cache: Golden Goblet
  Notable items: Girdle of Nimbleness, Static band
  Stats: Minor Heal +1, Heal +1, Unlock doors +1
  A4 pokes a bit of fun at the bandit ruins as this is the area where 
adventurers have killed evil doers for the past 40+ years.  There are many 
bandits here, as to be expected.  Take the NE stairs after killing some 
lizards, and use a piercing crystal to get to a spell book that improves some 
of your healing spells.  Make your way west through the bandits, then head to 
the SW.  There are a few named enemies here, but don't worry about it.  Go up 
the stairs, and proceed north, killing the bandits (and mage who drops a 
static band) along the way.  Prepare yourself for a decent battle, then hit 
Hanvar and his cronies hard.  Two icy rains make short work of the warriors, 
and Hanvar can be taken the next turn with some firebolts and melee attacks.  
He drops a girdle of nimbleness on death.  Read his spell book for 
improvements to unlock doors.  Grab the bronze key as well, it will make the 
next bandit much easier.

Gallery Woods (GW)
  Subquests: Bugs in the cellar
  Notable items: Blessed boots, a girdle of strength, crystal-woven chitin 
  If you descend the staircase near the north-center of the map, you'll 
encounter several nasty mindreaper spiders.  Use bows and magic on these 
things or else you'll become charmed.  Once killed, spiders burrow out of the 
spiders and attack you.  At the end you'll find another bandit cache.  Hinkle 
has a quest for you- kill the bugs in his cellar.  This is a very difficult 
quest for low level characters, and I wouldn't recommend trying to take it on 
just yet.  It's very rewarding, however.  The chitrachs drop some blessed 
boots, a girdle of strength, and a crystal-woven chitin armor.  

West Silvar (WS)
  Chapelle is here and will make nice equipment out of your fine steel.  
Blessed breastplates are excellent for your warriors.

Cotra (CT)
  Subquests: Cotra Investigation, Question the prisoner, Eyestalks required
  Jobs: Swamp nodules, the bone borer, message: Fort Dranlon, Grob's tools
  Trainers: Incantor Cecil
  Cotra has been rebuilt since A2, and it's back in business.  There's no 
plague for this city, which is highly unusual.  There are, however, a number 
of fruitful quests.  Angarahad is the head merchant and wants you to figure 
out how bandits have been evading the Cotra guards (iron halberd reward).  Be 
sure to pillage the merchant storage right above her.  Mayor Falko wants you 
to question a prisoner he captured, which he thinks knows something about the 
plagues (50c, if you report prior to killing the eyebeast).  The basement of 
the inn has a trapped lizard which may drop some fine leather on death.  
Incantor Cecil will train you in spells, but hold off on buying from him just 
yet.  Instead, get his quest (retrieve an eyebeast stalk) and do it for him to 
get much lower prices, and the ability to increase some other skills.
  Jerim will sell you a stability bauble for you, which is the only useful 
thing in his equipment.  You'll still find better with little effort, so I'd 
skip it.  If you've done Pea Eye's quest, then you can get some nice equipment 
(steel breastplate, steel shield, iron halberd) from his old house to the NE.  
There's a disruption wand down the stairs to the NE as well.  When ready, head 
outside the Cotra walls and enter the building to the NW.  Go down the stairs, 
and you'll find a bunch of brigands.  Kill them all (including Quickshank), 
and you'll find a notice on who has been letting the brigands in (Yong-Mi).  
Go confront her in west Cotra, and kill her.  Then report back to Angarahad.
  Jobs here include: Swamp nodules (collect 6 in the swamps near Cotra for a 
healing and energy elixir), the bone borer (2 emeralds, 1 ruby), message: Fort 
Dranlon (200c), Grob's tools (terror wand).

Eastern Gallery (E5)
  Cache: Healing Herbs.
  Notable items: Nimble chain
  Stats: Augmentation +1
  Chitrachs roam this area, and you should be able to get a few claws from 
them.  Grob's axe can be found to the NE, be sure to grab it.  There are 
several entryways down for you to explore if you wish.  In the SE part of the 
tunnels below, you'll find several dead bandits guarded by infected chitrachs.  
Among their items, you'll find a nimble chain, and a spell book of 

West Cotra (WC)
  Subquests: The island route
  Notable items: Pearlescent band
  Stats: Heal +1
  West Cotra is actually where Cotra's Pylon is located.  Go ahead and hit it.  
Marshall is a fisherwoman here, and will give you a quest to find a route to a 
nearby island (100c).  Orbus is a potionmaker here and sells you a knowledge 
brew, among other things.  He also has a book of heal.  There's a nearby dead 
body guarded by some cave widows with a jeweled wand (one of the best wands in 
the game).  The most important thing nearby is the jail to the NW.  Go down 
the stairs, and prepare for battle.  Inside the last cell is an eyebeast.  He 
actually doesn't know anything about the plagues, but is trying to get free 
and eat some adventurers along the way.  Tell the mayor about this for 50c.  
Go back and kill it and take its potent ring and eyebeast stalk.  This ring is 
excellent for slith warriors, and good for most everyone else.

Bandit Lands (BL)
  Notable Items: Fine Cleaver, Aranea Silk Tunic
  Some bandits try to shake you down in this territory.  Kill them instead.  
Kelda's fortress is here.  Head to the north, and use the key you got from the 
bandit ruins to make your job much easier.  Otherwise head to the west, and 
fight your way through 4 fire lizards.  It's not too tough of a battle, 
especially if you haste your fighters.  Proceed on through the goblins and 
ogres.  If you head east, the path will curve north and take you to the 
southwest of Formello map.  If you go north, you'll find more goblins and 
ogres.  One of the ogres drops a fine cleaver, a weak knife with a +1 dex 
bonus.  Go up the stairs, kill the goblins, and head to the NE.  You'll find 
an altar guarded by a named goblin shaman.  Kill him then touch the altar to 
get an aranea silk tunic.  Fight the demon that pops up.  Head west.  Kill the 
bandit alchemist.  The north of the two basins here gives a good bonus, the 
south one does not.  Continue west past the worgs and burning fungus, and 
you'll see Kelda.  Kill her quickly.  She doesn't drop much that's good, but 
such is life.  Take the keys from her box, and leave this area.

Southwest of Formello
  Cache: Scroll- control foes
  Notable items: Girdle of endurance
  River goblins inhabit this area.  March on a bit, and you'll find Graytusk, 
a nasty ogre who is the target of Boris's quest.  On death he drops a girdle 
of endurance.
Bandit Lands (B2)
  Subquest: Hunting Graytusk
  Cache: Girdle of Nimbleness
  Notable items: Piercing gauntlets
  Some ogres confront you in the south part of this area.  Kill them, and take 
their stuff.  Boris is waiting in the east section of this map.  He is a 
bounty hunter, and asks for your help killing Graytusk, an ogre.  Doing so 
gets you a speed potion and invulnerability potion.  Head down the nearby 
stairs, and kill the fire lizards.  You'll find one more bandit cache, only 
this one has some very nice piercing gauntlets (+1 anatomy).  

Bandit Castle
  Notable items: Blessed spear, clover boots
  Stats: Daze +1
  There are two ways into this castle- the sneaky way, and the full-frontal 
assault.  The sneaky way continues the path through southwest Formello (where 
you fought Graytusk).  I prefer the full frontal assault, as it's more 
satisfying.  You will need Kelda's key for this, though.  Move through the 
fort, killing everything that moves.  Head to the temple and touch the altar.  
Kill the undead, and grab the blessed spear.  Ossious is a slith who drops a 
composite bow (a step up from yew for those characters still with those bows).  
Head west and go down the stairs.
  Look around a bit.  You'll find a room with a daze spell book to the west.  
Head up the north set of stairs and you'll find Bragg.  He's a bit tough, as 
he has a few healing potions.  Hit him hard in one round and you'll take him 
down.  He summons a few bandit allies to attack you from the behind, so watch 
your mages.  When he dies, he drops some steel items, and has some clover 
boots nearby (+3 luck).  That's the end of the bandit quests!

Slime Tunnels
  Cache: Beautiful crystal
  Notable items: Girdle of insight
  The bridge should be complete when you return to this locale.  There are a 
few more worms to kill, and a nest with a girdle of insight (+1 int).

Eastern Gallery (E6)
  Cache: Energetic herbs, spiritual herbs, healing herbs, graymold, mandrake 
root, chilling band
  Notable items: Mercuric leather, serpentskin helmet
  Chitrachs galore, again.  Fortunately, there's a lot of caches here too.  
This region is dominated by a large lake, with an ogre sitting in the middle, 
and rimmed by submission fungi (one step up the fungus ladder).  The ogre is 
the goal of a Fort Dranlon job, so at some point you will want to take him 
out.  Be careful, Swamplouse is tough.  When you attack him, he summons 
several fungi to help.  On death he drops a mercuric leather, leather with a 
penalty to strength but a bonus to AP.  He's got some other nice goodies, 
including a knowledge crystal, in the nearby jars.  Try to pick up any rocks 
you find nearby, as they could be swamp nodules.  You can get under this level 
by going to (NR) and taking the stairs down and heading east.  Underneath are 
a bunch of chitrachs.  Near the center of the area is a "Eggtender chitrach" 
which is nastier than most.  Kill it and it will drop a serpentskin helmet.

Eastern Gallery (E7)
  Cache: Energetic herbs, Spiritual Herbs, Mandrake root, Graymold, healing 
herbs, gold necklace
  Lots of caches here.  Rabid rats guard a nest to the south with a scroll and 
other things.  Kill them.  The building here has a few herbs and a swamp 
nodule.  Be sure to grab them.  There's a body to the north with a letter of 
introduction to Giscard.  Use this to get to Giscard's house (N4).  The north 
house has a chest guarded by two plated chitrachs.  Kill them to get some nice 
items, including a steel breastplate.  Head downstairs to continue exploring.  
This area has a nastier group of enemies than the tunnels to the north.  
Submission fungi team up with plated chitrachs and give ground slowly.  Take 
it easy, and kill everything that moves.  If you head south, you can go to 
Reptile island.  Head west and you'll end up near to the source of the 

Fort Dranlon (DR)
  Subquests: Terella Venia, Fetching Tools, Chitrach hunt
  Jobs: Swamp goblin trophies, Hunting Swamplouse, Reach the spires, Hunt 
Skunky Joe
  Cache: Spiritual herbs, healing herbs
  Notable items: Drakeskin bracers
  Trainers: Mother Phelps
  Stats: First Aid +1, Nature lore +1
  The last major city/fort of this region, Fort Dranlon is pretty small.  
Nonetheless, there's a fair bit to do.  Be sure to go around and touch the 
pylon.  Ariadne tells you of an artifact that's located in the slith lands.  
It's very potent, but guarded by a powerful foe.  Be careful.
  Mother Phelps wants you to find her friend, Terella Venia.  She's at JW, a 
corpse.  Tell her as much, and you'll get a bonus of +1 to one character's 
first aid skill.  George wants you to find him a hammer, pincers, tongs, and 
some fine steel (drakeskin bracers).  Mairwen, the commander, wants you to 
find the source of the chitrachs and destroy it.  Once you've found it, let 
her know and she'll unlock a door with mediocre treasures inside.
  Mother Phelps will train you in some priestly spells.  Her prices are on par 
with other priests.  There's a barrier upstairs that will require the spell 
dispel barrier in order to get past.  Behind is a specter which drops a 
spectral robe on death, which has decent resistances, especially to mental 
  There's a job board here as well.  The jobs are Swamp goblin trophies 
(300c), Hunting Swamplouse (400c), Reach the spires (doing this gives one 
person +1 to nature lore), Hunt Skunky Joe (600c).

Near Fort Dranlon (NR)
  Subquests: Nasty Chitrach
  Cache: Scroll- group heal.
  Chitrachs.  More chitrachs.  You can go down the stairs nearby and kill even 
more chitrachs.  Most important here is Grint, who is in the SW section of the 
underground portion of this map.  He gives you the "Nasty Chitrach" quest.  
The reddish chitrach is in some tunnels to the east.  Do it, and he tells you 
to go see Mairwen.  Mairwen gives you 250c for your help.

Eastern Gallery (E8)
  Cache: Beautiful crystal.
  Notable items: Tinker charm, girdle of insight
  Stats: Mass heal +1
  Some chitrachs pop out of the ground near the road on this map.  One drops a 
piercing crystal and another drops some razordisks.  You can head down the 
stairs and to the NW.  You'll have to fight several spiders along the way 
(prepare for the battle beforehand!), and will end up at a crypt.  Kill the 
undead, and open the door.  Kill the ghost, and pillage this area.  You'll 
find a girdle of insight, a tinker's charm and a spell book of mass heal.

Eastern Gallery (E9)
  Caches: Beautiful crystal, lovely crystal, 3 x flawed crystal.
  Notable items: Blessed short sword, Bonding knife
  Stats: Lightning spray +1
  Grob's saw is located in the SE section of this map, along with a bunch of 
caches.  Skunky Joe and his band of goons are near the north center of this 
map.  Prepare for battle before attacking him, as he's pretty easy if you get 
the drop on him.  Otherwise, he'll cast a few nasty spells that will rapidly 
render you unconscious.  Once he's dead, explore his hideout.  You'll find 
some nice items, including a jeweled wand and a blessed short sword, and a 
spell book that improves your lightning spray.  You can enter the sublevel of 
this area from the area just to the south, Near Fort Dranlon (NR).  Head to 
the NW and you'll find the third trial.  This trial has you fighting an 
automaton with magic.  Whatever you do, don't hit it with weapons.  It'll just 
charm you.  Hit it with lightning first, then change the magic you hit it with 
to suit the hints it gives ("fiery" = firebolt, "blue" = Ice/smite).  When it 
dies, it lets you get a bonding knife.  The east path from the central area 
has spiders, the north path has more spiders and a bursting spider which 
bursts into 3 more spiders on death.  It's guarding a scroll and some 
crystals.  You can head west to E0.

Eastern Gallery (E0)
  Cache: Mandrake root, graymold, energetic herbs, spiritual herbs
  Notable items: Silken shield, spectral gloves.
  Stats: Minor summon +1, call beast +1
  The north area of this level holds the most interest.  Make your way through 
the tunnels, and kill the sliths.  A named slith, Oasss-kss drops some 
spectral gloves, which are pretty nice.  Spiders (namely Aranea) inhabit the 
sublevel.  Aranea are pretty easy if you engage them in melee, so hide and let 
them run to you.  The final spider to the west is a Werlikanen, a nasty one.  
It drops a silken shield on death (+1 gymnastics, +1 parry).  You'll also find 
a set of webs that increase your minor summon and call beast spells.  If you 
take the north tunnel on this level down to the sublevel, you'll be able to go 
to the other side of the water.  You can now explore a few of the slith lands, 
and may also be able to get a powerful piece of armor (though your level may 
be a bit too low right yet.

Eastern Gallery (EZ)
  Cache: iron bracers
  Notable items: Girdle of endurance, Rat-tail band
  More chitrach-popping areas are located here.  You will get a girdle of 
endurance from one set.  The bone borer lives in the SW part of this area.  It 
drops a rat-tail band on death.  If you're in the tunnels under this area, 
you're close to the source of the chitrachs.  Make your way west, killing the 
beasts as you go.  Eventually you'll make it to the chitrach queen.  It's not 
too tough, but if you attack it by melee, you'll be splashed with acid.  Stay 
back and take it out.

Reptile Islande (RI)
  Cache: Iron broadsword, ruby, mica band
  Notable items: Drakeskin bracers, wyrmskin helmet.
  Stats: Enduring shield +1
  You can reach this locale through the tunnels of (E7).  Head south, then 
east.  Kill the burning fungi then kill the searing wyrmkin.  Move slowly, as 
they can both team up on you and really hurt with their acid spits.  Go 
upstairs, and you'll find an island full of lizards.  If you have sufficient 
nature lore, they shouldn't be hostile.  Kill them if you want, you can take 
them out one at a time.  If you have a decent first aid, then this can 
actually end up recharging your MP as well.  When you're ready, head down the 
south pit entrance.  Head up, and notice the fissure.  As you move along, 
searing wyrmkin will pop up out of this fissure.  They're not too tough, but 
can gang up on you if you're not careful.  Be prepared, and kill them all.  
Head south, you'll find a breeding ground for the sea creatures. Then you'll 
find a drake, Ksoral.  Prepare yourself, then attack it.  It has too much 
goodies to ignore.  When it dies, it leaves a pair of drakeskin bracers, and a 
wyrmskin helmet.  Read its book to improve your enduring shield ability.  
Return back to the mainland and tell Marshall and Ruth about your success.

Slith Lands (SL)
  Cache: Mandrake root, graymold.
  Notable items: Blessed spear, Mercuric leather, woven silk robe, emerald 
  Stats: Repel spirit +1, summon shade +1, unshackle mind +1
  Lots of sliths here.  Kill them all and take their stuff (blessed spear 
included).  If you've talked with Ariadne about treasure, she told you about 
the north area.  Approach it and it'll open up for you, reveal a pathway to a 
new dungeon.  Note that if you want to enter this way, you can not exit till 
later.  So be sure this is what you want to do.
  When you've decided to come down, head down the stairs to a dark pit.  
Undead enemies here include Pit bones, which slow you, and Spiked shamblers, 
who reflect melee damage back on you.  There are three basins to the SE, the 
north one heals you, the middle one poisons you, and the south one casts a 
permanent shield on you (use this one!).  Pit ghouls and revenants are to the 
north, as is a disruption wand, which is pretty nice to have handy here.  
Three more basins are here, one refills your energy, one protects you 
mentally, and one summons a vengeful shade to fight you.  Go ahead and use 
them all.  Then head back to the center where Nicoduas is located.  Hit him 
hard, as fast as you can, or he'll summon a demon.  If you're less than level 
~30, he'll probably summon the demon before you can do anything.  Note that he 
also has a healing potion that will restore nearly all his health one time.  
USE THOSE INVULNERABILITY POTIONS!  You've probably been saving them up, this 
is an excellent chance to use them.  Together they are tough, but you can beat 
either set.  He will probably charm you once, but that's OK.  On death he 
drops a mercuric leather. Read his spell book for 3 more spells.  Check out 
everything, and you'll find some bodies.  On them is a woven silk robe, and 
the almighty emerald chestguard (with huge resistance bonuses and little 
penalty).  This armor will last you through the game.  Follow the route to get 
out, and you end up next to Grindstone.  Use the pylon to return to the 
  Note that you don't have to do the Nicoduas battle.  It takes him 4 turns to 
summon help, so just run past him and grab the Emerald chestguard.  The 
dungeon is actually designed so that this is possible.  You may miss out on 
the spells, but it's by far the easiest route to get this artifact.  The 
battle with Nicoduas is among the hardest in the game, and easily the hardest 
in proportion to your level when you take it on.

Slith Caves (SC)
  Cache: Spiritual herbs, healing herbs, energetic herbs.
  Notable items: Deadeye cloak
  Not much on the north side, but take the tunnel south.  Kill the bats if you 
want, then head out of the tunnel.  There is a large group of sliths here.  
Prepare with spells, and kill them all.  They have some good drops, including 
a deadeye cloak (+1 sharpshooter).  Head east to the spires briefly.

Fort Dranlon (DR)
  Cache: Gold bar.
  You've reached the spires.  Woot.
Remote Tunnel (RT) 
  Nothing here on the surface.
Remote tunnel (Rt)
  Not much here on the surface, just a dead body with some crystals.

Typically the last thing I do in this region is grab the emerald chestguard.  
At that point, it is possible to grab it (though extremely difficult- I 
reloaded 6 times).  Once done, head to a new area altogether, to Mertis.  West 
Silvar will get you there.


Mertis, Honeycomb, TotM

         |  |  |  | {
G3-G2-CS H2-H1-ME-EM{
^^^|  |  |        | {
  ^|  |  |  |  |  | {
  ^G4-G1-SF-SP S1-TC{

You are warned on entering that there are tough undead here to fight.  That 
much is true.  The undead are very tough.  The are two ways of effectively 
fighting them.  The first is to complete the quest given to you by the local 
priest, who wants you to go find some hermit in the Honeycomb.  That's the 
recommended way.  The way I did it my first time was I used acid spray.  This 
spell alone affects the undead, but you can completely avoid seeking out 
Sleater through this method.  

Silvar-Mertis Road (SM)
  Cache: Scroll-mindshield.
  This is the way to Mertis.  You'll have to fight an undead along the way.  
This undead is here mainly to show you what a pain these things can be.  Use 
acid spray.  Once you've got Sleater's blessing (if you wanted to get it), 
return and clear out this area.  

Mertis (ME)
  Subquests: Clearing the Spiral, Honeycomb bandits, Trimming the Bushes, the 
mayor's sash
  Jobs: Icy Geodes, Delivery: Tower of the Magi, Cauldron Spawn, Hunting the 
  Cache: Shining golden band
  Notable items: Armor Ring, woven silk robe
  Trainers: Elder Arron
  Stats: Smite +1, +1 Blademaster, +1 magery
  Mertis is a town that has been plagued by undead since A1.  Voorhees is to 
the north, give him his letter.  The pylon is to the south.  Elder Arron will 
train you in priestly spell casting.  Buy at least mass curing, as it's 
cheaper here than anywhere else.  Go down his stairs for a spell book of 
smite.  There's a farmhouse with an armor ring, which you should steal if for 
no other reason than to sell it.
  As always, there are a number of quests to do in town.  Elder Arron gives 
you the main quest to destroy the undead. Doing so gets you 500c and a 
powerful blessing (warriors gain +1 blademaster, mages/priests gain +1 magery- 
I'm not quite sure on the criterion for who gets what). Corrin is in the inn 
and wants you to tell her the location of the Honeycomb bandits.  Doing so 
gets you 3 emeralds, 2 rubies, and a piercing crystal.  Maxfield is in the 
employ to the TotM, and wants you to hunt down some of his bushes.  They're in 
a locked building nearby, and you can kill them.  Haste, and cast mass curing 
every turn (maybe twice, if necessary).  Report back and you'll be told to go 
talk with Kelner at the TotM.  Goodwife Lisa wants you to put her husband to 
rest.  You'll recognize him as you purge the Spiral.  Lisa will give you a 
woven silk robe for killing the mayor.
  Several jobs await on the job board, including Icy Geodes (like the swamp 
nodule quest- do it for 400c), Delivery: Tower of the Magi (Madness, Group 
haste, Mass bless scrolls for a reward), Cauldron Spawn (disruption wand 
reward), Hunting the Worm (bladeshield chain at TotM).  Be sure to grab 
Cauldron Spawn before taking on the majority of undead, or else you might be 
stuck with an incomplete job.

Honeycomb Surface level
Much better maps can be found at the spiderweb message boards.
+---------+---------+ H = Hermit
|         -g f\ d   | W =  Cerebrous worm
|   H  h  | c \e  b | This corresponds to the area:
|     i   |   a     | H3-HC
|  5      -    9 7 8| |  |
|         |W        | H2-H1
|         -     1   |  Stairs down are numbered, paths 
|   4  6  |         -  through are marked as well,
|         |   2     - 
|         -         - to Mertis 
|B     j  |   3     | 

Honeycomb basement level
|         |g=f /d   |
|         | c  e/ b |  h and i both 1-way.
|         |   a\    |  B is bandits
|  5      -   \9 7 8|
|         |         |
|         -     1   | 
|   4  6  |         |
|         |   2     |
|         |         | 
|B     j  -   3     | 

It's very easy to get lost here.  To get to the hermit, follow one of these 
two paths: if you're strong in melee and morally ambivalent, go down 3 and up 
5.  The longer route is to take stairs 9 to a, then a to d, then d to e, then 
Otherwise, just explore the area thoroughly.

Honeycomb (H1)
  Cache: Deadeye cloak, beautiful crystal
  Notable items: Swamp boots, tribal symbol, flowing silk robe
  The SW corner of this map has burning bushes.  There are some icy shades 
nearby the SW corner who are guarding a piercing crystal, other crystals, and 
an icy geode.  The NW corner has several cave widows and a static spider 
leader.  The latter holds an icy geode which it will relinquish on death.  
Ravenous lizards are to the west, they are around a body with some swamp 
boots.  Go down the stairs (1 or 2).  Some slimegrubs are in the center of the 
map, these spawn searing slimes when killed.  An icy geode is nearby.  A bit 
west, near stairway 2, are a group of nepharim.  Killing the nephar spiritist 
nets you a tribal symbol, a nice necklace.  There's a barrier to the west 
which requires dispel barrier to remove.  Behind it is a manifold revenant, 
which splits to form 4 ghasts on death.  The basins here yield a shade (SE), 
experience (SW), and a cave demon (W).  The coffin holds a flowing silk robe 
and a knowledge crystal.  If you head down stairs 3, you'll be in an area that 
can be easily reached through 1 and 2.  The spiders to the west guard another 
icy geode.  There's a small pathway to the SE that is populated by nephar 
archers, submission fungi, and warped wolves.  This allows you to get to H2, 

Honeycomb (H2)
  Cache: Fine steel, icy geode.
  Notable items: Blessed shield, magestone band, blessed vambraces
  Stats: Terror +1
  If you're coming from the sublevel of H1, proceed on, and you'll find some 
adventurers!  They're not too friendly though, and are mainly here to block 
you.  I'd kill them, as the bonus is pretty nice.  They drop a number of 
potions, a blessed shield, and a few scrolls.  This also allows you to reach 
the hermit easily.  Staircase 4 will bring you up to the bandits.  Staircase 6 
takes you down to a bunch of acid spraying shrubs. Argh.  South from here are 
a bunch of lava bats (which are really annoying if they catch you unprepared).  
They may drop leathers when killed.
  If you're on the top level, head to the NW to fight a bunch of worms.  An 
icicle worm will drop a magestone band when killed.
  When you're ready to take on the bandits, come back and prepare with a few 
long-term spells, then storm the fort.  Hosharr is under the fort, and is 
accompanied by a number of bandits.  Kill them all.  Hosharr can be tough 
since he attacks 3-4 time a turn, and has a high to hit%.  Still, you should 
be able to kill him with minimal losses.  Take his steel halberd and blessed 
vambraces as a reward.  Read the nearby book to see that Hosharr was in 
cahoots with the conspiracy, and to get +1 to terror.

Honeycomb (H3)
  Cache: Icy geode, emerald
  Notable items: Drakeskin shield, infernal shroud.
  Stats: Lightning spray +1, Mass healing +1, Summon aid+1
  If coming from H2, go up the nearby stairs.  Kill the three spraying bushes, 
and you'll find Sleater.  He'll give you the ability to destroy the undead if 
you ask.  Come back after you've done it, and he wants your help to explore 
Athron's old lair.  Go north and down the stairs to reach the lair.  Ghessalus 
is a drake and is guarding the entrance.  Kill it.  It drops a drakeskin 
shield.  Prepare yourself, then head north through the door.  A dragon's 
familiar waits for you.  To beat it, kill the dark blue pylon (ONLY!), and 
then hammer away on the demon.  It goes down easily.  Otherwise, you won't 
make any progress against it.  It drops an infernal shroud on death, easily 
one of the best cloaks in the game.  Read the stuff in the boxes to improve 
lightning spray, Mass healing, and Summon aid.  Go back and tell Sleater of 
your success.
  Other points of interest in this area include Xandros the rogue, a mage-
bandit.  Kill him and his clan for some minor goods.  Blind skunkworms are 
northeast of Xandros, and have a number of crystals nearby.  Kill them and 
take their stuff to get one more piercing crystal.

Distant Tunnel (DT)
  This area can be reached through the sublevel of H3.  There is not too much 
here, though you can retrieve a wand of flames (quite potent).  

Honeycomb (HC)
  Cache: Icy geode x 2
  Notable items: Inertial Shield, pustulent vambraces
  Initially this area is just a quick pathway on your way to Mertis.  Once 
you're exploring the Honeycomb, this area has the least combative way to reach 
Sleater. The cerebrous worm is located in the SW part of the main level of 
this area.  Go ahead and kill it, though you may not like to do so.  It drops 
some pustulent vambraces on death.  Staircases 8 and 'b' lead to some undead, 
and a "sentient bones" who drops an inertial shield on death.  Staircase 'a' 
has a few slimes.  

East of Mertis (EM)
  Subquests: Hunt down Crain.
  Goodman Thorious lives here, and he's the father of the fellow you helped 
long ago.  However, he and his family are a bit nuts.  Still, talk with him to 
get a reward- 300c.  He's much more friendly after you give him this letter.  
He will sell some (over-priced) items to you, including a woven silk robe, a 
blessed short sword, some graymold, and an ivory band.  The mold is the only 
stuff I considered buying.  He will give you another quest, if you'd like.  
Your reward for this second quest is an armor ring.

Mertis Spiral (MS)
  Notable items: Ruby breastplate, Pustulant vambraces, Polar fur cloak, jinx 
blade, warmth ring.
  This area is fairly straight-forward.  Just move along, killing all the 
undead you encounter.  Use acid spray frequently, as it does a lot of damage 
for low SP, and repel spirit on harder enemies.  There's lots of valuable non-
magical stuff here, grab it up as you go along.  This good loot includes a 
mandrake root.  To the NW you'll find a ruby breastplate in a coffin, and a 
magic barrier.  Dispel the barrier to fight a tougher cauldron monster and get 
a wisdom crystal.  Near the center of the map is another barrier, this one 
leads to another nasty monster guarding a disruption wand.  Go down the stairs 
to continue this dungeon.
  You have a choice- north or south.  South leads to the mayor, and I'd take 
him out first.  The mayor drops some pustulant vambraces on death.  This 
fulfills the mayor's wife's quest.  Head to the NE.  You'll need to either use 
two piercing crystals or the spell dispel barrier to proceed.  Undead abound 
in the attached rooms.  Go ahead and kill them now, otherwise they'll attack 
you shortly.  The same is true of the NW.  You'll find a lava-fired spear in 
one of the coffins nearby, so be on the lookout.  There's a barrier to the 
south, beyond is an undead guarding a polar fur cloak.  In the center of the 
map is the cause of the undead.  There are several basins around.  Not a one 
is helpful (all poison or cover you in acid).  You'll find the cauldron shade 
nearby.  It's guarded by two crystal pylons.  They can be tough, but take your 
time and you'll take it out.  It drops a jinx blade and warmth ring on death.  
Return to Mertis for your reward.

South-eastern Road (SR)
  Cache: Wyrmskin helmet, energetic herbs, mandrake root
  Notable items: Thrusting gauntlets.
  This is the route to the Tower of the Magi (TotM).  There are two routes 
south- the west one is the main pathway, the east one is the backroads.  The 
west one has a merchant who has some decent armor (but not too much), and the 
east one has ogres and a cache.  You can head down a stairway for the east 
route to kill an ogre mage.  This is the full on attack path, and is a bit 
tougher, though still doable.  The ogre mage is to the south, and once 
destroyed will drop a set of thrusting gauntlets (+1 blademaster, +1 lethal 
blow- very nice).
  This is the area you must go to test X's lizard.  Go to the NE from the 
Tower colony, and you are prompted to place the egg down.  Cast shielding, 
blessing, and haste spells, and cast an augmentation on the lizard.  Your job 
is to keep it alive till it kills over naturally.  There will be three waves 
of chitrachs trying to kill you and the lizard.  Once over, the lizard dies on 
its own.  Nearby is a stairway down which leads to a rod of succor and a few 
other minor goodies.

Tower Colony (TC)
  Subquests: Route through Almaria, Purge the Tower, Lizard Testing
  Jobs: Glowing basalt, Research notes, Message to Camp Samuels, Ogre 
  Notable items: $Bladeshield chain$ x2, Girdle of Avoidance, temperate 
necklace, radiant belt, girdle of genius, blessed helmet
  Trainers: Kelner, X
  Stats: Dispel barrier +1, prismatic shield +1, steel skin +1, mass healing 
+1, mass curing +1, fireblast +1
  This is the remains of the old tower of the magi.  There's a fair bit to do 
here.  Talk to Oliver again to see what he's got for sale.  At least buy his 
knowledge crystal.  The Bladeshield charm is pretty nice, too, so you may want 
to go ahead and get that.  Tell Kelner you helped Maxfield out for a nice 
girdle of avoidance (+2 dex).  There's a pylon to the SE so be sure to hit 
that as well.
  Several quest await you here.  Oliver wants a route through Almaria, 
sticking with his previous theme of "make sure the path is clear" type quests.  
Once you've made it past, return and tell Oliver for a sniper vest.  You'll 
see him next in Dharmon.  X wants you to test his lizard egg, and will sell 
you spells in exchange for successfully completing this quest.  His prices 
aren't that good, but he's the only one who sells prismatic shield for now.  
Kelner wants you to do a very important quest, to purge the tower of a big fat 
demon.  The reward for this quest is one of the best in the game, in my 
  When you're ready, head up to the tower.  Go up the eastern stairs first to 
grab some research notes.  Be on the lookout for more research notes.  Then go 
up the western stairs.  Kill the lizards hanging around, some drop fine 
leather.  Before heading to the NW, cast protective spells as some nasty 
creatures await (worms and similar ilk).  Kill them fast, as they're weak but 
very damaging.  You can kill the automaton if you want, it drops a silver 
necklace.  The door right in front of the automaton has a bunch of slimes.  
Kill them to grab a research notebook.  Then head NE, and you'll find another 
automaton.  Kill it, but don't use melee weapons.  Firebolt and repel spirit 
both work well on it.  It drops a temperate necklace on death.  Head south, 
and use the control panel once to summon a nasty slime creature (as with all 
slimes, use magic).  Use the control panel again to face a nasty demon.  The 
best way to approach this demon is to bless heavily, haste, shield (including 
prismatic), then send on tank up next to him, and hammer away with magic 
(slow/lightning spray/repel spirit) and missile weapons.  You don't really 
even need to talk to him, you can just go ahead and attack him right off.  He 
has a high attack order, so if you attack him first, he loses a turn.  He 
enjoys summoning, so use area of effect spells to remove his summons.  With a 
bit of effort, he will go down.  Your reward is the spell dispel barrier.  
  You can do a lot with this spell.  Go around and use it throughout the tower 
to get a few good spells- prismatic shield, steel skin, mass healing, mass 
curing, fireblast.  You can also get some items since you have the keys now- 
including a radiant belt and a girdle of genius,.  All in all, you get a lot.  
You can now use this spell up at Fort Dranlon, if you'd like.
  There's a job board here with a few good jobs: Glowing basalt (healing, 
curing, speed elixirs), Research notes (scrolls- lightning, control foes, acid 
shower), Message to Camp Samuels (200c), and Ogre discipline (blessed helmet 
  If Sage Carlotta is here, talk to her for a reward- a wand of the inferno.

South-eastern road (S1)
  Subquest: Digmaster Grugg
  Cache: Glowing basalt
  There are fungi here, but fortunately they don't attack.  Explore, and 
you'll find Komlos, a magical smith.  He gives you a quest to hunt down an 
ogre by the name of Digmaster Grugg.  Do so and he'll do work for you.
  The best way to access the sublevel is through the ogre caves just north.  
Digmaster Grugg is easily found, and when he dies, he drops a girdle of might 
(+2 strength).

South-eastern road (S2)
  Cache: Mandrake Root, healing herbs, spiritual herbs, focusing crystal,
  Notable items: Spear of the fen, treated leather, static band 
  Ogres guard the route west.  Kill them to and take their stuff.  Head NW.  
More ogres.  Kill them and take their stuff.  Go downstairs.  More ogres.  
Kill them and take their stuff (including a wand of death).  Chieftan Ugglug 
will charm you if you engage him in melee, so use magic and missile attacks.  
He drops a spear of the fen when slain.  Other items nearby include a treated 
leather, and a static band.  You can go south and west from the sublevel here, 
both give some decent items.

South-eastern road (S3)
  Cache: Piercing crystal, graymold, healing herbs
  Notable items: Tinker's gloves
  If you enter this region from the main level from the east, a dazed miner 
will stop and talk with you, telling you to go to the SW, near the sulfurous 
flats.  It's up to you if you want to do that just yet.  You'll be sent to do 
it no matter what when you finally reach the castle, but getting it done and 
over with now isn't too bad an idea.  You may want to wait till you've reached 
Camp Samuel's first, so that you have a base of operations.  There are a 
number of merchants around, some have good items for sale (Lyun), but most are 
best used to sell things.  Head south to the sulfurous flats, and you'll find 
a few caches.
  In the sublevel, some aranea seers are to the south, they guard a body with 
some tinker's gloves.

Surface Portal (SP)
  Subquests: Portmaster Pirro
  Caches: Glowing basalt
  Notable items: Shielding knife, grounded cloak. 
  The surface portal is located here.  There's not much that can be done just 
yet, but go ahead and look around.  There's a shielding knife upstairs and a 
grounded cloak near the portal.  Portmaster Pirro will talk with you and asks 
you to let him know if you find the mages the castle sent to fix the portal.  
He opens a box for you as a reward.  He also tells you to go see Sage Carlotta 
at the TotM.

Sulfurous Flats (SF)
  Cache: Glowing basalt x5
  Notable items: Ruby necklace
  Stats: Haste +1, Slow +1
  Fire lizards abound, as do bats.  Check out all of the cubbies in the cave 
wall, most are populated by hostile creatures, and you'll find a lot of 
glowing basalt as a reward.  The most important thing here is to the SW.  Here 
you'll find several vahnatai, and a book which teaches haste and slow spells.  
Talk with the vahnatai if you want, they're not that helpful.  Head 
  Summoning platforms and some containers with minor goodies are to the NW.  
Work your way around, and you'll find some crystal pylons.  Kill them now, one 
at a time.  Doing so will save you a lot of trouble later (Yes, this level is 
a trap).  The basins to the SE restore energy, poison you, and heal you, from 
left to right.  Head to the SE, and you'll find the individual who is causing 
most of the problems here.  Turn around, haste, bless, and shield, and take 
out the creatures nearby.  Go slow, and as soon as you cross the glowing green 
runes, more creatures attack you.  None are all that tough, but they can be 
obnoxious.  Once you head up the stairs, the vahnatai here become hostile.  
Prepare beforehand and rush them.  They drop a ruby necklace and some vahnatai 
items on death.  

Southeastern road (S5)
  Cache: Healing herbs, spiritual herbs
  Notable items: Woven silk robe, incantor's ring, oozing blade
  There's a sublevel here that's ripe for exploring.  You find a crypt that's 
guarded by a trap and then a golem.  Beef up your spells and smash it.  The 
only difficulty is that the golem can freeze you when it hits.  Kill it for a 
woven silk robe, and an incantor's ring (among the best rings for mages).  
Head immediately west and go up the stairs.  Prepare for a battle with some 
tough slimes.  Magic works best, but try to kill them fast as they can frenzy 
themselves.  They drop the oozing blade, one of the best weapons in the game.

Great Cave (GC)
  Commander Xaba warns you to stay away from Almaria.  Everyone's gone crazy 
there, so take his advice.  You'll get in shortly, though.

Camp Samuels (CS)
  Subquests: The lost mages
  Jobs: Message: Almaria, Hunt Orchard Fungus
  Notable items: Runed jade necklace
  Trainers: Shrum
  A bit of civilization before dealing with the crazy Almarians.  There's a 
pylon here, be sure to hit it.   Talk with Commander Krizsan and find out 
about the situation.  Krizsan talks with you about how to enter Almaria.  Your 
best bet is to talk with Sheehan.  Sheehan tells you that there's an old 
tunnel that will get you to where you want to be.  Finally, Crain (of the 
crazy Mertis folk quest) is located here.  Kill him if you want.  There's a 
house nearby with a stairway down.  Inside are a group of bandits.  Kill them 
for a nice jeweled wand.  Go down the monster storage area, and you'll face a 
steelclad golem who drops a wisdom crystal and fine steel on death (use 
lightning spray).  The other nearby monsters include a gazer (runed jade 
necklace and eyestalks dropped on death), and a pustulent zombie who drops 
some leather and an invulnerability brew.  It's guarding a cabinet full of 
fine lances and a scroll. 
  Quests available include finding out about the lost mages from Krizsan 
(opens a box), and Shrum's quest.  Shrum's quest is to go kill an ex-bandit 
down south.  Do so for one of the best training options in the game.  The 
quest is a bit morally ambiguous, but that's OK.  
  Jobs located here include: Message: Almaria (250c), and Hunt Orchard Fungus 
(500c, 3 almarian wines).

Great Cave (G1)
  Cache: Fine steel, graymold x2, mandrake root
  Notable items: Blessed bow, wyrmskin helmet, drakeskin bracers, nimble 
sandals, nullity shield
  Stats: Terror +1
  Aruebis is located to the SE.  Go ahead and kill him.  This gets you a 
blessed bow and a wyrmskin helmet.  Some fine leather and some drakeskin 
bracers are in the room to the south.  Check the stairs down and to the NE to 
find a body with some nimble sandals.  The most notable thing here is the 
shard spiders, which occupy the entire SW portion of this map.  They aren't 
hostile, but they are very tough if you choose to be hostile.  However, you 
can simplify your life greatly by killing the aranea stoneseer first.  This 
removes all the protections on the other nearby spiders and makes them 
vulnerable to all attacks.  If you don't kill this spider first, then you're 
stuck using acid spray to do any damage.  The stoneseer drops a nullity shield 
on death.  You can also investigate the nearby room for a point of terror.

Great Cave (G2)
  Plenty of orchard fungi roam this area.  Kill them as best you can.  
Crenshaw is nearby, and is a producer of wine.  He will reward you well for 
killing the orchard slimes.  Other than that, he mainly fills in the 
backstory.  Check out the cellars nearby to steal some wine.
  When you're coming through this area to get to the castle, prepare yourself 
for a fight as you approach the SE.  Several assassins attack as you walk 
through this area.  Kill them, then head out to leave this area and continue 
on with your quest.

Great Cave (G3)
  Cache: Graymold
  Not much here on the Camp Samuels side, just a cache and some herbs.

Great Cave (G4)
  Here you will find the tunnel down.  A guard sees you and freaks out.  Kill 

Almaria (AL)
  Job: Message: the castle.
  Nothing to do up top, but underneath is much more complex.  Head to the 
north, killing the submission fungi along the way.  Continue all the way 
north, and you'll find Sage Carlotta, the mage in charge of fixing the portal.  
Free her and her two comrades.  Head on west, and up the stairs.  Welcome to 
Almaria!  Hug the wall and avoid the shade.  There's even a job board nearby 
(reward- mass bless scroll).  Grab the one job, and head to the NW.  Avoid 
being spotted by the shade and any guards.  Head down the stairs, through the 
submission fungi, and out of here (to G2).

-------------------------------------The Great Cave--------------------------

By far the biggest section of the game, the Great Cave is very rewarding, but 
also frequently difficult.

        S4-S2-SC Z3-Z2 EZ
        |  |  |     |  |
     FS S3-S1-FE-G8=ZL-Z1
     |     |  |  |      
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     GV-DH-GX-GY-ML CA G3-G2^
     |  |  |  |  |     |  |^^
        |  |     |  |  |  |^^

Great Cave (G2)
  There's a pylon here, so go ahead and hit it.  Stay away from Almaria the 
best you can just yet.  They're all hostile.

Great Cave (G3)
  Notable items: Tinker gloves
  The River Inn is located here, and you can find some nice goods upstairs.  
You can also stay here for free (effectively recharging you completely).

The Castle (CA)
  Main Quests: Vahnatai Sighting, Vahnatai Rescue; Fort Emerald Box, Rentar 
Ihrno's Keep, Hunt Down Rentar
  Subquests: Shade Essence, Accounts Ledger, The Fissure Post, Fort Saffron, 
Shade Artifact, Kill a Shade, Kill the shades, Darkside Loyalists
  Jobs: Great cave bandits, Correlea's needs, Abyss report, Ghall-Ihrno's 
  Notable items: Blessed boots, bracers, and breastplate, crystalline plate, 
putrified gauntlets, Blessed armor band, Magus Vest
  Trainers: Rone
  Stats: Arcane Summon +1, Divine Retribution +1,
  Finally, you've made it.  After several hours of goofing around, you now 
have a goal in sight.  Proceed through the castle, and you'll be told to go 
see Houghton.  He's to the SSW.  After a bit of dialogue, you're given your 
next quest- Vahnatai Sighting.  This quest has to do with the fortress near 
the Sulfurous Flats (SF).  If you've been following this walkthough, then 
you've already completed it.  Otherwise, go there and do it now.  Once you've 
completed it, you get another quest, and Almaria ceases being hostile 
(mostly).  This is one of the more interesting quests of the game.  Once 
you've done the Almaria quest, you're given one final quest from Houghton.  
Ghall-Ihrno will now talk with you about the vahnatai and the threat Avernum 
faces.  Once you've grabbed the box from Fort Emerald, head back, and it's 
taken from you before you can get any further.  Go upstairs to the observation 
chamber (near Correlea) and prepare yourself.  Houghton dies pretty much no 
matter what.  I don't think he can be saved by any means.  Anyways, you can 
now see the king.  Head in to see Starrus.  He tells you what happened at Fort 
Remote, and gives you the quest to hunt down Rentar.  Do so, and you're told 
again to Hunt Down Rentar.  This time the process is a bit more complex.
  Many other quests can be found near here.  Rone, the court wizard to the NW 
will train you in high level mage spells, and is also right next to the 
Castle's pylon.  Directly upstairs from Rone is Correlea, his talented 
assistant.  She gives you a quest to go whack off a portion of a shade and 
return it to her.  The only option you have is the shade of Dharmon or Blosk.  
Blosk is the only reasonable possibility of these two places. Arcane Summon is 
your reward.  Once you've got the quest to hunt down Rentar, return to 
Correlea for a new quest- to retrieve an item that will help destroy the 
shades.  Do so to get your next quest, to destroy a shade, and to get a book 
of divine retribution.  Destroy a shade for a book of arcane shield, and the 
last quest- to destroy all the shades.  For this you get a pair of putrified 
gauntlets  Next to Rone you'll find Gilda, the castle record keeper.  She 
gives you a quest to find an old accounts ledger in Almaria.  Your reward are 
scrolls of madness, mass bless, and mass shield.  Levitt is upstairs in the SE 
corner of the building.  Talk to him to get set on the "Darkside loyalist" 
quests, the conspiracy that you've been finding infrequently throughout your 
journeys.  He gives you a quest to investigate a nearby inn for details.  
Return and he unlocks a room for you, getting you some blessed boots, bracers, 
and a breastplate.  He then wants you to explore Fort Saffron (rather, its 
bandit problems).  Do so for a blessed broadsword and some stability boots.  
Your final quest is to hunt down the Darkside loyalists.  Once you've smacked 
Dorikas around enough till he flees like a coward, return for two items: a 
magus vest and a blessed armor band.  
  There is a job board here, too.  The quests available are Great cave bandits 
(1000c), Correlea's needs (rod of battle), and Abyss report (emerald x 3, ruby 
x 3).  You may be able to Correlea's needs right off, if you have stockpiled a 
few nodules/geodes/basalts.  Otherwise, you'll find a few more as you roam the 
countryside.  The two great cave bandits are located moderately close.  The 
abyss report isn't going to be done for a long time.  Ghall-Ihrno's comfort 
becomes available once you've rescued him from Almaria.  The reward for this 
quest is 2 wisdom crystals.
  If you can, dispel the barrier off of Starrus' room.  This leads to the 
castle treasury.  Kill the infernal shade and pillage the treasure 
(Crystalline plate reward).  Consider it your fee for services rendered.

Great Cave (G5)
  Cache: Mandrake root, graymold.
  Nothing really here, unless you're coming from the slith lands.  Then 
there's a basilisk and some herbs.

Great Cave (G6)
  Three merchants are here, and all have items for sale.  Only Cross and 
Oswalt have remotely useful items, and only Oswalt buys stuff.  Nonetheless, 
you can get rid of a lot of those items you've been saving up.

Memorial Lands (ML)
  Subquest: Graverobbers!
  Notable items: Reflecting shield, blessed broadsword, breastplate, airy 
  Stats: Control Foes +1, Minor summon +1, summon aid +1, +1 Luck
  This is nice little area full of graves to rob.  You can also get a good 
quest here from Elder Caridad to kill a graverobber who is competition.  Nikka 
is the graverobber, and he can be found in the central part of this map.  
Other graves here have some nice items, including a reflecting shield, blessed 
broadsword and breastplate, and one grave with two books which improve control 
foes, minor summon, and summon aid.  When you're ready, head to the central 
grave and take out the graverobbers.  There's a slith and an archer with 
Nikka.  When Nikka gets pretty hurt, he'll disappear on you.  Go tell Elder 
Caridad, and leave for a while.  Then check the SE crypt.  Nikka has returned.  
You can kill him this time.  He drops some airy vambraces on death (these are 
really nice).  Tell Elder Caridad about it, and he's happy enough to bless you 
permanently (+1 to luck for everyone).

Great cave (G7)
  Cache: Blessed helmet.
  There is a huge dungeon and additional area attached to this zone.  It's 
great fun.  This heads up to G8.

Great Cave (G8)
  Cache: Mandrake root, graymold, focusing crystal, wisdom crystal
  Notable items: Cryos spear.
  Bortund is located here.  He can make some excellent items.  I would 
definitely have him make at least one runed helmet for you, for your mage or 
priest.  He's pretty much insane.  He'll charge you 1000c to join his 
preferred customer club, so that's an additional fee.  You'll find one on your 
own, so it's up to you.
  If you're coming to this level from the sublevel of G7, there is a crazed 
bugmaster to the west.  He drops a cryos spear on death (with great bonuses).  
Head east to get to the slith lands.

Slith lands (ZL)
  Cache: Mandrake root x3
  Notable items: Tribal symbol, blessed shield.
  You start in the sublevel here.  A few sliths are nearby, so kill them.  Go 
up the stairs and interrupt the ritual.  Kill them and take their stuff.  Use 
the altar and fight a slith avatar for a slith warspear.  There are many 
sliths in this area, and some are warded against spells.  Make your attack 
strategy based on their names (fire-warded means don't use firebolt or 
fireblast, ice-warded means don't use smite [or lightning-spray, apparently], 

Slith lands (Z1)
  Cache: Graymold x2
  From here you can get to a few interesting areas, including the dead body 
you may have seen in the eastern gallery.

Slith lands (Z2)
  Not much here other than some graymold. 

Slith lands (Z3)
  Notable items: Woven silk robe, bonded knife, girdle of life, Avenger's ring
  Stats: Enduring armor
  This is the main map of this area.  A slith chief taunts you from behind his 
giant slave.  I'd recommend first heading to the NW.  Some sliths and 
hellhounds guard the area, and you'll find some herbs and a knowledge brew for 
your efforts.  Head to the SE for a bonded knife and woven silk robe (on the 
body near the runed lizard).  Also nearby are two basins that bless and shield 
you (not too impressive, sadly).  The other nearby animals drop minor goods.  
Finally there's a spell book of enduring armor here.  Read it.  Head through 
the basement for a girdle of life.  When you're ready, head to the NE, and 
take out the giant.  It drops a charmed plate, which is great armor.  Continue 
and kill the chieftain, who drops the excellent avenger's ring.  Minor goods 
are all that's left, so grab what you want and return to the great cave.

Great Cave (G9)
  Very little here.  One merchant sells a blessed broadsword for cheap, but 
that's it.

Great Cave (G0)
  Cache: Mandrake root x2, graymold x2, wisdom crystal, piercing crystal
  Notable items: Spectral boots, crystal woven chitin, crystal symbol
  There are some nice herbs on the main level here, but most of the 
interesting stuff is below.  The SW holds several shades guarding crystals.  
Destroy them all.  One of them drops some excellent spectral boots.  Gather up 
the crystals (include an icy geode).  To the NE, there's a golem with two 
pylons.  Kill them all, though it'll take a little while (no spell really does 
much damage, and physical attacks against the golem are painful).  Once dead, 
it drops a crystal woven chitin and a crystal symbol. There's a stolen book in 
a nest to the NW.  

Great Cave (GZ)
  Notable items: Blessed bracers, blessed belt
  There are a number of Blosk refugees located here, and they are being lead 
by Goodwife Newberry.  Talk to her and find out that some thugs have moved in 
to the SE.  Go to the SE dome and kill Lott.  He drops a blessed belt and some 
blessed bracers.  Tell Newberry about it for, well, nothing.

Almaria (AL)
  Subquests: Find Demonslayer.
  Jobs: Message: Castle.
  Cache: Mandrake root
  Notable items: Blessed helmet.
  Trainers: Starcap, Abbot Erlanger
  Stats: War blessing +1, Protection +1, Repel Spirit, Smite +1, Endurance +1
  Come back here when the gates have been forced open.  The town is still on 
edge, but there's a lot you can do here, still.  Starcap is a potent (but 
expensive) trainer.  His equal can be found in Silvar once the shade there has 
been destroyed.  Abbot Erlanger is a priest, and will train you in spells.  He 
is one of the few unaffected by the shade (along with the nephilim).  
Underneath his temple is a book that increases your war blessing and 
protection skills, and another that increases your repel spirit and smite 
skills.  Near the barracks is a room you can rob (blessed helmet).  Head on 
down the stairs near the mayor to explore this region.  It's best to clear out 
this area prior to taking on the main quest.
  Underneath you will find a number of rooms.  The room to the SE has two 
barriers, with a box with a key.  Grab the key.  If you head down from near 
the commander, you'll find the ledger than Gilda wants.  Also, you'll find a 
golem in this area. In the north region you'll find a bunch of nasty corrupted 
rats.  There's a body with a steel halberd near here, and a nice cache.
  When you're ready to continue the main storyline, go talk with Mayor Bevan.  
Demand the release of the Vahnatai.  Prepare yourselves by casting spells, and 
then talk with the vahnatai.  He tells you that he's been kept here.  Tell him 
you know an escape route.  Now follow the vahnatai and keep it safe.  Kill all 
of the vigilantes who attack you, and keep the vahnatai alive at all costs.  
At the end, you'll be attacked by a vigilante by the name of Grosk One-eye, 
and on death he drops a mercuric chain.  The vahnatai gets free and will meet 
you at the castle.
  The only quest-giver of note is Abbot Erlanger who gives you a quest to find 
Demonslayer.  Doing so gets you a bonus to endurance (yay!)

Great Cave (GY)
  Cache: Emerald, glowing basalt
  Notable items: Blessed boots, polar fur cloak
  The Fissure Post is located here.  Enter the building, and talk with the 
innkeeper.  He tells you who's been making trouble here, a fellow named Stout.  
The inn is populated by rich empire citizens, many of whom have never seen an 
adventurer in real life.  Since these people are so fascinated with 
adventurers, show them what being an adventurer is really about.  Loot all 
their stuff.  You'll find some great items, including a lot of nice non-
magical jewelry, a knowledge brew, a wand, a pair of blessed boots, and a 
polar fur cloak. Go up the stairs, and talk with Stout (well, do whatever 
counts as talking).  Kill him, and take his stuff.  Search the jar in his room 
for a map.

Fort Emerald (FE)
  Jobs: Hunt Szorizass, Wyrmkin Tails
  Notable items: Blessed boots, Mica flecked chain
  Trainers: Tisiana
  This fort is pretty dead.  There's a job board here, so go ahead and grab 
the jobs.  Hunt Szorizass (600c) and Wyrmkin Tails (Mica flecked chain as a 
reward).  Tisiana will train you in archery for extremely costly amounts.  
There are some blessed boots upstairs.  Eventually go talk with Captain Biden.  
He'll lower the barriers for you.

Scree Caves (SC)
  Cache: Healing Herbs
  Head up north of Fort Emerald.  You'll find the box slightly to the west and 
to the north, in a small passageway.  Magic orbs guard the box.  Attack them 
with bows, and kill one.  This should cause the rest to die as well.

Scree Caves (S1)
  Cache: Focusing Crystal
  This holds the path from Fort Emerald to Gnass.  Several green Wyrmkin are 
here, and some should drop the tails you need for Beadle's job.

Scree Caves (S2)
  Cache: Fine steel
  Notable items: Gazerskin sandals, demonslayer
  This is the home of demonslayer.  If you've got the ritual from Solberg, 
haste, bless, and shield, then take the east stairs.  Quickly head clockwise 
and you'll find some controls for golems in the SW corner.  Turn them off.  
This machine is an infinite golem spawner, and the golems don't do much for 
you (no XP, no first aid).  Stopping them allows you to search the area in 
peace.  Hit all of the switches in the NW and SE corners.  Then explore this 
area.  Watch out for the eyebeast in the NE corner of the map.  It's not too 
hard, but it can catch you by surprise.  Kill it for the stunningly powerful 
gazerskin sandals.  When ready, head to the inner SE.  You'll find a demon and 
a golem.  They'll talk with you briefly, then will attack.  You'll get a 
message along the lines of "golem looks shielded" or "demon looks shielded" so 
attack the one that's not shielded.  With time and a few good lightning 
sprays, they'll fall and you can collect demonslayer as a prize.  Go tell 
Solberg and the priest of Almaria for your rewards.

Scree Caves (S3)
  This is the location of the hideout Fort Saffron wants you to check out.

Scree Caves (S4)
  Notable items: Helm of klin
  This is where Szorizass the drake is located.  It's pretty well holed-up, 
and is well guarded by ember lizards and other nasties.  Bless/shield/haste, 
and storm their reptilian hideaway.  The drake tries to plea with you (at 
least, as far as drakes go, it's a plea), but it hasn't really ended its 
human-eating ways.  Kill them all.  They have some great items, including a 
knowledge elixir and a helm of klin.
Gnass (GN)
  Subquests: Mariotti, Help Gnass
  Notable items: Slith warspear, fibrous breastplate
  Stats: Resistance +1
  This is the slith town.  There's a few quests for you to do, with some great 
rewards.  Aktitoss wants you to kill a bandit who killed her mate.  The 
bandit's name is Mariotti, and he's currently located in Blosk.  Once you kill 
him, tell Aktitoss to be told to ask Shath for a reward.  You get a fibrous 
breastplate, which is absolutely crappy armor.  Gless-Thsss wants you to get 
help from the mayor of Dharmon.  Sadly, she won't help the sliths till you 
kill the shade.  The final item of note here is a small basement behind the 
east house.  Enter it, and kill the guardian hellhound.  Steel all the things 
you want (knowledge brew), and grab the slith warspear.
  When the Dharmon/Blosk shade is destroyed, return for a potent blessing from 
Pathass, resistance +1 to all characters.

Dharmon (DH)
  Subquests: Hunting Tyrol, Dharmon Pests
  Jobs: Message: Tavernise, Mine Infestation, Shaynee's Delivery, The Blosk 
  Cache: Piercing crystal
  Notable items: Nimble chian.
  Trainers: Priestess Kyra
  Stats: +1 Endurance (Kyra's blessing), Divine fire +1.
  This town is full of angry, crazy people.  It also has the best priest in 
Avernum, so be sure to bring money.  However, first clear out the townies in 
the center.  Prepare yourself (augmentation/haste), then talk with Keith near 
the pit.  Attack the thugs.  One drops a nimble chain. Once cleared, continue 
to explore.  Whatever you do, don't head to the north, as the townpeople are 
protective of their shade, and everyone will attack you.
  Other things of interest include the inn to the SW.  No one here is very 
friendly, except for one person- Oliver.  You've found the traveling merchant 
yet again.  This time he stays still, and he's got some really nice items.  
Definitely buy the knowledge brew, and think about the airy vambraces, blessed 
longbow, and cap of thoughts.  After you've bought what you want, head to the 
Temple and peruse Kyra's spells.  Definitely buy the blessing (+1 Endurance).  
I'd also recommend enduring armor, as it acts to increase your HP as well.  Go 
above the temple to find a book of divine fire, and a barrier guarding a chest 
with some gold and other goods.  The pylon for this town is immediately 
outside on the main level to the SE.  Haldeman the tailor has a few nice 
items, including a specter robe and an archer's cloak.  The latter is the 
better of the two.
  Quests include kill Tyrol from Captain Harrum (reward: singing rapier), who 
is to the north, and Dharmon Pests from Rippel.  Rippel is willing to deal 
with you, unlike most individuals in this town.  She doesn't have much good 
yet, but is willing to do custom orders for you in exchange for doing this 
  If you're doing the Hunting Tyrol quest, head to the north side of town 
outside (main level).  Check out the trash pit, then head west.  Take the 
stairs down, then head west.  You'll be in an abandoned lab.  Remove the 
barrier and kill the rats for Rippel.  Then head east.  Kill the three thugs 
(one drops some graymold), then head south.  Kill Tyrol and his thugs quickly 
and take their stuff.  They don't have much, but are members of the darkside 
  Four jobs are available: Message: Tavernise (200c), Mine Infestation 
(1000c), Shaynee's Delivery (ruby chain), and The Blosk Maps (1200c!).  
Tavernise is in town, just head up the southmost stairs to the SW.  These 
stairs are located inside the crappy inn.  Shaynee's delivery requires a pipe, 
clean towel, mortar and pestle, and some shackles.

Great Cave (GW)
  Cache: Energetic Herbs, spiritual herbs
  Notable items: Frozen blade
  Shaynee is located here.  Talk to her and you can buy her items.  She has a 
few nice things, though you've probably found most of it along your travels. 
Grint is a bandit and can be found near the center of the map.  Beat him up 
till he disappears.  There are three farmhouses with stairs down nearby.  Go 
down two of them and you'll get messages along the lines of "he just snuck 
past you".  In the third farmhouse you find Grint again.  You can kill him 
this time.  He drops a frozen blade on death.

Blosk (BL)
  Subquests: Destroy the shade, Blosk Reinforcements
  Jobs: Brigand Grint, Having Worms, Message: Spire Fort
  Cache: Silver necklace
  Notable items: Blessed bracers, runed helm, shining golden band, mercuric 
plate, girdle of genius
  Stats: Curing +1, Mass curing +1
  There's little to do here since the shade destroyed half of the town.  Stuff 
here is the goal of a few places though, and this is the best place to gather 
a piece of the shade for Correlea.  Prepare for the battle like you did with 
the shade in Silvar.  Then hit it hard.  You need to hit it with melee attacks 
in order to fill the crystal vial.  If the shade is not here, pillage the 
nearby body for a girdle of genius.
  Check out the east barracks for a ladder.  Use the ladder and grab a pair of 
blessed bracers.  Head to the NE to find a bunch of brigands, and kill them 
all.  One of them drops a runed helm, an excellent item.  Head to the NW and 
search the upstairs area.  You'll find the Blosk Maps (good for a job), and a 
dead body with a shining golden band.  The SW has mayor Vicky who will give 
you a quest to destroy the shade.  There's also a book nearby that increases 
your curing and mass curing spells.  Also nearby is a chest with a mercuric 
plate.  Nearby Commander Thrac is a stairway up.  Commander Thrac will give 
you a quest to get assistance from Fort Saffron.  They will only help after 
you have completed their quest (750c).  Go up the stairs and dispel the 
barriers.  Kill the worm for a job which gives a nice set of potions as a 
  Jobs here include Brigand Grint (500c), Having Worms (invulnerable elixir, 
knowledge brew, energy elixir), and Message: Spire Fort.  Grab them all.

Great Cave (GX)
  Cache: Flawed Crystal x2, lovely crystal, beautiful crystal x 2.
  Some refugees are here but they don't do anything.  Head down the south 
stairs, then head west to find a bunch of crystals.  You find a crystal 
basilisk (somewhat tough) guarding a knowledge crystal.  Near the north 
staircase are a bunch of brigands.  Kill them and take their stuff.  Then head 
down the north stairs, and grab the caches.

Great Cave (GU)
  Cache: Beautiful Crystal
  Not much here, as far as I can tell.

Great Cave (G4)
  Cache: Gold Necklace.
  Notable items: Blessed shortsword and breastplate.
  Not too much up top, but head down one set of stairs to reach the 
interesting stuff.  Head west to find some crystals guarded by shades.  Kill 
them before they attack.  Spells work the best on them, but really only fire 
and repel spirit.  Cold and lightning don't seem to do a thing.  Head to the 
east and you'll find the bandit leader Abisynthe.  Knock her down to 1 HP, and 
she'll summon a bunch of doppelgangers.  Only one image is really, so 
whichever one you're doing damage to the most is the true Abisynthe.  Once 
you've got her down to 1 HP, she recalls the doppelgangers to restore her 
health.  Kill her now.  She drops a blessed short sword and breastplate on 

Great Cave (GT)
  Notable items: Hero's necklace
  Stats: Parry +1
  Head down the stairs to the NE.  Approach the well.  Drop in 50c to gain a 
point of parry for everyone.  Very nice.  Some bandits are hiding out in the 
tunnels to the east.  Kill them and take their stuff.  Head down the south 
stairs, and make your way north.  You'll find two golems.  This is another 
adventurer's test.  This one, you just have to survive for 20 turns or so.  
The golems are pretty much unbeatable, and the tide of burrowing crawlers is 
unending.  Use delaying tactics, like strong daze and terror to minimize 
problems with the worms, and keep healing for when the golems hit your 

Great Cave (GR)
  Cache: Piercing crystal, mandrake root, beautiful crystal
  Notable items: Nullity shield, Samaritan sandals
  Stats: Heal +1
  Wolves are to the SE, including a dripfang wolf.  Kill them.  They are 
guarding a knowledge brew.  Otherwise, head to the south, past the brigands 
and down their stairs.  Head north to find Randolph Halfbreed.  He's easier 
than Abisynthe it seems, though he has a nasty charm spell.  Kill them all and 
take their stuff (Nullity shield, Samaritan sandals).  There's a nearby book 
of heal.

Great Cave (GV)
  Cache: Beautiful crystal, piercing crystal, wisdom crystal, mandrake root, 
graymold, spoon
  This is a pretty rich area on the top level.  Eli is a friendly guard from 
Dharmon.  Most important are two sublevels.
  There's an underground mine noted by "Fresh Claim" and guarded by a mage 
named Andreas.  Kill him if you want (there's no penalty other than guilt).  
Grab his crystals and go up the stairs to grab some more crystals (including a 
wisdom crystal).
  The other nearby mine is the object of a job.  Go down the stairs and start 
heading west.  Kill the writhing masses with magic, and eventually you'll be 
attacked by unstable masses.  These things explode so kill them from a 
distance.  You'll find three spawner fungi causing all the problems.  Kill 
them with lightning or ice, and watch out for their unstable mass spawn.  
They're resistant to fire.  On death they drop a mandrake root, a swamp 
nodule, and a blessed longbow.

Great cave (GP)
  Cache: Fine steel x3
  The mine to the SW is guarded by Krytos and his crew.  What are they 
guarding?  Several gold bars (~6), a few focusing crystals, and a fine steel 
cache.  It's your choice if you want to rob them or not.  More interesting is 
Cicero to the NE.  He and his crew are bandits.  Kill them and take their 
stuff (mostly items to sell).

Great cave (Gm)
  Subquest: Kill Chitrachs
  Cache: Icy geode
  Notable items: Shadow Band
  The big thing here are a group of soldiers who need your help to kill some 
chitrachs.  Talk with Lieutenant Aelfin to get the scoop.  You and the 
soldiers will be swarmed by chitrachs if you take this quest on.  The first 
batch are pretty easy, but the next batch are armored (use magic).  The 
following batch are spiked, so switch over to bows as magic doesn't work too 
well.  Finally the queen comes out.  Kill her for a potent shadow band.  Tell 
the commander of Fort Remote for a sparkling wand.  

Great Cave (Gi)
  Cache: Fine steel, gold bar
  Notable items: Enchanter's robe, Helm of Khar
  Necromancer Tork lives here.  He's pretty wimpy, but his undead are a bit 
tougher.  Kill him for an enchanter's robe.  Underneath this level and to the 
south is a pulsing crawler.  Kill it, and it spawns several spiny crawlers.  
Kill them, and they spawn many burrowing crawlers.  This situation can get out 
of hand fast.  Kill them early, or you'll be hurting.  The big enemy of this 
area is the infernal shifter, a demon to the NW.  Hit it a bit and it'll turn 
blue, and shed a few fire lizards.  Hit it a bit more and it turns into a 
golem and sheds some wyrms.  Kill them all, and you'll get an excellent helm 
of khar.

Great cave (Gj)
  Cache: graymold, skull
  Notable items: Incantor's ring, molten halberd
The top level of this map
  If you go under the map's main level, there's more of interest.  An escaped 
experiment guards the west area, and there are a bunch of hulking ogres in the 
center of the map.  They are led by shaman Hronk.  Kill the shaman for an 
incantor's ring.  Kill them and head up the northern stairs.  Some giants can 
be found here.  They have a molten halberd and a stolen book on them, among 
other things.

Great cave (Gk)
  Cache: Girdle of Life
  Notable items: Warrior's cloak
  There's an old ruined city here, populated by hellhounds.  Smite and 
lightning spray work very well.  The SE has several nasty bloodeye hellhounds, 
and upstairs is a pouncing hellhound.  Kill it and loot the nearby body for 
some decent wands and potions.  Nearby is a cache with a girdle of life.
  Located here is one more test for adventurers.  This one has you killing a 
wolf and several hellhounds that are out to get you.  Each hellhound summoned 
has one goal character.  Kill them all, and weaken the wolf as best you can.  
It'll summon wolves again, do the same thing.  This should let you kill the 
beast.  As a reward you get a warrior's cloak, which is a nice cloak for 

Great Cave (Gh)
  Cache: Spiritual herbs, Energetic herbs
  Notable items: Assassin's shield, seeking rapier
  There are some fell razorhounds guarding a nest with some graymold to the 
east.  Go down the pit.  There is a nasty shambler to the North, which is 
guarded by several pylons.  Fortunately, it will follow you, so lead it away 
from the pylons.  Then smack it around with spells.  Kill it for a stolen book 
and an assassin's shield.  Then go kill the pylons for some crystals.  Head to 
the center of the map, and you'll find a slime fungus with some slime zombies.  
Kill them for some potions, herbs, and a seeking rapier.

Great Cave (Gg)
  Cache: Ruby, scroll: group haste
  Stats: Terror +1
  Basilisks inhabit the SE portion of this map.  Kill them and head down the 
stairs.  Continue west to find more basilisks.  They are guarding a stolen 
book.  The big baddie here is Ghorath, the Icelord.  Don't drink from any of 
the nearby basins.  Power yourself up and then destroy his restoration pylon.  
Once it's dead, you can kill him much more easily.  Then kill his pylons, 
since they don't attack.  It'll be a bit painful this way, but it's better in 
the long run.  He drops a temperate necklace and an ice hydra helm for your 
troubles, and there's a book of terror nearby.

Patrick's Tower (PT)
  Subquests: Purge Patrick's Tower, library thieves, Find Demonslayer!
  Cache: Mass shield
  Notable items: Armor ring, radiant gauntlets, jade chain
  Trainers: Sorengard
  Stats: War blessing +1, Protection +1, haste +1, slow +1, control foes +1, 
fireblast +1, Unlock +1, Enduring Armor +1.
  This is an old place of learning in Avernum.  Oasss-Kss sells herbs for 
decent prices.  Sorengard will teach you spells, but at extremely high prices.  
Julz will make some potent potions for you, and also sells a knowledge brew.  
A spell book of war blessing and protection is to the NW, and one of haste and 
slow is the the SE.  Other spells are near Rita and include bonuses to unlock 
and enduring armor.  Note that in order to open the 35 tool use door, you'll 
probably have to have a mage-thief with potent magic skills.  There's a 
stairway down to the north that leads to a gazer (wisdom crystal, eyebeast 
stalks, and icy geode), and a rotting shambler (mandrake root, jade chain).
  Solberg is to the west, and is a shadow of his former self.  He has a quest 
for you, if you want it.  Do this quest and you'll get 1000 c, a spell book of 
fireblast, and you'll be informed of the location of demonslayer (which also 
has an excellent reward).  This gives a new quest.  Rita, a sage, will reward 
you if you return five library books to her.  Your reward is a storeroom 
opened to get control foes.
  The best way to get under Patrick's tower is to go below level someplace 
else N,E, or W and then walk toward the tower.  Near the center you find Lord 
Bhoralon, a demon.  Prepare for a fight, then talk with him.  First he summons 
4 hellhounds that seek targets (one is set to your mage, so kill it fast), 
then he summons a nasty golem which is best damaged through melee/missile 
attacks, then you have to fight the demon itself.  It's pretty vulnerable to 
repel spirit.  It drops some radiant gauntlets and an armor ring on death

Fort Remote (RT)
  Subquests: Boat Plans, Interrogate vahnatai
  Jobs: Lost Raiders, Graymold needed, Mandrake Needed, eyestalks needed
  Notable items: Girdle of avoidance
  Trainers: Thompson
  This distant fort holds many good things.  Note that pretty much none of 
them are available till after you do the Fort Emerald quest.  Hit the pylon 
near the south central part of the map.  There's a wisdom crystal behind a 
locked door (tool use 20).
  Once you've done the Fort Emerald box quest, come back here.  Thompson is a 
trainer who will increase a number of skills for you, including resistance and 
magical efficiency.  Get a few points to help yourself out.  Talk with Private 
Chelsea to get a very important quest: Boat Plans.  Do this one before heading 
to the west.  I ignored this quest till after I stormed Rentar's keep and 
regretted it.  Go to Silvar and steal the plans.  Return and you're given a 
key, which will open up most of the paths west.
  Before the captain is willing to open up the west path, he requires you to 
do a quest first.  Head to the SE and go up the stairs.  You'll find a 
vahnatai shaper.  Talk to it.  It'll die but will release some beasts.  Kill 
them and take their stuff (girdle of avoidance).  Tell him about your success, 
and head west.
  The job board then becomes available.  Grab the jobs: Lost Raiders (1000c), 
and Graymold Needed.  You can probably do the graymold quest right off, so go 
see Selissa for your reward (healing elixir, energy elixir).  One new job 
opens up after doing this: Mandrake Needed.  Do this one for a speed elixir, 
restoration elixir).  One final quest: eyestalks needed.  If you have some in 
your inventory, give them to her (invulnerable potion, knowledge brew).  

----------------------------------------Rentar's Keep-----------------------
Pylons are your main enemies throughout this region.  Fortunately, the pylons 
here have a pretty low area of vision, and you can avoid them with ease if you 
follow the correct path.  Come back after you've beaten Rentar and collect 
everything you've missed.  It's not too worthwhile to kill or collect things 
on the way there.  Note that these pylons can be beat if you have a heavily 
shielded/augmented character which placed right next to them, and follow this 
up with archers and mages hammering away.  Opal pylons fall to fire, ruby fall 
to ice, and jade fall to lightning.


Western Wastes (WW)
  You are greeted by a group of seemingly friendly vahnatai as you head west.  
They're not friendly for long, and attack.  Kill them and take their stuff.  
Down to the SW are some stairs.  Go down them and use the key Private Chelsea 
gave you for some graymold and other items.  There are three paths to the 
north.  Go up the west-most path.

Western Wastes (W1)
  Cache: Ruby
  Head north past the chasm, then head east.  Head up the east-most passage, 
then head north to W2.
  On your way back, head down the stairs to the NE and collect the wisdom 
crystal.  Near the west is a second wisdom crystal.  Also nearby is a coated 
cloak and a shining silver band on a dead body.

Western Wastes (W2)
  Notable items: Falchion of invasion
  Stats: Icy Rain, Lightning spray, smite, divine fire
  There are five options from here: 1 2 3 4 5.  2,3,4, and 5 all lead to a 
bunch of pylons.  1 is the best option.  Go down the stairs and head west then 
south.  Head north, then west.  Go up the north stairs, then head east.  Hug 
the north passageway, then go up the stairs.  Kill the west vahnatai and drink 
from the basin (restores SP).  Head east, then head north on the eastern most 
  If you head up north on the middle path from W1, you'll find the lost 
raiders that are the object of a job.  Unfortunately, they become hostile.  
One of them drops a falchion of invasion on death.  A book in the SW improves 
your icy rain and lightning spray skills.  Another nearby book increases your 
divine fire and smite skills.

Western Wastes (W3)
  Notable items: Mooneye girdle.
  Stats: Unshackle Mind, control foes, Daze, Strong Daze
  Continue north, then head up the slightly western path (where your vahnatai 
mark begins to tingle), then head down these stairs.  Go up the north route, 
and you'll find Kabraxaz, a vahnatai warrior who will help you storm the keep.  
Then head up the other stairs out.  If you want, taunt the gazer into 
attacking you, then kill it for a mooneye girdle.  Head down the western 
stairs, follow the short pathway, then head up.  Use the crystal key to open 
the door here (otherwise you must take a much longer route).  Go south through 
the wolves.  Head up to the final area, BF.
  Go north from where the wolves and vahnatai were located and head down the 
stairs.  Go west through the nullity golem and make your way into the room.  
Inside is a spell book of control foes and unshackle mind.  If you head to the 
sublevel then go west, you'll end up in a minor passage which gets you bonuses 
to both daze spells.  

Basalt Fortress (BF)
  Cache: Mandrake root, Graymold
  Notable items: Icedrake vambraces, blessed bracers, stability belt, 
quicksilver sandals, worgskin cloak
  Stats: Divine Restoration, divine host, arcane blow
  Talk with Kabraxaz, then head east.  Beef up, then take the vahnatai 
guarding the doors out.  You can then either recruit the friendly vahnatai to 
your cause or kill the enemies on your own.  Either way works.  As you make 
your way through the fortress, be on the lookout for crystals of divine 
restoration and divine host (requires a bit more arcane lore).  Head to the 
NW, and some wolves will be let out of pens.  Kill them, then explore their 
pen for two caches.  Disable the machine immediately to the south to help the 
vahnatai keep fighting.  Head south and kill the drake for some icedrake 
vambraces (cold resistance but otherwise similar to some of your items), and a 
nest with blessed bracers.  Head south and you'll find the room in which the 
three great shades were made.  Grab the control rod from the west, and head 
down the nearby stairs.
  Follow the vahnatai east, and kill the few enemies here.  Then head back and 
south.  Prep yourself, and fight a whole bunch more vahnatai.  They drop a 
number of decent items, including a stability belt.  Look at the nearby 
crystal to improve your arcane blow spell.  Head up and hit the lever (it's a 
bit hard to see), then head out of this area and meet up with the vahnatai.  
Bless/shield/haste, and attack Rentar.  If you want the diplomatic ending of 
the game, be friendly to her.  Otherwise, be aggressive.  She has 3 forms, the 
first two are relatively easy.  The last one summons a rain of fire every turn 
(heal every turn), and shields Rentar.  Use acid, poison, and repel spirit on 
her.  If the vahnatai have survived, this fight is fairly easy, relatively 
speaking.  She teleports away.  Loot Rentar's body for some quicksilver 
sandals, worgskin cloak, and a fine waveblade.

Now that you have the control rod, return to the castle.  Tell them about what 
happened (especially Correlea).  Now you can kill the shades.  I'd head first 
to Silvar and take out the shade there, as Silvar has one of the best trainers 
in the game.  You probably have a few thousand coins burning a hole in your 
pocket, and this is an excellent way to use them.

---------------------------------------Fort Saffron and The Abyss-------------

^^^|  |
^^^|  |
|  |  |
   |  |
Fort Saffron (FS)
  Subquests: Saffron Brigands
  Jobs: Liberate the Spire, Bandit Lair, Elixir Needed, Message for Bargha
  Notable items: 
  Stats: Augmentation, Prismatic shield
  This town is one of the last towns before the Abyss.  Commander Elphaba here 
will talk with you and inform you of the situation.  She's worried about the 
Darkside Loyalists, and it's your job to help her out.  Incantor Hermes fills 
in a bit more of the story.  His office is fairly suspicious, and you can gain 
a few points in Augmentation, and Prismatic shield from his book.  The last 
person of note here is Kasaz, who doesn't do too much, but is the object of a 
job.  Attor Feral will buy from you.  Check out the trapped passageway in the 
NW corner of the map.  No bandits, fortunately.  When ready, head up the east 
and go attack the brigands.
  There's a job board in town.  Grab the quests: Liberate the Spire, Bandit 
Lair (750c), Elixir Needed (3 curing elixirs needed, traded for 2 restoration 
elixirs and 400c), Message for Bargha.
  When you return, confront Hermes.  He'll attack with his fungi, but isn't 
too hard with lightning spray.  Talk with the commander for your reward (a bow 
of decay).  Then talk with her about sparing some troops for Blosk.

Scree Caves (S4) 
  Cache: Ruby
  Not much here on the outside, immediately.

Scree Caves (S3)
  Cache: Mandrake Root, graymold
  Notable items: Leaden band, fine cleaver, piercing gloves, jade halberd
  Stats: Control Foes, Strong daze
  Just a few caches on the outside. 
  If you're coming here from Fort Saffron's jail, you'll find a fort filled 
with pylons.  Unfortunately, these pylons are all invulnerable (or nearly so) 
at the moment.  I'd recommend beefing up, and taunting Khester just inside the 
fort.  Get him to chase you, then smack him till he dies.  He drops the 
extremely powerful jade halberd on death.  Head to the SE.  Kill the darkside 
tinkerer (mica-flecked chain on death) and use the machine to deactivate the 
pylons' shields.  Then go to town and kill them all. Note that I mean "Go to 
town" figuratively.  Unless you're low on HP/SP, there's no real reason to go 
to town. Kill everything that moves on the main level, then go upstairs and do 
the same.  Things of note on the bottom level include a spell book of control 
foes/strong daze near the darkside wizard, and a room nearby the north pair of 
crystals that discusses who the infiltrator is (it's not that much of a 
surprise).  Grab all the steel stuff on your way out to sell.
  The cultist upstairs drops a leaden band and nearby is an odd bandit map for 
the castle.  Also notable are some rooms with a fine cleaver and piercing 
gloves, and a few other goods.  

Spire Fortress (SF)
  Notable items: Blessed bracers, grounding vest, runed vambraces.
  There's not much you can do here coming from Fort Saffron.  However, when 
ready (after beating Rentar the first time), talk with Rone then Vidrain to be 
teleported to an area where the fort is actually accessible.  Don't worry 
about their predictions of death and destruction, as far as I know you won't 
die through this route.  You are teleported to the trash pit.  Head west from 
here, clearing out the brigands.  Head through the fort, and kill everything 
that moves.  Some goblins to the NW drop a runed vambrace, which is especially 
good for mages.
  Head upstairs.  Again, kill everything that's hostile.  Tresham is a named 
mage, who doesn't drop anything, it appears.  Miers is an Avernite agent here 
who will talk with you and tell you about the leader Hecht here.  He wants you 
to kill him.  Do so.  Dervish Hecht is the leader here, and is in the central 
NW.  He's a pain in the butt to kill since he has a decent magical ability on 
him.  Once you get him down to 1 HP, he summons 3 doppelgangers.  One is 
vulnerable, so kill it.  Wrong one.  A second becomes vulnerable, so kill it.  
Wrong one again.  The third becomes vulnerable, so kill it.  Yup, wrong one 
again.  Kill Hecht.  He doesn't mock you this time, and drops a grounding 
  Tell Miers, then Levitt (1000c) about your success, then tell Commander 
Elphaba (2000c).  This gives you a nice bit of cash, perhaps to spend on 
spells from Gladwell.

Abyss (AB)
  Cache: Graymold, Mandrake root
  Notable items: Radiant boots
  Head north from here.  Amorc pleads with you and states that the attack on 
Fort Spire was crazy, and doesn't know who really was to blame.  Otherwise 
there are some lizards here to kill.  Goblins are hiding out to the NW, kill 
them and take their stuff.  One drops a pair of radiant boots, the highest 
armor boots in the game.

Abyss (A1)
  Cache: Mandrake Root, graymold
  Notable items: Farsight band
  Head to the SE and you'll be attacked by some brigands.  Their leader, 
Bothnar, drops a farsight band on death.

Spire (SP)
  Subquests:  Find spiders, Battlemaster Crewl
  Notable items: Blessed longbow, radiant plate, stability girdle, blessed 
armor band
  Welcome to the armpit of Avernum.  The people here are mostly thugs and are 
lead by Annatolia, who is queen of the thugs. The most interesting thing here 
is the arena, where you can kill stuff for money.  It's definitely worth 
fighting in the arena.  Other things of note include Coromrr, a nephil 
merchant who will buy your stuff (like the stuff you've looted from bandits), 
and Sage Eichler, a madman who will make you wands if you bring him the 
correct ingredients (including a stick).  I don't use wands so I don't know 
what he has to offer.  There are some bandits hiding in the north portion of 
the town, a mage drops a knowledge brew on death.
  Sage Eichler will give you a quest to find some friendly spiders.  However, 
he likes to dissect things, so it's your choice whether you want to help him 
out.  Fight in the arena.  You first fight a slavering wolf (400c), then a 
spitting pit spider (750c), then a gladiator (1000c and the mayor will speak 
with you), then a basilisk queen (400c, rod of alacrity), and finally a spiny 
terrordrake (radiant plate).  Talk with queen Annatolia for a quest to kill 
Crewl.  Check out her nearby rooms for a blessed longbow and a stability 
  If you're here to kill Annatolia, prepare yourself and tell her as much.  
Use magic at first, until her statues come to life.  Then use melee attacks 
and kill the giants.  She falls and drops a blessed armor band on death.  All 
her guards are now hostile so you'll have to fight your way out.  This is your 
best opportunity to level a town without feeling much guilt.  Go ahead and 
have fun!

Abyss (A2)
  Cache: Energetic Herbs,
  Notable items: Helm of Khar, Cap of Farsight
  This is the battleground between Bargha and Spire.  You'll get caught in the 
middle, and everyone will attack you.  Kill them instead.  The east farmhouse 
has a helm of khar, which is nice.  If you talk with the Spire mercenaries to 
the east, they'll be attacked during conversation, and you'll be trapped in 
between.  Kill them all, and you'll find a farsight cap.

Abyss (A3)
  Cache: Healing herbs, spiritual herbs
  Some very stupid bandits live here.  They are guarding a passage to the 
west.  They all drop golden rings on death.  Gervais is here, and he is the 
object of a letter.  Give it to him and then talk with him.  Tell him he has 
to go home, if you want.

Remote Lands (RL)
  Not much to do here yet.  Mindless Muckwalkers drop some herbs on death, so 
collect those.

Erika's Ruins (ER)
  Cache: Graymold, mandrake root 
  Some more muckwalkers to kill.  You can go down the pit to see where the 
darkside loyalists are hiding, but can't do much from this side except get 
attack.  Respond in kind if you want.

Abyss (A4)
  Notable items: Ebony bow
  Some crystals are found around here.  Head down the east pit to find a 
crocobasilisk.  Kill it and loot its nest for an ebony bow.  Head down the 
west passage to find the final testing cave.  Talk to the shade, then head up 
the west stairs.  This test requires that you protect the four wolves that are 
summoned from 3 demons, followed by protection from two slimes (use magic), 
and then from several vicious boremaggots (use melee/bow attacks), and then 
from a gangrenous shambler.  Success gets you a pair of the almighty gloves of 
the hammer, and a knowledge elixir.

Bargha (BA)
  Subquests: Feeding Time, slay Imiriel, queen Annatolia
  Cache: Swamp nodule, jade chain, sandals, skull, gold necklace
  Notable items: Charmed plate, blessed broadsword, radiant shortblade
  Trainer: Gladwell.
  Stats: Arcane Summon +1
  Bargha is much more civilized than Spire.  The people here are disciplined 
free spirits who enjoy battle.  When you enter the town you are told to see 
Battlemaster Crewl.  Crewl wants you to slay Imiriel, a darkside loyalist spy.  
Do so for a key to the eastern tunnels.  If you have Annatolia's quest to kill 
him, you can tell him as much and he'll counter with a quest to kill her.  You 
get a radiant shortblade as a reward.  He is not evil compared to Annatolia.  
Talk with Gladwell to buy some spells and get a quest: Feeding Time.  Haste 
your party, then head down his nearby stairs.  Do not hit the slimes or hurt 
them in any way.  Just run around them and use the table.  This calms the 
slimes.  Tell Gladwell for a point in arcane summon.  Gladwell also has a 
pylon for you to touch and travel through as you will.
  Underneath Gabriel's inn is a filthy crocolisk who drops some leather on 
death.  There's a bountiful garden of caches to the SE, down the stairs.  
There's also a few herbs, so grab them.  Kelda will make you some potent 
artifacts if you bring her some leather, focusing crystals, mandrake, 
graymold, and 1000c.  These artifacts are among the best in the game, and it 
doesn't hurt to have some made.  You will find a few soon, though.  Sierwerath 
is a slith who will buy and sell with you.  Nearby is battlemaster Crewl's 
personal gear, which includes a charmed plate and a blessed broadsword.  Steal 
them if you wish.  Rebecca is here and is the recipient of a letter you may 
have grabbed off a job board.  Give it to her and she will sell you her goods.  
Her goods include a pair of blasted vambraces, which are close to the best 
legwear in the game.  Save up your money and buy them.
  Once you're ready to proceed, go just west of town and head north.  Enter 
the secret door and go down.  If you have the key, just go through the north 
set of doors and leave.  Otherwise you'll have to unlock those doors or disarm 
the traps and fight a bunch of giants and fungi.  This takes you to the giant 

Abyss (A5)
  Cache: Healing herbs
  Notable items: Bonding knife, blessed helmet.
  Stop in to see Bluth.  Go down his stairs.  Head back up and kill him for a 
bonding knife.  Go the north and you'll find a lever.  Pull it then head to 
the farmhouse to the east.  Enter the house and go down the stairs.  You're 
confronted with a fishy situation.  Pull the lever if you want to fight 6 
archers.  Otherwise use unlock on the door and kill the people inside.  You 
can take out the archers with ease this way.   Head to the east then south.  
You'll find Imiriel, the darkside spy, along with a pet slime.  Kill Imiriel 
early, as he (she?) casts spells.  The slime is tough, but can be beaten.  
Items of note include a blessed helmet, but that's it.

-----------------Giant Lands--------------------------------------------------
   A5^BA-J1-J3 JW^
   |^^   |  |  |^^
DL-A4^   J2-HR-JL^

Giant Lands (J1)
Cache: Fine Razordisks 
  Giants are the common foe here.  Luckily, they're pretty dumb and rarely try 
to gang up on you.  Progress slowly, killing one at a time.  Their drops 
include emeralds, which are nice.  The stairway north will take you closer to 
the endgame.  I'd clear out the giants first, as they have some nice items.

Giant Lands (J2)
  Cache: Healing herbs, spiritual herbs
  Notable items: Radiant vambraces, Eliavri's Bow
  Slavemaster Kragg is to the SW, and has an altered giant tied up.  Kragg 
drops a pair of radiant vambraces on death.  Go down the nearby stairs, and 
you'll find two bodies, one with a Giant Key. Grab it, then disarm the traps 
then head up the north stairs.  Go south and kill the altered giants.  Grab 
Eliavri's bow from the dead body.  This is an extremely potent bow, one of the 
best in the game (the best bow is near the endgame, sadly).  

Giant Lands (J3)
  Subquest: Free the bugs
  Cache: Wisdom crystal
  Notable items: Silk-woven cord.
  This is the location of the giant intelligent friendly talking spiders.  GO 
upstairs and talk with their leader (to the south) for a quest.  You can tell 
Sage Eichler in Spire if you want, but it just feels icky to do so.  I'd lie 
about their position instead.  You're reward for completion of their bug quest 
is the very nice silk-woven cord.

Giant Lands (HR)
  Notable items: Acid-etched legs
  Stats: Dispel barrier +1
  This is the location of the ruins of Harston.  There's a cave giant diviner 
here who drops some acid-etched legs on death.  Not too bad, honestly.  Go 
down the nearby stairs for a book of dispel barrier to the west, and a demon 
guarding a knowledge crystal to the east.

Giant Lands (JL)
  Subquest: Tra'Kronn
  Stats: Gymnastic +1 all.
  You've nearly come full-circle.  Storm the fort.  Open the southern door, 
it's easier.  Head down the west stairs and you'll find Peggy, a spy for 
Avernum.  She gives you a quest to kill the giant leader.  Do so for a stat 
increase of gymnastics +1 to everybody.

Giant's Warren (JW)
  Cache: Mandrake root
  Notable items: Ruby chain, Lightning girdle, wyrmskin helmet, symbiotic 
  This is where the majority of the giants are hiding in the game.  There are 
ogres to the NW, they guard three stairways down and an iron key.  Go down one 
of the stairs.
  Head to the NE to find Byala-Tel, a vahnatai who is aiding the giants.  Kill 
him for a ruby chain and fine waveblade.  If you head up the north stairs you 
can reach a peninsula with a nice cache on it.  To the SW you'll find the 
chitrachs Spider asked you about.  All the giants here have fine cleavers as 
well, though those weapons aren't really that great anymore.  Release the 
chitrachs.  Tra'Kronn is to the SE, and has a number of allies, including some 
obnoxious altered giants that can stun and hurt your party.  Kill them all for 
a lightning girdle and wyrmskin helmet.  Pull the nearby lever to access his 
treasure.  Then go to the center of the map and enter the gated area.  Most of 
the goods are just nice money things (gold bars, etc.), but there is a rather 
nice symbiotic cloak as well.  

Remote Lands (R1)
  Cache: Focusing crystal
  You can reach this location going underneath from the giant lands (J1).  
Head west through these tunnels.

Remote Lands (R2)
  Cache: Mandrake root, graymold
  Go up the stairs (any set will do).  Kill the vahnatai in the center of the 
map.  Head north then west.

Remote Lands (R3)
  Notable items: Explorer's ring, assassin's shield.
  Eye Krotus is here.  Kill it, and its slaves.  It drops an extremely 
valuable explorer's ring, and an assassin's shield can be found nearby.  Head 
down the nearby stairs, dispel the barriers, disarm the traps, loot the 
chests, then head up the nearby stairs.  Upstairs is your best friend in the 
game- craftmaster Strine.  He will make some moderately potent artifacts for 
you if you kill the eyebeast across the way.  Most important of all, he will 
make knowledge brews for you from all of your herbs.  I had about 42 mandrake 
roots by this time, and was able to get them all made into potions.

Khoth's Ruins (KR)
  Notable items: Talisman of might, drakeskin cloak, blessed helmet
  Stats: Arcane Blow +1, Divine Host +1, Divine Restoration +1
  This area is dangerous but rewarding.  Bless up and walk slightly north.  
Chitrachs swarm you. Kill them all and go down the north set of stairs.  The 
goal here is to find three levers and pull them all.  To the west is an aranea 
queen.  She has two lurking broodmothers with her.  The queen summons enemies 
every turn, and the broodmothers summon cave widows every 2-3 turns.  Kill the 
queen first (the excellent talisman of might is your reward!), but don't drink 
out of the basins.  To the WSW are a group of obnoxious flaming shrubs.  They 
guard a knowledge elixir, and one of the levers you want to pull.  To the SSW 
are some null goos (with all-damaging spells) and a book that will allow you 
to translate Lark's scrolls.  Near the north is a room that's blocked by the 
WSW lever-gate.  Behind is a book of arcane blow.  Horton is to the east, and 
he's a vampire.  He summons shades during the fight.  Kill him for a drakskin 
cloak, and to access his lever.  The nearby basin restores 90 SP, and the door 
the lever opens is near the south center of the map (book of divine host).  
The room to the east holds another lever and a bunch of shamblers.  Kill them 
all.  The room opened is to the west (divine restoration).  To the SSE you'll 
find out a bit about the sea monsters.  Nothing big.  To the ESE you'll find 
Lich Anastasia, who is the "boss" of the map.  She is surrounded by ward 
shades.  Kill them, and she'll lose her protection to that ward (kill the ice 
to remove her ice protection, disruption to remove disruption protection, 
etc.)  She's annoying, but beatable.  On death she drops the crystalline aegis 
(best shield in the game for mages/magic users).  Use the left basin for some 
experience points.  When ready, leave.  I'd head back to Fort Monastery 
shortly just so you can translate Lark's scrolls (Divine retribution, arcane 

Abyss (A5, A4)
  A few monsters block your path into the dark lands and end game.  Kill them.

-----------------End Game----------------------------------------------------

Dark Lands (DL)
  Notable items: Stability boots
  A vahnatai greets you.  You can either have him join you in fighting, or 
take everything on yourself.  Either way works.  If you follow them, they'll 
show you the easy way to the end of this map.  It's the way that has the least 
obnoxious enemies.  Then again, you miss some items and experience going that 
way.  Near the south center of the map are groups of infernal worms that guard 
some minor goods, including a wisdom crystal.  Other items of enemies of note 
include a gazer and skeleton warriors to the south, a vahnatai necromancer to 
the west (drops some stability boots), and a bunch of demons to the NW.  

Remote Lands (RL)
  Notable items: Quicksilver bulwark
  Much more to do here, including a way home!  Head to the east and you'll 
find a bunch of brigands.  Kill them and take their stuff.  You'll get an 
excellent quicksilver bulwark for your troubles.  Hit the pylon as well.

Erika's Ruins (ER)
  Cache: Graymold, Mandrake root
  Notable items: Robe of the magi, blessed longbow
  Stats: Divine restoration +1, Arcane summon
  A few more muckwalkers are on this side of the map, and again they drop 
herbs.  Since you're so close to Craftmaster Strine, ponder making the trip 
back and cashing them in.  You'll find the old home of Erika and you better 
believe there's something nasty living here now.  Dispel the barriers nearby 
the center of the map, and prep yourself (arcane shield would be nice).  
There's a lich, some pylons, and a nasty trap that summons energy orbs 
whenever you cross the runed threshold.  However, there's something nearby 
that makes this battle much easier.  Drink from the basin in the room to the 
north.  You'll become invulnerable for a short while.  Now go fight the lich, 
killing the restoration pylons first.  Use the energy orbs to your advantage- 
let them approach you, then kill them.  They do ~100 damage per batch to 
everything in the room not surrounded by invulnerability shields- i.e., not 
you.  They make this fight much easier.  The lich drops a robe of the magi on 
death.  Drink from its south basin for a few experience points, then continue 
to look around the tower.  You'll find a book of divine restoration nearby, 
and an unusual rune to the north.  Hit the rune and it'll open up a new area, 
where you'll finish up one major quest.
  Go down the hatch and you'll find a suspicious area.  Head east, then south, 
then west.  Some lizards are in your way.  Go a bit north and a door will 
collapse.  Head back east and kill the soldiers inside.  Many of them drop 
good items, but pick them up after you're done with this area so as to 
minimize excess weight and maximize your spell durations.    Otherwise, 
they'll swarm you later.  Head back to the SW, and go slightly north.  You'll 
find Dorikas.  Hit him hard.  He'll cheat once he's been smacked enough and 
summon some tough cryodrake automatons.  Kill them, then continue to hit him.  
He'll cast a terror spell that will remove you from commission.  He'll 
continue to run.  Hit him some more and he'll summon some demons.  Kill them 
then hit him some more.  He'll cast terror again then run away and jump in a 
nearby portal.  That's all you can do with him for now, sadly.
  Time to look around again.  Near the portal you'll find a radiant soulblade, 
which is a potent shortsword (but not that damaging because it's a 
shortsword).  Some minor goods are in the lab, and a book of arcane summon is 
behind a barrier.  The slith incantor you killed dropped a slith bloodspear on 
death, so grab that as well.  Leave this place, and tell Levitt to complete 
the Darkside quests.  One last quest to go.

Dark Lands (D1)
  Cache: Wisdom crystal, Putrified Gauntlets, Mandrake Root, emerald
  Notable items: Eyebeast chitin
  Some friendly vahnatai are to the SE.  You can recruit them to help you 
fight the giants.  Or rather, talk to them and then have them get attacked by 
the giants.  It's not too hard to survive with the vahnatai's help, and you 
can get an eyebeast chitin (potent shield with mental resistance) for your 
efforts.  Search this area thoroughly, you'll find a lot of good caches for 
your efforts.

Dark Lands (D2)
  Cache: Gold Bar, Heartstriker Bow
  Notable items: Infernal helm, flaming sword
  More friendly vahnatai are towards the south. Talk with Monoaha-Tel to 
initiate a charge.  I prefer not having their help just yet, as they will help 
you later much more so than right now. Enemies here include undead and a 
gazer.  Also, the hated pylons are here.  Kill them if you can, perhaps while 
they're still neutral.  You should be able to kill them in one turn now.  To 
the NW you will find the all-powerful Heartstriker Bow, which has the highest 
damage potential of any weapon in the game.  You will need 25 nature lore to 
uncover it though, so it's your choice as to whether you want to invest so 
much for it.  Head north and you'll find a haakai.  It's hostile, naturally.  
On death it drops an infernal helm and a flaming sword.

Rentar's Keep (RK)
  Notable items: Runed jade necklace, venomous blade, robe of the magi, hero's 
necklace, crystalline plate
  Stats: Divine Restoration +1, divine host +1, arcane blow +1, arcane shield 
  Last area!  The vahnatai following you all get trapped by an enormous 
machine to the NE.  I'd free them before going to the main basement area.  
West of the vahnatai is an area with spiders that spawn frequently.  There's 
also a book here which gives you a point in divine restoration.  The spiders 
are lead by a terror aranea which drops a runed jade necklace on death.  Head 
down the stairs to the NNE and turn off the panel.  To the NW you'll find a 
hellhound area with a cryos demon.  Kill the demon and drink from the basin to 
restore 90 SP.  Nearby is a hostile vahnatai who summons 4 demons during the 
fight.  Kill him for a venomous blade.  To the west is a barrier which can be 
dispelled to reveal a hellhound and a crystal that improves your arcane shield 
  To the SE are a bunch of locked rooms.  Unlock them and pillage what's 
inside.  One has a book of divine host.  Others hold more demons.  One room 
with a soulsear demon holds a staircase down.  Use them and deactivate the 
machine.  To the SW is a tormented wretch.  I won't spoil it, but you'll find 
out who it is.  Kill him.  You get a second robe of the magi for your trouble 
and a crystal with arcane blow.  To the west you'll find a crystal soul, but 
it's not Rentar.  It's Vynas-Bok, the tortured crystal soul from Avernum 2 & 
3.  It activates its golems as you fight it, so be prepared.  Kill it for a 
hero's necklace and a wisdom crystal.  Pull the nearby lever to go down the 
stairs to the SE from here (still in the SW of this map).  The vahnatai to the 
NE should now be free, so talk with Monoaha-Tel to free them. 
  Head to the center of the map (with the vahnatai if you desire), and kill 
the enemies.  Head down the stairs and talk with Monoaha-Tel again.  Loop 
around and kill some more vahnatai, including an obnoxious vahnatai lord who 
enjoys terrorizing you.  It drops a crystalline plate, if you're interested.  
Head west through a few golems, then north to kill a mindreaper lich.  This 
lich is one of the most annoying enemies in the game, as it enjoys abusing the 
charm foes spell.  Kill it fast- repel spirit, lightning spray, heartseeker, 
and a few meat shields will keep you protected.  Use unshackle mind with 
frequency.  Maybe get your priest to use an invulnerability potion, as that 
seems to significantly increase your mental resistance.  The vahnatai 
accompanying you may also get charmed, but it doesn't matter too much.  
Killing them doesn't hurt you in any way.
  Head north a bit more and fight Rentar.  She's easier than the rest of the 
fort, I'd say.  If you've sabotaged her machines, then energy orbs don't keep 
spawning too much, otherwise you'll have a bit of a nastier fight.  She does 
three special attacks, unless you have the shade crystals to prevent her from 
attacking.  Wear her down, and you'll be able to destroy her.  Unless you 
don't want to and want to have her healed instead.  In that case, be 
diplomatic- stop fighting, return her to her homelands.  She will listen to 
you.  Run and touch the pillar, and enjoy the end sequence.

The end sequence depends on a few things- destroying the shades, beating up 
Dorikas, helping Spire/Bargha, and what happened to Rentar (freed, destroyed).  
Either way, you're done!  Look forward to Avernum 5!


4. Construction places:  Use the items listed to make some new equipment for 
your party.  The best recipe is acquired late in the game, and is the 
production of knowledge brews from all herbs.  The limiting reagent for 
knowledge brews is mandrake root, so save them up for a late-game bonus to 
your stats.

 1 fine leather                        = fine leather helmet
 2 fine leather, 20c                   = leather vambraces
 2 fine leather, focusing crystal, 50c = blessed boots

 400c, fine steel, focusing crystal   = blessed shield
 400c, 2 fine steel, focusing crystal = blessed short sword
 400c, 3 fine steel, focusing crystal = blessed breast plate

West of Tower of the Magi
 Fine Steel, Focusing Crystal   = Blessed Bracers
 2 Fine Steel, Focusing Crystal = Blessed Vambraces
 3 Fine Steel, Focusing Crystal = Blessed Broadsword

 3 Fine steel, 2 Focusing Crystals, 2 bars of gold = blessed breastplate
 3 Fine steel, 2 Focusing Crystals, 2 emeralds     = radiant shield
 3 Fine steel, 2 Focusing Crystals, mandrake       = radiant vambraces
 3 Fine steel, 2 Focusing Crystals, 2 mandrake     = blessed halberd

N of Castle
 3 Fine Leather, 1 Focusing Crystal, 1 mandrake    = Warrior's Cloak
 2 Fine Leather, 2 Focusing Crystals, 1 mandrake   = Enchanter's Robe 
 3 Fine Leather, 1 mandrake                        = Treated Leather 
 1 Fine Leather, 2 Focusing Crystals, 2 mandrake   = Runed Helm

 2 fine leather, graymold, mandrake, focusing crystal, 1000c = Mercuric 
 4 fine leather, graymold, mandrake, focusing crystal, 1000c = Stability boots
 4 fine leather, graymold, mandrake, focusing crystal, 1000c = Magus Vest
 5 fine leather, graymold, mandrake, focusing crystal, 1000c = Answering 

Near End game
Craftmaster Strine
 Gold Necklace, Focus crystal, Mandrake Root, Glowing Basalt  = Opal Chain
 Platinum Ring, 2 focus crystals, mandrake root, icy geode    = Leaden Band
 Fine waveblade, 2 focus crystals, mandrake root, swamp nodule= Venomous Blade
*** All Herbs        = Knowledge brew or shielding brew  ****

5. Spell and Trainer list.

Mage spells:
  Lark (Slightly Expensive)- Fort Monastery
Bolt of Fire
Call Beast
Spray Acid

  Ayrie (Slightly Expensive) ~Fort Draco
Bolt of Fire
Call Beast
Spray Acid

  Sage Alice (Slightly Expensive) Formello
Spray Acid
Icy Rain

  Nathan (Expensive) Fort Avernum
Unlock Doors
Icy Rain

  Cecil (Exorbitant, very reasonable after quest) Cotra
Unlock Doors
Icy Rain
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray

  Kelner (Expensive) TotM
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray

  X (Exorbitant) TotM
Unlock Doors
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Prismatic Shield

  Rone (Expensive) Castle
Bolt of Fire
Call Beast
Spray Acid
Unlock Doors
Icy Rain
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Summon Aid
Strong Daze

  Sorengard (Utterly Ridiculous) Patrick's Tower
Bolt of Fire
Call Beast
Spray Acid
Unlock Doors
Icy Rain
Minor Summon
Lightning Spray
Summon Aid
Strong Daze

Priest Spells:
  Strout (Expensive) Fort Monastery
Minor Healing
War Blessing
Repel Spirit

  Hamer (Expensive) Fort Draco
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Unshackle Mind

  Abbess Haehn (Very Reasonable) Formello
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield 

  Mother Phelps (slightly expensive) Fort Dranlon
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Enduring Shield 
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing

  Elder Arron (slightly expensive) Mertis
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield 
Unshackle Mind
Mass Curing
Mass Healing

  Abbot Erlanger (exorbitant) Almaria
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield 
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing
Steel Skin
Divine Fire
Return Life

  Priestess Kyra (Exorbitant) Dharmon
Minor Heal
War Blessing
Repel Spirit
Summon Shade
Enduring Shield 
Unshackle Mind
Mass Healing
Mass Curing
Steel Skin
Divine Fire
Control Foes
Enduring Armor
Return Life

  Gladwell (Expensive) Bargha
Prismatic Shield
Summon Aid
Strong Daze
Arcane Shield
Divine Fire
Control Foes
Enduring Armor
Return Life
Divine Retribution


Trainers.  Note that you can only improve a skill by up to two points, and 
only if you haven't already increased the skill by two points.  Some skills 
are definitely more worthwhile to wait off on than others.  One point skills 
aren't really worth holding off on unless you have money to burn or are 
otherwise so inclined.  Cecil can be reached fairly early, and you should 
definitely use him to increase your mage's and priest's magery skill, and 
possibly their spellcraft as well.  Shrum should be used to increase 
everyone's bow or sharpshooter skill, since he's the cheapest in the game. 

  Trainer- Location (cost)
Skill (saved points)    coins

  Townshend- Formello (expensive)
Arcane Lore    (1)         1400
Spellcraft     (3)         2800
  Walner- Fort Draco (expensive)
Arcane Lore    (1)         1400
Nature Lore    (1)         1120

  Cecil- Cotra (after giving eyebeast stalks- pretty average)
Arcane Lore    (1)         1000
Spellcraft     (3)         2000
First Aid      (1)          800
Magery         (4)         1500

  X- TotM (exorbitant)
Arcane Lore    (1)         1700
Spellcraft     (3)         3400

  Shrum- Camp Samuels (Very Reasonable)
Bows           (2)          960
Thrown Missiles(2)          800
Sharpshooter-  (4)          800

  Priestess Kyra Bharga
Endurance-                 5000, all gain 1 point

  Tisiana (Utterly Ridiculous) Fort Emerald
Bows           (2)         2640
Thrown Missiles(2)         2200
Sharpshooter   (4)         2200

  Starcap- Almaria (Expensive) 
Melee Weapons  (4)         2100
Pole Weapons   (4)         2100 
Bows           (2)         1680
Thrown Missiles(2)         1400
Hardiness      (1)         2100
Defense        (2)         2100
Arcane Lore    (1)         1400
Spellcraft     (3)         2800
Tool Use       (1)         2800
Nature Lore    (1)         1120
First Aid      (1)         1120
Quick Strike   (3)         2100

  Thompson- Fort Remote (Slightly Expensive)
Arcane Lore    (1)         1200
Spellcraft     (3)         2400
Magery         (4)         1800
Magical Efficiency (4)     1800
Resistance     (6)         2400

  Captain Call- Silvar (Slightly Expensive after shade is dead, Expensive 
prior to that, and without the skills denoted by *)
Melee Weapons  (4)         2100, 1800
Pole Weapons   (4)         2100, 1800 
Bows           (2)         1680, 1200
Thrown Missiles(2)         1400, 1200
Hardiness      (1)         2100, 1800
Defense        (2)         2100, 1800
Quick Action   (1)         2100, 1800
*Quick Strike  (3)               1800
*Parry         (3)               1800
*Blademaster   (5)               1200

6. Spell book Locations.  As before, spells aren't greatly benefited by 
increased levels.  Some spells must be bought, most notably return life.  Most 
all other spells can be found in the game for free, and these are summarized 

Priest spells
  Minor Heal: Bandit Ruins

  Curing: Formello, Abbess Haehn's room; Blosk

  Protection: Almaria, under Abbot Erlanger; Patrick's Tower
  War Blessing: Almaria, under Abbot Erlanger; Patrick's Tower

  Repel Spirit: Nicoduas lair; Almaria, under Abbot Erlanger

  Smite: Fort Draco, Alchemist; Mertis, Arron's room; Almaria, under Abbot 
Erlanger; West of Fort Remote

  Summon Shade: Nicoduas lair

  Enduring Shield: Fort Duvno, Walner; Lizard island basement

  Unshackle Mind: Nicoduas lair

  Heal: Bandit Ruins; Cotra (Orbus, west of town); Bandit hideaway, S of 

  Mass Healing: Northern wall of Eastern Gallery, tunnel, behind 
spider/undead; TotM; Athron's Lair

  Mass Curing: TotM; Blosk

  Steel Skin: TotM

  Divine Fire: Above Priestess Kyra, Dharmon; West of Fort Remote

  Enduring Armor: Slith Lands

  Control Foes: Memorial Fields; Patrick's Tower; Darkside Fort near Ft. 

  Divine Restoration: Rentar's Keep; Fort Monastery (Scrolls quest); Erika's 
Tower; Rentar's Second Keep

  Divine Host: Rentar's Keep; Khoth's Ruins; Rentar's Second Keep

  Divine Retribution: Castle; Khoth's Ruins; 

Mage Spells
  Call Beast: Aranea runes near Chitrach Caves

  Daze: Bandit Castle basement; West of Fort Remote

  Slow: Vahnatai Home; Patrick's Tower

  Haste: Hrickis' lair; Vahnatai home; Patrick's Tower

  Icy Rain: Motrax's cave; West of Fort Remote

  Unlock: Bandit Ruins; Patrick's Tower

  Augmentation: Eastern Gallery, Chitrach caves; Fort Saffron

  Minor Summon: Aranea runes near Chitrach Caves; Memorial Fields

  Lightning Spray: Near Skunky Joe; Athron's Lair; West of Fort Remote

  Prismatic Shield: Fort Avernum; TotM; Fort Saffron

  Dispel Barrier- TotM; Harston Ruins

  Terror- Bandit Fort, Honeycomb; Stone arachnids (S of Camp Samuels)

  Fireblast- TotM; Patrick's Tower

  Strong Daze- West of Fort Remote; Darkside Fort near Ft. Saffron

  Summon Aid- Athron's Lair; Memorial Fields

  Arcane Summon- Castle (Correlea's quest); Bargha; Darkside Fortress

  Arcane Shield- Castle; Fort Monastery (Scrolls quest); Rentar's Second Keep

  Arcane Blow- Rentar's Keep; Khoth's Ruins; Rentar's Second Keep

7. Notable Item list (incomplete).  These are the items that I've found that 
are fairly rare/uncommon for a majority of the game.  This list describes 
their stats.  Anything followed by an "R" is a resistance (ER is energy 
resistance, SR is stun resistance), and other things are stat 
increases/decreases.  Hopefully the list should be self-explanatory.

===Melee Weapons===
Blessed Broadsword    12-36
Blessed Shortsword    10-20
Bonding Knife     6%,  7-14, -1 Str, -1 Dex, -1 Int, +4 End
Demonslayer      16%, 12-36, +15 FR, +15 CR, +15 ER, (Demonslay)
Falchion of Evasion    7-14, +2 Def, +4 HER
Fine Cleaver           6-12, +1 Dex
Flaming Sword         11-33, +10 FR, +10 TH
Freezing Blade        11-33, +10 CR, +15 TH (Jinx)
Ghostly Blade          8-24, +6 Protection from Weapons, +6 HER, (Jinx)
Oozing Sword          11-33, +10 AR, +5 TH, (Acid)
Radiant Shortblade    16-32, +15 ER, +10 TH
Radiant Soulblade 8%, 15-30, +2 LB, +2 QA, +3 Parry
Seeking Rapier        13-26, +1 BM, +3 Anat
Singing Rapier        10-20, +2 QA, +1 BM
Shielding Knife   6%,  4-8
Steel Broadsword       9-27
Stunning Blade         3-6, (Stun)
Venomous Blade        12-36, +12 AR, +12 PR, (Venom)
  Overview: There's a lot to choose from as far as melee weapons are 
concerned.  The ghostly blade and oozing sword are both excellent choices for 
a melee warrior, and can be found pretty early in the game.  Other characters 
(non-melee) will want to augment defenses and skills instead of power, and the 
best options for this include the seeking and singing rapiers, the radiant 
soulblade, and demonslayer.  Definitely put demonslayer on one of your 
characters, as the defenseive bonuses can't be beat.

===Pole Weapons===
Blessed Halberd       12-48
Blessed Spear         12-36
Cryos Spear           12-36, +15 CR, +1 LB, +1 AP
Jade Halberd          12-48, +10 HER, +10 Protection from Weapons, (Acid)
Lava-fired Spear      10-30, +10 FR
Molten Halberd         9-36, +2 QS
Slith Bloodspear      12-48, +10 FR, +5 TH
Slith Warspear         9-36, +8 FR, +5 TH
Spear of the Fen      12-36, +10 AR, +3 Def, +1 Rip
  Overview: For pole weapon users, there are few options, but those that are 
available can be amazingly powerful.  The jade halberd is the strongest melee 
weapon in the game, and can be acquired relatively early on as well, though 
it's not easy.  The Cryos spear is a good option for those who would like an 
extra attack or who aren't too interested in straight damage output.  Before 
these two weapons, most anything works.  

Blessed Bow           11-22
Blessed Longbow       13-39
Bow of Decay           7-14, (Acid)
Ebony Bow             13-39, +1 QS, +10 MR
Eliavri's Bow         13-39, +2 QA, +3 Bows, +2 HER
Heartstriker Bow       8-56
Shockwave Bow          8-16, (Stun)
  Overview: There are fewer options for bows, as most become available late in 
the game.  The shockwave bow is great, and is followed by the bow of decay.  
The special abilities of these two weapons more than make up for their lack of 
power.  The Ebony bow and Eliavri's bow are both wonderful for non-bow focused 
users like mages or priests, and should indubitably be equipped.  Of course, 
the hearstriker bow is the best weapon in the game, though it's a pain to 
acquire.  Once you get it, your bow user becomes the most consistently 
damaging member of your team.

Blessed Boots          8%
Clover Boots           4%, +3 Luck
Gazerskin Sandals     16%, +10 HER, +10 SR
Nimble Sandals         2%, +1 Dex
Quicksilver Sandals    2%, +1 AP, -2 Str
Radiant Boots         14%
Samaritan Sandals      2%, +1 PS
Spectral Boots         8%, +5 CR, +1 Def
Stability Boots        8%, +1 Dex, +20 SR
Swamp Boots            4%, +5 PR, +5 AR
Viperskin boots        6%, +10 PR
  Overview: The gazerskin sandals are the best footwear in the game, unless 
you really want the extra AP from the quicksilver sandals.  Good footwear for 
other party members includes the clover boots (great for mages because of 
bonuses to resistance), and the stability boots.

===Body Armor===
Aranea Silk Tunic      6%, +8 FR
Blessed Breastplate   34%, +50 SR, -20 TH
Blessed Silk Tunic     6%, +1 SC
Charmed Plate         28%, +40 SR, -15 TH, +3 Luck, +8 HER
Crystalline Plate     34%, +50 SR, -20 TH, +15 AR, +15 ER
Crystal Woven Chitin  12%, +20 SR, +1 SC
Emerald Chestguard    42%, +20 AR, +20 PR, +1 BM, +20 SR
Enchanter's Robe       9%, +1 MS, +1 PS, +2 SC
Fibrous Breastplate   20%, +50 SR, -15 TH, +12 ER, -5 FR
Grounding Vest        16%, +20 SR, -5 TH, +10 ER
Magus Vest            20%, +1 MS, +1 PS, +2 AL, +1 SC
Mercuric Chain        16%, +20 SR, -5 TH, +1 AP, -1 Str
Mercuric Leather      10%, +10 SR, +1 AP, -1 Str
Mercuric Plate        34%, +50 SR, -20 TH, +1 AP, -1 Str
Radiant Breastplate   40%, +50 SR, -20 TH
Robe of the Magi      18%, +3 MG, +2 Resist, +4 ME
Ruby Breastplate      22%, +30 SR, -10 TH, +8 FR
Sniper's Vest          4%, +1 Dex, +2 SS
Specter Robe          10%, +5 ER, +20 SR, +20 MR, -4 FR
Swampwalker Leather   12%, +10 SR, +5 PR, +5 AR
Thick Wool Tunic       6%, +5 CR
Treated Leather       10%, +10 SR, +2 HER
Woven Silk Robe       12%, +10 ER, +10 FR, +20 SR
  Overview: Unless you have a mage who doesn't have natural mage, equip 
everyone in some strong armor.  Throw in an extra point of strength if 
necessary, as the bonus to resistances from armor will greatly increase your 
character's survivability.  The best armor in the demo is the ruby 
breastplate.  Once you get going, upgrade to blessed breastplates and armor 
that increases skills.  All mages will appreciate armor that increases mage 
skills like the blessed silk tunic, enchanter's robe, magus vest, and robe of 
the magi.  The emerald chestguard, charmed plate, crystalline plate, and 
radiant breastplate are the best armors in the game in terms of bonuses and 
overall armor/resistances.

Bladeshield charm      1%, +1 Rip
Blessed Bauble         2%
Clarity Talisman           +1 MS, +1 Hard
Crystal Symbol         2%, +1 ME
Hero's Necklace        6%, +1 MW, +1 BM, +1 LB
Jade Chain             3%, +25 AR, +25 PR
Mica-flecked Chain     3%, +18 ER
Nimble Chain               +1 Gym
Opal Chain             3%, +18 CR
Ruby Chain             3%, +18 FR
Ruby Necklace          2%, +5 FR, +10 ER
Runed Jade Necklace    2%, +10 PR, +10 AR
Stability Bauble           +10 SR
Temperate Necklace     2%, +10 FR, +10 CR
Tinker's Bauble            +1 TU
Tribal Symbol          2%, +1 Luck, +1 Hard
Woven Golden Chain     1%, +2 SR
Woven Silver Chain         +1 HER
  Overview: The hero's necklace is the best overall, though mages will like 
the clarity talisman.  The tribal symbol is also pretty good which is a bit 
surprising given its cost.  The tribal symbol has a net bonus to resistances 
of 20, though these are spread around.  Other necklaces can be useful to 
augment the lower resistances of weaker teammates.

Answering Gloves       3%, +2 Parry, +3 Riposte
Blessed Bracers        9%, -10 TH, +3 SR
Blessed Gauntlets      5%
Drakeskin Bracers      6%, -5 TH, +3 SR, +2 FR
Gloves of the Hammer   8%, +2 Str, +1 QS, +2 BM
Piercing Gloves        2%, +1 Anat
Putrified Gauntlets    8%, -2 Str, -2 Dex, +20 AR, +4 SC
Radiant Gauntlets      9%, +5 TH
Spectral Gloves        5%, +5 ER, +10 SR
Thrusting Gauntlets    4%, +1 BM, +1 LB
Tinker's Gloves        2%, +2 TU
  Overview: The gloves of the hammer are the best in the game, though they 
aren't acquired till pretty late in the game.  I'd avoid bracers, as the 
increase to armor doesn't really make up for the encumberance.   The answering 
gloves are very potent as well, though you have to make them on your own.  The 
spectral gloves are available early on in the game, and provide good 
resistances and armor.  The putrified gauntlets are interesting, but I don't 
think the penalty with these gloves really makes them worth it.

Archer's Cloak         3%, +2 Bows, +2 TM, +1 QA
Coated Cloak           4%, +5 FR
Deadeye Cloak          2%, +1 SS
Drakeskin Cloak       10%
Flowing Silk Cloak     2%, +1 Parry, +1 QS
Grounded Cloak         4%, +5 ER
Infernal Shroud        4%, +15 FR, +15 ER, +2 LB, +1 Anat
Polar Fur Cloak        4%, +5 CR
Ratskin Shawl          7%, +6 PR, +5 TH
Symbiotic Cloak        5%, -1 Str, -1 Dex, +2 int, +1 def
Warrior's Cloak        5%, +1 MW, +1 PW, +1 Hard, +1 def
Worgskin Cloak         7%
  Overview: Early in the game, have everyone where Coated/Grounded/Polar 
cloaks.  Then switch over to cloaks that provide bonuses to stats.  The 
Infernal shroud is great and available early in the game.  You can make 
warrior's cloaks (and will find at least one), and they are great for most 
fighters.  The archer's cloak must be bought (in Dharmon), but it is the best 
for straight archers.  The flowing silk cloak is nice for most characters as 
it provides a bonus to quick strike.  The symbiotic cloak provides a bonus to 
intelligence and is best for mages.  Counteract the penalty by increasing 
strength or dexterity by a point.

Assassin's Shield     12%, +2 QA, +1 Anat, +2 LB
Blessed Shield        12%, -5 TH
Crystal Aegis         16%, +10 HER, +2 AL, +2 MG, +2 ME
Drakeskin Shield       8%, +10 FR
Eyebeast Chitin       12%, +40 SR, +25 MR
Inertial Shield        8%, +40 SR
Nullity Shield        10%, +15 SR, +5 ER, -2 FR
Quicksilver Bulwark   12%, +1 AP, +1 Anat, +2 LB
Radiant Shield        16%, -5 TH
Reflecting Shield      8%, +5 HER
Shield of Warmth       6%, +5 CR
Silken Shield          8%, +1 Gym, +1 Parry
Treated Carapace      10%, +10 PR
  Overview: The quicksilver bulwark is the best in the game for fighters.  The 
crystal aegis is excellent for mages, and be sure to grab it.  Otherwise, 
assassin's shields and silken shields both provide good stat bonuses.  The 
eyebeast chitin is available late in the game but provides an excellent bonus 
to mental resistance.

===Belts and girdles===
Apprentice Belt        2%, +1 ME
Blessed Belt           6%
Girdle of Avoidance    5%, +2 dex
Girdle of Endurance    2%, +1 End
Girdle of Insight      2%, +1 Int
Girdle of Genius       5%, +2 Int
Girdle of Life         5%, +2 End
Girdle of Might        5%, +2 Str
Girdle of Nimbleness   2%, +1 Dex
Girdle of Strength     2%, +1 Str
Lightning Girdle       8%, +2 QA, +2 QS, +2 LB, +8 ER
Mooneye Girdle         6%, -5 TH, + 10 ER, +15 MR
Radiant Belt           8%
Silk Woven Cord        6%, +5% Protection from Weapons, +2 AL, +1 SC, +1 FA
Stability Girdle       6%, -5 TH, +12 SR
  Overview: Early in the game, go for the belts that give you a single point 
to a major stat (strength, nimbleness, insight, and endurance).  Later, switch 
over to the 2 point belts.  Finally, go for the silk woven belt, mooneye 
girdle, and lightning girdle, unless you really like the +2 stat belts.

===Rings and Bands===
Archer's Band              +1 SS
Armor Ring             6%, +8 SR
Avenger's Ring         6%, +8 SR, +2 Anat, +2 LB, +2 Levels of damage
Blessed Armor Band    10%, +10 SR, +5 HER
Chilling Band          2%, +15 FR
Explorer's Ring            +2 NL, +3 FA, +2 Luck
Farsight Band              +3 SS
Incantor's Ring        6%, +8 SR, +1 MS, +1 MG
Ivory Band             2%, +15 MR
Leaden Band            8%, -15 TH, +10 SR, +2 HER
Magestone Band         1%, +1 ME
Mica Band              2%, +15 PR, +15 AR
Pearlescent Bad        4%, +5 SR, +2 PW, +1 SS
Rat Tail Band          2%, +6 PR, +5 TH
Shadow Band                +1 Pa, +1 Gym, +1 Def
Shielding Ring         4%, +5 SR
Shining Golden Band    1%, +7 ER
Shining Silver Band        +7 CR
Static Band            2%, +15 ER
Warmth Ring            2%, +15 CR
  Overview: The best rings are pearlescent band, incantor's ring, explorer's 
ring, avenger's ring, shadow band, and perhaps the blessed armor band.  The 
ivory band is also very nice for priests so that they can resist mind-
affecting spells and restore the rest of your party.  Other rings should be 
used as they become available.

Acid-Etched Legs       6%, +7 SE, -10 TH, +1 Anat, +5 AR
Airy Vambraces         4%, +5 SR, -5 TH, +1 Gym, +2 QS
Blasted Vambrace       8%, +8 SR, -10 TH, +1 Str, +2 Resist
Blessed Vambraces      8%, +8 SR, -10 TH
Icedrake Vambraces     4%, +5 SR, -5 TH, +8 CR
Pustulent Vambrace     4%, +5 SR, -5 TH, +8 AR
Radiant Vambraces     10%, +10 SR, -10 TH
Runed Vambraces        4%, +5 SR, +5 ER
Swamp Pants            2%, +5 PR
  Overview: The runed vambraces are the best option for armor-limited 
characters like mages.  The blessed vambraces are a great midgame option, as 
the extra bonus provided from armor more than makes up for the bonus from the 
pustulent vambraces.  Afterwards, replace these items with the airy and 
blasted vambraces.  The blasted vambraces are the best in the game.

Blessed Helmet         7%, -5 TH
Cap of Farsight        3%, +1 Bow, +1 SS
Cap of Thoughts        3%, +1 Mg, +1 ME
Helm of Khar           7%, +1 Gym, +1 Anat
Helm of Klin           9%, +1 Par, +1 BM
Ice Hydra Helm         5%, +10 SR, +5 CR
Infernal Helm          7%, +5 HER, +25 SR, +2 Levels damage in combat
Runed Helmet          10%, +1 Mg
Serpentskin Helmet     5%, +10 AR
Wyrmskin Helmet        5%
  Overview: Wyrmskin and serpentskin helmets are your best option for the 
first half of the game.  Blessed helmets aren't bad, but these two have no 
penalty.  Afterwards, replace them with Runed helmets and Klin/Khar helmets.  
The infernal helm is the best in the game, but it becomes available only at 
the end of the game.

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